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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER FOUR � Our last night in Pennsylvania By Quentin Collins ail)

� BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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I turned the Audi Q7 into my driveway just before 11 p.m. with Chan and Dave in tow. The only clothing any of us wore was the shoes on my feet. I don”t like driving barefoot.

I bought this place � located about fifteen minutes out of town � because it was convenient when I had to travel back and forth from Pittsburgh during my graduate studies at Pitt and post-graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon. It was a short drive to the Somerset interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike while also being in reasonable proximity to Channing at my parents” house.

During the school year, Chan stayed with my parents. He had been with me full-time during the summer except for when I flew down to South Carolina to make preparations for our move.

I parked the car nose-to-nose with the moving van, which I had backed up in front of the garage. The three of us got out and started walking naked to the house. There were tree lines along the sides of the property, so there wasn”t a real concern about being seen.

The waning moon was a mere sliver, adding little natural light to the porch light and the two bollard lights at the end of the driveway. The darkness was punctuated by flashes of lightning bugs busying themselves in the thick July air. It was enough to outline the forms of Channing and Dave as they stood nude in the driveway, surveying the property. This was Dave”s first time at our house. This will be Chan”s last night at this house.

The two teens stood silently with their arms draped around each other”s hips. The scant light played on the sheen of perspiration over Dave”s beautiful black skin and his sexy full afro. I looked down to see my penis start to fill out at the sight of my new love.

Chan”s lighter skin and curly blond hair reflected a bit more light, permitting me to drink in my son”s musculature, noting how his left glute was flexing under the caress of Dave”s left hand. I wanted to be simultaneously Dave”s hand and Chan”s glute. I noticed my penis was now extended more than six inches and almost horizontal.

I was surprised that I was able to have any sort of erection at all after the workout my dick had at Roger”s tailor shop less than an hour ago. But the memory of Dave making love to my ass kept my member engorged and happy. I would love to be able to return the favor, but I know that Dave has not had any anal penetration and I wasn”t sure if I could do it without causing him undue pain. I want only bliss for our seventeen-year-old lover.

“I can”t believe how warm it is for this time of night,” Dave remarked, breaking the silence. “I could stay out here all night.”

Channing laughed and patted Dave”s narrow, but mounded ass. “I”m sure the mosquitoes would welcome that.”

“Yeah, I guess you”re right,” Dave conceded. He turned and took Chan into his embrace, and they kissed lovingly in the dim moonlight. My heart � and penis � swelled with love for both these teens. They broke their kiss, and I saw a glistening string of saliva connect their mouths. I approached the beautiful pair and joined their embrace, entwining my fingers with both theirs as they continued to massage each other”s asses. Their string of saliva landed on my upper lip. I lapped it up and smiled.

“I love you,” I whispered into the night. Each of my loves planted a kiss on my face, and we broke our reverie.

We entered the house, and I realized that it no longer felt like home since all our personal effects and some of the furniture were already removed to the van.

The air conditioning reminded us how muggy it was outside. It wasn”t cold in the house, but much less humid: I like to keep it set a little warmer than most people so that we are comfortable while naked in the house.

As I removed my Dockers, I asked the boys if they wanted anything, informing them that their only choices were water and pineapple-flavored protein whey drinks, which would also be breakfast. We all decided on water.

I went to the kitchen and contemplated whether embarking on this move � and this job � were the right thing at the right time.

I had been consulting with various clients since earning my doctorate. The past year I had been consulting mainly with the South Carolina state university health system and medical school, and it has turned into a newly-created position for me.

I had proposed the creation of an integrated data warehouse that could serve both the research needs of the medical school and the clinical needs of the health network.

My prototype case merged billing, medical, economic, demographic, sociological, and consumer behavior propensity databases to profile women who might be at an elevated risk of breast cancer but were not known to have had a mammogram or other screening test.

By coming up with a risk profile that included predictive behavior analysis, we were able to design targeted outreach campaigns that would get the most underserved women to their recommended screenings in the type of clinical environment best suited to their lifestyles. We would track these women for ten years to compare their outcomes to other women with similar risk profiles.

