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Subject: Queen Mary bell boys Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 62 It was very different when Larry fucked Abe. Until then none of the men with us had shown any interest in pissing with us, and I had no inkling that that was about to change. Larry got up from where he’d been lying and stood beside the bed, soaking as it was with the piss of Abe, Charlie, Jakey and Alan. “I spent a lot of time with Will before we all came here,” he said, “and he told me a lot about what he had got up to with you. Since then the idea of playing around with piss has been in the back of my mind, but the right time to try has never arrived. Well, it has now. The sight of you lot all pissing happily has got me interested in trying it for myself. The rubber sheet has kept the bed dry, even though the sheet on top is soaked. Let’s make things comfortable for the next half hour.” He made Abe get up and used the wet sheet to soak up as much of the piss still pooled on the rubber as possible. He then put a new dry sheet on top of the rubber one. “That should soak up everything that’s coming its way,” he said. “Now, who needs a piss?” Several hands stayed down: Phil, Ryan, Abe, Alan, Charlie and Jakey. The rest went up, some waving with added urgency. Sam and Andrew seemed to have the greatest need, but the rest of us weren’t far behind. Larry beckoned Sam and Andrew and told them to hold off as long as they could, but to let go when they couldn’t hold it any longer. “Anywhere you like,” he said, “so long as it’s on Abe or me.” He turned to Abe. “This is going to be different,” he said, and lifted Abe in his arms. Abe had his arms round Larry’s neck and his legs round Larry’s waist. Larry was standing up and his cock was nestled in Abe’s arse crack, but it wasn’t destined to stay there long. “Patrick, come and guide my cock up Abe’s arse,” he said, “I need to hold onto him.” With some difficulty I managed to get things as Larry (and Abe) wanted them. It wasn’t easy, but I certainly enjoyed handling the parts which needed to be fitted together. I think they did too. “You wanted to be pissfucked,” said Larry, and here it is. Whoops of delight greeted this announcement and everybody (everybody under 20, that is) crowded round to see what was going to happen. Larry smiled at Abe, his face only inches away. “OK?” he whispered. “You bet, big boy, let it go,” was Abe’s whispered reply. Nothing happened for several seconds, then a broad grin spread across Abe’s face. “Oh God, I feel it filling me up. It’s like red hot stuff pouring into me.” He was right, but only up to a point, because the red hot stuff soon started pouring out again, leaking out of Abe’s arse and running down Larry’s legs. Larry’s cock just kept on giving, and it was almost a minute before it stopped, still deep inside Abe. At that point Larry sat on the bed with Abe still attached and wriggled to the middle. He was on his back and Abe was bent forward onto his chest. Abe’s eyes glittered. He leant forward and touched his lips to Larry’s. “Thanks. That was so fucking hot. I guess the next bit will be even hotter.” It was Larry’s turn to grin. What he didn’t know, however, was that Abe wasn’t referring to the pissfucking. Instead he allowed his bladder to pour what still remained in it onto Larry’s chest, the piss pooling warmly between them. Larry’s grin became a great deal wider. ataköy escort “I’ve been missing so much, guys,” he said, “you should try this kinky stuff these wicked kids have taught me. Ryan hooted with laughter. “No chance,” he said, “Phil and I aren’t into that kind of stuff, but you lot go ahead and enjoy the swim.” This made Sam and Andrew, who were now kneeling on either side of Larry and Abe like a lion and a unicorn, nod to each other and start to piss on Abe’s back. Abe wriggled happily as the hot jets soaked his skin. Sam move down the bed and aimed at Larry’s balls and then moved the golden arc over his thighs. While this was happening Larry tightened his grasp of Abe’s sopping body and started to fuck. His cock had been half hard while he was pissing himself, and he told us afterwards that it had been difficult preventing himself from getting fully hard up such a sexy boy’s arse, but the effect of being in the sexy arse had hardened him once he had stopped pissing. Abe now had the benefit of being fucked by the biggest cock he’d had up him so far in Ashokan; of being fucked in a new position – squatting on someone’s chest; of being fucked with his arse full of piss. This was new, and he gave us a running commentary as he thought – correctly – that a description would be welcome. “I can feel your cock squishing the piss miles up into my guts,” he said. “Every time you push it in a great wave stretches bits of me that only get stretched when I crap. I hope I don’t crap on you, Larry.” Tim and I, not complete strangers to this possible outcome (I have spared you details of