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Subject: Raising Boys 71 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticisms are always welcome at hoo A special thanks to the generous readers who have made donations in our name to Nifty. I hope we can all find it in our hearts to do what we can to support the wonderful gift of stories found on this site. Again, fty/donate.html 71 Lunch after the swim meet was fun. I had trouble focusing on our conversations at times because whenever I caught a whiff of Stewart’s fragrance, or he would catch my eye and smile, I went a little weak. Had he always had this kind of effect on me or had I just been missing him more than I realized? Watching him interact with all of our boys and with Rick and Kurt, it was all I could do not to sneak him into the men’s room and just go down on my knees and take him into me. During lunch, we caught him up on the situation with Cliff, Clifford and the Fee situation, avoiding the more tawdry details. We told him about Rhett and Russell moving into Kurt’s house with the new orthopaedist and their contract with the school. We also caught him up on Derrick and Der’s situation as well as on Elliott. He got the whole story on the Bowers situation and seemed genuinely relieved that the family was incarcerated for what looked as if it would be a very long time. Stewart had a run-in with the judge and his son while Judge Bowers’ family was still attending his church. They had all moved to Point of the cross after a disagreement about the bus ministry Stewart was favoring because it was bringing too many dark-skinned people into the congregation. We asked about Stewart’s mother and his step-father. He told us there was very little change. Stewart said he had actually booked an earlier flight home but that the man’s condition had seemed to deteriorate. Stewart said the man’s respirations and heart rate, as well as his blood pressure had dropped significantly, leading them to believe he was going. But then he had perked up again and the man was talking with his mother just before he left. He said honestly there was just no way of estimating how long this could take. He said they could call before we finished lunch and tell him the man was dead, or it could drag on indefinitely. We shared with Stewart about Bradley’s letter from the attorney in Pennsylvania, indicating his grandfather had mentioned the boy in his will. I explained we had just been notified late on Friday and I would be calling to make arrangements for us to meet with the attorneys in Philadelphia as soon as the offices opened on Monday morning. Bradley was very nonplussed by the whole thing. Stewart asked if the boy had heard from his parents and Bradley told him he had not heard a word from his dad since his dad’s recent marriage and the only contact from his mother had been the voice mail telling him of the death of his grandfather. I wanted to cry as I heard the boy tell about his estrangement from his family, but Bradley seemed absolutely fine. The boys said they had been notified by Michael’s office that they should stop by on their way to Point of the Cross for the afternoon rehearsal to pick up a CD. I had an idea what might be on the CD. I knew that, having seen the entire video of little Cliff being forced to fuck and clean up his own mother after fucking her, the entire content could not be used in a church service. Then again, if Michael was looking for impact, he might just do it. I think I was hopeful the entire video wouldn’t be used because I knew there were some young children in the service. But a case could certainly be made that everyone in town knew of Fee’s sorriness, and if they chose to expose their children to his bullshit, they would get exactly what they deserved. I knew that Michael had been pissed that Clifford’s wife, Reverend Fee, and their attorney, young Mr. Ridley had absolutely refused to meet in Michael’s office in any circumstances. I could hardly blame them, remembering the last time they were there, they had more or less been run out of the office with tubes of KY jelly being thrown at them. Once we finished our lunch, Stewart, Kurt, and I loaded our boys and Jack, Bradley, Donald and Rick headed for Michael’s office on their way to Point of the Cross to do the rehearsal for tomorrow’s service. As we started for home, Kurt offered the boys an afternoon chapter of the Hardy Boys if they would like one. Both boys agreed they would love that, but were concerned that Eli would miss it. Kurt said it was possible Eli might be home when we arrived and, if not, they could all catch him up on what he had missed. Ren said he would like to participate. I knew my older son had sensed my need for some time with Stewart and was volunteering to distract the little ones. When we arrived home Poppy and Eli had just arrived. Kurt told them that he was offering to read a chapter before their naptime and Poppy asked if he could join them. They welcomed him and the boys went upstairs to get out of their clothes. Stewart and I went into our bedroom