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Subject: Pulling at the pond part 1 Pulling at the pond part 1. The following is a true account of having sex with two very sexy guys and a well hung 18 year old lad when I was 15 and a half. Comments gratefully received at johnmcquillium@hotmail.co.uk Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. My sex life has been very promiscuous and precocious. In part that was due to my looks, big cock, confident personality and my sexuality been known from a relatively young age. Another reason for the raft of sexual partners was I’ve always lived in London where it is so easy to score cock. At the time of this encounter the age of consent for gays in the UK was 21 but only 16 for straights. Because of this the mass of gay bars, pubs, clubs and saunas were out of bounds for me for a few years to come. Also it was just before the age of the internet so there were no chat rooms or webcams to meet other gay guys. However there were other more traditional methods to pull cock. One of them was Hampstead Heath. It is split into two by a road with the west heath well known for cruising with guys shagging in the bushes. On the main heath there are three swimming ponds, one for men only, another for women only and a mixed pond. The men only pond pulls a big gay crowd although straights guys use it too. In the men only pond there is a nude sunbathing section and as I’d been brought up a nudist and lived close by I was a regular visitor. It was here I met a large number of my sexual partners and this encounter is about two of them although I met the third a different way. When I was 15 and a half my body was as fit and defined as the British diver Tom Daley when he was 15. I had a cute schoolboy next door face that looked sweat and innocent despite the fact I was precocious, promiscuous and sex mad. I had blond hair parted in curtains, blue eyes and lush red cock sucker’s lips. My body was toned in a lean sporty way with nice definition to my developing biceps and subtly sculpted chest. My abs were also forming a nice washboard. My arse was really firm, pert and toned which looked good in whatever I wore and I loved flaunting it at nudist camps along with my big limp cock. My legs were well toned and dusted in soft blond hairs. All in all it was a good package when coupled with the confidence in my sexuality and flirty nature it landed me plenty of sex even though I was only 15. At the time I had a string of regular sexual partners but that didn’t stop me turning down more cock if the owner was good looking. In fact when this encounter happened I was with one fuck buddy when we bagged two more. The Staxus porn star Steve Rives bears an uncanny resemblance to Paul who was the 18 year old fuck buddy I was at the pond with on this occasion. They have the same short dark brown hair and dreamy tortoise shell eyes. Like Steve Rivers, Paul had a few cute freckles on his nose and the same lush pink kissable lips. His face was really cute and lightly tanned. It wasn’t just facial features they shared as both had slim and shapeless yet sexy bodies. Their cocks could have been twins too both being really thick and 10 inches long. I’d met Paul a couple of months earlier at a party and he’d heard I was gay. As we were both attracted to each other we ended up shagging in the cellar and became regular fuck buddies. When this happened Paul had spent the night in my bedroom. We’d fucked each other before bed and then when we woke up. Unlike me who was brought up a nudist Paul was a recent convert starting when he was 15. So after our morning fuck we went down for breakfast naked. My parents were already at the table also naked with Dad reading the newspaper and Mum the paper’s magazine. We greeted each other and as my folks had already eaten Paul & I cooked up a traditional English breakfast. Whilst eating breakfast, but not when our mouths were full, we chatted to my parents who are hippy types despite being relatively well off. My family were fully aware of my bi-sexuality leaning more towards guys and knew most of the boys who stayed over had sex with me and they had no problems with it. They didn’t know how much of a cock hound I was as I only invited lads around my age to stay over if I knew there were going to be home. They didn’t know of all the cocks I pulled in other ways like public toilets, cruising parks and the heath or Oasis swimming pool and Hampstead ponds. After breakfast Paul and I fucked each other again before heading off to the ponds. When we got there we went straight to the nude sunbathing area and as it was early it was quite so we got a good spot. We lay out our stuff and stripped off with the few old queens there greedily watching two teenage boys strip naked down to well stuffed Speedos. We were both used to old pervs watching but we didn’t mind as long as they knew they could look but couldn’t touch. We then