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Subject: Park Play 13 Park Play 13 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. On to the fun part… “I’m Stuart and this is my buddy Nathan. Anytime either or both of you want to play we’d be up for it. We are both total cum whores and would gladly take your cocks and loads, whenever and wherever.” JD and Sam looked at each other and smiled. JD said, “and how would we get a hold of you?” Nathan grinned and held up a finger as if to say hang on a sec. He turned and ran to the bushes on the other side of the stairs and came back with a small knapsack. He pulled out two business cards and handed one to each guy. The card just read “S&N at your service” and a local phone number. Sam and JD both grinned and agreed that they would be hearing from them soon. Stuart and Nathan headed up the stairs as Sam and JD watched their asses and groped their crotches. Back at Alex’s house, Patrick has been dreaming of the young neighbourhood kid he had seen being plowed at both ends in the other bedroom when they had come home last ght. He dreamed of being the one using Jeremy’s ass and mouth, swapping ends back and forth until he was ready to fill him with his hot sperm. These types of dreams were not uncommon on ghts when he and Alex had been out fucking around. Instead of being satiated after fucking around he usually got more horned up and woke early with a rock-hard cock demanding to be satisfied. After tossing and turng for a while his horness and curiosity got the better of him. He went down the hall to Sandy’s bedroom, hard cock leading the way. The bedroom door had been closed when they came in last ght, but one or more of the guys must have gotten up in the ght to take a piss and left the door open. Entering the room Patrick could see the three young men spread out on the king-sized bed. All three were flat on their backs, with Jeremy still in the middle between the Sandy and his friend, just like the ght before when they were stuffing both of Jeremy’s holes with their cocks. It had been a warm ght and the sheet that was over them had been pushed down and fallen onto the floor leaving them visible in all their glory. Patrick must not be the only one who got more horned up after a ght of fucking. All three guys had hardons lying on their abs. Patrick was drinking in the glorious view of the hot young guys. He loved looking at young guys and especially loved it when they were completely naked and hard. Patrick stepped into the room, drawn by the sight of the three kocaeli escort guys. He was slowly stroking his cock as he stood at the foot of the bed. While one hand stroked his shaft, his other hand was gently caressing his balls and that super sensitive area just behind them. He had enjoyed watching the action last ght as Alex sucked all those cocks in the park toilet and had defitely enjoyed spying on the guys as they worked over Jeremy. Their flexing muscles glisteng with a light, sweat and their slick cocks sliding in and out of Jeremy was hot. When the guys tagged, and swapped ends Patrick had almost lost it. He was rock hard and riding that fantastic wave edge again thinking of taking his turn in the rotation. He spit in his hand to lube up his hard cock. He always enjoyed the slick, slippery sensation on his cock. A wet mouth or a well-lubed ass would have been better, but his own hand did a great job too. Maybe it was the sound of Patrick’s hand sliding up and down his cock that woke Jeremy. Or maybe it was the horny dream Jeremy was having, or maybe it was being sandwiched between the hot bodies of his buddies. Whichever it was, Jeremy felt himself rising to the surface of consciousness. At first, he wasn’t sure where he was or what the noise was. He recogzed the sound. Who didn’t know the sound of a wet hand stroking a hard cock? He slowly opened his eyes, at first recogzing the ceiling light fixture. He was in Sandy’s room. The memories of last ght came flooding back and he realized that he was still lying between the two guys who had fucked him and fed him their cocks and cum. He noticed motion near the bottom of the bed and looked down to see Patrick standing there stark naked and stroking his hard cock. Jeremy had been lusting after Patrick for a few years now. The man was a constant around Sandy’s house, and Jeremy had seen him in shorts many times, marveling at his hairy muscular legs, great ass and prominent crotch bulge. He had fantasized about seeing Patrick naked for ages but had never been able to do more than catch the occasional glimpse of Patrick as he changed his shirt. He looked amazing standing at the foot of the bed. Patrick’s eyes were looking at all three of the guys, focused on their cocks as far as Jeremy could tell. Without thinking, Patrick continued to slowly stroke his cock and work his hairy balls. Patrick looked up at Jeremy’s face and his grin widened into a full smile when he saw Jeremy looking at him. He put a finger to his lips to caution Jeremy to keep quiet, and then motioned for him to sit up and come to the end of the bed. Jeremy looked at each of his buddies and seeing that they were still sound asleep sat up and worked his way to the foot of the bed. Jeremy couldn’t help but notice that both of his buddy’s cocks were stiff, and he licked his lips, wanting to reach out and suck on each one, but the lure of Patrick was stronger, and he looked at the man standing at the foot of the bed and almost swooned. Patrick had stepped back a kocaeli escort bayan bit and Jeremy was able to put his feet on the floor and sit on the bottom edge of the king size bed. Looking up at Patrick, Jeremy opened his mouth and moved towards the head of Patrick’s cock. Patrick slid his hand towards the base of his cock shaft and pointed the head at Jeremy’s mouth. He couldn’t believe that this