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Subject: Quality Time 2 Messiah Harris was sitting at his desk, his pants and underwear down around his thighs, jerking off to pictures of his dad, T.I. on his desk. He had a serious crush on his own dad. As he continued to stroke his dick, he didn’t see his dad enter his room. T.I. snuck up behind him. “What the hell are you doing?” T.I. asked, angrily. Messiah nearly jumped out of his skin! He turned in his swivel chair to face his dad. “I, um, I..” Messiah began, stumbling with his words. T.I. picked up one of the pictures that lay on his son’s bed. “You like these pics, son?” T.I. asked, still sounding pissed. Messiah didn’t know what to do or say. A tear trickled down his cheek. “I’m sorry, dad.” He said, finally. T.I. gently wiped from his son’s face. “It’s okay, son. Don’t cry.” T.I. said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” “So, you like your old man, do you?” T.I. asked. “Yes.” Messiah said, looking away from his dad. T.I. grabbed his son’s chin and forced him to look him in the eye. “Don’t you dare be ashamed. You understand me?” T.I. said sternly. “Yes, sir.” Messiah said, smiling up at his dad. T.I. looked over the pictures on Messiah’s desk. “I noticed that most of these pics have me shirtless, and…” T.I. said. “What’s this?” He noticed that Messiah’s phone was playing a video. Messiah tried to grab his phone, but, his dad was quicker. He played the video. It was him, in concert, performing the song, “Whatever you like”. The video kept repeating a certain part. In this part, T.I. was stroking his pants, indicating how long his dick was. “Why is this the only part you have?” Then T.I. made the connection. “You’ve never seen my dick, have you?” “No, I haven’t.” Messiah admitted. “How bout I show it to you. But, it’ll cost you.” T.I. said. Messiah reached into his desk drawer and pulled out some money. “Not that kind of cost. First you gotta do something for me.” “What do I have to do?” Messiah asked, curious. “Nothing much.” T.I. said. “Just take off your shirt…for now.” Messiah slowly took off his T-shirt. “Breasts!” “Dad, they aren’t breasts, they’re pecs.” Messiah said, chuckling. “Titties!” T.I. said. He gently caressed and fondled his son’s pecs, making kissing sounds. His dad’s rough hands felt really good to Messiah. “Mmmm!” He moaned. “You like that?” T.I. asked. “Yess!” Messiah said softly. “Mmmm! Do it some more.” T.I. continued to play with his son’s soft man boobs. “Now, can I see your dick?” Messiah asked. “Maybe.” T.I said. Messiah started to pout. “I’m just playing. Give me your hand.” T.I. took his son’s hand and put it down his pants, letting his son feel his dick. “Oh wow!” Messiah exclaimed. “How does it feel?” T.I. asked. “It feels huge!” Messiah said, excitedly. “You wanna see it, now?” T.I. asked. “Yes, please.” Messiah said. “First, take off ALL your clothes. I wanna see your sexy body.” Messiah quickly stripped out of his clothes. “Look at you, lookin’ all naked and sexy.” Messiah grinned despite his nervousness. Then, as promised, T.I. unzipped his pants and dropped them to the ground. Then his boxers followed. Messiah gasped when he saw his father’s dick. “It’s nearly down to your knees!” “Now, turn around so I can see what I wanna see.” T.I. said. “What’s that?” Messiah asked. “I wanna see your butt.” T.I. said. “Really?” Messiah asked. “Boy, if you don’t bare that ass…” T.I. began, a little annoyed. “Sorry, dad.” Messiah said, apologetically. “I just didn’t think you’d be into that part of me.” “Let me be the judge of that.” T.I. said, smiling. Messiah turned around to show his dad his ass. T.I. whistled lewdly and said, “This is the most perfectly plump ass I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Good gracious me!” “Lord, sweet Jesus!” T.I. said, reaching his hand out and touching his son’s firm booty. “Messiah, I don’t know why you thought no one would want to take gander at this work of art you call an ass. Boy, it’s so damn beautiful!” He bent down and gently kissed his son’s ass cheeks. “Let me worship this sexy body of yours.” “Okay.” Messiah said, smiling sheepishly. Out of habit, Messiah covered his privates. “C’mon, Messiah. Move your hands.” T.I. said, gently