went for a swim before returning to our towels and pulled off our Speedos releasing our limp but large cocks. We covered ourselves with suntan oil with the oldies envious watching as we oiled each other’s backs. We then began to sunbathe. About 30 minutes later two dam sexy guys turned up. One had dark brown hair whose fringe was gelled backward. He had a porn star quality face and looked in his early 30’s. It was perfectly proportioned with a square set jaw and classical nose. His skin was nicely tanned and flawless. He had a short stubble beard that gave his face a sexy rugged handsome look. He had tortoise shell eyes and lush pink lips. He was wearing a white muscle top and you could see he was gym buff and fit. His shapely shoulders led to bulging, well defined biceps which in turn led to toned forearms lightly dusted with brown hairs. His muscle top clung to his well sculpted chest which had a mat of hair. He had really sexy muscular legs that were nicely haired. Just seeing him dressed made my cock twitch. The other guys wasn’t as sexy but was still hot it was just he had stiff competition. He was a dark brown skinned black guy with a short tightly curled Mohican haircut. He had a round good looking face in a kind of thuggish way. His eyes were so dark brown they were almost black. He had lush, full pinkish brown lips topped with a short black moustache. He too was muscular but not as cut and defined as his mate. As he was wearing a red muscle top his well sculpted dark brown arms were on show. His top also hugged his well defined chest. His muscular dark brown legs were naturally hairless. Although there is a gay/straight split as a whole at the men’s pond the nude sunbathing section is predominately gay although not exclusively so. Therefore neither Steve nor I objected when they took in the sight of out naked teen bodies and nor did they object when we watched them strip naked. As the white guy was the sexier of the two he got most of my attention. I watched him lift up his white muscle top first exposing his hot washboard abs that were nicely tanned and dusted with brown hairs. Then his well defined muscular chest came into view which had a nice covering of hairs without being overly hairy. As he lifted it over his head he exposed deliciously lickable armpits whose tufts of hair were matted with sweat. Then he peeled off his surfer shorts being naked underneath. The hairs on his chest merged with those on his stomach which in turn merged with his trimmed short bush of dark brown pubes. Even with his cock limp you could see he was well hung. His cock was thicker than average and as tanned as the rest of him. He was circumcised with a neat scar and prominent ridged knob. He had big balls in a semi-lose lightly pubed sack. He was the perfect alpha male, good looking, fit, furry and well hung. The black guy also had a washboard stomach but not as cut as his mate and it was naturally hairless. His chest was well sculpted and again naturally hairless. He had a bar piercing through both nipples and a mythical creature tattoo on his left pec. His pubes were short, tightly curled and black. He might not have been as sexy or as muscular as his mate but he beat him in the cock department. His limp dark brown cock looked as big as most men’s when hard. The thick shaft was pretty veiny and he was uncut with the tip of his pinkish brown knob peeking out from his dark foreskin. He looked to be in his late 20’s. Both were sexy but the white guy more so. Paul and I watched the two sexy men oil themselves up. Then they oiled each other’s back which suggested that they maybe more than mates. This was further confirmed when the four of us exchanged lustful glances as we sunbathed. As both Paul and I were underage it was unlikely they would make the move so I took it upon myself. I deliberately made suggestive eye contact with the hot hunky white guy before getting up and pulling on my Speedos and headed to the toilet block. Once inside I stood at the urinal and started stroking my cock which being a horny teenage grew to its full thick meaty 8 inches in no time. Shortly the hot hunky white guy joined me and he whipped out his cock which was already semi-hard. As I was blatantly stroking my boy cock he started stroking his manhood which quickly became hard. His cock hard was as sexy as the rest of him. It was nice and thick, being a good 9.5 inches long and ended with a prominent ridged bulbous circumcised knob. We both stroked our hot hard cocks and exchanged lustful and flirtatious glances. “I’m John.” I said giving him my best come to bed and fuck me look. “I’m Cody.” He replied still stroking his very sexy cock. “Are you gay?” I asked needlessly as the fact he was wanking with me was answer enough. “Yes. I guess you are too.” He said indicating down to my cock with his eyes. kocaeli escort bayan “Yes and so is my mate.” I replied. But then someone came in and went into a