My modeling algorithms were even able to predict the best times of day for the mobile mammography van to be in certain neighborhoods and shopping centers to be visible to the most targeted women.

The event that tipped the scales for them to approve the project was the large patient volume they experienced when parking the van outside various logistics warehouses in the area to catch women at midnight when they finished their shifts.

Our research showed women in our demographic were more willing to sacrifice an hour of their sleep rather than an hour during their busy days when their children were in need of attention, or they were at their other jobs with little time to spare.

The university put together a combination of grants from various foundations and governments to fund the first five years of the project. They were unaware that I had anonymously provided about a fifth of the funding myself.

The health system created a new department with forty reassigned technical, administrative and support staff. My position will be chief database architect and modeling strategist, and I will work with the department”s yet-to-be-hired technical lead to see that my ideas and continuing research get translated into functioning code. We both will answer to the new department”s manager, Quincey Saunders.

I will directly oversee six database administrators, a project manager, and an administrative assistant, the latter two positions being my responsibility to fill. Several other new positions will need to be filled over the next year, including a budget director, the chief technical lead, data integration specialists, and patient privacy and regulatory compliance officers, etc.

I was excited to be able to use all my information technology education for something practical, and potentially life-saving. The $185,000 salary and $100,000 in relocation expenses were inconsequential since they were but a fraction of the money I put into the project.

So here I am, ready to pursue a long-held dream and start a new life away from this house and this town.

While I grabbed three bottles of water, Chan went into his room and put his suit on his bed and his shoes next to the bed. He came back out clutching Mr. Bunny in the crook of his arm. Dave and I had to smile at how cute he was.

We all sat down on the living room sofa, Chan and I flanking Dave, and drank our water in silence. The tension built as none of us spoke. Finally, Dave broke the quiet.

“Listen, guys, I”m going to call Nick and ask him to pick me up. This was a dumb idea. You two should spend your last night in this house without any strangers hanging around.”

“No, Dave,” I corrected, “You”re not a stranger, and we both love you and want you here if you still want to stay.”

Channing said, “Mr. Bunny wants you to stay too,” and made Dave rub noses with the well-loved critter. Then Mr. Bunny got relegated to the back of the sofa.

Chan showed his own desire for Dave by turning to the beautiful black hunk and nuzzling his neck while draping his arm across his glorious cut abs and his leg across Dave”s left weighty thigh. I did the same from his right. I caressed his belly with my right hand, tracing my index finger around his perfectly circular navel.

Chan brought his left hand to join mine as we both drank in the luxury of Dave”s polished onyx skin. I want my hands never to leave his flesh. We took turns tickling him with feather-light touches to induce his abs to clench izmit escort bayan in defense.

My son and I stilled our hands together just above Dave”s pubic bone. I felt a low-voltage current flow from Chan to me and back. We were sharing one love for each other and for Dave. Our lover seemed unaware that Chan and I had joined … souls perhaps; maybe we had joined our psyches? Somehow touching Chan opened us up, each to the other.

I nuzzled my face into Dave”s neck behind his ear, almost involuntarily inhaling his scent. I desired every one of my senses to be filled with Dave. I licked his neck and moaned. My tongue probed behind his ear, and then I nibbled on the cartilage of his ear, down to his fleshy earlobe, before my mouth returned to licking and kissing his neck.

I managed to pull my mouth off Dave”s skin long enough to speak. “Now you are going to have to fight us both if you want to get out of here. Do you think you can handle the two of us?”

I brought my hand up to stroke his powerful chest and then moved up to tickle the front of his neck. That must have been an erogenous zone for him because his thick penis lengthened and rotated from pointing south to due north within a matter of seconds.

Chan reached down and tenderly traced the fingernail of his index finger across Dave”s balls and then up the underside of his shaft. Dave shuddered, and his penis bobbed with his heartbeat.

“Dad, I think he”s changing his mind,” Chan said in a husky whisper.

