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Every time he pushed the send button on a slightly cheeky text to Abby, his heart fluttered and he hesitated a moment. Abby’s emotions stirred each time she received such a text from Sean and felt her heart race when she sent back a slightly more playful reply. But these were few and far between and often one or the other would leave it at that.

The problem was that Sean and Abby had been in an on-again-off-again type relationship all through university and now that they had graduated and were working, things had gotten to the point where they had more or less fallen into the dreaded “just good friends” zone. Both particularly fancied each other but Sean had always hesitated to go further and Abby had been waiting for Sean to act, unsure of making the first step. But ultimately, while good friend, more and more so they both wanted things to be more serious.

Abby had been thinking about the situation for a week or two when she finally decided that it was time she made the first move and push things a little harder. But the idea of simply telling Sean that she wanted more didn’t seem like the best option as she had talked with him about it previously and he seemed to back away. So the push would need to be more than words. And it was while thinking along those lines an idea sprung to mind; a push-up bra.

Abby had a great body. While not athletic, she looked after herself and had maintained a fit figure. Her gentle curves were well complimented by her stunning breasts, which she considered her best feature after her eyes and smile which seemed to beam happiness to all whom she talked to at the same time they could melt guys when she gave them a seductive look. But when she wore a push-up bra, her breasts were well and truly the centre of most guys’ attention.

So she called Sean and invited him and a few of their friends to go out to a club for the evening for some drinks and fun.

“Sounds great. Everyone can park their cars at my house and we can bus it to the club from here.” Sean suggested in reply to her invitation.

Later that night, a few friends had already arriving at Sean’s when Abby turned up. Sean’s mouth almost dropped open when he saw her. She was wearing a light red dress which had a neckline which plunged at the front. Coupled with the push-up bra she had on, the result was her breasts seemed to jump from her dress and the fine gold necklace she had on seemed to be disappear bahis siteleri into the spectacular cleavage she was displaying.

“Oh wow Abby, you look amazing!” Sean stammered while unable to draw his gaze from her boobs.

“Excellent,” she thought, “I’ve definitely got his attention.”

When the last couple arrived, they all left for the club which was only a short bus trip from Sean’s house.

As the night wore on and they had all had a few drinks, Abby keep giving Sean playful smiles and making cheeky comments. Before long, she asked him to come dance with her on the increasingly crowed dance floor.

Sean’s heart hadn’t stopped racing from when he first saw Abby at his house. What had he been waiting for? He wondered. He could see that she was flirting with him like crazy so he decided it was time he started to push things a bit harder himself.

On the dance floor the two were dancing very close with the crowd pushing in on them. Abby put her arms around his head which pushed her breasts up towards his face and she continued to dance suggestively while giving him the most erotic look he’d seen. He stepped closer and began to push against her body, feeling her soft breasts against him. She reciprocated the grinding and soon the two were allowing their hands to explore each other’s bodies as they moved in time with the music.

“A final push is needed,” Abby thought so she moved in and kissed him passionately. He didn’t need any further encouragement as the two continued to dance while embracing and kissing deeply.

“How about we go head back to my place for some quiet drinks” Asked Sean.

Abby bit her lip seductively as she agreed before they joined the others and told them they were heading off. Everyone else wanted to go to as their cars were back at Sean’s house which meant the two found themselves having to mingle with the others all the while they were barely able to keep their eyes of each other. It seemed to be taking an eternity for everyone to leave which only heightened their excitement and anticipation.

As the numbers present began to drop, Abby brushed passed Sean deliberately pushing her breasts against his arm. He smiled and hugged her as he sat back in a chair with her sitting on his lap. She could feel his hard cock pushing into her thigh and she could scarcely stay composed as the last few of their friends said goodnight and left.

The canlı bahis siteleri sound of the door closing had barely finished when Abby spun around and the two started kissing and embracing each other with desperation. Sean’s hands slid up Abby’s thighs and caressed her arse as she ran her hands down his chest and felt for his hard cock through his pants.

Abby had pushed things to this point so Sean wanted to be the one to go the next step. He picked her up and, while still kissing intensely, he cared her to his bedroom and almost threw her on the bed before climbing on top of her, his hands on the palms of hers which were stretched out above her head, holding her down as he kissed her deeply again.

He then ran one of his hands gently up her leg, feeling the soft warmth coming from her body as he slipped it up under skirt and up to find one of her ample breasts. She moaned softly as he caressed her body while tenderly kissing her neck and ear.

He paused his touching and slowly and smoothly slipped the dress up over Abby’s head and he smiled with amazement as he took in the sight of her beautiful body. Embracing her again, he moved his hand underneath her back to unclasp her bra as she began to unbutton his shirt and again allow her hands to slide over his muscular chest. When he had undone her bra, Abby rolled over so she was on top of him and allowed the lacy straps to fall over her shoulders and finally release her tits which now hung just above Sean’s face. He reached up and took each one in his hands before slowly taking one of her small but firm pink nipples into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Abby moan loudly as the sexual pleasure seemed to explode through her body at his touch. She could have almost climaxed just from the stimulation she was receiving but she wanted more.

Moving herself down his body, causing Sean to release his grasp of her tits, Abby stared straight into his eyes as she undid his pants and slipped them down his legs along with his underwear. She gasped to herself in excitement as she saw his erect member, the tip glistening slightly with the smallest drops of precum visible.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as Abby took his cock into her mouth, gently sliding her lips over it while teasing the head with her tongue. Moving with deep and quickening strokes of her head, she continued to suck on him while he moved his hips up to meet her canlı bahis downward motion. The pleasure he was feeling was incredible as she continued to work his cock.

But after on a minute or two, Abby stopped and stood up. Sliding her panties off, she spun around so her pussy was just above Sean’s face. He could only manage to gasp at the sight of her beautiful naked body and the sight of her pussy so close to his face was incredible. Her soft brown bush, neatly trimmed but still natural looking, seemed to point to the now slightly parted and puffy lips of her pussy. As he gently pulled her lips apart with this fingers, he could see and feel the moisture that was building.

Abby started sucking on Sean’s cock once more with quicker speed and stronger sucking. She wanted to make him come, to feel him pulse as she came at the same time. Sean sensed her intensity rise so he pulled her pussy down onto his face, plunging his tongue as deep into her as he could. He continued to eat her has he used one hand to quickly rub her clit in a small circular motion.

Abby’s mind was a blur. The feelings that seemed to shoot from her waist all through her body caused her to spasm with pleasure. At times she couldn’t keep on giving attention to Sean’s cock as she concentrated on her own feelings of arousal. She could feel the tightness within her building, feel the pleasure increase and she knew she wasn’t far off orgasm.

“Yes, keep licking my pussy.” She cried. “I’m going to come. Please come at the same time as me?”

That encouragement was more than enough for Sean. He could feel his balls tightening as he drew closer to release.

“Oh yes baby, I’m going to come!” he called out before flicking his tongue across her clit as fast as he could.

Abby felt her pleasure peak and her body jolted as she came on his face. Her legs tensing and muscles contracting as she moaned and groaned while the orgasm took over. Sean’s cock began to pulse in her mouth and she felt the first shot of warm cum explode out. She continued to suck his cock as he groaned while his cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed it all and continued sucking as he also spasmed underneath of her.

“Oh my god, that was amazing Abby!” Sean managed to say between deep breaths.

“How about next time you push things a bit harder and we go to the next step?” she replied smiling as she turned and laid down next to him.

“I guess sometimes all we need is a bit of a push” he replied as he smiled back and kissed her once more.

The two embraced and fell asleep, the thought of ‘next time’ enough to ensure they both had more than pleasant dreams.

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