Problems with daughters boyfriend

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Problems with daughters boyfriendRaising k**s on your own is a difficult task at best. Having a teenage female at home is even more difficult. The life changes they experience at this age, the hormones, and the peer pressure, not to mention the drama of teenage girls. So this story begins with just that my teenage daughter. I’m a single mom in my mid 40’s I stay fit, and think I look good at this stage in life.The time had come that she had found the first love of her life and the dating began. It didn’t take long for the affection to begin. Now I must say that the affection shown now days was not tolerated when I was a teen. It became a regular occurrence to separate them some, make them set up on the couch etc. The time came for her to meet his dad as he too was a single parent. I went with her that first time to check things out as any responsible mom would do. The home was nice, clean and his dad was pleasant as well. We had the usual chit chat and I went on my way. Now after a month of battling the “affection” issue, I thought maybe I should mention it to his dad and perhaps he could have some more influence. I called him up and asked if I could stop by for a few minutes. I approached the door a little nervous but knowing I needed to talk to him about this. He welcomed me in, very clean house, polite and hot to boot. He grabbed some tea kadıköy escort for us and we sat in the living room. He positioned across from me and asked what was up. I explained the situation with relative ease. I was shocked at how easy I talked about it. After I paused he took a deep breath and let it out. I will have a chat with him! I know it’s natural but he has to respect you and your daughter, period. He asked if there were any other concerns. No that’s enough and I giggled. I mean their getting more action on the couch than I have had in months. Did I just say that out loud? OMG He chuckled and said yeh they think were “old” and those thoughts and desires are all gone. I know! He responds, heck if anything it increases with age LOL. I realized that my panties were soaked and I was hoping it wasn’t showing through my shorts. I realized then that he had repositioned himself a few times and it was then that I saw the bulge in his shorts. I said I can’t believe we just had that conversation. Well were big people now LOL its one of those things we have to do as parents. He told me I have to be honest, not because of my son and his antics but the conversation in general turned me on. I hope you’re not offended, I just thought I’d share feelings as we seemed üsküdar escort o be doing quite well.Well big people we are and we do have to address things as they arise. That’s when he stood and his shorts were tenting big time. He sat beside me and slid his hand behind my neck pulled me to him and kissed me hard and deep. We paused and went right back to it. He took charge and in no time flat I was naked and watching him toss his clothes aside. He had a great body, obviously in the gym a lot. I had never saw a cock that big before. He was a good 10” and thick as my wrist was around. He pulled my face to his crotch and I began licking him. In no time I was trying to get as much of him as I could in my mouth which wasn’t much. He stopped me and pulled me up by my hand walked towards the end of the couch and bent me over the end of it. He knelt behind me and buried his face in my ass. He was riming me and sucking my wet cunt for all it was worth. I came pretty quick and was weak. He stood and pushed my legs apart further and with one smooth action slid that huge cock into me. I pulled away some, it was huge and hurt a little. I have never had anything that big. He eased up and just started a nice rhythm . It wasn’t long he was bottoming out in me again only this time I was in heaven. I began shaking and tuzla escort I knew this was one of the best orgasm coming I had ever had. I sensed him getting close, he was getting a little bigger, breathing faster, and was grunting. It was all I could take and in the next minute I screamed out and exploded. That was all he could take too, and emptied his nuts inside me. I have never been fucked like that. He helped me up and walked me to the bathroom. He threw the shower curtain back turned on the water and said, care to join me? Why not at this point. He said I’ll be carefull to not get your hair soaked, and began exploring my body with his hands. All I could do was stare at the water trickling over his firm hairy chest. He knelt down and asked me to put a leg up on the soap dish. I did and grabbed a towel rack in the back of the shower. He immediately went to work licking my pussy, another first. I have never had a guy go down on me afterwards. What a turn on in itself. He was tonguing me deep and I know his cum was running out into his mouth. He started sucking my clit, and had now grasped my ass in his hands to support me. Less than a minute after grabbing my ass I was cumming again. As I regained my composure, he stood up and began washing me off. After we showered, dressed and returned to the living room, he said I hope you enjoyed that. The conversation got things going, and you said you hadn’t had any action (neither had I) and my horomones took over.I told him it was great, and that I have never done anything that spontaneous before. He asked me to keep him up to date on the problem and he would talk with this son.I have a feeling there are going to be more conversations……..

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