“God, I hope so. Are you changing your mind, my love,” I asked?

“Yeah, mmm, I � ah � yeah � I guess I am,” he relented.

We stayed like that for several minutes. Dave remained erect, but neither Chan nor I did anything to escalate the sex play. The seventeen-year-old sighed, then sat up with a start.

“Shit! I better call my parents and tell them where I am. There will be hell to pay if they find out I didn”t stay at Nick”s and I didn”t tell them.”

I realized I had never even asked Dave his last name. He sat forward, breaking contact with me. I craved to have my lips back on his skin. I placed my left hand on his back and my right hand on his muscular thigh. Chan kindly held Dave”s wide, slightly upward-curving penis.

“By the way, Dave,” I continued, “who are your parents? You said your dad is a dermatologist?”

“Yeah, so is mom,” Dave answered. “Dad is Michael Peacock, and mom is Elizabeth White. They”re in practice with Dr. Silvestri on Keystone Avenue.”

I replied, “Yes, I”ve heard the names, but I don”t know them.”

“They”re pretty cool, you know, for parents,” Dave said with a smile forming on his thick lips. Dave picked up his cell phone from the coffee table and opened his contact list. Chan and I returned to cuddling him as Dave sat back on the sofa. Chan “helped out” by pulling up Dave”s balls from between his solid thighs after he sat back, my son”s left hand remained on the sack for moral support as he lightly held the thick black penis. Dave looked at Chan with a wan smile as the call connected.

Dave spoke to his father.

“Dad? Hey. No, nothing”s wrong. Sorry it”s so late. I just wanted to let you know that we had a change of plans: I”m not at Nick”s like I told you I would be.

“No, I”m at Channing Tarnow”s house. He was one of the freshmen last year that we had training with us, remember? Yeah, him. The cute blond one.”

Dave smiled broadly at his father”s assessment of my son.

Chan bent down to kiss Dave”s glans and then lapped at his nipple. My son received a sharp tug on his curly blond hair in retaliation. Dave continued, “Anyway, we ran into him and his dad at the tuxedo shop tonight and they invited me over for their last night in Pennsylvania.

“Yeah, it”s a really wild party. All they have left in the house is bottled water and protein powder, so we”re all super buzzed. “They”re leaving for South Carolina tomorrow after the memorial service. We just got back to their house.

“I”m not sure why they invited me. Well, actually, I am sure, but I don”t think you want to know. “Well, dad, are you sure? Maybe I should wait and explain it tomorrow?

“See, dad, I think I figured out tonight that I am gay, and … What”s so funny? Wait. What do you mean you know? How long have you two suspected, and why didn”t you tell me?”

Dave listened to his dad for a few minutes.

“OK, dad. See, I wasn”t sure I was gay until tonight when I …uh, you see, I had sex with Channing”s dad Andrew tonight in the tuxedo shop. No, dad, it wasn”t like that. We weren”t in the display window putting on a wild public sex show. We were in the back, in the tailor”s shop putting on a wild private sex show.

“See Chan was getting a suit altered for tomorrow and was naked and Nick was trying on a suit. Then they said the color would look better on me, but I was going commando tonight, so, when I went to try on the suit I got naked too. And then we got talking about hair removal and …

“No, dad, nobody forced me to do anything. Positive. Yes, the tailor was there. I think he enjoyed watching. Well, actually I guess he gave us permission when he masturbated all over us. No, Nick and Pete didn”t watch us because they were fucking Channing at the time.

“I”m sorry, dad. I know there are better words,” Dave corrected himself. “Pete was having anal intercourse with Chan while Chan was performing fellatio on Nick.

“Yes, Pete”s gay too. See, that one you didn”t know, did you? Ha! And Chan is gay. No, Nick is straight, but, who doesn”t like to be fellated, right?

“No, dad, nobody. I penetrated Mr. Tarnow after I performed analingus on him. Nobody has penetrated me, yet.

