Quiet time in the mountains

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Quiet time in the mountainsLast week I decided I had to get away from home for a few hours and headed off to the mountains. There was a place that I knew I could go to and no one would bother me or come around. Little did I know at the time that I would have a very pleasant interruption. I found my spot and parked the truck, unzipped my fly and was using my 6” vibrator, that I refer to as “my buzzer”, on my cock. It was really feeling good and I was hard as a rock. After several minutes I had to stop because I wanted to prolong the feeling and didn’t want to cum just yet. I put my buzzer aside and slowly started stroking my still hard cock. I stroked for a few minutes and then stopped. I decided I had better relax for a minute or two or I would be headed home before I really wanted to go. I got out of the truck, with my hard cock sticking out of my jeans and walked over to the overlook. I stroked a few times then stopped and just looked down into the valley. It really was nice and quiet. After just looking around for a few minutes I went back to the truck and started buzzing again. I squeezed my cockhead and had a large drop of precum slip out. I licked that off my finger and slowly started moving the buzzer up and down güvenilir bahis the full length of my cock. It was really feeling great. I was really enjoying the buzzer and the feeling in my cock when I first heard and then saw another rig coming up to my spot. I had to slip my hard cock back into my pants but left my zipper down.I got out of the truck and walked over to the edge again as the Jeep was pulling up. The guy stopped, got out and walked over. He said something about how nice and quiet it was and how he liked to be up here so he could enjoy the view. I didn’t respond because I was hoping he’d leave so I could get back to what I was doing. I did notice that he looked at my opened zipper and my slight bulge. He turned and walked back to his Jeep and got in. I stayed at the edge and looked out. My left hand was in my pocket and I started rubbing my soft cock and within a minute I was hard again. I kept rubbing for a little while and decided I would go back to the truck and finish what I started.I got back to the truck and started buzzing again. After several minutes I had another drop of precum that I licked off my finger. I decided what the fuck, what’s he going to do call the cops. I’m going stroke and finish güvenilir bahis siteleri what I started to do and then leave. I started stroking and leaned back in the seat to enjoy it. “I bet that feels good.” This guy was watching me and I guess he was enjoying the show! “Yea it does.” “Do you need any help?” All I did was open the door and swung my legs out so he could see my cock. He got out of his Jeep and walked over and immediately reached for my cock. He stroked me a few times, bent down and then took my cock head in his mouth. He sucked me and licked my shaft and then swallowed my 6” cock down in one smooth move. He held me there for a few seconds and then raised up. Ever so slowly he started bobbing my cock and would swallow it every few bobs. I was sure enjoying the feeling of this good blowjob and after several minutes I told him I was going to cum. He never ever slowed down and just as I started to fill his mouth he raised up and just had my cockhead in his mouth. He continued to suck on me. My cock pulsed and pulsed. I felt him swallow. He continued to suck and my cock pulsed again and again. After a few more seconds he swallowed a second time and then licked my shaft and sucked the rest of iddaa siteleri the cum from my cockhead. His final move was to swallow my now deflating cock and hold it in his mouth. When he finally released me he said “That was a nice snack.” “That was an unexpected pleasure” I said and I reached over for the bulge he had in his jeans. I unzipped and unbutton his fly and pulled out his hard cock. I didn’t stroke him I just took his cock in my mouth. He was a bit smaller than me but was just as hard as I was. I swallowed him and slowly sucked my way up to his cockhead. I did this several times and in between I licked his shaft and sucked first one ball then the other. I could tell he was almost ready after about 5 minutes of me sucking his cock. I removed my mouth and squeezed his cock and was rewarded by a very large drop of precum. I licked that off and then swallowed his cock again. I sucked on him for a few more minutes and felt cock harden a little more. He started to pulse and I felt a strong jet of cum hit the top of my mouth. I sucked more and was given 2 more spurts of cum. After that I could feel the oozing of his warm cum on my tongue as his cock continued to spasm. I swallowed and then raised up. He fixed his pants and asked if I come up here very often. Every once in a while was all I said. He walked back to his Jeep, got in and drove away. I sat in the truck for a while longer and decided it was time to leave. All in all, it was a very nice outing.

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