Real story – How I Lost My Virginity

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Real story – How I Lost My VirginityThis is a real story about how I lost my virginity.I noticed her on the stage at my university, she was alone, wearing zippered jeans that amazingly went all the way around, from ass to cunt. I had never seen anything or anyone so sexy. As a new sophomore I was one of those guys that was still a virgin, but I was really horny and hoping that I’d get my chance soon!I was a shy guy, so it took all my bravery to approach her. I had no idea what I was going to say to her. With my heart beating a mile a minute in my chest I walked down the theater, she was finishing what I was assuming was a monologue. As she finished, I reached for something, anything that might be profound and show her I was a sexy yet smart man. Unfortunately, all I could come up with was…“Nice! Are you a theater major?”She looked at me as I approached, a bit surprised.“Oh! I didn’t realize anyone was here! Yes. I’m a new transfer here, just trying to rehearse. Are you a theater major too?”As shocking as this was, first that she would be talking to me, and second that I would have the nerve to talk to her, I started small talk…“No, I’m a broadcast film major. I usually run the projector here and just saw you and figured I’d…”I ran out of anything helpful to say to finish that sentence. Feeling really nervous, and wanting to run out the nearest door, I was very gratified that she just jumped right in…“Well how nice, thank you! Did you like my scene?”From that point on the small talk continued. I learned her name was Victoria (friends called her Vicky) and shockingly I ended up asking her out for coffee the next day. We continued seeing each other, and our relationship quickly grew. At our second date, I bravely reached out to hold her hand, which she readily accepted, and I thought I was in heaven. The third time we dated I so wanted to kiss her, thankfully she helped me by holding her head up and close to me as we said goodbye, her up against my car and me pressed gently but firmly up against her (my rod rock hard by the way). We kissed, and before I knew it she was opening her mouth, her tongue slithering into my mouth in a way that totally excited me.From that point on our relationship quickly grew, and after another date she asked me to her apartment. I accepted, wondering where this was going to go.When we entered her apartment, my heart was again racing. She had a very tiny place, it was just her room, a closet, and a bathroom. No kitchen and no other rooms. But she had decorated it very well. She had candles everywhere (several she lit as soon as we walked in), a bed with lots of fluffy and silk pillows, a chair and chest of drawers.We kissed deeply after she closed the door and wrapped her hands around my shoulders. I enjoyed the feel of her body up against me. After a long time of kissing, in which she also nibbled on my ears and gently bit my neck (sending shivers of sexual pleasure up and down my body) she gently pushed me on the bed, saying…“Why don’t you just sit right here while I get into something, well, that I think you’ll really enjoy.”She turned off the lights, so just the candles grandbetting giriş lit the small room, with a warm, sexy glow. She lit incense and then went to her closet, saying…“Now don’t peak! I’m going to get a few things out and I don’t want you to spoil your surprise!”Putting my hands over my eyes, but opening my fingers just enough where I could peek (against her orders) I watched as she pulled out several pieces of clothing that I really couldn’t see very well. She then turned to me, wagged her finger disapprovingly but said with a smile…“Tsk tsk, I know you’re peaking! You stop that!”She then walked into her bathroom and closed the door. I looked around her room, there were pencil sketches of what looked like a nude woman, I suspect it was her. There were red scarves on top of several lamps, lots of candles and the whole place had a look of warm sensuality.After another minute, in which I heard clothes rustling, the door opened, and I heard her voice…“OK, close your eyes again, but this time for real. I want you to be surprised!”This time I did as she asked, and kept my eyes shut, although I was dying to open them. I heard the sound of heels walking across the floor, and then she said…“OK, open your eyes!”She stood before me, and my jaw dropped. She was wearing lingerie and tall, leather high heels, and nothing else. She wore a peekaboo bra that complete exposed her amazing nipples, and split crotch panties that showed her shaved cunt. I had never seen a shaved cunt live, or any cunt for that matter (except in Penthouse). Over it she wore a short see thru silky nighty.She approached me, doing a little twirling dance, followed by a bump and grind of her ass, showing me her hot, sexy body. As I sat at the edge of the bed she came up to me and spread my legs, hugging me with her amazingly sexy body and tonguing me. She bit my earlobes and nibbled my neck, something that instantly sent strong pulses through my body.“So, what’s your favorite position?” She asked, with a wicked smile on her face.I stuttered, feeling very stupid and embarrassed,“What? What do you mean?” I asked.“Wait,” she said, “You’ve done it with women before, right?”Embarrassed and blushing I said,“No, I’ve never had sex before.”She stepped back, her face in surprise, quickly followed by a big smile. She said,“Wow, then I’m one lucky girl! I’ve never had a virgin before! Don’t worry though, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about pleasing a woman! Just lie back sweetie, I’ll take care of everything!”With that, she gentle pushed me back onto her bed, and slowly but surely began to undress me. She started with my shoes, pulling them off with my socks. She unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans, pulling the zipper down very slowly. My cock, which was bulging and throbbing, sprang up, only hidden by my white underwear.She slowly ran her hands up my stomach underneath my t-shirt, then down, down, under the waistband of my underwear, feeling my now oozing cock. She smiled.