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PossessedIt was a Saturday and apparently the hottest summer day on record and I was thankful that Mandy who had skipped our shared apartment two months ago without paying her share of the rent and the electricity and the water bill and the internet connection and sneakily emptying the grocery kitty fund on top of the fridge; hadn’t for some reason taken the large free standing air conditioning unit. I had surmised it was too big to put in herpissy little two door car. Well hey I was a tad annoyed with her. She had just dropped out of Uni study for a guy, just like that. And here I was newly moved in with her only four months ago, with all the frickin bills. I assumed items like the TV, the fridge, the washing machine and the lounge came with the apartment, you know semi-furnished or Mandy hadn’t cared, caught in the glare of love and didn’t give a fuck about her white goods or would rudely turn up soon and demand them. Oh well I‘d deal with that when it happened. It was just too hot to think today.Of course when some mail kept arriving from some company, addressed to her; initially I just piled them up inside the front door on the side table. Then I couldn’t give a stuff and just started throwing them away. Unopened and of course unread. Even though they were arriving marked urgent and the last envelope had some sort of default bullshit warning on it. Maybe it was her bloody car, they were after.God it was hot. I put the air con fan on maximum, and even in a small front room it was struggling to make a difference. I thought maybe a cold shower was the go, so I striped off and got ready. I realised my body felt really good and cooler as I caught a waft from the fan. Mmm, this was the way go, my birthday suit and the air-con. I realised it was even better as I lifted and separated my sweaty boobs and opened my legs where even though I was nicely shaved; my flappy lipettes were tacked together. I was nicely enjoying myself; my body was aroused by the cool wafting air and I was starting to slowly play with myself. You know the soft, slow, alone, sensual arousal, working the secret spots that give the assured response back to you so easily. I was enjoying my alone and indulgent ‘in the buff’ state.The knocking at the door was loud and intrusive, well I was naked and fondling my tits and fingering my girly zone in the lounge, in front of the fan. I scrambled around, looking for clothes, rather annoyed. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Then I thought if its Mandy, the bitch isn’t getting the air-conditioner today, no way. I went to my bedroom and grabbed my bath robe. Whoever it was, well I was going to look bathroom busy and give them short shift.The banging was intense. Well it was close to thumping. I slid the security bolt back and released the deadlock. My face was suddenly full of a piece of paper thrust directly at it with some swift garbled obviously rehearsed script sounding like a bailiff’s court order, ‘default payments’ and ‘repossession’ and then the door frame was occupied by three big guys. I mean big guys. Like all over six feet. Well at a petite five two, I was really looking up without heels. As a slim pixie featured brunette I was also taking in excess muscle and three terrific six packs. Wow was this more beef cake than I usually got to process in a month or months, and it was nicely close.“Mandy Hodge, we are now going etiler escort to enter your premise and remove all the default items” said the middle dude, the one with a cute man bun and a sculptured well cropped dark beard. But his eyes were piercing blue. He wasn’t really looking at me; he was already scanning for items behind me.Where I got the gumption to put my hand across the door and say, “Now hold it, I’m not Ms Hodge”, well this would have worked but my bathrobe which wasn’t tied securely in my rush, swished open with my outstreched arm and well all the three guys got a close up free lingering glimpse of my shaved private region and my fulsome tits. Nothing of a tease here, I mean I had no undies on, they got to see me starkers, intimately nuddie, all my detail.“Oh shit” I went crossing the ties back across the bathrobe securely at my waist and lifting the corner of the garment higher across my wayward titties.Well at least that stopped the middle guy’s diatribe. Just what is it about even the smallest unexpected peek of a woman’s body that shuts males up? Well they had got more than a peek. I mean my tits were hanging out, close to their bodies, my girly region must have had that wet look still from where I had just been playing with it.I started to speak again, and I realised I had a captive audience, and all eyes were on me and over me. I saw the guy on the left was a bit younger with brown eyes and the guy on the right, had serpent tats on both his exposed forearms. Well it was t-shirt weather.“I’m Phoebe Ellison and I’m currently renegotiating the lease with the owner” I started. I was sweating with the outdoor heat, so were the guys.“Oh all well and good lady” said the dude with the man bun, “but we are coming in, we are taking the goods hired in Ms Hodge’s name away, now” Oh he looked like he wanted in, you know, in me.I stood my ground, blocking the door, “No” I said. “You can wait till I redress.” I loved the tease. I was stalling too, bugger them, I wanted the fan, needed the fan. But I was also thinking; I needed a guy and here were three.“No, you look fine to me…besides I think you’ll try to lock us out” His big booted foot was now strategically placed in the doorway. He wanted in alright. But what was I going to do with the other two?I tried a different tack, “What’s say I renegotiate with the creditors on Monday, give me a break, how the hell am I supposed to cope without the fridge, the washing machine and the friggin air conditioner, in this muggy heat,come on guys”“A bit late for that “ started their spokesman, when the quiet one, yeah it’s always the quiet one you have to be really aware of, the younger guy with the brown eyes, whispered into their leaders ear.The dude with the man bun nodded. He turned and spoke with his hand covering his mouth to the burly guy with the tattoos. This huge guy just rubbed his hand along his chin. Christ he was big. He looked too pleased.