“Yes, dad it was terrific. It was better than I ever fantasized it could be. I can”t wait to do it again. I hope to make love to Chan once I hang up with you. I want to see if Chan is as good a lover as his father. Then we”re all going to sleep. Thanks, dad. I”m happy for me too.

“No, Nick”s going to pick me up tomorrow. Oh? Really? Well, I guess, if you want to. I have to tell you that we were hanging out naked so long at the shop, I let Nick take all my clothes when he and Pete left, so I”ll still be naked when you get here. You can bring along something for me to wear. Please and thank you.

Dave started laughing.

“Yes, dad, that will indeed make it easier to check for skin irritation. God! Clock out already, Dr. Peacock.

“About 8:30? That will work. I”ll text Nick to let him know he”s off the hook. See you tomorrow. I love you, dad. And mom too.”

Dave disconnected the phone and texted Nick. Chan and I just stared at him.

“What?” Dave asked.

“I”m a little shocked you told your dad everything we did, just like that,” I said.

“Well, he was pretty cool about it. And he was bound to find out one way or another. Apparently, he and mom had a bet as to whether I would come out before I graduated. I just won dad a golf trip to Pebble Beach. He couldn”t be happier,” Dave explained.

“By the way, he and mom are coming to pick me up tomorrow, so they can meet you.”

I asked if they would be shocked were they to find the three of us naked.

“Well, they know I will be, so I don”t think it will take a genius to suppose that you might be too,” Dave said. “Besides, we hang out naked at home pretty regularly too.”

Chan put his hand on Dave”s face to force eye contact.

“Dave, sweetie, if I”m not mistaken, you told your dad you were going to make love to me as soon as you hung up. That was, like, three minutes ago and my ass is still empty. Why are you so cruel?”

Dave kissed my son with all the passion he could muster.

“I sincerely apologize for neglecting you, Bunny, my love. Let”s go to your room and make love now,” Dave suggested.

Chan smiled at Dave”s calling him Bunny. He told Dave, “Well, actually I sleep with dad, so you”ll have to make love to me in his bed. Let”s wash up and brush our teeth so we can start with a clean slate,” Chan said.

I told the boys to get started, and I would be in after I reset the house alarm and turned off lights. I walked the house to check window and door locks, more out of wistfulness rather than need. I remembered that I left the lube in the bag with Chan”s shoes, so I went into his room and retrieved it and then proceeded to our room where I placed a bottle on each nightstand. I tucked Mr. Bunny in the center of my bed just to be a smartass.

I entered the bathroom to find Dave sitting on our top-of-line Numi toilet with an integrated bidet and dryer. Chan told me he demonstrated the water wand in the shower that we use to wash out our rectums and then moved over to the toilet to expel the water.

Chan repeated to Dave my frequent admonition that the idea is to clean the anus and rectum, not flush the colon.

After they each rinsed three times, Chan demonstrated the bidet function that washes the anus and surrounding area with warm water and then dries with heated air. The toilet has built-in charcoal filters so there is hardly ever any odor no matter how bad a time one might be having on the toilet.

Dave”s eyes were wide, and his mouth hung open with a gleeful smile as Chan was at the touchscreen control panel.

One of the nice things about the all-in-one is that it gets you cleaner than if you used toilet paper, so you never have to touch izmit eve gelen escort anything unpleasant back there. The toilet also cleans itself. Consequently, the control panel remains pristine instead of becoming a hepatitis hazard zone.

Dave asked for his phone and instructed Chan to take a video of him on the toilet to send to his dad.

“Hey, dad! We gotta get one of these!” Dave exclaimed to the camera.

As I was entering the shower to use the water wand, Dave and Chan were shooting a video of themselves using the bidet function. Dave instructed Chan to bend over so he could get a closeup of my son”s anus to show his dad how clean it was. Then Dave pulled part of his afro back to ensure the camera had an unobstructed view as his long powerful tongue found its way to Chan”s starfish and licked it as the video continued to record.

“Oh god! That feels so good,” the camera captured my son in exhilaration.