and he turned to me and hugged me. He gave me a very long and a very wet kiss. “I really have missed you.” “I understand that,” I said. “I’ve missed you more than I ever knew I could miss anyone. When you’re gone I feel like I’ve lost my moral compass.” “That’s simply not the case,” he said. “I’ve learned it’s usually pointless to argue with you but you need to know that you have the strongest moral compass of anyone I’ve ever met. Your instincts are always right on. I can’t imagine my life without you and our boys. I really cannot.” “I hope neither of us ever has to imagine that,” I said. “I really feel the need to wash this airplane funk off me before I take you to bed and do all kinds of nasty things” he said. “You still smell fresh as a daisy, but I know that feeling,” I said. “You think I might get an invitation to join you?” “Do you need an invitation?” he asked. “I thought it was understood we were getting naked together and doing every nasty thing we could think of.” We took our clothes off. I found myself unable to take my eyes off him as he removed each item of clothing. The man was more beautiful to me than he had ever been. He actually seemed to be enjoying the attention, something that would never have been the case only a short time ago. “You’re realizing how very sexy you are, aren’t you?” I teased. “I’ve been working out,” he smiled. “I’m not displeased with how I look.” He again took me in his arms and held me tight. “Rob,” he said quietly, “this time in Colorado has been awful. But it’s made me appreciate even more than ever the life we have here and the family we’re continuing to build.” I could see his dick was rapidly thickening. We both looked at his cock and we giggled. “We better get in that shower now or it’s just not going to happen.” he said. “I hope you see what you do to me.” “May it always be so,” I said. We got under the hot water together and we still just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He asked me to use the new shower buddy on him. “Does this mean you want me to…?” “It means I want you to fuck me,” he interrupted. “It’s almost all I’ve thought about while I’ve been away. I want you to lock eyes with me and fuck the living hell out of me. I want you to put your hot, sticky cum in me. I want you to breed me, Rob.” “You should know by now that nothing turns me on like hearing my preacher man talk nasty” I said. We finished our shower and his douche and made it to the bed. We were eating each other’s face. He wanted my cock in his mouth and when I first felt his hot mouth on me I realized I was awfully close to shooting. I told him he wouldn’t get fucked if he kept that up so he pulled his mouth off my hard cock. He looked directly into my eyes as he moved onto his back and spread his legs and grabbed his knees, pulling them to his chest. His hot body with his beautiful sandy hair was beautiful. “Fuck me, Rob,” he said quietly. “Please fuck me.” I dove between his legs and went straight for his pink, hairy hole with my tongue. He moaned as soon as my tongue touched him. I had him wet and I inserted one slick finger. He was moaning. I inserted a second and started to massage his gland. It went hard immediately as he began to shoot all over his beautiful hairy tummy. I kept fingering him until every drop of his load was drained. Then I moved on top of him with our faces close together. “Do you still want to be fucked?”I asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Fuck me like it’s the last fuck of your life.” So I did. I put my whole dick straight into him. He gasped, but immediately started to wiggle. I told him to calm down or I’d shoot right then. He calmed himself and I steadied myself for a nice, slow fuck. We locked eyes as I started long strokes into his hot, velvety hole. escort kocaeli It felt amazing and warm and wet and like all good things imaginable. When I would hit bottom, he would gasp and then smile. I loved watching him get fucked, this man who was so dear to me and my boys. This was a man who had denied himself any sexual activity for so long. It was pure joy to see him as he enjoyed letting go and just enjoy being fucked. I flipped him over and penetrated him deeply in doggy for a while, then I again put him on his back. It was a dance and he was letting me lead. When I returned him to his back, our eyes again locked as I got to my feet in a squatted position and jackrabbit-fucked him. He was moaning with every breath and I saw his cock was hard again. “Beat your meat, buddy,” I said. “Get that beautiful dick of yours is hard again and I want to see it shoot. I want to taste your cum. I want to eat every drop.” I felt my climax start deep in my balls and move up like a heat wave. I was thrusting into him as hard and as fast as I could now until I finally got there. Just as I started loading his manhole, I heard him moan and saw him shooting his hot cream out of his beautiful uncut cock. We both collapsed. I was on top of him, my dick still inside him. We were spent and silent for several minutes. “I’d be perfectly happy