hot, young guy was going to suck his cock while his two fuck buddies lay there sleeping. Jeremy was in heaven. He had dreamt about sucking Patrick’s cock and it looked and tasted even better than he thought it would. He looked up at Patrick’s face as he slid his lips down the shaft and ran his hands up the man’s torso to grab his hairy pecs. As the cock hit the back of his mouth, he tilted his head down and tried to take even more. His throat muscles refused to yield, so he backed off a few inches and tried again. After several tries, he could feel this throat muscles yielding. He was going to get all of Patrick’s cock down his throat. Patrick grabbed Jeremy’s hair with both hands, gently guiding his throbbing cock in and out of his sweet mouth. He could feel Jeremy’s throat openg up and his cock hardened at the thought of being deep throated by this beautiful young man. They were both keenly aware that Sandy and Tony were sleeping on the bed immediately next to them and Alex was asleep in the other room. They both tried hard not to vocalize the pleasure they were feeling instead focusing on the feel of Patrick’s cock in Jeremy’s mouth and the exquisite pleasure they were both deriving from Jeremy’s hands roaming over Patrick’s body. The only sounds in the room were the gentle breathing of Sandy and Tony, and the more laboured breathing of Patrick and Jeremy. Jeremy’s hands slid down Patrick’s flanks and turned toward each other at the top of Patrick’s ass. He wasn’t sure how far he should go, but as the man had his cock pressed down his throat, he was willing to push the boundaries. His hands started to caress Patrick’s ass, the firm muscular ass clenching each time his cock touched bottom in Jeremy’s throat. Jeremy’s fingers kneaded his ass and worked closer and closer into the cleft in his ass cheeks. The actions seemed to spur Patrick on, his hands more insistent on each stroke, urging Jeremy to take more and more of his cock. With one final push, Patrick shoved his cock in, and Jeremy’s throat muscles finally relented. The head of his cock lodged firmly down Jeremy’s throat. The invasion of Patrick’s cock made Jeremy grip Patrick’s ass tighter and his middle finger found the puckered skin around Patrick’s ass hole. The two of them urged each other on. Jeremy’s fingers working Patrick’s sphincter and Patrick’s cock plunging down Jeremy’s throat. Jeremy’s cock was ready to burst. If he even touched it, he would lose it and blast his load all over Patrick’s hairy legs. Patrick could tell from the way Jeremy was sucking his cock and working his ass yahya kaptan escort that he was in heaven and close to shooting his load. He wanted to see that. He wanted to stroke off Jeremy’s cock and see how much pleasure he had given him. Jeremy could feel Patrick’s balls pulled up tight to the base of his cock and pressing against his chin each time he swallowed his cock. He wanted Patrick’s load so bad. He wanted to taste it, to feel the cock pulse in his mouth, feel the cum shooting up the cum tube and blast into his mouth. Patrick pulled Jeremy’s head back, leaving just the head of his cock in his mouth. Every muscle in his body tensed as his balls churned out the first shot. Jeremy could feel the tube on the bottom of Patrick’s cock swell and feel the blast of cum travel up along his tongue. The hot, sweet cum load blasted into his mouth painting the whole inside with a coating of thick white goo. A second and a third hot blast followed immediately after. Jeremy’s mouth was almost full of Patrick’s cum. He didn’t want to waste any of his precious seed, so he swallowed. As he did his mouth clamped on the head of Patrick’s cock causing more spasms as Patrick unloaded his full balls into Jeremy’s mouth. The cum tasted so good. The texture was amazing, making his already wet mouth much slicker. He tried to suck all of Patrick’s cock back into his mouth. He wanted to nurse his cock, get the last drops of cum and bring him down slowly from his mind-blowing orgasm. Patrick’s cockhead finally got too sensitive and he pried Jeremy’s mouth off it. The kid was a natural cock hound and cum hound. This would happen again. Patrick squatted down on the floor, his mouth just above Jeremy’s rock-hard cock. Jeremy looked down at him and went to reach for his cock, but Patrick swatted his hand out of the way. He leaned forward and took Jeremy’s cock into his mouth. He only got in a few strokes before Jeremy grabbed his hair and started blasting his cum into Patrick’s mouth. Jeremy stood up and rammed his cock into Patrick’s mouth as the first shot of cum went right down his throat. He pulled back and blasted the rest of his load into Patrick’s mouth, knowing that he wanted Patrick to taste his load and enjoy it the way he was still savouring Patrick’s load. Jeremy’s body thrust out his cum. If Patrick hadn’t had his mouth over his cock, he would probably have hit the wall he shot so hard. His body continued to convulse as he filled Patrick’s mouth. After several more intense volleys he started to come down off his high and his muscles started to relax. Patrick was still sucking and swallowing his cock, the mix of cum and spit creating an amazing feeling on his softeng cock. Patrick finally released his cock and leaned back to look at Jeremy as the last drop of cum dripped off the end of his slick cock. Motion in his peripheral vision caught his attention. He could see an arm moving and realized one of the guys on the bed was no longer asleep but was stroking his cock. He glanced at Sandy and he too was stroking his cock. They were both awake and watching! Jeremy’s attention was caught by movement in the bedroom doorway. He turned to see Alex standing there naked and hard, and his uncle, JD, standing beside him also naked and also fully hard.

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