Platonic Hazard

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Platonic HazardThe resounding crash as feet hit water. Ragged breathing. Hearts pumping a mile a minute. I could still hear them behind me. They were shadows in the night, but still tired just as easily. I ran through another puddle, giving them insight as to how far ahead I was…but also how far behind me they were. Minutes after I had ran through the water, I heard the same puddle being disrupted and allowed myself a little grin. Ahead of me an alley way opened into a dead end. I didn’t realize this until I had reached the end of it. Staring around myself for any sign of escape I turned when a harsh chuckle sounded behind me. They had caught up, and the biggest one was approaching. When it spoke, it was in french. Roughly translated, what he said was “,Give up bitch…there is no escape. I frowned deeply. “To hell there aint”. Within seconds I had launched myself at the nearest wall, kicking off from it and onto the one across from it before vaulting lightly over the wall separating me form the other side of the street. The creatures behind me snarled, and the leader barked out an order to go around and find me. I gauged it would take them about fifteen minutes or so to come around and find me again, so I took the time to slow down and catch my breathe. A couple passed me, and I nodded to them, before taking the time to lean up against a lamp post,clutching my racing heart and trying to slow it down. There was a crackle as my head piece came to life and a short, clipped voice sounded in my ear. “Hey….you almost back yet?” I could have laughed had I not been so damn tired. “Nah Boss…ran into a bit of trouble”. There was a pause then “, Trouble? What kind of trouble?” I glanced around when the sound of harsh breathing reached my ear. My fifteen minutes were up. I cursed and pushed off of the pole, going into a flat out sprint and praying I didn’t pull or sprain anything. I was a fast healer but a few seconds was all they needed to catch up. “Listen…I would looove to chat but my trouble just caught up…I’ll meet you soon…” “Hey! Don’t you hang up on me Ali-” “Gotta go..baaaai!” I clicked the little ear piece off and jammed it into my pocket, no doubt I was going to get hell about this when I got back in. But I would deal with artemisbet yeni giriş it when I could. There was a heavy grunt from behind me and I risked a look over my shoulder. The large oaf’s had caught up. I Looked around, trying to think of a good place to hide, and finally spotted a rather busy looking bar. I quickly sprinted towards it, just as I felt a clawed hand reach towards me.The Red Dragon Bar was rather busy tonight. Barak was pleased by the general outcome their specials bored had generated. The demon was even more pleased that they had a few high payers amongst them as well. “Hey Barak..” He turned at his name and smiled as a saucy young woman came sidling up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, purring happily. “So..what d’ya think…we gonna make bank tonight?” He glanced over her head at all the busy tables and grinned. “I think so Cherry…I think we may just pull a ringer tonight…” She chuckled and dragged her fiery red nails through his hair. He growled softly and bit her neck, causing her to giggle. “Ooh, you know just how to turn me-” Her voice cut off as the front suddenly erupted into frenzy screams as the neon window exploded inward. Somebody came flying through, hitting the back bar hard and smashing through it. Large, black creatures resembling werewolves with lizard like features and wearing only blue pants, came in after what ever it was. Despite most of the population of the bar being demons amongst other creatures who generally enjoyed the night, the sight of these beings sent most of them into a panic and struggling to escape. Barak stared, then looked at the bar, where the first thing had landed. After a few seconds the pile of rubble begin to shift and a dazed looking woman pulled herself out. “What the HELL are you doing to my bar!”,he shouted at her, face going red in fury. She glanced at him, then back at the approaching were lizards. One of them spoke in thick french, his companions fanned out. The woman smirked and suddenly slid into a fighting stance, teeth bared in a grin. blood dripped from a cut on her forehead and hands, which had been sc****d when she attempted to slow her crash. “Sorry bout your bar bub…” This was directed at Barak, who was staring at artemisbet giriş her like she had three heads. Suddenly her attention snapped back, as