this), exchanged an interested look. Abe continued, “every time you pull it back the wave surges back down and you go in and up it goes again. Don’t, for God’s sake, take it out or we’ll all be swimming for our lives.” The likelihood of our having to swim was about to be increased as Sam and Andrew had made way for two others – Cy and Esau. I had had the impression when Cy first joined us that Jakey and Esau, particularly Esau, had been a bit scared of their big brother. Any such apparent reluctance to get close was now wholly absent, and Cy and Esau were completely relaxed doing dirty things together. The dirty things at that time being pissing on each other. They were, as Sam and Andrew had been, on either side of Larry and Abe, and each of them held his cock and aimed high over the fucking pair to splash in his brother’s chest. Naturally the hot piss splashed down the receiver’s chest and went into Abe’s back. None of this interfered with Larry’s rhythm. I knew from having been fucked by him that he could keep up for a long time, and I didn’t suppose that Abe was in any hurry either. Certainly the look of pure – not perhaps the right word – pleasure suggested that he would be happy to go on being fucked until dawn. Esau finished pissing and moved to lie down on a dryish part of the bed. Cy stayed where he was, and began gently stroking Abe’s back. “Like that,” murmured Abe, “stroke my ass next to Larry’s cock. Get to my balls if you can.” What boyfriend given such detailed instructions could resist? Certainly not Cy. He knelt over Larry’s legs and stroked Abe’s arse with his left hand. He squeezed his right between Abe’s belly and Larry’s – the space was so wet that his hand slipped in easily – and felt Abe’s cock. It was hard again, and Cy squeezed it gently. Abe hoisted himself up slightly and Cy’s hand slid down, cupping Abe’s balls. Who knew what was happening in there? Do the balls of natural bottoms like Abe churn up more spunk faster when they’re being fucked as often and as hard as Abe that day? Whatever the reason Abe knew that the combination of Larry (and a diminishing quantity of piss) up his arse and his boyfriend’s hand caught between two wet bellies cupping his balls was bringing him closer to adding to the mess between merter escort those bellies. “Oh yeah, Cy, that’s great, hold me, hold me … Larry, Larry, I’m gonna jizz … oh fuckfuckfuck here it … aaaaaaah!” Thus Abe climaxed joyfully. Larry grunted that he was close too, and it was the reflex tightening of Abe’s well-fucked arse muscles that grabbed his cock and caused him to join Abe in ejaculatory paradise. Larry wasn’t as noisy though. Abe suddenly apologised. “Sorry, Larry!” “What do you mean?” panted Larry, still deep inside. “I think I might have bitten your cock – it was so far up me.” This caused general laughter. Of itself that wouldn’t have been worth remarking upon, but when Larry laughed the consequences were dramatic. His cock slipped out, Abe’s arse emptied itself of multiple liquids (he was helpless with laughter too), and those of us still with anything in our bladders saw no reason no to join in the mess-making process. The only one left was me, and I have to confess I cheated. “69, Abe?” He nodded in agreement. His cock was thoroughly cleaned by an acknowledged expert; my piss went straight into his stomach. I hadn’t been sure he would accept piss in his mouth, but he was so sexed up by everything that had happened that he was ready to try anything. His only comment afterwards was that my piss hadn’t tasted anything like he’d expected. “What did you expect?” Charlie had asked. “Dunno. Something horrible, but it wasn’t. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.” I was looking at Abe when he said this, so didn’t see the reaction of the three brothers. Charlie told me that their faces had registered considerable delight at the news. The long dark nights in the coming winter in Kingston would have an added attraction. And that was that for the evening. Anything more would have been an anti-climax. Larry and Abe went off together for a shower, and the rest of us followed a little behind. When we got back one of the men had stripped the wet sheet off and taken the rubber sheet away. (I was pleased to find it clean and neatly folded when we got back to Queen Mary.) I don’t remember a better night’s sleep. ***** Next morning was a lazy one. The four of us – Cy, Abe, Charlie and I – were all in a big togethery heap of sexually satisfied boys. As it was a Sunday there was no great urgency about getting up – it was our last full day in Ashokan and there was the excitement of Abe’s last stand (as it were) to look forward to. I vaguely remembered Cy asking Abe last night as we snuggled down to sleep whether he was OK. Abe had said that he was loving every minute of it, but that he expected his arse to be sore for days. “Do you mind?” Cy had asked. “God, no, it’s worth it. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get fucked by 12 good men and true again, so a sore ass is a small price.” Quite the little philosopher, our Abe. As the morning wore on more and more of us emerged, and by 1000 all of us were in the food hut in various stages of wakefulness. Larry beckoned Abe over. “Last night I had a good look at your arse in the shower and you said it didn’t hurt much. Are you still OK this morning?” Abe smiled a dreamy smile and said that if Larry wanted another inspection that would be fine by him, but as far as he was concerned “my ass is ready to go”. Larry patted his shoulder and declined the invitation. Cy asked when the last four would be welcome. Abe screwed up his face and gave the appearance of deep thought. “I think I could face drawing it out a bit,” he said, “how about two at 6 and the last two at 10 tonight?” The four due to service him agreed. Then Cy said that he wanted to be last if Ryan was willing. “Of course,” said Ryan, happy to allow Cy to regard his 9 inches as being on a par with his own. “And can we sleep with Charlie and Patrick again?” It was agreed, and the rest of the morning, and the afternoon, bahçeşehir escort passed as Sundays so often did – quietly and uneventfully. We all had a sort of end-of-term feeling. Apart from Abe’s adventure we had to break camp the next day and get to Kingston for the early Thanksgiving dinner with the Perkinses. Then we’d say good-bye to the four Americans and rejoin Queen Mary on the following day. It was the calm before the storm. It was a bright cold day – too cold for visiting the crocodiles. Instead Larry got us running around playing a weird and inauthentic version of American football, causing much derision among the Kingstonites. If his intention was to exhaust us it failed, because we spent more time laughing than we did running around. In any event Abe resolutely refused to take part. “I’m keeping my strength up,” he explained. We all solemnly accepted his devotion to a higher cause. As the afternoon wore on and darkness fell Andrew and Sam were whispering together. I don’t think anyone apart from Charlie and me noticed – we were sitting together talking about going back to the ship, and wondering whether Sir would be back – but it looked as though they were plotting something for Abe’s benefit as they were the two on the 1800 billing. It was evident that they had agreed on what Abe would be enjoying. Charlie and I fell to wondering what it might be. “Spit-roasting?” I said. Charlie thought not, as technically the guy at Abe’s head wouldn’t be fucking him, and Abe had insisted on all 12 of us. “What then?” I said. Charlie pointed out that I was the expert and he a mere beginner. “You’re a fast learner though,” I said, and we both agreed. A nice cuddle ensued. We were none the wiser about what Andrew and Sam were cooking up. ***** Shortly before 1800 we all assembled in our hut. The bed was freshly covered in a sheet – no sign of the rubber one this time – and when this was pointed out by Esau we all trooped off to the shower hut for a piss. When we got back Abe climbed onto the bed and squatted in the middle, gazing lustfully at Andrew. As had been ordained the day before everyone was naked. Andrew and Sam approached to raucous whistles from their shipmates and whoops from Rueben’s and Sarah’s three. Andrew’s cock was fully erect, its 9 inches proudly and defiantly ready to invade any warm dark place which might present itself. Sam, on the other hand, was still soft, and I began to work out what they had hatched. Sam’s cock, as you know, is only 4 inches when it’s asleep but doubles in size when it sniffs a worthy place to play. Sam was evidently mentally doing his seventeen-times-table. Andrew’s mind was not on arithmetic. He had greased his cock and was using two fingers to get Abe’s rectum ready. Sam laid on his back and told Abe to lie on top of him, facing up. Abe had his arms round his thighs and his knees keeping his ears warm. Andrew approached. “Shut your eyes, Abe, this is a surprise.” Andrew used two fingers of each hand to open Abe’s hungry arse for a cock to enter. But it wasn’t Andrew’s cock which was first up. Sam, still soft, was able to get his cock into the widely open arse which Andrew had made ready. Once Sam was in Andrew knelt at Abe’s arse and slowly fed his 9 inches in past Sam’s cock. Abe sighed, “oh yeah!” but no-one else made a sound. Nobody moved. Sam allowed his concentration on mental arithmetic to waver, and inevitably his cock, never afraid of the dark, began to perk up. Abe’s eyes, shut as requested until then, began to open wider and wider. “He can’t,” somebody whispered; “he has,” said somebody else. The bed was still; the only thing moving was the blood pulsing into Sam’s cock. Then Abe began to squirm. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 63 as Abe entertains his last four guests. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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