slapping ankara rus escort his son’s hands away from his crotch. Then he got behind his son and put his strong arms around his son’s waist. T.I. began to nibble his son’s neck. “Mmmm!” Messiah moaned softly. “You like that, don’t you?” T.I. asked. “Mmm hmm.” Messiah said. T.I. reached around and gently grabbed his son’s dick and slowly stroked it. “Mmmmm!” T.I. slowly gyrated his dick against his son’s butt. That made Messiah’s dick hard. “You want me to fuck that sweet as of yours, don’t you?” T.I. asked. “Yes..but…” Messiah began. “What’s wrong, man?” T.I. asked. “I’ve never been fucked before.” Messiah said. “It’s gonna hurt.” “Don’t worry.” T.I. reassured his eldest son. “I’ll be gentle.” “But, first, can you do me a favor?” T.I. asked. “Can you suck my dick for me?” “Yea, sure. I can do that.” Messiah said excitedly. “Let’s go to the bed so we can be more comfortable.” T.I. suggested. As they walked to the bed, T.I. continued to play with his son’s ass. “I can’t wait to get up in this ass.” T.I. smiled down at his son. Messiah smiled back at his dad and said, “I can’t wait, either.” They moved to Messiah’s bed and T.I. laid down. Messiah got in between his legs and took his dad’s dick into his mouth. First, Messiah used his tongue and licked his dad’s dick like an ice cream cone. “Oooh, son. That feels so good. I like that a lot.” Messiah continued to lick his dad’s dick, starting from the tip, working his way down to the base and back up again. “How does my dick taste, son?” “It tastes awesome, dad.” Messiah said with a big smile on his face. “Well, I’m glad son, cause what you’re doing to my dick feels damn good!” T.I. said enthusiastically. “Your dick sucking skills are definitely on point!” While Messiah sucked his dad’s dick, T.I. maneuvered himself so that he could play with his son’s ass as Messiah sucked his dick. He lightheartedly slapped his son’s ass. “Mmmm.” Messiah moaned softly. “You like that, hunh?” T.I. asked. “Uh hunh.” Messiah said. “But, do it harder.” “Harder?” T.I. asked, surprised. “Yes, please!” Messiah begged. SMACK! “Was that hard enough for you?” T.I. asked. “OOOH, YESS!” Messiah said. “I think you want to get a real good ass whoopin’, don’t you?” T.I. asked. “You gonna use your belt?” Messiah asked. “You want me to?” T.I. asked. “Yes.” Messiah said. “Then…beg me.” T.I. said with a devilish smirk. “Please, dad. I’ve been a bad boy. I need you to use your belt on me.” Messiah begged. “Damn, Messiah! You’re a real freak!” T.I. said. Messiah looked a little ashamed. T.I. lifted his son’s head up to look into his eyes. “Don’t you dare be ashamed of your freaky side.” T.I. admonished his son. “Now, you had better get ready for the worst, or best, whoopin’ of your life, depending on how it feels to you.” T.I. got up and pulled the leather belt from his pants. When Messiah saw the belt, he licked his lips. “Now, get on your hands and knees.” T.I. ordered his son. “Wait, dad, shouldn’t you have a reason for giving me a spanking?” Messiah asked. “You’re right.” T.I. said. “You know I hate it when you cuss.” Messiah looked his dad dead in his eyes and said, “Fuck you.” “What was that, boy?” T.I. asked menacingly. “I said, FUCK YOU, DAD!” Messiah repeated. “That’s it. Your ass is toast!” T.I. said. The belt came crashing down on Messiah’s ass cheek. CRACK! “OWWW!” Messiah cried out. “Damn, that hurt like shit! “That’s what you get, boy.” Messiah put his hands over his ass to protect it. “Move your hands!” T.I. said swatting his son’s hands away. Messiah kept trying to protect his butt with his hands. “Your gonna have to earn this ass whoopin’, dad.” Messiah said defiantly. “I am, am I?” T.I. said. He picked Messiah’s shirt up off the floor. Then he roughly grabbed Messiah’s arms and tied them behind his back. “Now, I’mma give you this ass whoopin’ and there ain’t shit you can do about it!” SMACK! “Mmmm.” Messiah moaned softly. SMACK! “Mmmmmm, Fuck!” “Pick a number.” T.I. said. “fifteen.” Messiah said. “Okay. Each time I tag that ass with this belt you call out the number. You understand?” T.I. asked. “Yes.” çankaya escort Messiah said. SMACK! “OWWW!” Messiah screamed. Call out the number. Each time you don’t, I start all over again.” T.I. warned. “Now, start