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Subject: Pre-Season Football Practice This is a fictional story involving sexual contact between athletes. If it is illegal for you to read this story, or if it does not appeal to you, do not continue reading. It all began on a Tuesday in July during the football season. Coach made sure that we had plenty of practice time, including the hot days over summer vacation. Every couple days he?d call the whole team in for practice. These summer practices were much more different than the usual season practices; we rarely actually worked or practiced?at these times, all the guys were sweating more than usual, we all wore less clothing due to the unbearable heat, and on some days, though rare, we all just played in our jocks. This only happened a couple times, on extremely hot days. Coach didn?t like it too much though. Only because we paid more attention to slapping each other?s asses, bag-tagging, and shanking each other. Those were the days. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Dylan, and I?m straight. I?m a senior in high school, and I?m a co-captain of the football team (I play wide receiver and occasionally halfback). I?m about 6 feet tall, and I weigh in around 160 pounds. I?ve got a well-toned athletic build and a 9″ dick (and yes, I?m proud of it). This day was different somehow?not only were some of the guys stripping each other, they were also tackling each other with excessive force; sometimes laying on top of them for unusual amounts of time. I didn?t notice this until the quarterback, Randy, a fellow senior and co-captain, tackled me and stayed on top of me for at least 10 seconds. While he was on top of me, he was moaning loudly into my ear and grinding his groin against mine. Before long, I realized that I had a raging hard on because of it. I don?t know why?I?d never gotten off from guys before? Coach called practice out early that day, as there was a heat advisory due to the ridiculously high temperatures. Not that we really minded. So we trekked slowly back to the cool sanctuary of the locker room. On the way, Coach stopped me to talk about scheduling the next practice (as one of the captains, it was partially my responsibility). So by the time I reached the locker room, all the guys were in the showers. I took my time getting out of uniform and made my way into the shower room. When I got there, I gasped at the sight before me. Several of the guys were on the floor either giving blowjobs or were being fucked hard by their teammates. Daniel, a fellow senior who played tight end, beckoned me over to where he was receiving a blowjob from Lucas, a freshman guard. Evidently it was good stuff, because he was practically fucking his face. He smiled when I reached him and he stopped and said, ?Dude, isn?t this fucking awesome? Randy announced that it was Underclassmen Initiation Day, and they all just dropped down and did whatever we told kızkalesi escort them to! Join the fun, man!? I was wary at first, but I hadn?t had a good fuck in a while, (my girlfriend had just dumped me). So I decided to participate. I approached Jason, a sophomore who doubled as the underclassmen quarterback. He was standing in a corner shower, pretending like he didn?t notice what was going on around him. When I was five feet away, I yelled, ?Yo, Jason! My cock?s a little lonely, help me out over here.? He gave me this annoyed look and seemed to decide that he had no choice. He walked slowly towards me, staring at the ground, and said, ?Fine. Whatever. What do you want me to do?? I thought for a moment and said, ?How ?bout you blow me. I think that mouth of yours will work just fine.? He sighed and dropped to his knees and took nearly all of my rock-solid 9? cock down his throat. I moaned automatically as the head of my dick pushed against the back of his throat. He was very good at deep throating, but he claimed to be straight. Interesting? He continued to service my cock for several minutes, and when I felt like I was going to cum, I stopped him. ?I?m not ready to cum just yet.? Jason looked up at me in relief and asked, ?Well, what now?? Then I heard Daniel yell from across the room, ?Hold on Dylan, I?m on my way! Don?t start without me!!? Within a couple seconds he was next to me. ?Dude, I got an idea. It?s a little crazy, but I?m up for it. How ?bout I fuck you, and you can fuck Jason?!? I just looked up at him like he was crazy. ?Why the hell do I have to get fucked?? I asked, ?What?s wrong with your ass?? Though I tried to look angry about it, I secretly wanted to feel the experience. I wasn?t gay, but it still sounded like it would feel good. I?d heard some bi guys at school say that fucking someone while you were being fucked felt amazing. Supposedly you got, like, the trifecta of orgasms. After some thought, I agreed to the escapade. Jason and I started the sequence. He bent himself over, head against the wall. I didn?t really care about causing him too much pain, so I just shoved my entire dick up his ass. He screamed out in pain, but nobody cared because the same thing was happening everywhere else in the room. I pulled out a little, spat on my cock, and started power-fucking Jason?s hot little ass. After about the first 3 minutes, Daniel started to join in. He came up behind me and stuck just the head of his cock into my ass. I had not realized until that moment that Daniel?s dick was enormous. I had seen it hundreds of times in the showers, but I guess I never really appreciated its full size. From what I gathered over time, it was about 11? long. I had heard some of Daniel?s partners (female partners) say that his cock was so big it felt like it could rip you open. I now knew tarsus escort firsthand that they were telling the truth. With no more hesitation, he spat on his dick and shoved it all in, all the way to the base. I