cubicle ending our conversation. We stuffed our hard cocks into our swimwear and went out and stood by the water fountain to let our cocks deflate. We made non-sexual small talk as we waited for our cocks to go down. Once they had deflated we headed back and free from eavesdroppers we exchanged names and locations. I found out he was 31 and his boyfriend was 29 and called Tyson. Back in the nude sunbathing area we discretely informed our partners we’d pulled. Paul was as excited as I was about the prospect of having sex with the two hot hunky guys. We spent the day alternating between nude sunbathing and swimming. At 4PM Cody & Tyson invited Paul and I to their place which made the old queens there as envious as hell. On the way there we formulated what we were going to do. We planned they’d all fuck me first and then we’d all do Paul. I had to carry my bag in front of me as my 8 inch cock was boned up and my arse was quivering in eager anticipation at being tag fucked. When we got to their place we went straight to their bedroom and stripped naked. As I’d already seen Paul naked and hard before it was Cody who I eyed up first especially as he was also the sexiest of the three. His dam sexy ruggedly handsome face was hot enough to make him a porn star. I could see the lust and sexual hunger in his dreamy tortoise shell eyes and his lush pink lips were curled up in an eager sexy smile. His sculpted shoulders led to defined deltoids and big biceps that bulged even at rest. His forearms were dusted in light brown hairs and had a few prominent veins. His muscular well sculpted chest had a nice mat of brown hairs that also covered his washboard abs. His cock was hard and jutted out from his trimmed bush of brown pubes with a slight downwards banana curve. It was a good 9.5 inches long and pretty dam thick. The shaft was as tanned as the rest of him and pretty veiny ending with a tanned prominent ridged bulbous knob. He had nice big balls in a semi-lose lightly haired sack. He had very sexy muscular legs that had a nice covering of brown hairs. He was one hell of a hot hunk and I couldn’t wait to be fucked by him. After eyeing up Cody I turned my attention to Tyson. His dark brown face wasn’t hot as Cody’s but it was sexy enough to attract my attention. His dark brown eyes burned with just as much lust and sexual hunger as Cody’s. His full lips were brown tinged with pink and were curled up in an eager grin. He had a broad nose with a black moustache underneath. He had a gym toned body but it wasn’t as big and defined as his boyfriend’s. His shoulders led to defined biceps and toned forearms. His dark brown naturally smooth chest was sculpted with bar piercings through each nipple. His washboard abs were hairless with not even a treasure trail. He had a small but broad bush of short tightly curled black pubes. My arse quivered in eager anticipation when I saw his big black battering ram of a cock. It was a good 12 inches long and pretty thick. The dark brown shaft was pretty veiny and his foreskin had peeled back to expose his prominent ridged bulbous knob that was brown tinged with pink. He had muscular naturally hairless legs. Then I turned my attention Paul a very cute well hung 18 year old lad. He had short dark brown hair and a cute flawless lightly tanned face with lush pink kissable lips. His dreamy tortoise shell eyes twinkled mischievously. His body was tall, slim and shapeless but his cute face and big sexy cock more than made up for it. His lightly tanned chest and firm stomach were as flat as an ironing board and naturally hairless except for a thin treasure trail running down from his navel to his trimmed short bush of dark brown pubes. Dangling from his pubed groin was his aerosol can thick, lightly tanned 10 inch uncut cock. The thick shaft was lightly veined with just the tip of his knob peeking out of his tanned foreskin. His long slender legs were nicely dusted with brown hairs. The logical order to be fucked in would be Cody, Paul and Tyson, starting off big and ending with the biggest. However Cody and Tyson wanted to watch two teen boys fuck before they fucked in the sloppy seconds. I stared into Paul’s cute flawless face and dreamy tortoise shell eyes before kissing his lush lips. In no time our lips were mashing together as our tongues fenced. We started groping each other smooth firm arse as we ground our big hot hard teen boy cocks together. We passionately kissed for a couple of minutes before I broke off and kissed and licked my way to his left nipple. Like me Paul loves having his nipples roughed up so I started sucking it before nibbling and chewing until it was red, swollen and sore. At the same time I roughly tweaked his right nipple. After about a minute I swopped nipples before kissing to the middle of his chest and descended southwards. I kissed and licked my way down his flat firm smooth stomach until I was knelt in front Paul with