again.” SMACK! “OWWWW, Fuck!” Messiah said. “One!” SMACK! “OOH, two!” SMACK! “OWWW, three!” After only three swats of the belt, Messiah’s ass felt like it was on fire! SMACK! “OWWW! four!” SMACK! “AWWW, SHIT! Five!” SMACK! SMACK! “Six! FFUUCCKK! Seven! SHITT! T.I. was tattooing his son’s tender ass vigorously! “OWWWW! Eight! FFUUCCKK! SMACK! SMACK! OWWW! Nine! FFFUUUCCCKKK! TEN! OWWWWWW!” They continued like this until they finally, mercifully, got to number fifteen. Messiah’s ass was ten shades darker than it had been when they first started this spanking session. Then something else caught T.I. eye. T.I. saw the cum leaking from his son’s hard dick. “Damn, boy! You came all over your sheets!” T.I. said. “Without touching yourself, either! That’s some shit!” “I told you I like to get my ass spanked.” Messiah said. “Alright, the next time you get good grades on your report card, you’re gonna get your ass torn to pieces!” Messiah grinned like a Cheshire cat and more cum dripped from his dick. “But, right now, it’s time to get that ass ready for this dick.” T.I. said. He untied his son’s wrists. Then he gently slid his middle finger up his son’s asshole. “Ooooh, ffuucckk!” Messiah moaned. His ass lips tightened around his dad’s finger like a firm handshake. “Damn, son! Your ass is so fuckin’ tight!” T.I.’s finger felt so good in Messiah’s ass. In out in out. T.I. was able to get his finger up to the second knuckle. “Oooh, fuck, dad.” Messiah moaned louder. T.I. finger fucked Messiah slow and carefully. He wanted his son to enjoy getting finger fucked. T.I. didn’t have anything to worry about. Messiah was enjoying the feel of his dad’s finger up his ass. “Let me put another finger up in that ass, son.” T.I. said. He shoved a second finger up Messiah’s virgin ass. “Damn, this ass is still tight as fuck!” He fingered Messiah’s asshole faster and harder. “I think I’m gonna have to try something else to get you lose.” He got behind his son and started tossing his son’s salad. “Oh damn, dad.” Messiah said. “That shit feels so fuckin’ good! FUCK!” T.I. licked and nibbled Messiah’s asshole, which turned Messiah on like crazy. When his dad stuck his tongue out, Messiah backed his ass up on it. “DAMMIT!” “Mmmm! This ass tastes so damn good.” T.I. said. He started stroking his dick as he continued to eat his son’s ass. Soon, T.I. was ready to tear into his son’s ass. “You ready for this dick, cause this dick is ready for that ass.” Messiah looked a little scared. “Don’t worry, son, I’ll be gentle.” T.I. said reassuringly. “I won’t hurt you.” “Okay.” Messiah said softly. T.I. gently grabbed his son’s face, kissed him on the lips and said, “Good man.” He positioned his son on his back. Then he slowly slid his dick up his son’s hole. “OWWW!” Messiah screamed. “TAKE IT OUT!” “Shhh, calm down.” T.I. said calmly. “I only got the tip in.” He tried to slide some more in, but Messiah started to cry. “Please! No more!” Messiah said, through tears. “Shh, It’ll be okay.” T.I. said, kissing his son’s lips passionately. “I’m not gonna go any further until you say so.” After a few minutes…” Okay. You can put more in.” Messiah said, getting himself together. “That’s it, my big brave boy. That’s it.” T.I. said. Then, as he slid more of his dick in, he started making love to his son. He kissed all over his son’s neck. He even nibbled on his son’s neck, eliciting a low moan from him. This drove Messiah crazy. His dad’s kisses were making Messiah’s toes curl. Then T.I. licked his middle and forefingers and started gently pinching his son’s nipples as he continued to kiss him. No one had ever made love to Messiah like this and he loved every minute of it! “MMMMMM!” Messiah moaned loudly. “You like that?” T.I. asked. “Yesss!” Messiah hissed. “You want me to keep playing with your nipples?” T.I. asked. “Would you?” Messiah asked. “Of course, I will, son.” T.I. said soothingly. “I’ll do anything ankara escort to make you feel good.” And, it was making Messiah feel really good. His dick was hard as a rock and dripping cum onto his muscular stomach. T.I. scooped up a little bit on his fingers and tasted it. “Mmm, your seed tastes good, son.” He said. “Would you like some?” “Okay.” Messiah said, a little unsure. He