Punishing Lily Part Two

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She felt the smooth wood stroke across her face as I let her know my weapon of choice. Her head tipped back to feel it touch her warm skin. She wiggled her ass, impatiently. She wanted more. I shook my head, almost disbelieving, knowing that this little slut was never going to be happy until she couldn’t walk any more. I pulled my arm right back and swiped the stick across her red, welting skin. Just in time to see, my classroom door opened. A head peeked around the door as the ruler connected with Lily’s fantastic rear, then immediately onto the backs of her smooth thighs. Lily screeched out her pleasure, moaning to the ceiling, as the principal of the university stepped inside the door, quietly. “Ohhh, professor, fuck! Yes! Thank you, it feels so good!” Lily jabbered, unaware of our guest. Her eyes opened, while I froze behind her, to see him walking towards us. His bald head shone with the fluorescent lighting. Lily froze too, suddenly aware of our guest. We waited with bated breath as the suited principal stepped in front of her – spread across my desk. He looked over her prone figure to the redness of her arse and smiled, looking down at her while she gazed up. A grin overcame his stern look. He brushed the hair from her face, stroking her cheek with his thumb. It pressed between her lips and I heard Lily gasp, slightly shocked, before she sucked on it obediently. He laughed, removing his hand and slapping her cheek with an open-palm. Lily gasped, stunned, but it quickly turned to a moan of pleasure. He took a step back and looked to me instead. His eyes fell on my ruler. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he told me, winking. “I knew she was a kinky little bitch at heart. Don’t stop on my account.” He stepped back to the front row of seats, sitting down to watch us. Lily looked back at me, as if asking for reassurance, just as the ruler impacted with her arse once more. The loud, pleasure-stricken cry she gave out suggested she really was reassured once more. I dropped the ruler, bending over to examine the damage. Her ass was red all over with weals, hand prints and impact lines. My hand caressed across her cheeks and her body instantly responded. She cooed, squirming slightly with the burn of her skin and the sensitivity she felt. I just had to smack her once more. My lips pressed to her cheeks, kissing and soothing her flesh as she recovered for a few minutes. almanbahis My eyes fell on the pearl thong once more and I felt my cock swell. I fingered the pearls and the tiny movements caused the cutest of giggles from my prone prisoner. Lily wiggled her ass and moaned as I pulled on the string, feeding it between her wet lips. “What have you got there?” the principal asked from the other side of the desk, intrigued. I laughed, snapping the string back between Lily’s lips. The cry and pleasured giggle she gave out made him to get to his feet and walk around the desk. “Ohh,” he said, quietly, realisation dawning on him with a smile. Lily squirmed, impatiently, and I smacked her sore arse with an open hand, causing her to squeal. Her body twitched and every smack wet her pussy a little more. I ran my hand down the inside of her thigh, feeling the dampness to her skin. I gestured to the principal and he stroked her other thigh, causing her to sigh happily and moan her approval. “Our naughty little girl’s pussy gets very wet when she’s spanked, doesn’t it?” I asked, my tone belying the amusement I felt. Lily moaned and nodded furiously, her ass shaking desperately. “Yes, sir! I love it when you spank me! It makes my pussy throb and makes me so wet! I’m so horny, sir! I…” Lily trailed off, but I sensed there was more to come. My hand connected sharply with the damp inside of her thigh – Lily shrieked and moaned as her body shook gently. “Yes, Lily?” I asked her, fingering her pearls and pulling them tight between her lips, causing gentle gasps from my captive slut. “I… I need…” she stumbled and gasped when I slapped her thigh even harder. “I need you to fuck me, sir! I need to cum so bad!” I shared a glance with the principal, whose eyebrows raised at the torrid ramblings that poured from Lily’s mouth. He smirked, gesturing to her as he stepped back and pulled up a seat a few feet away to watch. She turned to face him, biting her lip to know she would have a very captive audience. “You need me to fuck you, do you, Lily?” I asked her quietly, walking my fingers up her back. “You need to cum on my cock?” Lily nodded desperately and tried to turn around on the desk, before I placed a hand on her spine and pinned her to the spot. “Answer me properly, you little slut,” I whispered in her ear, biting into her neck. She cried out, moaning in frustration before she could almanbahis yeni giriş speak. “Yes, sir! I need to