his big sexy cock at eye level. I took his big cock into my left hand and gave it a few strokes. I savoured its heat, meaty girth, throbbing pulse, silky smoothness and impressive length as my hand slid up and down it. I watched his tanned foreskin peel back and forth over his tanned knob. When a pearl of clear pre-cum formed I peeled back his foreskin and licked up the deliciously salty drop. Then I swarmed my hot wet tongue all over swollen sensitive knob which made him purr with pleasure and ooze out even more tasty pre-cum. We held each other’s gaze as I spit polished his knob for a while. Then still holding his gaze I pushed my mouth onto his big thick cock. Due to its impressive meaty girth I could only take in the top few of inches before my lips and jaw were stretched to the max. Paul gasped with pleasure as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his cock. I started bobbing my hot wet mouth sucking mouth up and down the top few inches of his really thick 10 inch cock. Paul started purring with pleasure as he had a cute 16 year old boy sucking on his big teen cock. Our gazes were locked as I worked my mouth on his cock. From the expression of sexual pleasure on his cute flawless face, the way his cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum I knew he was enjoying the blow job I was giving him. For about 5 minutes I sucked on Paul’s big thick cock before the itch in my arse became too much to resist. Reluctantly I pulled my mouth off his cock and climbed onto the double bed. I grabbed my legs behind the knees and pulled them into my chest and out to the sides exposing my firm pert silky smooth bubble butt arse. Paul joined me on the bed and I watched him bury his cute face in my lightly haired arse crack. I started purring with pleasure as I felt his hot wet tongue lapping away at my quivering arsehole. His dreamy tortoise shell eyes twinkled mischievously as he tongue fucked a schoolboy’s arse prepping it for his monster cock. After flicking over it he started stabbing it in and out worming it in as far as he could go. Then he started sucking and chewing my sphincter that had me squirming about with pleasure and loudly moaning with sexual bliss. I could only endure a few minutes of Paul’s rim job before my arse needed something more substantial to assault it. “Fuck me.” I lustfully begged. Paul’s cute face had an eager grin when he pulled his face from my arse crack and climbed up my body. He kissed me and I tasted my own arse on his lips and tongue. Then he knelt up and greased up his big thick 10 inch cock. Some people would be daunted by his big cock but my well used arse was hungry for it. I exercise my arse to keep it tight but elastic so being fucked by any size cock feels good but I definitely think bigger is best. Once Paul greased up his cock he got into the push up position above me. He wiggled his hips until his swollen knob located my arsehole. He pushed forward and after only the briefest of resistance my tight sphincter gave way and we both gasped with pleasure when his knob popped inside my arse. My tight sphincter tingled with pleasure as it slid down his flared knob more so when it slipped over the prominent ridge and clamped around his very thick meaty cock. He carried on forcing his long aerosol can thick cock into the steamy hot tight confines of my pussy boy arse. Then he bottomed out and held his cock there so he could savour the hot wet tight confines of my arse and I could savour the overstuffed feeling of his hot hard throbbing 10 inch cock filling my insides. Paul briefly held still but then launched into a fast hard fuck. Paul might be skinny but he fucked well above his weight, really tearing up my arse with his eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock. In no time my overstretched sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as his long really thick cock rapidly sawed against it. The walls of my arse throbbed with pleasure from being repeated punched open by his swollen knob whose ridge would scrape down on the outward thrusts. His knob was also giving my prostate a serious boxing which had my big untouched boy cock throbbing like mad and dribbling pre-cum like a broken tap, leaving snail trails of pre-cum on my tanned tight abs. Whenever he bottomed out his swollen knob would slam into the entrance to my colon. We were both loudly moaning and groaning with uninhabited sexual pleasure. The room started filling with the smell of teen boy gay sex, that erotic aroma of horny teen boy sweat and pheromones mingling with the aroma of lube and arse. Like me it takes ages for Paul to cum so my arse got a long hard fuck. He brutally fucked me for over 40 minutes before he slipped into the pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. He started fucking izmit sınırsız escort me even faster and harder. I saw the fight against impending orgasm on his cute face. I upped the tempo