Permini – Ch. 04: The Devil Within

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The devil within

I was panting, laying in my bed, looking at the ceiling of the room, thinking. The floor was full of my squirt, as well as the mirror, and this time even the bed had received some of it.

“You know, if you were going to fuck me like that, you could have done it in the shower so I wouldn’t have to clean it all again…” I told the voice.

“If you had accepted your duties from the beginning you could have had it.”

“They are not my duties,” I said, firmly.

“Don’t start again…”

“No, I won’t, but they’re not my duties. I can decide what to do. I still have another option, though it would be a silly choice, but I still can decide. So do not tell me I cannot decide what to do… because I can.”

Everything had gone too fast for me. Suddenly my body had changed, my life had changed with it, and now it seemed I had to do some things I didn’t want to do if I didn’t want to go crazy. Logic? No. But this was my life now, it seemed. Unless I got up suddenly and discovered that this was all a dream, this was something I had to deal with from now on. And all of this in… two? Three days?

I wanted to feel that I still had something under control. That I could decide. Even if it was something silly, something crazy, something irrational. I still could end it, I still could decide what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I wouldn’t let her take that out from me.

“Is there… any other way to get our… supplies? I mean, something that does not imply screwing my own cousin?”

“Even if there was, you wouldn’t make it. You’re thirsty, Carol. Let’s be realistic for once. You were wishing to kneel and eat your cousin’s cock in the bathroom. You really think there’s anything you can do to avoid it? As soon as you see him, you’ll get wet.”

I wanted to reply, but she was right. In fact, as soon as she described what happened in the bathroom, I noticed how my lust was increasing again.

“This cannot be healthy… I’ll go crazy if it keeps like this.”

“And that’s why we have to move fast. It’s already been four days since we… met. We may have only two days left, and that’s our point of no return. Before that, our lust will keep increasing and getting stronger…”

“Fuck,” I thought. I had done something that I didn’t believe I was capable of. If this was going to keep increasing, it would be impossible to resist. It seemed like I really had no choice.

“What do I call you, by the way? You must have a name or something.”

“Seems you accept now that everything is really happening?”

“I don’t accept it. I’m sure I’m going to wake up at some point or someone will put me in a mental hospital. But until then, I’ll act as if it’s something normal. I’ll go crazy before the lust gets to us, otherwise.”

“You can call me Kara.”

Kara… it was a cool name. I wondered if that was her real name or just a made up name she told humans. Maybe her real name was too complicated for us to pronounce.

“We’ll wait for tonight, Kara. I’ll… I don’t know. We’ll try to get it while he’s asleep.”

“It seems like a good idea.”

“Hope he doesn’t wake up.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it.”

* * *

If what Kara told me was true, I would have done some crazy shit if I saw Jake before he went to sleep, so I avoided leaving the room for the day. I just went to the bathroom to grab some paper and clean (again) the mess I had made before.

Jake had come to check on me twice that afternoon, but I didn’t let him enter the room. Just hearing his voice, though, made something quiver inside of me. I was out of control.

Even grabbing my phone was something I was trying to resist. Horny as I was, the best thing that could happen is that I surfed some ChatRoulette style site and ended up squirting in front of everyone, so I left my phone over my bed and grabbed it only once in a while to check the time. It was hard…

“2:30 am.”

… but I succeeded.

I grabbed some clothes. I put on a thong, and I took one nightgown from my auntie. “God, this is fucking sexy,” I thought, looking at myself in the mirror. “I guess my auntie also has her secrets, I don’t think she goes like this at home every night.”

It was a dark blue silk dress that ended right below the waist. If I bent down, my thong would show for sure. It also had a huge cleavage tuzla escort and some laces on it. I noticed it had some slight push-up under the breasts which made the cleavage look spectacular. “Holy fuck, I’m getting horny just from looking at myself.”

“I see you don’t care about getting a cold or something,” Kara said to me. The temperature was as cold as the previous days.

“I’m going to grab some cock, so I’m going to dress sexy as fuck even if it means to freeze to death,” I replied, whispering.

I left the room and headed for Jake’s, barefoot and slowly to avoid making any sound. I opened the door carefully, checking if I saw any hint of light coming from somewhere. Everything was dark: he was asleep. I noticed how I still could see pretty clearly even though there was no light in the room.

“This is another of the changes I talked to you about. We tend to do our… activities by night, so it comes handy to be able to see in the dark,” Kara said suddenly. I nodded.

Carefully, I approached him and kneeled next to his bed.

“I can’t believe I’m about to do something like this…” I thought.

He was lying on the bed, facing the ceiling, covered with a blanket. I grabbed it and slowly pushed it aside. He was naked under it. A flaccid, curved, meaty shape was resting on his leg, following its path until its head hung over. I noticed how its testicles were burning with a slight brightness.