“Look, dad, it”s so clean you can eat off it!” Dave said with a beaming smile on his full lips. He added two more swipes of his tongue. The boys were in hysterics as Dave said goodbye to his dad and stopped recording. I had just come out of the shower to expel my first load of rectal wash.

I asked Dave, “Are you actually going to show your dad a video of you licking someone”s ass?”

“It”s already being sent,” Dave answered. “Dad will get a good laugh, I hope. Besides, it”s not `someone”s ass,” it”s Chan”s ass. What could be better?”

True enough: nothing is better than Chan. My son looked irresistible standing naked in front of the double vanity, face to face with the equally naked Dave. They were swishing their pre-brush rinse in their mouths as they toyed with the curls on each other”s head. The bathroom light gleamed off Chan”s biceps as his arm moved around, adjusting Dave”s loose afro. The light also gleamed off Dave”s exquisite dark skin, every cell of which I wanted to taste, touch, and love. Dave played affectionately with Chan”s loose-hanging blond curls.

The fourteen and seventeen-year-old were standing close enough that the tip of Dave”s hairless penis, which was erect to about seven inches and standing straight out, was tracing through Chan”s trimmed pubic hair. It appeared that it was depositing droplets of precum in the silky hair. I hoped to be able to lap it up very shortly.

Although both boys were having fun and managing to smile at each other even as they swished the mouthwash for the requisite minute, I could see how they held each other”s gaze. They were looking at each other with tender love, the same way I was looking at both of them.

I realized I was sitting on the toilet after releasing my second rinse, just staring at the two young men. I brought myself to the task at hand.

The boys were brushing their teeth as I went about round three, which came out clean. I used the bidet and dryer functions and then went to the vanity to grab the mouthwash only to discover Dave rinsing off my toothbrush and putting it back in the holder.

“He told me to,” Dave said to me with wide eyes as he pointed to Chan.

My son feigned shock and then warned his friend, “Snitches get stitches, bro.”

I pretended to be angry, but couldn”t hold it more than a few seconds. I reclaimed my toothbrush from the black teen, after playfully spanking his marvelous ass twice on each cheek, and reloaded the brush with toothpaste while spitting out my mouthwash.

“I”ll join you two in a minute. Save me a good spot.”

When I entered the bedroom, my son was lying atop his friend as they shared a long loving kiss. Dave was obviously using the magic of his talented tongue on Chan if my boy”s moans were any indication.

I got into my king-size bed with them, leaving my bedside lamp on low: I wanted to watch the two teens share their first � and last � night of passion. I decided not to participate unless invited since Dave was supposed to be making love to my son after having already made love to me. Chan reached over and pulled me into their embrace. I just received an invitation.

I rolled to my left side and hopped Mr. Bunny over to the nightstand so he wouldn”t get crushed or stained. Then I commenced stroking Chan”s back and ass as Dave lifted his right arm to accommodate my presence. Ah, that underarm!

I availed myself of all the flavors and aromas I could find and just let myself rest against the glorious skin of the boys as they continued their uninterrupted kiss. Soon Chan lifted his face away from his new lover and brought it over to me. His face was wet, so I decided to wet it even more and licked all over his smooth pale skin to tase the mixture of his and Dave”s flavors.

I heard the mantle clock in the living room chime midnight. I held Chan”s face an inch away from my own, briefly mesmerized by his beauty.

“Happy birthday, sweet baby. I love you to the moon and back,” I whispered.

“Happy birthday to you too, daddy. I love you to Neptune and back.”

We kissed deeply and caressed each other lovingly, he was still mounted atop Dave. We luxuriated in each other”s mouths for a couple of minutes, and I could feel Chan gently humping into Dave”s crotch. I was performing a similar service to Dave”s hip.

There was something in Chan”s kiss that sent sparks throughout my body. When we kissed the rest of the world faded, and only our passion remained.

After a couple minutes, Chan and I separated, and both turned our attention to the sweetest, darkest face in the bed. Dave looked at us both and said, “Happy birthday, Drew and Chan. Thank you for letting me share your special day and your special bond.”

