Patience, Baby

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As Emma sat at her computer, trying to focus on the Modern History lecture playing on the screen, her mind wandered effortlessly. Her professor had a rather dull voice, and she couldn’t quite focus enough to actually consume what was being spoken. Her mind wandered through her morning, making coffee, getting that text, and then sitting down for her lecture, no wonder she couldn’t focus.Hey beautiful. I can’t wait to see you tonight. Wear the white set, you know I love them on you. Please be safe, drink your water, eat your lunch, and I will pick you up at 6 xEmma sat and thought about what might be in store for her that night. The white set meant spanking. Noah couldn’t resist the pink flush of her skin against the white lace. ‘Such a beautiful shade.’, he would muse while running his fingertips over the warmth of her backside. She blushed slightly thinking about that last time she wore that set.**Emma sat and waited for Noah to arrive. She was ready too early, and her excitement simply refused to let her do anything else but wait. She tried pulling out her phone to scroll through social media, but she couldn’t focus. She tried to put the clean laundry away, but could not stay on task. She even tried on at least six outfits before settling on her favourite black dress. The dress hugged her curves, showing just enough of her cleavage to tease. Noah loved it on her, and she knew it would be an instant approval. So, she waited. She sat on the edge of her couch and waited, mind racing with thoughts of him.After what felt like an absolute eternity, but was only five minutes, in reality, there was a firm knock at her door. She quickly jumped up, slid on her simple black heels, and made her way to the door, the butterflies in her stomach-turning and tumbling with each step. She paused right before opening it, taking a deep breath, and letting it out through her lips. As she turned the handle, her cheeks flushed, and she smiled as she looked up at him. He stood in front of her, black pants and shirt, that beautiful grin on his lips, and his signature cologne enveloping her senses. Noah had impeccable style, and tonight was no exception. His hair was done in the slightly messy way she loved, his family ring sat on his right hand, and the watch she gave him for his birthday on his left wrist. He looked like a model, only slightly rougher. The perfect bad boy look.‘Hey beautiful,’ he smiled at her, ‘are you ready to go?’Emma nodded, her eyes meeting his as she smiled up at him.Noah lifted one eyebrow and cocked his head slightly to the side, ‘Are you sure? You did everything I asked today? You ate your lunch?’‘Yes, Sir.’ Emma nodded.‘You drank your water?’Emma hesitated and looked down. ‘Not as much as I should have.’His tone shifted to slightly more serious as he narrowed his eyes at her ‘You’re at least wearing the white set like I asked you to?’Emma nodded, the blush creeping up her cheeks, as she raised the hem of her dress up enough to show the edge of her white lace panties against her pale skin.Noah smiled almanbahis gently and reached his hand towards her cheek, his thumb brushing over her skin gently and fondly, ‘Baby…you need to drink your water. You can make up for a bit of it with dinner. Other than that,’ he mused as he pulled Emma in close and kissed the top of her head ‘you’ve been a very Good Girl.’ His scent filled her nose as she relaxed into his hold, the butterflies tumbling again at his praise. He grabbed her hand and started walking her to the car, chatting about her day studying, as if the comment hadn’t made her whole body start to ache for him.As Emma sat in the car on the way to dinner, her mind was wandering again. Noah’s hand rested on her thigh, his thumb tracing little circles on her soft skin, sending goosebumps all over her arms. As they talked about the upcoming weekend plans, there was a red light, and he looked across the car at her and smiled teasingly. Emma was about to ask what he was grinning about when his hand suddenly moved up her thigh to her now wet panties. A soft gasp escaped her lips, and he smiled. His fingers found their way gently to right over her clit, and he slowly started circling around, and around, changing the pressure he applied with each circle. A small whine came from her lips as he removed his hand to start driving again. He laughed and placed his hand back on her thigh.‘Patience, Baby. We have to make it through dinner yet.’ Noah chuckled as he took off from the lights. Returning to the conversation about their weekend plans.Once they pulled into the parking lot near the restaurant, and after several repeated red light teasing, Emma waited patiently while Noah came to her door and took her hand. He looked into her eyes as she stood, and leaned in, gently kissing her lips and pulling her body against his. His arm wrapped around her waist as he began kissing her more fervently and gently pushed her back against the car. His hand found its way to the back of her head, twisting into the hair at the top of her neck, pulling it back slightly so he could kiss below her ear and down to her shoulder. Emma’s eyes closed as he traced against her skin with his lips, a soft moan coming from her mouth as he teasingly bit her neck.He grinned as he pulled away, taking her hand again, and leading her from the car. Emma followed in a slight flush as she straightened her dress and followed his lead.All through dinner, Noah’s gaze barely left her, devouring every aspect he could. The way her hair brushed her skin along her shoulders, the way her dress grazed along the top of her breasts, the way her lips moved when she spoke and smiled. He was absolutely, head over heels in love with this woman. And he was going to do his best to show her exactly how much…right after he showed her exactly what loving her made him want to do to her. She was such a good girl. So sweet, and kind. So caring. There was no one like her. No one else that he could ever picture himself with. And he could not wait for the rest of the night almanbahis yeni giriş to unfold.After dinner, Emma was feeling