of squeezing my arse muscles around Paul’s big thick brutally pounding cock. The walls of my arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure from being repeatedly punched open by his swollen knob. My overstretched sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as his long thick cock sawed against it. My prostate pulsed from the serious boxing it was taking, brewing up a big load in my highly productive teen balls. My pert upturned buttocks tingled from the repeated slaps of his groin against them. Both of our lithe teen bodies glistened with sweat worked up from the vigour of our fuck. Apart from the physical pleasure of feeling Paul’s eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock repeatedly slamming in and out of my quivering boy cunt fast and hard there was the visual pleasure of feasting my eyes on his cute flawless face and dreamy tortoise shell eyes. There was also the smell of teen boy gay sex and the thrill of two men watching us eagerly awaiting their turn. Then Paul slammed his big thick 10 inch cock ball deep into my battered arse with his knob lodging into the entrance to my colon where I felt it swell, throb and pulse. Paul’s cute sexy face scrunched up as the first bolt of cum raced down his big thick cock. His scrunched up expression melted into one of pure sexual ecstasy when the first bolt of cum exploded out of his cock and into my throbbing arse. He then fucked me with short deep hard thrusts as he powerfully pumped 12 jets of cum into me. I purred with contented pleasure as I felt Paul flood my arse with cum. I kept flexing and squeezing my arse on his cock fuelling his orgasm and milking him dry. When his intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. As he caught his breath and savoured his orgasmic buzz I continued squeezing my arse muscles on his big thick cock and caressed his sweaty back. Once Paul had recovered from his orgasm he pulled his big thick spent cock from my arse. My sore swollen sphincter tingled with pleasure when his knob popped out of my arse. My hole felt gapping open but my battered arse started missing Paul’s big thick cock immediately. However it didn’t have to wait long to be filled and fucked but not before I had to lavish some oral pleasure. Cody straddled my chest and lifted up my left arm and secured it in one half of a handcuff with the other half attached to the bed. He then did the same with my right before he shuffled forward. In my prone position I looked up and admired the dam sexy hunky hairy man above me who was about to have his wicked way with me whether I liked it or not. My eyes took in his porn star quality face. It was so dam sexy in a ruggedly handsome way with his short stubble beard. I saw the sexual hunger and lust burning in his tortoise shell eyes. His lush lips were curled up in a domineering leer. My eyes then dropped to his very buff upper body. My eyes feasted themselves on his tanned, well sculpted muscular chest with its covering of short chest hairs. They also took in the sight of his big biceps and furry washboard abs. My eyes then settled on his really thick, deeply tanned 9.5 inch veiny circumcised cock. He lifted his hips and jerked forward so that his prominent ridged knob landed on my lips splattering them with pre-cum as he did so. I willingly opened my mouth to grant him access. He pushed his bulbous knob into my mouth and I tightly clamped my lush red lips around his thick cock below the prominent ridged crown. I started strongly sucking his swollen sensitive knob as I swarmed my tongue all over it savouring the taste of his delicious free flowing pre-cum. For a couple of minutes I sucked and licked his bulbous knob before he started gently face fucking me. His really thick veiny cock shaft rubbed over my lips and tongue as he thrust back and forth. His leaking pre-cum made my taste buds tingle and I drank in his slightly sweaty horny manly aroused aroma that was more pungent then Paul’s teen boy scent. Whenever his swollen knob lodged in my throat I squeezed the muscles back there around it. His big balls kept banging against my chin with a rhythmic slap. His gorgeous ruggedly handsome face was a picture of sexual pleasure as he savoured thrusting his big manly cock in and out of my angelically cute schoolboy face. Cody fucked my face for a few minutes before the urge to sink his cock into a schoolboy’s arse for the first time in years overcame him. He pulled his cock from my mouth and scuttled down my lithe teen body until he was knelt between my sports toned legs which he lifted up by the ankles and spread before draping over his shoulders. “Knob fuck me first. I want to feel your bulbous, prominent ridged cut knob really work over my arsehole.” I lustfully begged as my sphincter twitched and quivered in eager anticipation. An eager domineering grin spread across his ruggedly handsome face as he gripped his big thick veiny cock in his