We managed a three-way kiss for a few moments, but it was more licking than kissing. That was perfectly fine with me. I like licking both my son and our lover. I encouraged Chan back onto Dave”s voluminous lips while I kissed Dave”s cheek and said, “Thank you, Dave, for the best birthday present and for creating a new special bond between all three of us. I love you, David Peacock.”

Chan lifted off Dave and breathlessly repeated, “I love you, David Peacock. I love you.”

I could feel our threeway love coursing through me like the night”s first shot of whiskey.

I didn”t want us to be up all night, so I knelt behind my son and started prepping his hole with my tongue while dragging my penis along the front of Dave”s powerful hairless thigh.

After a couple of minutes, I suggested Dave take my place while I verified his erection was suitably hard enough to service my son. There was no doubt it would be. I just wanted to get it back into my throat. It was my consolation prize for having to withdraw my tongue from Chan”s “so clean you can eat off it” anus.

Chan lay on his back and curled his legs up to offer his ass to Dave as his lover lined himself up to sink his tongue into Chan”s hole.

I lay on my back perpendicular to Dave and pulled his erection into my mouth and deep-throated that glorious monster. I tried not to stimulate him too much because he was here to bring my son joy, but, there was no danger of him going soft as I serviced his genitals.

I heard the click of a bottle and realized Chan must have retrieved the lube from the nightstand. I extricated myself from under Dave and knelt beside him to assist in lubing my son”s asshole.

Dave sat up and looked at me for guidance. I took his right hand and coated his thumb generously with the silicone lube. He traced around Chan”s anus, and I resupplied him with lubricant.

I slicked my left thumb and joined in the fun. I wrapped my right arm tightly around Dave, holding the lube bottle in front of him.

Dave slid his thumb inside Chan”s ass as I dribbled lube onto the hole. I synchronized my thumb with his, and we jointly started finger fucking my now fifteen-year-old son. I thoroughly enjoyed watching his black thumb and my white one joining forces to prepare Chan for his birthday present.

I added one more dose of lubricant as our thumbs stretched Chan”s ass. Then I held the bottle close to Dave and poured some on his penis. I put down the bottle and lovingly stroked his penis and kissed him as we both kept stretching Chan, who was vocalizing his joy with increasing breathlessness.

Dave”s kiss was hungry, and he filled my mouth with the delectable flavor of my son”s ass. I sucked his tongue to absorb all the flavor while stretching my son”s anus and stroking Dave”s eight-inch, thick, curving cock.

It felt like everyone was ready for that cock to find its home.

I stopped stroking Dave, broke our kiss, and slowly withdrew my thumb from Chan. Dave also pulled out his thumb. Chan moaned low with longing.

As Dave changed his stance I poured more lube on his beautiful phallus I moved next to Chan to ask jokingly, “Was that enough, Bunny, or do you want more?”

“More. Please, more. Please, daddy. Please,” my son begged.

I watched Dave press his wide spongy glans against Chan”s anus. Suddenly about two inches of it disappeared into my beautiful son”s beautiful ass.

Chan”s voice got husky. “Please. Please.”

I added one last dollop of lube as Dave filled and stretched Chan”s ass to show him some love.

Dave began a sensuously languorous rhythm that prompted satisfied grunts and groans from Chan. My son”s ass must have been having an effect on izmit otele gelen escort Dave too because he looked like he was transported further into bliss with each thrust into that magical ass.

“Daddy, please. Please, daddy. Your penis,” Chan said, struggling to remain coherent. “I want to suck your penis, daddy. I want both my loves in me. Please, daddy.”

How could I deny my sweetest baby anything he desired? Chan spread his knees. He looked ready to do frog kicks. I straddled his chest and let him lap at my dripping piss slit like a thirsty hamster. I had to hold my penis down because I was so hard that my dick was cleaved to my abdomen. I slowly entered my son”s well-practiced mouth and sunk into his throat for a moment before starting my fucking rhythm.