to die with your dick inside me,” he said. “Please don’t do that preacher man,” I said. “I doubt your flock would understand.” “That was amazing, awesome, incredible, and all the other words,” he said. “I’m glad you like the way I fuck,” I told him “I don’t like the way you fuck,” he said. “I love the way you fuck.” “Practice makes perfect,” I whispered. “Then, by all means, keep practicing, you lovely bastard,” I said. We lay there quietly, just enjoying being together. I think we dozed briefly but we were awakened by three boys jumping on our bed. All three were in little girls’ panties of different colors. “What in the world is this?” Stewart asked with a smile. “Daddy, I wanted to hug you,” Flynnie said as he crawled all over his handsome father. “Me too,” Landry said as he joined the pile. Eli was standing back watching as our boys were wrestling playfully with Stewart. “There’s another boy by my bed that I’d love hugs and kisses from,” he said, looking directly at little Eli. The little boy flashed a dazzling smile and joined the other two boys. They were hugging and kissing Stewart’s head and his face. It was wild and it was beautiful. “We kept them down as long as we could,” Kurt said apologetically. “Flynn finally couldn’t stand it and insisted on seeing his daddy. Landry was right behind him.” Kurt and Poppy were standing there smiling as they watched the wrestling boys. “Ren and I are about to head for the library” Kurt said. “We’re hoping to put the finishing touches on his pipe organ paper.” “I really can’t wait to read it,” Stewart said. “Did you come up with a recommendation? “Ren came up with his own recommendation and I with mine. We haven’t shared with each other yet and I don’t think we will until the committee makes its recommendation,” Kurt said. “That should happen tomorrow,” Stewart said. “The committee is meeting immediately after the service and we plan to vote.” “That’s great,” Kurt said. “Now I better get some clothes on. I think Ren is waiting for me.” “I can’t believe that boy,” Stewart said. “How many eight graders are willing to spend a Saturday afternoon in a library?” “And how many first graders run around in sheer little girls’ panties?” I asked him. “Did you even notice?” “Of course I did,” he said. “I think they look incredibly great. I knew the answer would be forthcoming if I just waited for it.” I shared the details of pantygate. As I thought, Stewart had no problem with our boys wearing panties made for girls. Ren stopped in to tell us goodbye before he left with Kurt for the library. “Son,” Stewart said to him, “do you have time to come and sit for a minute?” Poppy had herded the little ones out, heading for the pool. It was suddenly very quiet in the room like a calm after a storm. Ren sat down beside Stewart on the bed but Stewart pulled him in so he was lying beside him with Stewart’s strong arm around my boy. Ren laid his head on Stewart’s hairy chest. They were quiet for a minute or two. “Ren,” Stewart said. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I’d never have believed it myself if someone had told me I’d miss another person so much. I didn’t think I was capable of loving as much as I’ve learned to love you guys.” “We’ve missed you too,” he said. “More than you could know. But even little Flynn has been good about it. It’s like he’s really too young to understand but somehow inside he knows his dad has a special calling to do the right thing.” “You’re one remarkable kid,” he said. Then he kissed my son right on the lips. Ren responded, turning his body to him and embracing him. The kiss got hotter and deeper. It was beautiful to watch. Then Stewart seemed to realize where things were heading. He eased the embrace, but touched the boy’s cheek. “Ren, if you’d like and your dad is okay with it, do you think you might want to sleep with us tonight?” “I’d love that a lot” the boy said. “Neither of you can know how happy it makes me to just see you two together. I’m the luckiest dad in the world” I said. Kurt walked into the bedroom, apologizing for the interruption. “No interruption at all” Stewart said. “It’s a good thing you walked in when you did, otherwise, our Ren might have been held down and ravished by two aging daddies for the rest of the afternoon.” Ren blushed at the knowledge that both of us found him so sexy and beautiful. He got up and hugged both of us as they took off, Kurt’s arm around my older son’s shoulder. “Damn, what a houseful of sexy boys and men,” Stewart said. “You’re not going to believe this but I’m hard again. How can I be expected to leave this house full of people I love to fly back to the Denver Bitch-o–ama? Seriously, Rob, I really mean it. ” “I know you do, but I also know you’ll always do the right thing and the right thing for you right now is to be there for your mother, no matter how unappreciative she may be” I said. “You’re setting an example for our boys. Our little ones may be too young to realize it right now, but Ren certainly does and so do all our boys down in that guest house. You and I both know that