cum on your dick, I need you to fuck me! Please! Please, sir!” I laughed, reaching for a roll of tape across my desk. Her eyes followed me as I unwound a length with a wicked grin. I seized her wrists behind her back and taped them, tearing it off to restrain her. She struggled slightly, whimpering at her powerlessness, before resigning herself to her fate. She relaxed against the desk. My hand dipped to her sex and felt the hot wetness of her lips on my fingers. I chewed my lip to feel her velvet texture, pulsing to the touch. The pearls were pulled to the side, giving me better access to her dripping slit. My fingers ran between her lips and teased her. I rubbed and pinched them, stroking the length of her lips as she moaned beneath me, dampening under my touch. “Pleaaaase, sir! Please! I’m so fucking horny! Just fuck me already!” she whined. She yelped as I grabbed her wrists and hauled her to her feet. She was slammed against the wall before she could move or speak, my hand around her throat squeezing slightly. I leaned down to her height, my eyes staring into hers. “I give the orders here,” I told her, squeezing her throat a little tighter. “You’ll do as you’re fucking told, y’hear me?” She choked a little, gasping and nodding her head as her eyes pleaded with me. I stroked a hand over her face, gently, before slapping her without warning. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her hard, swallowing her protest. I pulled back, reaching between us and seizing the buttons of her tight dress. I popped them open, one by one, with constant eye contact. Every shudder of the dress popping loose gave her shivers, exposing a little more of her smooth, sensitive skin to the air conditioned room. Lily’s eyes delicately closed as the dress fell open to expose the strapless bra which barely contained her. A growl escaped me and I heard the principal moan, out of sight, to admire the smooth skin of Lily’s body. I reached up without warning, unable to resist as I yanked the bra from her body. It came away with a snap. Lily gasped and our eyes locked onto each other; shock meeting passion, submissive meeting dominance. Her eyes closed, submitting to me, as my head dived to her throat. Her head tipped back to feel me almanbahis giriş so close, leaning on the wall behind her. My lips found her neck and her throat, kissing and brushing over her skin so lightly. Shaky, shuddering breaths fell from Lily’s lips before a long, loud hiss filled the room. My teeth had found her throat. Her breath came a little harshly, between gasps and moans of pleasure, feeling my teeth and lips around her throat and neck. My hands held her shoulders tight to the cool wall and I kissed down her body, across her chest and over the tops of her breasts. I pulled back, taking in the sight of her naked chest and gritted my teeth. Her breasts were perfect, perky and tight with gorgeous little nipples that pointed at me, almost accusingly. I smiled, licking my lips lasciviously. Lily’s body was turned in my hands, to face the principal who looked on so reservedly. He licked his lips too, letting his gaze flick over the silky, perspiring skin of our own little slut. He nodded to me to continue. Lily looked desperately into my eyes, hungry and pleading, without a word being spoken. She only winced slightly to feel my fingers constrict around her throat. Our gazes lingered on each other as my lips descended towards her chest, smiling evilly as I peeled her dress a little wider. “Please…” came a whimpered, forced plea from Lily’s lips, while watching me so intently. I shot forward, my lips and teeth immediately seizing around her hard nipple. A whistle of air was sucked between her lips at the touch, followed by a low moan. I growled into her skin as I sucked hard on her swollen point, bringing more moans from her with violent bucks of her pinned body. Lily’s hips and pelvis thrust out towards me, needily, as my teeth raked over her sensitive tips and my tongue flicked at her. There was no rest for my little slut as my mouth swapped sides, replaced with my pinching, grasping fingers. Pleasured moans fell from her lips, immediately replaced with pained intakes of breath in a constant, agonised cycle that kissed my ears like sweet music. “You have perfect, beautiful tits, Lily,” I growled into her chest, looking into her eyes. “I love the feel of them in my teeth and my lips.” I sucked on her sensitive points again, harder than ever, and gently bit down on her, laughing into her chest. Her attempt to respond was immediately halted by a loud, ragged groan and a whimper. My teeth found the skin between her breasts, brushing them with my cheeks, before I reached out with my tongue. Lapping across to each breast, I chuckled quietly and licked right up the soft, sweat-slick skin of her chest.

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