I luxuriated in Chan”s mouth and his love. I swore we were so connected that I could feel Dave”s penis as it made love to my son. Dave was the best lover I ever had in my ass, and, from what I could feel being transmitted to me through my son, Dave was doing the same thing to Chan. How could I know this?

I was at the top of the bed, so I leaned my head against the headboard, my long blond hair hanging disheveled over my face, and balanced myself so I could reach back with both hands and pull my ass cheeks apart in a silent invitation as I continued fucking into my son”s eager throat.

Chan was humming transcendental pleasure around my cock when I felt Dave”s mouth surround my anus and start humming moans there too. Oh, my sweet, sweet Dave!

Then I felt his renowned tongue start its work. I was about ninety seconds from exploding. I had trouble deciding whether to stay as I was and ride my bliss or to spin around and get into a sixty-nine with Chan while Dave filled his ass.

I decided on the latter: I wanted Chan to have as much stimulation as possible, so I knelt upright to signal my intentions to Dave and then turned while doing my best not to remove my penis from its place of worship.

I had to scrunch up pretty tightly because Chan was curled up to present his ass to Dave. It was worth the discomfort when I felt my son vibrating in ecstasy. Chan”s ecstasy caused me to shiver once more as I became electrified again. My throbbing penis was now lodged in Chan”s throat at a different angle. It felt even better than before. My balls were slapping Chan”s cheeks as I sunk my entire shaft into his throat.

Dave was picking up steam too, and I enjoyed watching Chan”s improbably-stretched hole being filled with that curving magic wand. Dave was doing his best to hit Chan at varying angles. His best was better than anyone else”s. Chan showed no signs of discomfort, only joy.

My hands managed to find the beautiful blackness of Dave”s narrow hips. My fingertips sparked at the touch of our lover”s skin. I could feel my son”s penis throbbing its excitement in my throat.

I started groaning, signaling my blossoming orgasm. As my eyes were being forced shut by the force of my orgasm, I felt Chan”s cock plump, and he shot a powerful load into my mouth.

I returned the favor into his mouth. We exchanged five volleys each. I kept as much as I could in my mouth. Chan was trying not to shake uncontrollably. His prolonged anal contractions seemed to send Dave into a rutting orgasm. I moved my hands to Dave”s ass to feel the formidable contractions of his glutes as he pounded into Chan”s ass. I was ecstatic that Chan was experiencing Dave”s magical love. The three of us were in perfect synchronicity.

As we returned from hyperspace, I let my son”s penis slip from my mouth. I offered a cum-covered closed mouth smile at Dave, who knew exactly where to go for his next meal.

As he mined as much liquid gold from my mouth as he could, I backed up and gestured down to Chan”s mouth, which was holding my ejaculate in reserve while the tip of my still-dripping cock rested on his lips.

Once again Dave picked up on his assigned duty and dove onto Chan”s mouth with his own before I could move. My penis was trapped in the corners of their connected mouths as they swapped my and Chan”s ejaculate.

They kept kissing for a long time. I could feel both their tongues intertwining with each other and caressing my glans. My cock was becoming hypersensitive after my orgasm, but the two teens kept stimulating me. I couldn”t bring myself to withdraw from their connected mouths.

I tenderly stroked Dave”s afro and let it tickle my penis, scrotum, and lower belly. I marveled at the wonder of Dave”s back as my hand stroked him from neck to ass and back. My sweet, sweet Dave!

The combination of Chan”s and my cum in their mouths made my cock feel like it was in a carwash. The combination of Chan”s and Dave”s love for each other, and mine for both of them brought me to tears.

I felt myself entering into another orgasm. I tried not to hump too much so both Dave and Chan could keep my cock in their mouths. I felt my penis offering them four bursts of my love.

The teens were no longer kissing. They were nibbling at the flare of my glans and making me feel special and loved. After the second orgasm, I was even more sensitive. I could tell that Chan could feel it. He let his mouth hang open so I could remove my penis.

Dave pulled off my son”s mouth and my penis, removing the obscuration of his sexy hairdo from Chan”s line of sight.

