Pumped up granny loves it up the shit hole

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Pumped up granny loves it up the shit holeNear Camber Sands is a smallish caravan park that attracts the older set and being 50 plus myself I fitted right in. It was a nice hot sunny day and sure enough there was one old lady next door who must have been 70 plus. She was quite pretty and chubby but the strange thing was she wore leggings that to me seemed almost transparent. But the really weird thing was that she had the most prominent pubis and I could not take my eyes off it – and she noticed this when I introduced myself.Going by the name of Gladys, she was pleasant and we seemed to get on well and I found out that she was single. Well a couple of days later it turned out to be quite hot and sitting down she said that the heat made her uncomfortable and did I mind waiting while she changed. Reappearing about five minutes later she was wearing a simple dress with a flared bottom. ‘Paul, I don’t mean to be rude, but over the last couple of days, I noticed that you were always looking at my crotch – do you have bahis siteleri a thing for them, or something. ‘Not usually Gladys, but I was fascinated by your very prominent vaginal pubis. I have never seen one so prominent as yours, that’s all. ‘Well, by the tent in your trousers, it was turning you on, which I was, by the way, very pleased about. Twenty years ago, an old boyfriend of mine used to love just cupping and fingering me all the time – even in public.To please him I bought a vacuum pump to make my labia lips bigger and it turned me on so much, I kept pumping it every week. I didn’t go mad as it would have hurt me too much. But just enough to keep my pubis and labia lips nice and fat, which produces a prominent camel toe and clit. And I loved showing it off in public which is why I wear the thinnest leggings I can get away with without being arrested’As she was telling me this, I was again getting a really hard boner and oozing pre cum. ‘Now Peter I don’t want you to laugh but before I show you canlı bahis siteleri my pride and joy cunt – there I’ve said it. You need to know that for the pump to get good vacuum it has to have a smooth surface. So, I just shave around my lips and leave the rest to grow’.I told her to stop talking and show me. Well, her engorged cunt lips were bald but she had loads of hair around it and turning around, and pulling aside her flabby arse cheeks showed off her really hairy shit hole which was I noticed, was not very tight. ‘Pete, I haven’t had sex for quite a while and I can see that you want to fuck me. However, I only really like my cunt and clit being fingered while a big, stiff cock slides in and out of my ass! Taking me inside she got a bottle of lube from the draw gave it to me and then leaned over the settee, and giving a sigh, said, ‘fuck me now’.Taking off my trousers and pants, I lubed up my thick 6inch dick and then rubbed the rest up her arsehole. Leaning into her I placed my cock into her shit canlı bahis hole crack and my hands around her waist and felt her pumped cunt. It was fucking fantastic. Forcing my fingers past her tight lips and my thumb on her clit, I started bringing her off.After about 5 minutes she sighed ‘Okay sweetie, I’m ready. Lube up that hard cock and fuck my ass!’ Easing my dick into her hole and gently eased more of my cock in. Her muscles relaxed and I slid my shaft all the way in.As I felt her muscles relax fully, I started to really fuck her in and out of her ass. My pace increased as Gladys moaned again in pleasure. ‘Fuck my ass hard! Oh, that’s it, right up my shit hole.’ She was clearly enjoying this and demanded once again. ‘All the way up … please”, as I really pushed hard and she helped me by parting her cheeks, eventually after a few minutes my cock slipped all the way in.‘Fuck me. Fuck me really hard’ she pleaded and I obliged fascinated by the wobble of flabby arse cheeks. Shagging her shit hole, I still was fingering her pumped fanny and clit which shook her to an orgasm, but I continued to pump her. My cock was ready to shoot deep and I shot possibly the biggest load I have ever done into her bowels, moaning loudly as I did so

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