Parent teacher conference at the adult theater

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Parent teacher conference at the adult theaterYears ago I was a teacher. I took a day off for a doctor’s appointment one Wednesday, and since I was in the big city by myself I decided to go to an adult theater I liked to go to. There was a peep show room where there was a central small stage and booths surrounding the stage. Men go into the booth and watch the woman on the stage that sometimes revolves and sometimes is standing still. There is a tube where you slide money through so the woman will come close to you and, depending on the money, do nasty things for you.On this day the stage was revolving. There was a naked woman with a prominent smooth mound which was right in front of my window. She was looking in the windows at the men across from me as the stage moved around the room. She was flexing her cunt muscles somehow so her lips were pulsing. As the stage continued to revolve I discovered to my shock and pleasure that the woman was the parent of one of my students. I saw her double-take as she moved past my window. I grinned at her. Just after she passed me the stage stopped rotating. After several minutes the woman crawled over so her face was right in front of my window. It was always impossible to talk at this particular venue in the theater. She had written a note. She rolled it up and slid it through the money tube for me. I pulled the note from the tube. In a quick scrawl Mrs. Johnson had written, “Mr. Jenkins…nice surprise to see you here. I have thought about you often in less than savory ways. The conference we had last week, I was sure you could smell my cunt because you made me so fucking hot and wet. I have to be on this stage for another twenty minutes. Then I go to the private booth. I would love it if you went to the private booth so we can have some fun. Being a teacher, I had a pen with me. I wrote on the note, ” I thought I was hallucinating when I saw that it was you on the stage. Fuck yes I will come to the private booth. I have fantasized about you too. You have a great body. I love your tits and your cunt is just plain sizzling hot.” I shoved the note back to her. She read it and grinned then winked and licked her lips with her mouth open.I zipped up my pants and walked around the adult store looking at merchandise, but buying belugabahis giriş nothing. Finally it was several minutes before her time in the private booth. I walked into the room where the man stands for the show which is behind plexiglass. What is nice about the private show is that there is a phone on the wall so you can talk to the woman on the other side of the glass and pay for a private show. I always liked to buy the fantasy show. That cost more, but the women I usually met there did love to talk about fantasies and about real things.There are hooks on the wall. I always undress completely, except for keeping on my shoes and socks. I wear shorts so I can pull my shoes easily through the leg holes of the shorts. I had just finished undressing and my clothes were all hung up when I saw that Mrs. Johnson had entered the room. She had thrown on a thin robe. She smiled brightly when she saw that I was naked and hard. She picked up the phone just as I did.”Well, most of my private show guys don’t get naked in here. Thank you for the show. You have a nice hard cock there Mr.Jenkins.” I told her to call me Peter since we were in a “More casual” setting. She laughed and said, “My name is Bonnie. You know Peter, at that parent teacher conference I couldn’t stop thinking how hot you were in your coat and tie. So professional. I wondered what kind of motor you had under that professional look.” I laughed and told her, ” I enjoyed how many times you crossed and uncrossed your legs that day. I wanted to look down, but didn’t want to be obvious.”You have a beautiful and very fuckable body. If there was ANY way we could get together I would love it.” She was thinking about that for a bit then said, “I am not allowed to have actual physical contact with a client, but how about we play hard today and I come to your classroom some day after school is out. The last bell rings at three…is that right?”I thought about the week coming up and realized that Thursday was a day when there were no meetings after school. “What about next Thursday at three? I can have my schedule and my desk cleared for you.” We both laughed at that and she said, “Perfect”. I moved closer to the plexiglass so she had a good view of my cock and my face. “I want a fantasy belugabahis güvenilirmi show today Bonnie.” She laughed and said, “That’s forty bucks stud.” I had the twenties already in my hand because this wasn’t my first rodeo at this theater. I pushed it through the tube and asked, “When did you start working here Bonnie?” She took the money and said, “Last Wednesday was my first day. I only work Wednesdays because I have a job at the grocery store Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.” I asked which grocery store and she told me. “I might start shopping there Bonnie. I’ll try to be good.””All right Peter. So now…what’s your fantasy for today?” I asked her to tell me about the first time she got fucked. She said that wasn’t much of a story. “Do you want me to tell you about the hottest fuck I have ever had?”I said that sounded like perfect jacking material. She asked if I had lube with me. I held up the little bottle of Ky lubricant. She scooted her ass closer to the plexiglass and with her feet wide apart so her cunt lips opened on their own she started in on the story.”The first time I got fucked I was naive and had let the guys come inside of me. I lived with my Dad and when I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know what to do. I was crying in my room. He knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. He sat next to me on my bed. He asked what was wrong and I said I couldn’t tell him. He told me I could tell him anything at all. That made me cry even louder. He put his arm around me and said, “No matter how bad it is…no matter if you stole something and got caught…you did something you shouldn’t have done and got caught…Bonnie whatever it is I am there for you.”I stopped crying and told him about going with two boys after school to a place in the park. Dad waited as I started sobbing again. He asked what happened at the park?” “Daddy, we had some beer.” He nodded his head. “We had some…pot.” He nodded his head. “We were doing this in a part of the park that had lots of bushes so no one would see. He nodded his head again. I hesitated then. He asked if that was all that happened and I could barely get out the word no. He kissed me on the forehead and asked if I did something else with those boys. Crying, I nodded belugabahis yeni giriş my head. He asked if we had sex. Still crying I nodded my head after waiting because I didn’t want him to know.””Was it full on sex or was it something like touching and kissing?” “I told him, Daddy…it was just kissing at first but then I kind of went crazy and touched one of them so they both started touching me. We all got naked and I was the first one to be naked. None of us had ever done anything like this…at least I think they didn’t. I was a virgin Daddy.” He smiled and patted my knee and told me I was at that age when sexual thoughts were hard to keep away.””I nodded my head and Daddy hugged me. My tits weren’t as big as they are now. Daddy asked me if they had had full on sex…he used the word ‘intercourse’. I told him ‘Yes I did Daddy. It hurt at first but then it was so much fun we did it several times. I mean…each boy fu…had intercourse with me several times and they didn’t wear rubbers.” I couldn’t believe Bonnie was telling me this story. My cock was about to explode. “So what happened next Bonnie?” She smiled a nasty smile and said, “I saw that Daddy had an erection. He saw me looking at his pants and said that he would take care of everything. He would take me to the doctor and there would be no baby anymore. I hugged him and I just started kissing him. First on the cheek then on the corner of his mouth and then wide out lip smacking kissing. He put a hand on my breast, I put mine on his hard cock and we ended up fucking on my bed. The next week he got me into the clinic and I was no longer pregnant.”I was stroking hard now. “That is so fucking hot Bonnie! Did you ever fuck him again?” She grinned that nasty grin again and said, “Yeah, after he got me on birth control.” I asked her how old she was. She told me and I whistled. “Do you ever see your Daddy for sex now Bonnie?” She nodded her head and said she had done it many times and when she finally told her husband about it he didn’t believe her. She had to actually have Daddy fuck her while he watched for her to believe it.As she described that time with Daddy in front of hubby, she told it in intricate detail. She knew I was close to cumming so she milked the story some. When I blasted my jets onto the plexiglass she clapped her hands and said this was her best private show ever. By then our time was up so I got dressed and said, “See you next Thursday in my classroom Bonnie.” She said, “Oh I WILL be there Peter. I want to get my lips…both sets of them around that gorgeous cock.

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