right hand and aimed it at my arse. He pressed his bulbous knob against my sphincter and pushed forward. My hole offered no resistance with my tight arse lips parting and sliding down in the increasing tapper of his circumcised knob. My sphincter tingled with pleasure when the thick prominent ridge of his knob popped inside causing me to gasp with pleasure. Cody gasped with pleasure too when the hot wet tightness of my arse soaked into his exposed knob. Cody started knob fucking me, just pushing his bulbous prominent ridged knob in and out of my arse really working over my sphincter which burned with the intense stimulation. This had me squirming about and loudly moaning with sexual pleasure. My eyes greedily devoured his hot hunky hairy body and drop dead gorgeous face as he knob fucked me. We exchanged lustful glances with him looking down at the sweet innocent looking boy next door cute 16 year old schoolboy chained to his bed he was about to ravish with his big hard manly cock. Cody knob fucked me for a couple of minutes before the cock hunger in my slutty schoolboy arse became too much to bare. “Rape my pussy boy arse with your big thick cock.” I lustfully begged in a way that was totally at odds to my sweet innocent boyish appearance. Cody’s eager domineering grin spread wider before he brutally slammed his cock ball deep into me. His bulbous knob punched open the throbbing, slightly sore but highly receptive walls of my arse, making the nerve endings up there tingle with pleasure. When his bulbous knob boxed my prostate my big cock twitched and dribbled even more pre-cum onto my abs that had a mix of sticky wet and crusty dried pre-cum. His long thick, meaty veiny cock shaft stretched and stimulated my sphincter as he powerfully thrust his big manly cock into my quivering boy cunt. When he bottomed out his swollen knob slammed into the entrance to my colon with Paul’s cum bubbling around his cock head. I tightly squeezed my arse muscles around his big thick thrusting cock causing him to groan with pleasure. He didn’t hang around and roughly yanked his 9.5 inch cock outward. The thick prominent ridge of his circumcised knob scraped down the cum splattered walls of my arse as his thick veiny cock shaft sawed against my stretched sphincter which tingled with pleasure when his knob popped out. My arse was free from his big thick manly cock for the briefest of moments before he brutally rammed it back in. Cody launched into a brutally hard fast fuck, pounding my pussy boy arse as if he was trying to break it. He’d pull his wonderfully thick 9.5 inch cock all the way out of my arse before brutally slamming back in. He was fucking me so hard I was screaming with intense hard fucked pleasure not caring if the neighbours heard. Cody’s guttural grunts of physical exertion from his vigorous fucking mingled with the moans of pleasure from fucking a schoolboy’s sloppy arse. My arsehole burned with the pleasurable friction of his thick veiny cock shaft sawing against it. My pert buttocks tingled from the repeated slaps of his groin against them. The walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his big bulbous knob. My prostate pulsed from the pounding it was taking. My ankles were resting on his shoulders but my hands were tied so I couldn’t caress his furry rippling abs and tensed chest so my eyes took in the sight of his fit body and sexy face. “Kiss me.” I lustfully begged. Cody slammed his 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse and adjusted position. He got into the push up position above me which made his sculpted shoulders and big biceps bulge as they supported his weight. Keeping his big thick manly cock fully lodged in my tight, hot wet young arse he started passionately kissing me. Our lips mashed together and our tongues fenced with his facial stubble ticking my smooth boyish face. As we kissed I kept flexing my arse around Cody’s hot hard throbbing cock. After about a minute he broke off the passionate kiss and resumed his rough hard fuck. This time however he didn’t pull all the way out. Instead he’d pull back until the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob butted up against the inside of my throbbing sphincter before slamming back in. “Untie me I have to play with that fucking sexy chest of yours.” I begged but as Cody was supporting his weight Tyson had to come over and release me. Once my hands were freed I reached up and started groping his tensed muscular hairy chest as he fucked the hell out of me. For almost thirty minutes Cody raped my pussy boy arse with his big thick manly cock. I felt so slutty and submissive pinned under such a stunningly sexy, hunky hairy man 15 years my senior as he fucked me fast izmit anal yapan escort and hard with his boyfriend and my fuck buddy watching. I might have been the fuckee but I wasn’t taking it passively. I was flexing my arse muscles around his rapidly pounding cock, my