opened his mouth and let his dad put some on his lips. He licked it and said, “it does taste good. Kind of salty.” While he played with Messiah’s nipples, T.I. slid his dick further up his son’s hole. “Mmmmm!” Messiah moaned. “How does that feel, son?” T.I. asked. “It feels good, dad, real good.” Messiah said, smiling up at his dad. “You ready for me to really dick you down?” T.I. asked. “Yess, please!” Messiah said, enthusiastically. “Why don’t you lean over your desk so I can tear that ass up from the back!” Messiah got up from his bed and went over to his desk and leaned across it. “Spread them legs apart.” T.I. ordered, kicking Messiah’s legs wide apart. “Here we go!” he slid his dick up Messiah’s booty hole once again. “Mmmm! FUCK!” Messiah moaned loudly. This time, Messiah was ready for the pain. He could feel his dad’s dick all up inside his guts! The feeling was intense. “OH, FUCK!” Messiah cried out. “Your dick feels so damn good, dad. Un-Fucking-Believable!” “Damn, Messiah. Your ass feels so damn tight and wet!” T.I. said. “I thought only pussy could feel this damn good! Mmm Mmm!” He started to fuck his son’s hole nice and slow. “Is that all you got dad?” Messiah taunted. “Oh, it’s like that, hunh?” T.I. asked. Then he grabbed his son by the shoulders and fucked him harder and faster. “AWWW, SHIT, DAD!” Messiah cried out. “You’re ripping my ass in two!” “Serves you right, boy!” T.I. said, unsympathetically. “Now, take all this dick!” Sweat dripped from T.I.’s brow as he fucked Messiah harder and faster than before. “OWWWW, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Messiah screamed. Messiah’s body shook and shivered as T.I.’s dick tore up his innards. “I’M CUMMIN’!” Cum shot from Messiah’s dick like a volcano! “Damn, son!” T.I. said, surprised. “I didn’t know you could cum like that! Too bad I ain’t done with your ass!” T.I. spun his son around to face him. “Grab me around my neck and wrap your legs around my waist.” T.I. said. Messiah did as he was told. Then T.I. slid his dick back up his son’s hole. Now, T.I. fucked his son standing up. “OWWW, DDAAMMNN!” Messiah cried out. In this position, he could really feel the length and thickness of his pops dick and it was fucking incredible! As T.I. made Messiah bounce on his dick, Messiah came, hands free all over his dad’s six pack abs. “AWWW, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” “I’M GONNA CUM!” T.I. growled. He dropped his son onto his bed. Then he stroked his dick and grabbed his son by the head and said, “Come here!” Without warning, T.I. shot his nut all over his son’s face! After a minute or two, Messiah’s entire face was covered in his dad’s baby makin’ juice. Messiah looked a little upset. “Why you mad, son?” “I wanted some of that.” Messiah said. “Then, open wide.” T.I. said. He stroked his dick furiously, shooting another cum load into Messiah’s waiting mouth. Cum coated Messiah’s entire throat. “You happy now?” T.I. asked. “Yea.” Messiah said. “Good, now, let’s go get you cleaned up.” T.I. said. “Let me put a towel around me.” Messiah said. “No.” T.I. said. “What!” Messiah said, shocked. “You’re gonna walk to the bathroom butter ball naked.” “What if someone sees me?” Messiah asked, panicking. “Oh well.” T.I. said. T.I. knew that no one else was in the house. “But, he don’t need to know that.” He thought to himself. “Now, march!” He said, smacking his son’s sweaty, cum filled behind. Once they got into the bathroom, T.I. turned on the shower. “I’m gonna wash you. All you gotta do is put your hands up against the wall and leave them there.” He said. Messiah did as he was told. As T.I. started washing his son’s body, his dick started to get hard again. “I’d better fix this.” He thought to himself. So, he “accidently” dropped the soap. “Son, pick that soap up for me, please.” He said. As Messiah bent over to pick up the soap, T.I. got behind his son and slid his dick up his son’s already ravaged hole. “OH!” Messiah said, surprised. “Stay still and don’t move, son.” T.I. said. “This won’t take but a minute.” T.I. began to fuck his son in the shower. “Son, you got damn good boi pussy!” The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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