“Dad, what”s wrong? Why are you crying,” my son asked worriedly?

“Nothing is wrong, Bunny. Exactly the opposite. I”m so happy that I don”t know what to do. I love you both so much!”

As I was talking, Chan nuzzled his nose under the root of my slimy, spent cock and began butterfly kissing my slightly less slimy, wet scrotum.

“I”m happy too, dad,” Chan spoke into my balls. “This is the best birth- … uhnnnnn.”

Chan got lost in the sensation of Dave removing his still-substantial cock from my birthday boy”s ass.

Dave knee-walked up Chan”s torso and brought his penis to a halt a couple of inches above Chan”s mouth. I moved back a little to give Dave maneuvering room. The dark, upwardly-curving penis was still trickling cum.

Dave said, “Happy birthday, sweet baby. Here comes your present,” as he squeezed his cock, a glob of cum landed on Chan”s lips. “I made it myself.”

Dave painted Chan”s smiling lips with his cum, lovingly using his precious cock as an artist”s tool. Chan lay patiently, eyes drooping from his orgasm until Penis Picasso finished his work.

I looked at my son adoringly. His lips were glistening with semen in the dim light, and the tip of Dave”s cock rested on his chin with yet another bolus of cum clinging to his slit. Chan looked completely satisfied, like a child who played with his most-coveted Christmas present to the point of exhaustion.

A dollop of cum landed on Chan”s lower lip, and he instinctively brought out the tip of his tongue to retrieve it while his eyes fluttered themselves back to consciousness. He slowly licked his lips and almost passively opened his mouth so Dave”s penis could nest there for a while.

Dave leaned over and kissed me, and we rubbed our faces all over each other. I couldn”t resist the urge to go spelunking in Dave”s wide nostrils again. They were moist from his heavy breathing, and I relished the sharp sweetness.

“Don”t worry, Drew. I made a present for you too. But I accidentally left it in your son”s ass. You”re going to have to go get it yourself.”

I squeezed young Mr. Peacock as tightly as I could and kissed him as lovingly as I knew how. I was once again in awe of how perfectly Dave kissed me as his tongue slithered its way around my mouth, distributing our combined flavors for us both to savor.

“I know I”m going to love your present as much as I love you, my sweet.”

Chan spent another minute or so lazily cleaning off Dave”s cock. Dave sat up tall and then spun and flopped down on his back in the middle of my king-size bed, a goofy, languid smile spread across his face. He was spent. He was beautiful. He reached to his left and pulled Chan over, so my son was straddling the older teen. They kissed.

Dave pulled Chan”s knees up higher on either side of his narrow hips and said, “I think your daddy wants to open his birthday present.”

Chan relaxed his sphincter, and I dove in, eagerly feasting on Dave”s cum inside my precious son”s rectum. I kept going until I was sure I got it all and then went in yet again, for good measure. I tried to imitate what Dave had done to my ass earlier tonight in Roger”s tailor shop. Soon enough, I heard my son groaning, and his hole closed around my tongue as I induced another orgasm for him.

He squirted five ropes of cum onto his lover � our lover � and then let his body go limp. I wasn”t sure how he could have that much cum left in him. Chan melted over to Dave”s left side while I reached back to turn off the bedside lamp behind me. I lay down against Dave”s right flank, cuddling the same way we did on the couch a couple of hours before.

We all let our hands roam as we exchanged assurances of love. My face found a small pool of Chan”s cum on Dave”s right pec. I rubbed my face around so I could cover myself in my son”s ejaculate. We each massaged other drops of cum into Dave”s torso as we silently caressed. I inhaled the aroma of cum as it dried on our lover”s muscled abdomen. I too was satisfied and exhausted.

Our hands slowed as our bodies relaxed into each other. I entwined the fingers of my right hand with the fingers of Dave”s left hand as we came to roost on Chan”s ass.

I felt our breathing slow. The three of us simultaneously whispered, “I love you.”

We sighed into blissful sleep.


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