Pitching A Tent: Road Trip

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As I sat in my apartment with my bag packed up and ready to go, I tried to stay positive about the weekend ahead.”It’ll be just as fun as it always is,” I kept telling myself. But the message rang hollow. It didn’t seem like that was going to be possible.The trip I had packed for was the annual McCormick boys camping excursion, and it was typically something I looked forward to every year. At its inception, it started as a family thing. All four of us — mom; dad; my brother, George; and myself — packed into our car and drove to Pisgah National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains for a weekend under the stars.Back then, I was far less enthused about the whole thing. I was only ten, and the idea of four days without screens was unfathomable to me. It honestly felt like I was being grounded. The seven-hour drive certainly didn’t help.It took all of one night to completely change my mind, though. I fell in love with it all. The crackling campfire, a sky full of stars that you couldn’t see back at home, and the sugar overload from eating my weight in s’mores. We have gone back every year since then.Well, at least my brother, my dad, and I have. My mom decided it wasn’t her thing after the first year. She didn’t enjoy being eaten alive by bugs, so it became an annual boys’ weekend. Still, it was the biggest constant in my life as things changed around me. It didn’t change when George left for college, when he graduated and moved from Richmond to just outside Washington DC, or when I finally shipped off to college myself — we always made sure to carve out time for this trip. Just the three of us.Not this year, though. It started last month when George said he was bringing his new husband, Colin, along. Their wedding was this past fall, and Colin is a huge outdoors guy himself. I was excited about the addition, honestly. Colin is a lot of fun, and all of us got along really well. There was also the fact that he had his own tent, which would mean we no longer had three people sleeping in a two-person tent. An all-around win.But three days before the trip, something else happened to change the roster. Dad threw out his back lifting weights (at least, that’s what he told us). It wasn’t anything super serious, but it was enough of an issue that he couldn’t come with us. Sleeping on the ground doesn’t help a slipped disc, I guess. And that’s how our McCormick boys camping trip went from being the highlight of my year into something I was dreading. The way I saw it, I had become the third wheel for two newlyweds.** BUZZZ **I looked down at my phone and saw a text from my brother.”Running a bit late. Be there in 30. Colin brought Skye btw”What?! I quickly texted him back asking for an explanation.I wasn’t the only one that was concerned about the new group dynamic. George didn’t want me feeling like I was the add-on, so he talked to Colin about it, and they decided that bringing Skye along would make it less awkward.That worked for me! I had only met Skye one time — during George and Colin’s wedding — but it was a good time. She seemed like a nice girl, and we spent most of the reception talking. And I wasn’t sure, but I also thought that I could detect a hint of flirting. We even danced a little.There kaçak iddaa was also the fact that Skye was truly stunning. Skye and Colin’s family was first-generation Chinese, yet she had a few freckles that really popped from her golden skin tone. It made her look a lot like Lucy Liu, if you are looking for a comparison. She had the most luminous smile I’ve ever seen, and the first time I saw it, my brain short-circuited. Even though I was a good fourteen inches taller than her 5’1″ stature, that smile made me feel like I was about three feet tall. At the wedding, she wore a bright red dress with a very deep slit that showed off her legs, and she had her jet black hair up in a bun. I rarely took my eyes off of her.I looked in the mirror and at the string bean with a crow’s nest for hair.Oh God, I look like a troll.I wasn’t expecting any female company on this trip, so it would be an understatement to say that I looked rough. I did what I could; I untangled the mess that was my curly black hair, and I shaved. Sure, my stubble would come back while on the trip, but I at least wanted to make a good first impression.At 11:45 PM, an hour after George sent the text, his Subaru finally pulled up to my apartment. I grabbed my bag and headed down to greet them, only George beat me to it and was in the lobby waiting for me.”What’s up, little bro?! Ready for an epic weekend?!” he said, punching me a little too hard in the arm.”I’m just glad to be done with finals. But yeah, this should be fun. Even without Dad,” I added.”Don’t be such a downer. It’s gonna be a blast. And don’t act like replacing Dad with Skye is necessarily a downgrade. I saw you two at the wedding.”That got a chuckle out of me. For the record, George wasn’t implying that he was glad Dad wasn’t going to be there; I’m sure he was as disappointed as I was. But George had always been the most positive person I’d ever met. He is the kind of guy that can find a silver lining in the worst of situations, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He could convince me that a trip to the lowest circle of Hell would be a blast.We walked down to the car and saw Skye and Colin getting out, both rubbing their eyes. I guess they had slept most of the two-hour drive from D.C. to Richmond. Colin greeted me with a handshake and went to help George figure out how to cram my bag in the already very tight trunk.Even half-asleep, I have to say, Skye was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a flowy denim skirt that went down close to her knees, and a black camisole. Her hair was up in a ponytail. She gave me a big hug and then flashed that smile of hers. Just like that, my brain was unable to function again.”Hey…uh…Skye,” I said, rubbing the back of my neck with my right hand.”Hey, yourself! I hope you don’t mind me crashing your guys’ trip.””For sure!