hands were busy caressing and groping his sweaty, fit furry upper body and I was talking dirty to him. Cody then slipped into a pre-orgasm fucking frenzy pounding my arse even faster and harder than before if that was possible. It was a short lived fucking frenzy. “I’m going to breed your arse boy.” Cody grunted. “Yeah cum in me Coach.” I begged throwing in coach/schoolboy role play. The pleasure of fucking my hot wet tight underage arse coupled with my last minute role play pushed Cody over the edge. Not letting up on his brutal fuck I felt him start spunking up in my tight young arse. He loudly cried out in intense sexual ecstasy with each of the 9 big jets of man spunk he fired into my battered arse mingling with Paul’s teen boy cum. His wonderfully thick 9.5 inch cock carried on fucking my arse with long deep hard thrusts as it painted the throbbing walls with cum. “Oh yeah Coach breed me like a bitch.” I contentedly purred as I felt him orgasm in my arse, which I was rippling around his pounding cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When his copious orgasm ended he sank his thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse as he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. For a couple of minutes Cody pinned me under his sweaty furry body as he enjoyed his orgasmic glow and recovered from the vigour of the harsh fucking he’d just given me. As he recovered I lovingly caressed his sweaty back and I kept flexing and squeezing my arse muscles around his spent but still hard throbbing cock. Once Cody had recovered he pulled his cock from my sore throbbing arse which sucked and closed after it. I moaned at the pleasurable tingle in my sore sex swollen sphincter when his bulbous knob popped out. Taking two hard fucks in a row from two big cocks meant my arse felt so empty but luckily not for long. I watched Tyson stand up and walk towards me, his really thick 12 inch dark brown cock swinging between his smooth muscular thighs. His dark brown, slightly thuggish face had a devious domineering leer as he advanced on his legal underage sexual prey. “You ready for this big black cock batty boy?” Tyson sneered. “Do your worst my arse can take any cock.” I proudly boasted. I knew it would hurt at first but my precocious and promiscuous young arse was highly adaptable. I viewed taking big cock like a boy scout views his badgers, something to be proud of by successfully completing a task. Tyson got onto the bed and refastened my wrists to the handcuffs clamped to the metal framed headboard. Don’t want you escaping my big black cock.” He explained before he draped my golden haired, tanned sports toned legs over his shoulders. He then gripped his big black cock in his right hand and aimed it at my arse. His bulbous knob connected with my arsehole and he gave me a domineering leer before pushing forward. My sore swollen sphincter parted and slid down the increasing flare of his big knob. I gasped at the pleasurable tingle when the thick prominent ridge of his knob popped inside my arse. Tyson gasped too as the hot wet tightness of my arse soaked into his swollen sensitive knob. Still holding my gaze he slowly forced his big thick hot hard cock into my arse. I felt the prominent ridge of his bulbous knob force open the tender throbbing walls of my cum splattered arse. His long aerosol can thick, veiny cock shaft stretched my sore sphincter to the max as it slid in. Then his bulbous knob lodged into the entrance to my colon making me wince in discomfort. Tyson held his really thick 12 inch black cock ball deep in my overstuffed white pussy boy arse. I was too busy fighting the discomfort in my arse to flex it around his cock besides there wasn’t much room left to do it. Tyson started fucking me with long slow deliberate hard thrusts. He’d pull backwards with the ridge of his knob scraping down the cum splattered walls of my quivering arse until it butted up against the inside of my sphincter. Then he’d pushed back in with his knob forcing open the walls of my arse causing my big boy cock to twitch and dribble pre-cum when his bulbous knob ran over my prostate. I’d wince in discomfort when his big swollen knob lodged in the entrance to my colon. His long, thick veiny thrusting cock shaft stretched my sphincter making it sting and burn as it sawed against it. “Shit I love watching my big black cock fucking white pussy.” Tyson said as he was bi- sexual and was currently watching his really thick 12 inch dark brown cock sliding in and out of my tanned pert schoolboy arse. For about 5 minutes Tyson fucked me with slow deliberate thrusts and my winces of pain became less as my arse adjusted to the eye watering thickness and impressive length of his big black cock. I don’t know whether Tyson sensed I was adjusting to his monster cock or if he was just bored of fucking slow but without warning he launched into a rough hard brutal fuck. I couldn’t help