actions are so much more important than words. Your sacrifice is teaching them a very valuable lesson. And, while we may think the little ones aren’t learning from your example, I’m not so sure of that. I think our babies realize how difficult it is for you to be away from them and that you’re doing this to help others. Is there really a more valuable lesson? Your actions are teaching them that while the right thing to do is not always the easy thing to do. You’re teaching all of us that lesson, preacher man” “And the right thing for me right now is to go down and join our little ones in the pool. Will you join us?” he asked. Since Stewart was still half hard, he grabbed a towel and put it around his waist. I was good, so I didn’t bother. We went downstairs and, after grabbing beers for ourselves and one for Poppy, we joined our little ones in the pool for some wet fun of the other variety. I could tell Flynn was a little extra clingy with Stewart and watching that made Landry copy the behavior with me. That was just fine with both of us because we both loved nothing better than body contact with our boys. Poppy said he had earlier received a call from the school’s booster club president and that the shirts he and Bea had designed and donated had sold out in a mere twelve minutes. The boosters were ordering a thousand more of the panther shirts. He shared with us that he was especially thrilled for the lady who ran the little company that provided the shirts. He explained that she was another single mom raising a son and this kind of order really helped her out. I realized that Poppy had probably helped countless people over the years without ever seeking credit for it. We played splashdown with our three little ones until our arms were exhausted. Even the three little bundles of energy were showing signs that they were getting tired. I saw Landry yawn a couple of times and I thought he might be receptive to the idea of a nap. None of the three resisted that idea so we dried their little bodies and wrapped them up in big towels. Each of us lay on one of the big, wooden chaises beside the pool with a boy under our arm. In no time, all three were asleep. “I sure hope our older boys are all right” Poppy said. “No one in that entire Fee group can be trusted as far as I can throw a constipated elephant.” “I hope they’re okay too” I added. “I think I must have kocaeli anal yapan escort been out of my mind to ever go along with this plan.” “Those boys were going to do it whether you like it or not” Stewart said. “They would never have defied you but they’d have found some way of convincing you it was the right thing for them to do.” “I just wish they’d get their little asses home” I said. “I can’t help worrying about them. If anything happened to any of those boys…” “Don’t say it” Stewart said. “If anyone harmed even a hair on those boys, I think it’s doubtful he or she would survive for twelve hours between you, Isaiah, and Rick. I wouldn’t fuck with any of you three individually, much less as a pissed-off team.” “You were ready to fuck with me a very short time ago,” I chuckled, leaning over to kiss Stewart. “Ah, now the truth comes out,” Poppy laughed. “I’m glad you guys found a little time for yourselves. I wish my boys could be around. I know Derrick is going to love Stewart and so will my little Der.” They are both beautiful guys, inside and out” I said. “I can’t wait for all of them to meet and get to really know each other.” “I can’t believe my life has become so full in just such a short time” Poppy said. “It wasn’t long ago at all that I dreaded seeing the sun rise to bring another shitty day. Now I can’t wait to wake up and get up to see what the day has in store. Rob, there’s something you probably need to know. The guys from the frat are indicating there is a significant amount of twitching in Elliott’s eyelids and increased moaning. His eyes haven’t opened yet and he hasn’t spoken coherently, but there seem to be signs that he may be becoming more conscious. I can’t believe the way those boys from the fraternity are with him all the time. All of them have found out enough about him and little Eli that if he wakes up, they’re all prepared to assure him that he’s all right and his son is fine. Those guys are pulling so hard for Elliott. Bea and I feel the same way, but the way those young boys have responded is really heart-warming.” “It’s a wonderful group of boys” I said. “And Russell and Rhett are there as often as possible. Muscles atrophy so quickly when an individual is bedbound so they both want to minimize that as much as possible. So Rhett is on top of what’s going on?” “Absolutely” Poppy said. “One of the guys � the tall ginger one � I think his name is Jeff � apologized to Rhett for calling him so often but Rhett assured him it is not a bother. He wants to know everything that goes on with Elliott.” “I think Rhett may have been in love with Elliott at one time” I said. “I never saw it then but I see a lot of love in the way he looks at him.” “He’s a beautiful man” I said. “I just hope you guys get the chance to know him and I hope we can help him heal from all the awful things he went through.” “If he’ll just wake up, we can help him heal” Poppy said. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” “Stewart, my boy, it’s been such a crazy morning we’ve hardly had a chance to exchange a word. How are things with your family out in Denver?” Poppy asked him. “Actually, Poppy,” he said, “my family is right here. I simply don’t have any familial feelings toward those folks out in Colorado. I can’t remember ever feeling any affection for Ceci. I can’t even call her mother. She’s pretty much destroyed any goodwill I might have managed to feel toward her by her recent actions. Of course those vile bitches everyone else calls my step-sisters are no better. It’s like a nasty nest of cunts.” “My poor boy” Poppy said. “You sure have a lot of people here who love you. I hope that is some consolation. Both my son and I have had our share of dealings with bitches in our personal lives. The big difference in our situations is that we chose the bitches. You got no such chance. Rob had shared your situation with me. Are things really no better at all?” “Not really, Poppy,” he said. “Ceci doesn’t speak to either of the sisters and they aren’t allowed to see their father without my mother or her attorney being present. She’s even accused them of trying to poison their own father. And they’ve both accused her of the same thing. They want to transfer him to M.D. Anderson down in Texas for treatment and Ceci wants him at Sloan-Kettering in New York. They’re totally at a standoff even on where the man’s last days will be spent.” “Does where the man is receiving treatment really having any bearing on his survival?” Poppy asked. “I don’t think so” Stewart said. “I think they’re following standard treatment protocols where he is and I don’t think it really matters. He’s asked all of them to stop treatment but none of them will hear of that. It’s not about him anymore if it ever was. It’s about winning this evil game. He could tell his attorney he wants to stop treatment but he just can’t take the shit that would come down if he did that.” “The most amazing thing for me is that you turned out so differently than your parents, Stewart,” Poppy said. “Your parents hid the death of your sister and paid off your pregnant girlfriend and her family, making them just disappear. It sounds as if they were very much like my late wife. She was a very smart woman and I’ve never really discussed this with my son. My wife was a bitch and a viper. She couldn’t stand even a threat of somehow losing face and she was determined to win at all costs. She found out about my innocent boyhood play with my former friend Bush. The asshole had planned to marry the woman I married, but she chose me. He tried to break it up by telling her I had sucked his dick. While it was technically true, he had persuaded me to suck his little boy dick for under a minute, he had promised to do me after I did him. Then he chickened out on his side of the bet and used that incident to make me feel guilty for all these years. He told my wife and she used it against me too. She always had to have her way. If I ever tried to buck her on anything it was always, `Paul, if anyone ever found out you had sucked your buddy’s cock’. That was all it took. And I let her convince me I was defective which is what ended up ruining my relationship with my own son.” Poppy was relating all of this without a tear. It seemed he had come to grips with all his mistakes and all the sorrow. “I’m just glad both of you are better dads than I was” he said. “I know there isn’t a soul on this earth you would ever allow to intimidate you into doing something against the best interests of your relationships with these boys.” All three boys were sleeping beside us, each wrapped in a fluffy white towel. “Poppy, there’s not a man among us that hasn’t made a mistake,” Stewart said. “You are a lucky man. You were able to renew a relationship with your son. You’ll appreciate that relationship more than a man who never went through that kind of testing could ever understand. I rejoice that you and your boys have made a fresh start.” “I am a lucky man” Poppy said. “I am just hoping and praying that Elliott will have another chance with his precious boy here.” “Maybe your mother deserves our pity, Stewart” Poppy said. “Anyone who couldn’t open her heart to that beautiful little Flynn must have died inside. It’s unfortunate but that’s the only explanation I can come up with.” “It’s as though he just doesn’t exist in her world” Stewart said. “When I mention his name or say something about him, she doesn’t even acknowledge it. She may be the hardest, most self-involved bitch on the planet.” “Speaking of vile bitches,” I said “has either of you ever met the Reverend Fee’s wife?” Neither man had. “I’ve never met the woman” I said, “yet I find it strange how she apparently just looks the other way constantly in light of the bad behavior of her husband and her own son” I said. “Rick and Donald asked