…I mean… no, not at all…”Jesus, why is talking so hard right now?”I know what you meant,” she said, smirking at my inability to say words correctly. “Just think of me as one of the guys this weekend.” And with that, Skye turned around to get in the car.Holy shit! look at those legs!!I guess that her dress at the wedding was more conservative than I remembered, because I DEFINITELY didn’t remember her kaçak bahis having legs like the ones I was looking at. They were sculpted out of marble. Absolutely perfect. One of the guys? Fat chance.We hit the road shortly thereafter, with George getting back behind the wheel. Colin fell back asleep immediately, but for the first hour or so, Skye and I caught up in the back seat. It was like we were picking back up from the wedding. We were cracking jokes and just generally enjoying each other’s company.It turns out that Skye has been a world-class gymnast in high school, which explained the legs. Had she not torn her ACL her senior year of high school, she would probably be at an elite gymnastics school like Oklahoma. Her competing days weren’t over, though. Skye went on to say that she had joined a gymnastics club team at GW, and they went to meets with other schools in the region. It was inspiring to see how passionate she was about it. That even after suffering a setback that must have been devastating, she got back on the pommel horse and continued doing what she loved.”Do you want to see the video from our last meet?””Absolutely!” I replied, with maybe a little too much enthusiasm.She whipped out her phone, leaned over, and showed me a video. I know next to nothing about gymnastics, but it looked impressive. She tried to explain the nuances of how it was scored to me — how the routine itself wasn’t as challenging as she typically did, but since it was almost perfect from a technical standpoint — but I was having trouble keeping up. All I could really focus on was how her ass looked in her leotard, especially when doing the splits. I am just a man, after all.From there, we talked about typical school shit. Skye was a sophomore pre-med major. Her ultimate goal was to be a physical therapist, something that she fell in love with when rehabbing after her injury. I had to laugh at that, since I had done some PT last year, and the therapist I worked with was the Devil incarnate. Seriously, the woman was a sadist and seemed to get off on me being in pain. I made Skye promise she’d never be like that, and she laughed. Eventually we talked about me. About how I was going to be the managing editor of the VCU newspaper next year, and how I was really excited to start my internship at the Baltimore Sun in June.At about 12:30, my exhaustion caught up with me, and I felt myself dozing. I had my eyes closed and was almost asleep when I felt Skye’s head on my shoulder. She had never returned to her side of the car after scooching over to show me the video, and whether intentional or not, she was now leaning comfortably on me and soundly asleep like her brother was in the front. As for me, well, feeling her on my shoulder sent a jolt of electricity through my entire body. If I was sleepy before, I was wide awake now.What does this mean? Was it intentional? Does this mean she likes me?I spent a lot of time asking myself every question under the sun, but the only real conclusion that I could come to was that this was DEFINITELY not something that “one of the guys” would do.We stayed that way for about thirty minutes or so, until a small pothole on I-85 startled Skye and woke her up. Unaware that she illegal bahis had drifted towards me and fallen asleep on me, she was super embarrassed.”Oh my God, I didn’t realize that I had gravitated towards your side. I’m sorry.””No worries. I have that effect on people,” I said, trying to be as smooth as possible. I guess it worked too, because she seemed to like that enough to get even more comfortable. She decided to put her legs up on the seat and splay across the back seat, resting her head on my right thigh.OK, that’s DEFINITELY a sign, right?I tried playing a game on my phone to take my mind off the fact that this gorgeous woman had her head in my lap, but nothing I did worked. I looked down on her, and did my best to not leer, but I couldn’t help but notice that her change of position had caused her skirt to bunch up a little around her waist. Her legs were on full display.Given how short she was, she obviously didn’t have the “legs that go on forever” that models do, but they were perfectly toned and without an ounce of fat on them. There was not a doubt in my mind that they could crush a watermelon with those babies. The more I stared, the more I was willing to volunteer to be that watermelon.With that line of thinking, my body began to betray me. I felt myself getting hard. I stared down at her head in my lap and started to get nervous. If she woke up to my dick poking her in the ear, the weekend would be over before it began.Dead puppies. Dead puppies. Baseball.I began thinking of anything that would stunt my growing problem.Hotel Rwanda. Grandma in the shower. Oooooh, Skye in the shower — FUCK, THAT’S THE WRONG WAY, DAMMIT! — Dead puppies.I looked to the front of the car to see if the adults were aware of the scene developing behind them, but they seemed to be blissfully unaware. Colin was still passed the fuck out, and George was listening to some podcast on college baseball. I tried focusing on that to keep my mind off of Skye and the G-string thong that I had just noticed creeping out from the top of her skirt. Apparently some pitcher had just thrown a perfect game and was now projected to be a first-round pick. I think they said that he played for Coastal Carolina? I don’t know. It wasn’t working. It was only a matter of time before she noticed little Ryan and made a scene. Fucking kill me.BUMP. Another pothole. I braced myself for the scream, only it didn’t come.In fact, the opposite happened. She nuzzled into my lap MORE. I could feel her rubbing her left cheek into the head of my now fully erect cock. It felt amazing.This isn’t really happening, is it? Maybe she’s still asleep? Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. … That was a pretty big bump, though.This was killing me. I had to do something to see. Something to test if she was awake or not. So I decided to take my right hand and place it on the small of her back, right where her cami had started to ride up and expose her back.OK, nice and slow. Nice and slow.I could feel my forehead start to sweat. It was like I was performing surgery. After about an hour of hovering over her back (OK, it was probably like forty-five seconds, but it FELT like an hour), I finally made contact.Nothing. No movement at all.What do I do now?Without an answer to my “Is she actually awake?” dilemma, I decided to move my hand down her back. First by about a millimeter. Then another. My heart was beating so hard that I could feel it in my throat.

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