but squeal in discomfort bordering on pain but I didn’t ask him to stop as he wouldn’t listened and besides I knew it would feel out of this world once I got fucked over the pain barrier. “Yeah squeal bitch.” Tyson gruffly grunted as he maintained his brutal fuck. “I’m going to tear yours and your fag friend’s pussy boy arses up with my big black cock. You bitches is gonna be walking funny for days.” He added with a leer on his face. Tyson slammed his really thick 12 inch cock ball deep into my battered arse and held it there as he got into the push up position above me. He then resumed his brutal fuck getting gravity to help. He’d do a push up which almost pulled his huge cock out of my arse and would then fall onto me, making sure his aerosol can thick 12 inch black cock got maximum penetration into my aching young arse. The entrance to my colon felt bruised and throbbed painfully. The walls of my arse were so tender and my overstretched sphincter was so sore and swollen as his long, thick veiny cock rapidly sawed against it. His smooth dark brown body glistened with sweat which dripped onto me. His sweaty manly aroma was pungent and slightly spicy. His slightly thuggish face with its domineering leer filled my field of vision. My tight young arse had to endure 5 minutes of brutal fucking by a huge 12 inch black cock before it went over the pain barrier. Gradually the hard fucked overstuffed pain in my arse mellowed into well fucked pleasure. The stab of discomfort whenever his bulbous knob slammed into the entrance to my colon turned into a pleasurable throb. The burning sting in my sore sex swollen, overstretched sphincter turned into pleasurable friction. 15 minutes into the brutal fuck, which was 20 minutes from the start, my arse started to relax enough for me to begin flexing and squeezing my arse muscles around his big thick battering ram cock. It was slight at first but the more my arse relaxed the more I was able to flex and squeeze the muscles on his big black cock. Although I felt so helpless and submissive with my wrists tied to the bed, pinned under a buff black guy who was tearing up my arse with his massive dark brown cock I was now able to start adding to the fuck rather than passively taking it. I felt sorry for Paul as I knew he’d never taken a cock bigger than 10 inches before. That cock had only been slightly thicker than average and he could cope with my eye wateringly thick 8 inch cock but Tyson’s big black mamba was as thick as mine and Paul’s cocks were but 12 inches long. On the other hand in the two years I’d sexually active so I’d already had to contend with cocks as huge as Tyson’s so could take it easier. Tyson carried on brutally fucking me for another 15 minutes taking it to a total of 35 minutes when he slipped into the pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. It seemed impossible that he could fuck me any faster and harder but he managed it. All pain had completely faded from my sore battered boy cunt and had been replaced with well stuffed, hard fucked pleasure. My arsehole burned with pleasurable friction as his long, aerosol can thick 12 inch cock rapidly sawed against it. My prostate pulsed from taking three serious poundings in a row. That prostate pounding also had my highly productive teen balls aching with pent up cum. I knew when it was my turn to fuck Paul I wouldn’t last long. The walls of my arse throbbed pleasurably if sorely from being tag fuck by three large cocks in a row. “Get ready bitch, I’m gonna breed your faggot arse.” Tyson gruffly grunted. He then brutally slammed his eye wateringly thick 12 inch black cock ball deep into my sore battered boy cunt. I felt his prominent ridged bulbous knob slam into the entrance to my colon where his cock head swelled even more. Then Tyson started loudly crying out “fuck yeah” with each of the 10 powerful ejaculations he squirted deep into my bowels. As for me I purred with contented, well bred pleasure as I felt a third load of cum fired up my slutty schoolboy arse. I rippled my arse muscles around his big thick black cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When his intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap and there was nothing I could do except remain pinned under him with his muscular sweaty body squished against mine. It took Tyson 5 minutes to recover from his orgasm. He then pulled his softening cock from my arse which felt so sore but in a pleasurable way if you know what I mean. That sore ache you get in your arse that reminds you of the great fuck you have just enjoyed. It also felt full of cum but empty of cock. Tyson then released my wrists and I got up and walked around to free up my aching joints. Then it was Paul’s turn. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at johnmcquillium@hotmail.co.uk as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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