me about her earlier and I told them I knew nothing about her. Everyone in this town knows the reverend had an affair with his secretary all those years ago. It was proven and the man was publicly humiliated. Yet she stuck with him. Since they’ve been back, we are fairly certain the man had an affair with Donald’s mother and planned to move the reverend and his son into her family home until her fortunes changed and she was left with nothing. Fee and his wife even moved the widow Boyd into their own home when she had no means to pay for her return flight. I’d be willing to be Fee was fucking Shirley Boyd in the guest room of the home Fee shares with his wife. The woman had pledged a couple of million bucks to Fee’s church but she ended up penniless and Fee had dropped her ass immediately. Apparently the man was able to move right in with Kurt’s wife and his son was apparently having some type of relationship with Kurt’s daughter. As soon as that cash cow went dry, Fee izmit yabancı escort moved right in with Clifford’s wife who had possession of their family home and a huge monthly check. Are there really so many stupid women in this town? And is any woman really feckless enough to willingly ignore very clear evidence like Fee’s wife apparently does?” We had all been speaking quietly so as not to disturb our sleeping little ones. But Flynn began to stir. He was wrapped in his towel and as close to his daddy as two humans could get. Stewart had his arm around the boy as he squirmed for a moment and very clearly put his little left hand in Stewart’s lap, his fingers in contact with Stewart’s cock. We adults had just stayed naked when we left the pool as we usually didn’t bother with clothes when there were no guests around. Poppy chuckled. “Is our Flynnie looking for something?” Poppy said. “I think he just found his daddy’s pretty cock” I chuckled. Stewart was blushing as he gently tried to move the boy’s hand back up to his furry chest. But Flynn immediately moved his hand back down to his daddy’s thick pubes. Stewart wrapped the boy in his strong arms and held him. “That’s the picture of contentment” I said. “This is one of those moments you just never want to end” Stewart said. “These boys are growing up fast” Poppy said. “Last night after the game, when we dropped Bea at her house, I walked her to the door and gave her a little kiss. When I got back to the car, Flynnie asked me if I licked her tongue. I asked him what he meant and Suzanne says that when boys and girls like each other, they like to lick the other one’s tongue.” “My God” I said, “what trailer park does that little girl live in?” It was Suzanne who had taught our boys the word `horny’ and who had also traded underwear with the boys. Now she’s obviously having conversations with them about kissing? “Do I need to say something to Miss Anderson?” I asked. “If you feel it’s indicated, that will be fine” Stewart said. “For my part, while it’s somewhat annoying, I don’t think the girl has done anything really damaging.” “You’re right, as usual” I said. “I don’t want to be that helicopter parent who is constantly hovering over our boys. I just wonder about her home situation.” “We do have her to thank for our boys developing an interest in wearing panties” Stewart chuckled. “Forgive me, but those three in those little sheer things has to be one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t even think about it without getting hard.” “Preacher man, you’ve been hard all day” I laughed. “Hell, I’ve been exiled in Denver while you guys have been here in boy heaven” he laughed. “That may be contagious” Poppy said. His eyes were on our little Flynn. The boy had been wrapped in his fluffy towel with one hand in his daddy’s chest fur. He had wiggled out of his towel and was showing a hard little boy cock down between his smooth legs. The boy had wakened and was now rubbing his little cock as he smiled up at his handsome daddy. Then he took his daddy’s hand in his own and moved Stewart’s hand down to his hard cocklet. Flynn obviously wanted some attention from his daddy as he started to use his dad’s hand to rub his little hard-on. Stewart looked momentarily panicked, although I knew he had been hopeful he might be around for any signs of sexual awakening in his son. “Don’t be afraid, Stewart” Poppy told him. “It’s the most natural thing in the world.” “Your little boy is wanting his daddy’s touch, Stewart” I said. “He’s missed you being here so much but I’ve never heard him complain even once. It’s tough seeing them grow up but it’s inevitable.” I looked over and little Eli was still sleeping soundly as was Landry. Flynn has his dad’s hand in his own, touching his little cocklet and smiling an angelic smile. It was clear what the boy wanted. Stewart moved the towel out of the way, leaving him and his son naked in the bright sunshine. He lay the boy beside him on the oversized chaise and put his arm around him. He began to rub the boy’s tummy but Flynn wanted more. He again took his dad’s hand and moved it down to his hard little cock. Stewart