Postman 2

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Postman 2I looked out of the window and could see Mr Baked washing his car, the postman was delivering to my next door neighbour, so I stripped off and ran down stairs. I walked towards the bay window, turned my back to it and bent over showing my ass for anyone stood outside the window too see.I heard a slight tap on the window so I looked through my legs, up past my balls towards the window, there stood the postman looking in at me.I got up and ran to the front door, I bent over turned around and placed my ass cheeks against the letter box.I felt a slight breeze after a couple of seconds as the postman pushed the letter box open and got an eyeful of my boy pussy.He reached in and groped my ass cheeks as best he could with his fingers. I giggled and pulled away, still bending over and looking through my open legs at him.He said we have you some new clothes at Mr Bakes house, why don’t you come over and try them on. I said but I don’t have any clothes on silly.He said I have my waterproof coat in my bag, you could put that on for now.This made my little cock jump to attention, could I walk over there naked under the postman’s waterproof coat?I turned reached up and opened the door, he stepped inside and just picked me up and started kissing me and groping by butt cheeks.I could feel his cock pressing against me as I held onto his body. He was really groping me kadıköy escort squeezing and rubbing my cheeks, flicking his finger over my little boy pussy making me squirm under his touch.He lowered me down and pulled his cock out of his shorts, it was in my mouth and pumping away like mad. It was only a couple of minutes before he filled my young eager mouth with his thick creamy cum.He then pulled out, wrapped me in his coat and walked me to the door, he picked up my house phone, dialled a number and said I have him, he is naked under my waterproof, tell the others I am coming over now.He walked me over the road with his arm on my shoulder like I was his son out for a father son walk. I wanted him to squeeze my butt cheeks or tickle my little cock, but he just led me quickly over to Mr Bakers house.Once there he said I have to go finish my round, remember to leave some for me.I was stood naked in front of Mr Baker who offered me a drink and a sniff of his poppers.Soon I was dressed in a little pink girly dress, little white knee high socks, they had put two bows in my hair and red lipstick making my lips look much bigger than they really are.Then Mr Singh and Mr Jones came in, well look at you they said, each cupping a butt cheek and telling me how sexy I looked üsküdar escort as a little girl.I did a twirl for them allowing my dress to lift up as I twirled round showing off the little white cotton pants I had on.I was told today is card day, and I needed to make them drinks and look after them whilst they played cards, then three other men walked into the room and said well, well what do we have here.Mr Jones lifted my dress and squeezed my sexy round bottom for all to see, he said I was their new slave, and they had broken me in yesterday, and being the little cock slut I was born to be, I had run over here first thing today to be fucked and made into a slut.I just looked at them and smiled my best little girl smile, soon they all walked and sat around the table, they all asked for different drinks, so Mr Baker had to show me how to make them.Every time I delivered a drink to the table they felt my bum cheeks then slipped one or two fingers into my well lubed boy pussy. Mr Baker had spent a good five minutes filling me with KY before he lifted my little knickers into place.After they had all been served and finger fucked my pussy, they started to move backwards from the table and make me suck their cocks, one after the other they used my mouth whilst fingering my bum.I walked out into the kitchen to make tuzla escort another drink when I felt someone behind me, one of the new men was pulling my nickers to the side to allow his large cock to enter me while I tried to make their drinks.He lifted me off the floor as he fucked into me with short hard thrusts, he didn’t want it to last long, he just wanted to fuck me. Now I was higher I could see my reflection in the glass doors of the cupboards and I looked just like a little girl.One of the other men came in to see what was going on, he shouted to the others that jake was fucking me before they were all ready to go.Suddenly I was being fucked whilst a cock was being shoved down my throat, these men used me for over an hour, and by the time they had finished my little boy pussy was leaking cum like a stream was flowing out of me, my little legs were covered, my nice new shoes, socks and dress had cum all over them.I looked at the time and said I have to go now my parents will be back in an hour. Mr Baker told me I could keep the clothes, but needed to hide them away from my mother. He asked if I could do that. I said yes, he then told me to make sure when ever I could sneak over to his house to wear my new dress.I thanked them and skipped over towards my house. My next door neighbour Mrs Smith shouted to me to come to her house. She was very old and I didn’t really know what to do, so I walked over to her and pretended to be a little girl, hoping her eyes would be so bad she didn’t know it was me.Had I been caught?Or would I get away with it?Why did they only say to hide this dress from my mom?Leave a comment to let me know if you want to find out, and does the postman get time to pop round before my parents get back?

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