“It seems our big guy didn’t finish the other day… he’s fully loaded,” Kara said. I didn’t want to say anything to avoid waking him up, but Kara understood my expression. “I’ll explain that to you later.”

“Oh, fuck…” I could feel my body pumping blood to my lower parts. I had the urge to take it and stroke it and lick it until it came inside me, but I breathed deeply to try to keep control over myself. “Just a handjob,” I promised myself. “Just a handjob.”

My hand moved slowly, trying to reach it. My fingernails touched it first, and I felt it twitch in response. I caressed it with my fingertips, feeling its skin, warm because of the heat the blanked provided until then. It liked my touch, as it began to slowly beat, gaining girth in every blood pump.

It was circumcised, and the glans was showing already: the difference of size was notorious even in that flaccid state. Whoever was who fucked that piece of meat, would have some issues making its head to go inside without a proper lubrication. The shaft was wide, too, but the head was… just too big to fit easily.

I continued caressing it, from the glans to the base of the shaft, and each time it grew bigger. My tits went from dripping drops once in a while to leak drop by drop as a slightly opened faucet.

“What am I doing? I should not be doing this…” I whispered.

“You want it, Carol… don’t fight it. You have your thong already soaked. Just let it flow…”

“No… I don’t… I don’t…” But as I was saying those words, that cock was getting bigger and bigger and I realized that I just wanted that cumming inside me. “I can’t… no… I don’t…”

Now erect, it rose over his belly, inclined by its own weight, palpitating. A thick drop of fluid began to slowly fall from its tip, reaching his abs. “Oh, god…” I thought. My index finger brushed against its tip hole, and a river of precum drove through it, reaching my palm.

“I told you he was fully loaded. You better enjoy this meal. I think you’ll find its flavor… very pleasant…”

I licked my finger and tasted it. It clearly had a different taste from any other I had ever tried. Actually, it was incredibly delicious. I guessed it had something to do with Kara.

I moaned, and I noticed my other hand was already inside my underwear, surfing across its moisture. My heart was about to explode in my chest.

Suddenly, he moved. I gasped, and moved back a little, trying not to make a sound. He was lying on his side, now facing me, with his erect cock pointing at me, pulsating and with a thread of precum falling free to the room’s floor.

I approached him again, spit into my hand and began massaging it. It had so much length to run over that I had to lubricate my hand again. I could have grabbed that cock with both of my hands, one next to the other, and I’d still need another one to cover its head. My fingertips couldn’t circle that twitching beast. “How have you hidden this from me all these pendik escort years?”, I thought.

Slowly and gently, I began to stroke it, starting from its base, going all up to its glans, opening my hand a little bit to fit the new girth from its head. In each stroke, it twitched, and I could feel how the intensity of that mysterious glow grew brighter and brighter over time.

Its tip was leaking, sometimes a drop, sometimes a spurt of precum, but as time and strokes went by, the powerful precum streams were more and more common, and more and more thick.

I heard his breathing speeding up and getting deeper. He started to make some moaning noises. At this point, I didn’t care at all if he woke up, so I sped up the strokes, being still gentle, without squeezing, just slightly caressing his cock’s skin, but fast, while I took the fluids of every precum spurt to lubricate my hand.

The sound of its moisture mixed with the sound of my fingers quickly entering and leaving my insides, as my waist moved on its own up and down. The nightgown was all wet because of my boobs leakage. But I didn’t care at all about anything. I didn’t care if he woke up because of my moans. I didn’t care if I soaked the floor. I didn’t care if my auntie came through that door while I jerked off her son. I just wanted his cum.

My strokes’ speed was making my boobs swing back and forth. “I need it, cum for me, little cousin,” I begged. I saw its internal fluids glow and start to move violently, and his cock began to twitch rapidly.

I kept stroking it fast, while I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, hoping to be bred shortly. The hand in my underwear increased its speed, too, as I felt my orgasm growing.

My mouth approached the enormous head and licked it, leaving a thick thread of his precum when my tongue went back inside my mouth. It was fucking delicious. I stuck it out again, breathing deeply and loudly with my mouth wide open, incapable of hiding my pleasure. I could see the steam of my breath floating in the air and disappearing after a while on each breath.

And then, he couldn’t hold it anymore. I noticed how the glowing particles traveled fast through the shaft, and then an incredibly thick stream of sperm hit right in my tongue, sticking to it like glue, hitting the back first and then painting it whole, sliding very slowly as the rest of the stream hit my chin and then my breasts as it lost strength. I lowered my head a little in anticipation for the next one, and another thick rope landed in my upper lip, dripping right into my mouth.

They weren’t normal spurts: it seemed like a hose shooting something similar to the texture of a yogurt, and I had to swallow once each two or three ropes if I wanted to catch everything.

The next spurt was fast, though, and it hit right in the same spot as the other. I had to swallow, as I felt a pressure growing in my stomach. I gasped, as I started to quiver and to squirt all over powerfully, the fluids hitting the floor more loudly than if I pissed, although all the noise was covered by my loud moans.