“Mmmm, that’s a nice, hard cock you have. I can’t wait to show you what to do with it!”She pulled my jeans and underwear down grandbetting yeni giriş and off my legs, exposing my cock that now that it was free, sprang up and pointed toward the ceiling. She then pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. I was now nude, lying in front of my lingerie-wearing girlfriend. I had never been so excited, or nervous.Moving down my body, she wrapped her hand around my cock, gently pulling it, then slowly, moved her head to just above it. She looked at me, giving me a smile.“Have you ever had your cock sucked before?” she asked.I shook my head. And then as I watched amazed, she slowly lowered her head, keeping her eyes on my eyes, and opened her mouth. Ever so slowly, she moved her head lower and lower, her mouth directly above my throbbing cock. She took my cock into her mouth, and slowly started sucking my cock, moving her head up and down as she never took her eyes off me.Overwhelmed, I felt the amazing sensation of a woman’s warm, wet mouth loving my hard cock, moving up and down the shaft with her lips and tongue. After a few minutes, I felt my cum in my balls starting to build and realized I was going to have a huge orgasm if she didn’t stop quickly.Sensing me getting too close to the edge, she lifted off my cock, and whispered,“Oops, we don’t want to get you too excited just yet. I’ve got a lot more to show you about loving a woman!”She then got off me and stood next to the bed. She whispered to me…“Feel my body with your hands, rub your hands up and down my shoulders, my tummy, my legs.”I did as she bid, feeling her body, running my hands up her shoulders, across her back, around to her stomach, down her legs, feeling her feet and toes strapped in her sexy shoes.“Now feel my breasts, and cup and feel the warmth of my pussy.”My hands cupped and caressed her breasts, feeling the nipples through her open bra.“Squeeze them, gently pinch my nipples, women love their breasts and nipples to be touched and pinched, but not too hard.”I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but she closed her eyes and purred, moaning softly as I played with her hot tits.She gently took my hand, and slowly moved it down her stomach to her hot and wet cunt. She showed me how to rub her vulva, play with her clit, and wrap my hand around her pretty, and wet, pussy. “Girls,” she said, “like it when you play with their clitoris, but not too hard. You have to move your finger quickly, back and forth, over my clit. I like it when you move your fingers in a random fashion around my clit. Mmmmm, that’s it. You’re doing a great job. Now feel my wetness in my slit. That lets you know that I’m excited and enjoying it.”“Now take my top and bra off, you can keep my panties on because they are open, you won’t have any trouble getting past those! Keep my heels on too, it makes me feel sexy and slutty when I fuck with my shoes on!”I did as instructed, but rather awkwardly, not being familiar with how to remove a bra. She helped.She was now almost nude, wearing only her split crotch panties and heels. She pushed me onto the bed and again got on top of me.She moved up, on me, positioning grandbetting güvenilirmi her crotch directly over my face.“Girls,” she said, “love it when you lick them. Lick my pussy, run your tongue up and down, and swirl it randomly over my clit. I love that!”Again, I did as she asked. I ran my tongue over and around her pussy, tasting the salty musty juice flowing from her cunt. I swirled my tongue around her clit, and played up and down her labia. She shuddered.“Oh my god, you are doing an amazing job! I’m such a good teacher.” She added.After a while, she moved off of my face. My mouth and face were covered in her juice. She knelt down and kissed me on the mouth, together our tongues tasted her salty sex juice. She moved her body on top of mine, and then kneeling over me grabbed my cock with her hand. She rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit. Then, she positioned my cock up against her vagina, but didn’t put it in, she paused.“Make sure you get your cock slippery when you put it in. Some girls might have dryer vaginas than me, so making it slippery first makes it will feel good to them when you put it in. And when you put it in, go nice and slow at first.”She looked me in the eyes, and whispered in my ear.“Are you ready to have your virginity popped?” She asked me.“Yeah!” I uttered. I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex and be inside her vagina.She slowly lowered herself onto my rock hard shaft. I felt the warmth, the wetness, the amazing feeling of her vagina wrap itself completely around the head of my cock, then move down my shaft.I was doing it! I was having sex for the first time!She waited, letting me feel her entire cunt. Then she started moving, rocking her hips up against my pelvis, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. She then moved her ass up high, bringing my cock almost completely out of her cunt. She hovered there a second, and looked me in the eye.“Do you like this, do you want more?”I could only nod, I had never felt such amazing feelings flooding my cock and brain.She started moving again, slowly at first, moving her sexy hot cunt down my cock, then all the way back up, then back down, then up. Over and over, and as she did so each time she was all the way down on my pelvis she would grind her clit into me, and clench her vagina muscles. I started feeling the pressure of my cum building in my balls, and realized I was about to cum. I didn’t know if I could last. I started grunting, wondering if I should cum in her or pull out.“Just keep going sweetie!” she said. “I’m on the pill, so I want to take all your hot cum deep in me. Fill me baby! Ohhh fill my cunt with your hot cum!”That’s all it took. I went over the edge and felt my first orgasm deep inside a woman’s hot, wet vagina overwhelm me. I came hard, and she kept pumping as I shot load after load deep into her warm, wet and slutty cunt. She didn’t get off, so I also recorded my first premature ejaculation, but she didn’t blame me, and ended up getting off later with her fingers and my tongue.We ended up having more sex as our relationship continued, and she taught me many more things about how to make love to a woman. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long however, as she ended up dropping out of school, and I never saw her after that.I’ll never forget Vicky for the sexual education she gave me. I couldn’t have been a luckier virgin!How did you end up losing your virginity? Leave a note in the comments!

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