went from pure ecstasy to pure pain. I had never felt something that painful in my life. Before I had even gotten used to it, he started fucking my ass full force. I was on the verge of tears after the first minute. It took some time, but I soon started to get used to the size and power of Daniel?s huge schlong. I was amazed by that but even more stunned that I could actually take it all in. Even though I was slowly getting used to the feeling, I still didn?t like the overall idea of having my friend inside me? The other upper-classmen in the showers noticed our threesome and decided to join in on the fun. They asked us to move over to the benches so they could have fun too. We pulled out of each other and moved out of the showers and over to one of the padded benches in the locker room. I bent Jason over a bench and resumed my fucking. It took no time before Daniel reentered my ass: his newly claimed domain. As I was fucking Jason, Randy came up to me (he had to straddle Jason to do it) and stuck his super huge cock down my throat. I nearly choked on the massive shaft. His wasn?t quite as big as Daniel?s, but it was bigger than mine. I didn?t really know what to do, as I had never given a blowjob before. It didn?t really matter, because he took total control and fucked my face, hard. The head of his cock was smacking against the back of my throat, forcing me to inhale his pubes, while his large balls were continuously slapping against my chin. It was not an experience I particularly enjoyed, being a straight guy, but I did my best. I don?t think I have a gag reflex anymore because of that? While this was going on, the senior fullback, Blake, came up behind Daniel and shoved his equally large dick up his ass. (Daniel played ?TIGHT END? for a good reason; this title doesn?t really apply anymore?his END is a little more LOOSE now?) Daniel wasn?t expecting it, and he screamed louder than anyone in the room. I actually saw tears running down his face from the pain. Since he was the epitome of straight jock at school, this was especially humiliating for him. But he didn?t attempt to put a stop to it. He just took it like a bitch and cried a little. At the same time, Troy walked up in front of Jason and stuck his dick into his mouth. We had become one giant straight-guy fuck machine. The noise was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Moans, screams, slurping, and the sound of balls slapping was filling the room. After what must have been half an hour, (and after some creative adjustments from standing to sitting), the cumming began. Daniel went first. He started moaning louder and fucking deeper, anamur escort then he slammed his cock in all the way and unloaded in my ass before I could ask him not to. He shot 10 loads of hot man juice up my ass. It was a weird and gross feeling. I had half-expected it to happen, but I really wasn?t prepared. It was pretty severe man-space dishonor. Then it was Randy?s turn. He started fucking my face with more force, and proclaimed that he was about to cum. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, ?Please, Randy, don?t. Not in my mouth. I can?t do it man.? He looked down at me and growled, ?You?ll get it where I shoot it, bitch!? He slapped his dick against the side of my face and shoved it farther down my throat than he had ever before and sent gallons of jizz cascading down my throat. There was so much it was leaking out of the corners of my mouth, and running down my cheeks. It was disgusting and I felt like throwing up. I had never been violated like that before, and I didn?t feel the urge to try again?not yet at least? Then Jason shot all over himself and the floor. He hadn?t even touched himself the entire time. The sounds around him were enough to drive him crazy. Next up was Blake. Daniel was making the same request that I had, asking that Blake did not cum up his ass, that his reputation was at stake, and he had an important image to keep up. This would not help it in any way. He got the same response that I did. Blake smacked Daniel on the head, fucked him rougher than he had the entire time (pulling on Daniel?s curly blonde hair for support), and then slammed his cock all the way in and roared as torrents of cum shot in and coated the inside of his ass. Despite the fact that he wasn?t consciously enjoying it, Daniel moaned loudly, almost like a gay porn star. Realizing what he?d just done, Daniel was about to cry again; his reputation had just disappeared like the jizz in his ass. Since all the guys in the room had seen it happen, there was firsthand evidence that Daniel had taken cock like a gay whore. To make matters even better, Jake got it all on video on his phone. Now none of us could forget! Seconds after Blake came, Troy shot a monstrous load down Jason?s throat. He swallowed every drop? Somehow, I had managed to keep my control until the end. But after experiencing and feeling the orgasms and cum-flows around me, I lost what little control I had left. Several shots of cum erupted from my dick and drenched it and Jason?s ass. Jason was moaning softly through the other sounds around us. He was so enjoying it. Completely spent, we all just relaxed and caught our breath. We were all standing/bending over in the same places, in the same positions. Our shrinking cocks, still leaking cum, were still in each other?s mouths and asses. Once we had recovered our breath and strength, we actually showered, dressed, and left for home. Even though we swore never to do anything like that again, we all met up a few more times as the season went on, especially if we won a major game (we had to celebrate somehow). The coaches caught us in the act a couple times, but resigned themselves to blame it on ?teenage hormones.?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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