Another rope hit me, but I was still cumming and it went over my shoulder, hitting my hair partially. My nipples started to squirt, too, splashing the side of his bed. I couldn’t stop orgasming, moaning without caring too much if he woke up, but he kept sleeping deeply as his cock pulsated again and a new thick rope hit my cheek and my shoulder.

Still cumming, I opened my mouth widely and closed it around its tip, breathing loudly through my nose as another thick cumshot hit my palate. Another one came fast, flooding my mouth rapidly, forcing me to swallow, but as I tried to do so, he shot another rope.

I couldn’t hold it, and it overflowed from my mouth, a thick stream of sperm escaping with strength through my lips’ corners, and then going slowly through my neck and getting lost in my cleavage. I swallowed and opened my mouth to grasp some air, sticking out my tongue again to try to catch everything I could, as another shot hit me, splashing around due to its impulse.

“Oh shit… mmpmgfh… he is full of it… aah….” I thought. I closed my mouth around the cock’s tip again. As my pussy squirted without control, I removed my hand from there and joined the other one massaging its cock. I could see the burning in his testicles decreasing with every shot, and I could feel some kind of relief aydınlı escort and strength coming into my body with each swallow.

Another shot, this time weaker, hit my throat directly, followed by another one weaker than the last. The next one was stronger, but its thickness seemed to decrease, as another weaker and less thick rope died in my tongue. My body relaxed, as his cock twitched once more and threw another shot inside my mouth.

I opened my mouth widely and tried to fit inside its whole head, but its volume made part of the sperm I still hadn’t swallowed escape through my lips’ corners, dropping heavily into the nightgown silk.

I took it out, and began to squeeze it hard, facing the ceiling with my mouth opened, as he spurted its last thick ropes, to end up shooting just relaxed streams of a more light fluid with each pulsation. They were still abundant, but I could feel the brutality of it all was descending. In fact, now they seemed like the cumshots I was used to.

I pressed my boobs with my arms and continued squeezing his rod, which kept shooting smaller threads of cum right to my breasts. The cum slided slowly caressing the skin my cleavage left unprotected, until he finally stopped and all that was left was a relaxed piece of meat twitching, letting out only drops from its tip.

I took a deep breath, as I saw his cock return slowly to its flaccid state, slightly pulsating, while a little drop slowly fell down to the floor, hanging by a thick thread.

“That was…” I began to say.

“Amazing…” Kara added, ending the sentence for me.

My hands moved on their own and began caressing the skin around my boobs, collecting the sperm that had fallen. My hand moved to my mouth, as my tongue stuck out and licked it, and I swallowed.

“Make… make sure to leave… n… nothing behind.” Kara said. It gave the impression that she was panting. I understood it was her who made my hand move.

I repeated the movement, catching what was left on my breasts and going up through my neck and cheek.

“Delicious.” I said. Jake was still sleeping, relaxed, as if nothing had happened. “I don’t understand how he can still sleep after all the noise we’ve made.”

“I might have something to do with that… let’s go to the room first.”

* * *

After having a shower, I headed to the room. The nightgown was all dirty and full of fluids, so I went naked through the corridor to my room and ran to the bed to get inside the blanket, shivering from the cold temperature outside.

“Wow…” I said, looking at the ceiling, thinking. On one hand, I had given a handjob to my cousin. I felt disgusted right now because of that. But on the other hand… it had been one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my entire life.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to repeat it that often.”

“Re… repeat it?”

“Well, do you think we only have to be fed once a year? We usually have to feed once a day or two, if we don’t want to feel tired and let the lust gain control over us. Your libido will be higher than before, even when you’re full and just fed. Now add to that the lust from our… condition.”

I stood there, quiet. Was this my life now? Having to eat normal food as normal people did, and also having to suck or fuck a cock once every day?

“As I said, with that amount of cum you should be able to resist the lust for more than one day. At least the one which is not due to your natural libido. Your cousin is… well, he shots a goddamn good amount of sperm. We can feed on that once every two days and we should be fine.”

“Are you implying that I’ll have to repeat this once every two nights?”

“Well, we have other ways to get it… but the objective would be the same, yes.”

“I won’t…” I began to say, but Kara stopped me.

“Remember, before saying you won’t do it and shit like that. I’m not asking for your permission, nor your consent. You have to do it and if you try to resist, you’ll fail. And think of how you feel now. Don’t you see you’re happy, full of energy, not tired…?”

I sighed. The truth was I was now able to think in other things a part from sex. My lust had completely disappeared, and I was back to being a normal person… at least for the moment.

“So, then… What did you have to do with Jake still sleeping after all that shit we made there? And why the fuck do I see his testicles… burn? Glow? I don’t know how to describe it. What the fuck is that?”

“I guess it’s time to explain to you some of the changes you’ve been experiencing… so you can understand your real potential, my little bitch.”

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