one of the creatures lunged forward, snarling and claws extended. It was all a slight blur, but Barak watched in awe as she slid under the creatures outstretched arms, and slammed her elbow into its throat, then swiftly moved out of the way as it dropped, clutching at its windpipes which she had evidentially just crushed. The next one shared a similar fate, with her booted foot meeting its gut then shoving its head into what remained of the bar. Minus the large one who seemed to be leader there were two left, and they both came at her, screaming. She tripped one and avoided its punch but the second one caught her in the gut.I felt what little I had eaten that day come up, and I tried to make sure the damn thing got most of it. He screeched at me in fury, but I side stepped his miniscule attack and whipped around, catching his companion by surprise, and forcing them to run into each other. The impact didn’t kill them, but it knocked them out cold. I turned, facing the last, and largest, of the group. He was regarding me with cold eyes, his tongue flicking out every so often to taste the air. “Well?”I demanded, preparing myself for the attack i figured would be coming. He smirked at me then, and I frowned. In rather rough english, he spoke to me, and I shivered at the voice as it slid over me. “You are…how you say…a doomed puppy…they wont leave you be for long my little puppet”. He laughed, and I bit my lip, hating the sound. “Im not your puppet”, I snapped, annoyed that this was even taking place. He hissed when he took a breathe and I scowled. “You are not going to be lucky for so long amour…if the next one does not snap your obnoxiously pretty little neck..” He looked me up and down. “Then I will…” With that, he vanished, or rather dissolved into the floor boards. The two u*********s as well as the two dead did the same. I stared at the spot where he had stood a bit longer, then exhaled slowly and straightened from my stance. When I looked around…quiet a few pairs of eyes were on me. “Er…sorry…about that….”A few hours LaterI sighed in annoyance as my artemisbet güvenilirmi Boss paced back and forth in front of me. He was fuming silently, but I was about to receive a majority of the tongue lashing. When he did look at me, I couldn’t stop myself from cringing. “$60,000 in damages Alina? Sixty?! ” I made a face. “They threw me through the damn window and I landed on the bar…what do you expect me to do Haze? I can pay for it…shit one of my concerts brings in that much in just one night.” The werewolf was pinching the bridge of his nose. He had a headache, and usually, I would sing to soothe it, but I couldn’t risk my voice being shot for some time. “You know we can only dip into a small amount of your concert funds”, he told me flatly. I twiddled my thumbs, wondering when I would finally be able to go home and rest. My body ached, and I was bruised in places bruises had no business being. Despite being mixed with what I was mixed with, I didn’t like to speed the healing up to much. If i came in limping once in awhile, I usually got pity. Tonight, all I was getting was back lashings. The owner of the bar I had demolished was pissed beyond pissed…and to make matters worse…he was a demon of all things. Most demons took stuff in stride, but this one, for whatever reason, had wanted to pitch a bitch fit about the whole damn thing, even after I had assured him I would cover the costs. “Look Haze, I’ll cover it I swear…my concert…” “Can’t be touched”, he stated blankly, eyeing me. “Listen Alina…few people know what you are to begin with…” What was he talking about? Only him, my brother, and my mother knew. “Let alone know that you’re a damn singing sensation.” I sighed inwardly. This again….? “If it turns out that your concert funds are being dipped into every time we need to fix damages YOU caused…” I whined. “They threw me through the damn window Haze…I was gonna use the damn front door…” He cut me off, and I lapsed into silent pouting. “I don’t CARE…the point is, you crashed through the window..ahah!” He cut me off before I could object again. “Ruined a ten thousand dollar bar, not to mention probably put the poor guy out of business…” I scowled. “He’s a fucking demon…he can just..force them to come back…” He growled in annoyance at me then sighed heavily. “Listen Alina..I love you…I really do…” Please say Im suspended. “But until we get this fixed.” God, he was suspending me. “I’d like you to go and work with the guy”. Im suspended yes! Wait, what?! My head snapped up. “Huh?”

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