flustered. Noah had been teasing her all night long. The sneaky hands and soft touches did not stop, and he somehow managed to time them to exactly when someone had to come by the table for food or drinks. Emma was secure in the knowledge that they hadn’t noticed what was going on under the table because when Noah was around, he commanded attention. His smile was enough to stop someone in their tracks. And she could not believe she got to call him hers.As Emma stepped onto the sidewalk, she felt Noah’s arm drape over her shoulders, and the warmth from his body pressed against her side. She curled her arm around his body and smiled up at him. Noah gazed back at her, lust burning in his eyes, adoration across his face. Emma blushed when she realised that she was going to be at his mercy tonight.As they approached the car, Noah’s hand slipped down her shoulder and around her waist. He guided her to the side of the car near the passenger door, and he pressed her against the car again. He held her head with his left hand, his fingertips in her hair and his palm holding her cheek as he kissed her deeply. Pressing himself against her as his right hand held her waist, he bit into her lower lip gently and then slowly started kissing down her throat. Noah moved his hands to her hips and pulled her against him. She felt how excited he was, and her heart skipped a beat.Noah stopped and moved his right hand up her body and gently held her chin, his eyes meeting hers as she returned her focus to him. He gazed into her eyes and at that moment, he knew his heart was right.Noah reached over, opened the passenger door, and held his hand out for her. Emma took his hand and smiled sweetly up at him, knowing full well that the sweet smile in that way would make him hotter. She saw a slight hesitation as Noah contemplated his response, but he gestured for her to sit and closed the door for her when she did. Noah walked around the front of the car, smiling to himself and rubbing the palm of his hand. Noah sat in the driver’s seat and started the car.‘Keep your legs apart. I need full access for the drive home. Okay?’‘Yes, Sir.’ Emma blushed. She could feel herself getting wetter in anticipation.As they started the drive home, Noah rested his arm on the top of the passenger seat, his hand grazing the top of Emma’s shoulder. Noah made small talk about dinner and asked what she thought of the meal, the restaurant, completely ignoring everything that had just happened. Emma stumbled through her thoughts, her mind constantly distracted by the thought of how wet she felt. Right as she was answering his question about her favourite part of the meal, Noah’s hand gently started tracing little circles along her collar bone while he drove. Emma felt her pussy tingle, responding to the teasing that had occurred throughout the night with that exact motion. Noah glanced at Emma and grinned, she was sitting almanbahis giriş there with her eyes closed, trying to focus on telling him about her dinner. Such a good girl. He couldn’t wait to ruin her tonight, and the closed eyes just gave him an idea. For the rest of the drive, he continued to softly touch her. Along her collar bone, up her neck, her ear when he brushed her hair back, all the while chatting about everything other than what he wanted to do to her – all while knowing it was driving her absolutely wild. As they pulled into his driveway, Noah reached between Emma’s legs and watched her cheeks flush as his hand slowly made its way up her thigh. He felt how wet she was and grinned.‘Oh…baby…did you get a little bit wet on the way home? I didn’t even touch you.’Emma nodded slowly and bit down on her lip as his fingers swirled around her wetness.‘Let’s go inside,’ Noah grinned as he withdrew his hand, ‘I have a surprise for you.’Emma smiled as she undid her seatbelt and waited for Noah to come to her door. As he walked around the car, Emma took a deep breath and cleared her mind. The butterflies were back in her stomach, and she was beyond excited to see what Noah had planned. She knew as soon as she stepped inside the front door, she was completely under his control, and she had been looking forward to it all day.Noah opened her door and stretched out his hand to her. As her hand was clasped in his, Noah placed a small kiss on her fingers and pulled her close to him. He shut the door of the car and turned to lead Emma to the house. As Noah unlocked the front door, he turned to Emma and very simply said, ‘Wait by the hall table.’‘Yes, Sir.’ Emma responded, smiling as Noah turned and flicked the light switch beside the door. As asked, she went and stood by the hall table, putting her clutch down and waited. Noah returned a short time later, his black shirt now gone, exposing his strong body. Emma looked over his body, the silver chain sparkling under the hall lights, his tattooed chest and arms moving subtly as he walked. Emma’s attention was drawn to his ring adorned hands, where Noah had something clasped in his grip. As he reached where Emma stood, he placed the item on the hall table and stood in front of her.Emma looked up into his eyes and instantly blushed. The way he was looking at her was as if he was examining the most beautiful artwork he had ever seen. His eyes were slowly examining every inch of her, his breathing calm and deep, and his head tilting as he looked down the length of her body. Emma watched his face as he slowly observed her. She noticed the way his lips subtly smiled, the way his tongue ran across the back of his teeth, and the way his eyes slid across her body.Softly Noah spoke, ‘turn around for me.’ and Emma obliged, slowly turning to face the wall. She felt Noah’s hand brush her hair from the nape of her neck, placing it over her shoulder. He slowly undid the zip down the back of the dress until it stopped level with her hips. He slipped his fingers under the shoulders of the dress and softly moved them until they fell down her arms. His fingertips lightly ran down her spine, and a shiver ran across her skin. The dress sat on her hips loosely, caught on her arms, and her breasts now exposed.

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