Real story of a Pakistani couple…things gone bey

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Real story of a Pakistani couple…things gone beyHi, i would like to give my complete introduction but its not okay for me to expose my identity. The lesser i can tell is that i am living in Pakistan (Islamabad), 34 years of age, married for 6 years and have a wife who changed my life like a storm destroy everything. First of all i would like to clear few things infront of xhamster community that i am writing for the very first time, and i dont know any special vocabulary words to give some sort of attraction to the story. The only attraction you will get in this story is that it is 100% real life story and i will upload its parts if i get the positive response from you guyz. So i hope you will neglect my weak english and focus on the context of the story. For the privacy reasons i use fake names….So lets start the story which was started about 6 years ago. My name is zain and this is the real story of my life. I was in the age of marriage and i was the youngest sibling in the house, rest of all were married at that time and parents were very much concerned about my marriage. Since i face alot of financial pressure having no proper job and carrying a mediocre degree of biological sciences. And it is also the hurdle between me and my marriage. Here in our country it is very necessary to jave a proper source of earning to get married. My parents were also so much worried and then a message came from a family that their daughter can marry with me even though i have no proper job and they are very well aware of it. Days pass and finally we both agreed to get married. I saw the girl, her face was bright and atttactive, she looked like in her 30s but her body is still very much shaped like a young girl. But i must admit that her figure was like a proper milfs i usually saw in porns. I am not good so good with the body definitions so for that purpose i can compare my wife with a pornstar named stormy daniels. Her body was looked like pretty much same to that girl.Unlike typical pakistani females she was not so much shy, she talked to me very confidently and i didnt noticed that confidence since we both were pretty mature. Finally the day had arrived and we both get married and she was looking so stunning. Her body her dress and her makeup was so lit that my dick was pumping whenever i saw her during the marriage cermony. The first night of our marriage was the best night of my life until now because at that time i knew very less about my wife. We had a great sex and i discover her body was even more hot and sexy then i thought and she even gave me a blowjob on the first night of the wedding which is very rare and unusual in a culture we were living. That was shocking for me. I also felt very confused that how she get that confidence and how expertly she is doing all that sex stuff. It seemed like she knew more then me about sex and that is another very unusual thing here in this country. the whole sex scenario was very confusing for me. We had great sex that night and we slept, the next we didnt talk about last night but the thing that stuck in my mind was that bahis şirketleri how well she did everything, where did she get that confidence? Having sex before marriage is considered a sinful act here and it could cause a marriage to breakup, so my mind twisted on many things that what kind of a lady she is, what is her history. I kept thinking but didnt ask anything about it from her. In this marriage i was on the weaker side because i was not financially strong and she belong to an elite family and i was not in a position to object or ask any question from her. She was happy to see me silent since it was her plan to show her real face step by step and to check what will my reaction.Couple of weeks passed and we had few amazing nights of sex and everynight she came up with some new technique like an expert teacher and i enjoyed every way she adopt to please me. Even though i was enjoying alot but still the thought thak stuck in my mind keeps pushing me and finally i broke my silence and asked my questions.That night after having sex we were laying on our bed half naked and holding cup of tea, i asked thatHey eesha, tell me about your pastShe said “what you want to know”I said ” i am little confused can you please clear that confusion”She said in a very romantic and commanding way ” yes my sweetheart, just ask” amd kissed meI said ” it looks very unusual how you perform in bed, it looks like you are doing this for quite long before. Tell me where did you learn all that stuff”She looked at me and smiled a little and then said ” if i tell you i was a slut and i do this for money few times then” My face turned red and she noticed it quickly and she laughed. She quickly said that i am joking and turn her face away.Then i again inquired that ok but now tell me the truthThis time show turn towards with a very serious face and serious tone and said ” if i tell you i was not joking what you can do to me?”These words shattered me. I actually realize that if she is saying the truth about her past, there is nothing a fuck i can do to her because i was not strong enough to take any stand. Now i am realizing my real status and the was going worse when she added ” i am doing these things expertly because i am expert, and for your questions you will soon realize in which trap you just put yourself in. There is not way out sweetheart. You have admit all the realities steadily”My heart was pumping like it will come out of my throat, i couldnot imagine having a wife like this. The whole picture suddenly began to change. I was feeling lucky previously but now i started regretting because this was wrong in our customs and i cannot even imagine that some other person can even touch my wife. But here she is admitting that she had sex with other men and that was the point where my life started to fucked up.She then turned off the light and slept and i kept thinking and regretting about my married life and i even cried that night. Those words from her were humiliating. It could be normal in western culture but here in our culture it is not normal. The next we woke up we didnt bahis firmaları exchange much words, just usual daily work