gently took the boy’s cock in his hand and slid his foreskin back, exposing the tiny bright pink head. Flynn gasped softly as he felt his little cockhead exposed. It was a beautiful sight and Stewart looked over at me and smiled. “Does that feel good, son?” he asked the boy. “Uh huh” the boy said, nodding at his dad. “Please don’t stop, daddy” “I won’t stop till you want me to, son” Stewart whispered. “I sure do love you, Flynnie.” Stewart put three of his fingers into his own mouth to wet them, then he began to very gently work the boy’s foreskin back and forth over the tiny cockhead. It was beautiful and exciting to watch as Flynn closed his eyes, just trusting his sweet daddy to take care of him. Stewart leaned down and began to lick the boy’s neck and his tiny nipples. Flynnie was moaning and breathing much faster now. Stewart moved his face within inches of his boy’s cock and I thought he was going to taste it. But the feel of his father’s tongue had put the boy over the edge. His legs went completely rigid. He gripped his father’s head as his little body quivered. Then the boy reached for his father’s hand holding it motionless on his little cock. “Ooooh, daddy,” the boy said softly. Stewart gently pulled the foreskin over the boy’s reddened cockhead and held him very still. As Flynn’s breathing became more normal, the boy put both of his arms around his daddy’s neck and closed his eyes, his head resting on his handsome dad’s hairy chest. The boy’s eyelids fluttered. “Thank you, daddy” he whispered. “It’s good like Landry said.” Stewart smiled at me and Poppy looked at both of us questioningly. It would appear Landry had shared with his bestie the incident we had in my shower that Sunday morning I was helping Landry get ready for church. It was Landry’s first dry climax and, to my knowledge, his only one so far. Now I wasn’t so sure of that. Apparently these boys were talking about things among themselves. “I really wonder how much the little ones are talking about sexy stuff now” I said. “And if they’re doing anything with each other.” “Kurt and I have been sleeping with them most nights and we haven’t seen anything as far as sex play among themselves” Poppy said. “He has waked up a couple of times to find Eli playing with his bush but that’s the only thing I know of.” “I find it hot beyond belief to think of these boys playing with each other” Stewart said. “I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth, but I also can’t believe I just jacked off my kid.” By now all three of us were hard. I began to play with my dick. The three little ones were sleeping soundly and I watched as Poppy and Stewart began to stroke their cocks. It was a beautiful thing to see, both these handsome men beating their hard dicks with three gorgeous little ones asleep right beside them. I carefully got off my chaise without disturbing Landry and moved over to Poppy, sitting beside him and starting to gently knead his fat ball sac. “Ooh” he said quietly, “that feels really nice.” “I’d love to suck that dick, Poppy” I said. “Go for it” he said. “If the boys wake up I’ll just throw my towel over your head. I need some of your sweet mouth.” I went to my knees beside his chaise and leaned in, taking his thick, hard, uncut meat into my mouth all the way on the first stroke. It was brushing against my uvula and I almost gagged but I repressed it as I held the man’s entire cock in my mouth and started to contract and relax my throat muscles. “God damn!” he said quietly. “That’s fucking amazing.” I slowly slid back, releasing his dick until the very tip was touching my lips. Both he and Stewart watched as I used my lips to retract his generous foreskin and expose his angry cockhead. It was swollen and it looked ready to shoot. “Just relax, Poppy” I told him. He did just that, lying back with his arms raised over his head, exposing his furry pits. “Do your magic, son” he said. I went to work sucking his thick cock in and out of my mouth. I kneaded his fat balls with my hand and wet a finger and began to stroke his hairy perineum. “Fuck, I can’t stand this” Stewart said. “I’m gonna blow!” I glanced over to see Stewart shooting his hot cum all over his hairy tummy with a stray spurt of his thick, warm cream landing on his boy’s face. I had watched Stewart without missing a stroke on Poppy’s cock and he was getting close. I could feel his dick jumping around in my mouth and he grabbed my head, pushing me down all the way on his cock as he fed me his hot load. As his cock desensitized, he released my head and I got back onto my chaise. Poppy was wiping his tummy and his wet crotch with his towel. I saw the cum Stewart had inadvertently spurted on his son’s little face and I went over and licked it off without disturbing the sleeping boy. “Now that may be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen” Stewart said. “If these little ones are sharing as much as we now suspect they may be, we’re going to be a very busy group of men raising these boys” I chuckled.

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