“Oh you want till Monday, do you, well what do have as collateral, you know surety, payment, a guarantee….something for us?” said the man bun dude.Yeah, suddenly, I had all of it covered I realised, without having any money in the apartment, and all I had to do was uncover myself, sexual collateral, I had it, surety, well I was hoping I could guarantee that the three of them would be more ümraniye escort than satisfied. I had three holes to fill and I’d never taken on two, let alone three guys at once.You have to start somewhere, sometime, with building the numbers in sex, I told myself. And well on a super hot day to boot.Well repossession of some trashy white goods wasn’t on their mind and staying cool in front of the air-conditioner wasn’t on my mind as I opened my bathrobe and let it flop to the carpet and let three guys take possession of my body. The temperature on my doorstep was thermomter breaking instantly.It was a filthy free for all. A body ruckus. A fracas of invading hands and pressing bodies. As we all melded and moulded back into the apartment, with one of the dudes closing the door behind us. It was cooler for a brief moment. Then as their invading manipulating fingers and mouths dominated my body as their clothes all came off, the room was flesh over-heated. The air-conditioner was useless under this level of skin scrutiny. I was sexually roasted, as my pussy was accosted by the guy with the snake tattoos. He was squelching the juices in and out of my pussy, so quickly. The dude with the man bun had his face buried in my tits, licking and nibbling and sucking. But the surprise was that quiet young guy, who was fingering my arsehole, assuredly, certainly and arousingly, really dirtily the prick with two of his fingers.I was sweat lathed and glazed so quickly. There were wads of spit all over my aroused breasts as the dude massaged my melons so exquisitely intensely. Close to rough but it felt good. Yeah I was in the possession of three bad boys who were going from dirty to filthy at an express pace. The young lad was licking out my back crack. Boy could he lick. I mean his tongue was treating my pucker like it was a dribbling ice-cream on a hot day. Spit and lick. Slurp and slosh, all so warm and sweet around my rim and in my inner sensitive rawness. He was a dirty, dirty boy, down there. The big hunk with the snake tattoos was also down on his knees, licking my pussy, which he had spread indecently wide, popping out my clitty, which was as hard as a small shiny pink jelly bean, and the bastard was alternating between giving me the licking out of the century and finger friggin my sopping demanding pussy at break neck speed.Of course I ‘came’ hard. I did a rare small fem-ejaculation squirt as the cunning prick brought my G-spot into play. Oh God, I felt good, because at the same time my arse was a soggy, pappy, and slushy opening of maxed out additional delight. I didn’t know my back door could feel as good as my primary pleasure entrance. The young guys tongue reducing my arse to flesh capitulation under his amazing ministrations. Yet at the same time my tits weren’t denied their dues. They were fondled and kneaded like warm bakers dough. My body was trashed but I loved it.I mean I should have had enough already, it was one of the best orgasms of my young life, but the lads were barely started. Luckily they put me on the couch because I would have collapsed on the floor. Well maybe not so lucky. I had that moment of just what the hell had I got my body into. There were three cocks suddenly all looking for a slot in my body. One came down over my face from above, and filled my mouth, sarıyer escort nearly gagging me, it was so big and being worked in and out, near tonsil deep. I held my nerve and got in a cock stroking rhythm with my mouth and lips. It was the guy with the tats, I realised as his hands tweaked my over sensitive nipples. But it was my body being raised under my butt, and a dick spearing straight into my surprised pussy that caught me in a delirium of pleasure. My mouth was full of cock and so was my cunt, at the same time. Pleasure shards were zapping through my body everywhere. And then my over aroused arse was being finger buggered and I whimpered and moaned between a cock being jacked and jagged in and out of my mouth.They were all too powerful and strong for me, my muscles both contracted and relaxed in my arse and pussy, I was basically rag dolled as I was lifted and one guy was under me, the young dude and he took my arse, didn’t ask, just took my arse in a thrusting way, burying his cock deep in my innards, just like that. Taking my breath away, a wincing constriction mixed with unbelievable pleasure dominated me, as he pecker power pummelled my arsehole. The guy with the man bun was suddenly poised over my body and jack hammering his cock into my pussy. And the tat dude was cramming my mouth with cock, at the same time. I finally understood the Trinity. Yeah three in one was possible and not just as a theological belief. I was finally fully consummated as a woman. All available holes filled at once. A flesh banquet for all participating males present.My arse contracted and blazed rawness simultaneously. My pussy was over indulged in pecker. My mouth was enjoying a gob smacking treat. Cock, cock, yes triple cock. My air-tight moment. Insane body intensity. Feeling male weight pressing into me. Locked between real hard boys bodies. Pinned by cock forcefulness, over, under and above me.With this much schlong in play something had to give and it was in the end, all four of us. My gob hole was flooded with a jizz stream, delighting my mouth, delighting the big dudes cock as he wiped his pecker along my seeking tongue. But I got lost in the powerful contractions searing through my butt, as my arse was jerked into, in a sudden rapid series of jolts and then as the young man’s cock was released, a goo stream seeped warmly out of my so happy anus. I barely had time to enjoy that before I felt the throes of a womb deep orgasm as the leader of the team well creamed my pussy and I had another soul defining climax.My body was in the complete possession of three guys cum. My mouth a sluice of congealing pearl drops. My arse squeezing out a trail of clammy fluid, But it was my pussy that really copiously released naturally, in its still open filled state, globs of combined male and female body juices. A tacky cum chain on my fingers, that I made them all share.We were all a frickin soaked sweat drenched mess following amazing rich intense sex on a day that was too hot for a pissy air-conditioner to keep under control. Nothing for it but to squeeze four in the shower. Which was either my mistake or more likely my taking possession of three guys and not letting them go. I was possessed by the need for multiple cocks. Believe you me; once you have been there, there is no going back. I had had three cocks and I was having them again. Oh I had a way I realised too, to keep the bailiff at bay and all my bodily openings happy. There was no way I was paying up on Monday. I couldn’t wait already as we headed for the shower, I was having these guys now and was anticipating their banging on my door again and getting an ongoing cum workout for every single part of my body.

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