and the next night came. She told me that next day we will visit her friend living in the same town and we will be doing lunch together at her place. Thats it and we sleptI forget to told you a little more about my situation, the house we are living is owned by her, she also had a car in her dowry, and she took care of most of the financial matters of the house. So i was feeling more like a submissive husband who just take orders and cant do anything against her wish. She was very much in commanding position which she was enjoying alotNext day we reached her friend’s home, a well furnished big house it seemed like she also belong to a wealthy backround. The moment her friend (Sarah) appeared i was stun by looking at her dressing. Even though she wore typical traditional (Qamez , Shalwar) dress but her inwares were damn clear. In the first look i saw that she is wearing a black bra and penties. Her body was also milf type body, large firm breasts and nice ass and very much fit body like she must be doing exercise or youga daily. She greeted us and we sat in her guest room. Thing that i noticed today my wife alsot dressed like a proper provoking slut, i can see her bra from her cleavage, and her dress was so tight , all of her body parts are bulging out and clearly visible. They both talked about many things and then they said to me you should watch tv here we are going inside and prepare for the lunch. Sarah was living alone in that big house, her husband was working in dubai and visit home once or twice in a year, so she live here alone most of the time. After seeing sarah and eesha’s dressing i got the feeling that there must be something wrong. But i admit here that sarah’s figure was more provoking and my dick goes hard when i saw her. Damn she was looking like a pornstar wearing local dress.Hours passed by and i got tired of watching tv so i stand up and visit the house and i heared the laughing voice of my wife and sarah from one room. Quietly i reached that room and what i saw blown my mind away. My wife and sarah was sitting on a bed half naked. I can see sarah’s massive boobs and my dick started to rise again. I guess thats the reality of my wife, is she a lesbian? I was thinking this and watching two hottes females of my entire life in one picture and one hand on my dick which rock hard nowThey are talking likeSarah “did you tell him about all that stuff?”Eesha “a little bit, not all, i am training him actually”Sarah” what if he wont understand and try to give you divorce”Eesha “he wont, he couldnot take that decision he just like poor piece of shit”And they both laughedAnd here i am standing giving slight jerks to my dick and fully focused on sarah’s boobs i didnt even noticed that my wife caught me.She stood up come close to me half naked and sarah was sitting behind try to cover her boobs with her pallu, eesha said to me”You dont know about women’s privacy?”I was feeling ashamed and she noticed that i have a hard onShe turned kaçak bahis siteleri to sarah’s face and asked “Sarah i am sorry about my husband, i was not expecting this from him, he is such pervert”Sarah added ” dont say that eesha, he done nothing wrong , he could have been looking for you because we took too much time during our enjoyment.”Now i believe that my wife is a lesbian, but let me tell, the thing is far beyond then just lesbians, there will be many more dark faces of my wife which i will reveal in this storyThen my wife asked to sarah” what should we do now”Sarah stood up came close to me still covering her boobs with one hand, smiled and said “i think we shoule make him feel relax. Look he is turning red and look what he came up with (pointing out towards my still fully hard dick)”They both laughed said “luck guy”Am i lucky? Yes the next few moment i am gonna feel the most lucky person ever livedSarah push me towards bed, i sat there…she unzip my pant and took my dick out with her hand…My GOD that scene literally took me to another universe, a hot sizzling beauty semi naked sitting infront of me having my dick in her hand my wife also looking at it…i cant explain it in words.I was just lost in some dreamsShe examined my cock and looked towards eesha and said ” you are lucky bitch you got a handsome cock” eesha replied smilingly and came close “remember its mine”, i can see a typical jelosy factor on the face of eesha but sarah replied instantly ” but thats how we live, sharing is caring” and she started to kiss my cock…Eesha looked at me very angrily like she was trying to convery a message with the eye contact that you shouldnt be here… But the scene has started sarah was feeling thirsty of dick. She started worshipping my dick like proper slut and sucked it like a real whore. My wife didnt want to join in because she was feeling a little jelous but i can see on her face that she cannot do anything to stop sarah, it was some kind of agreement which il will discover later on.Somehow my wife also joined in. There i am sitting like a king and the two hottest whores of my life worshiping my cock at the same time and pleasure was not explainable.. they were taking turns on my cock and sucking it so good that i came within 5 mimutes. Cumload was so big that it spray all over there faces and boobs sarah laughed alot when she saw me cumming so hard. She even taste that cum. I was literally dreaming with open eyes. The stuff i saw in porn movies only is practically happening. Soon after the ejaculation they both go to the shower and took about an hour in the shower and i guess they did some more lesbian stuff inside.I was till in a deepest shock of my life and had no idea what just happenedLet me tell you folks, all of these things are not related to this culture and we have proper dressing which cover whole body of the female and we do not share partners to anyone else, it is something i cant even fantasize that just happened. I will continue the story in the next partHightlights of next part. ?Joining of a swinger’s club, ?adopted to cuckolding life, ?full reality of my wife finally exposedXxxxDear readers i would love to read you suggestions in the comment box, i just initiate this story now it comprises of six years of amazing sexual encountersSee you in the next part

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