Responsible Master

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Responsible MasterWhat makes someone a responsible “Master” (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a “slave” (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence, holds a slave accountable, and instills a sense of respect and trust? Here are some things, as an “s” type, I feel makes a responsible “Master”:Self-control. A good Master has to become a master of self-discipline and self-control first! If you don’t have control of yourself how will you ever control someone else?Follow through. Although time consuming, you must be disciplined enough to be where you need to be, when you need to be there, whether you want to or not. By being strong in your resolve and resisting temptation to let things slide, you are setting the example for your slave to live up to.Choose your emotional response carefully. This may mean being silent until you cool off, if what you are about to say, or shout, is not appropriate in order to set a positive ataşehir escort example of self-discipline. Trust me, I have been there, and correcting or punishing while you are emotional or angry will do more harm than it does good.Clearly communicate your desires. If your slave does not completely understand your instructions, she will not share the importance of the instruction given. Every step of the way, communicate with your slave to make sure she is on the same page and knows what you expect.Get your slave involved in the execution of your desires. This gives her a greater sense of pride toward the end result. And, slaves are usually very smart, and may have an idea or two that you never thought of! Go ahead, ask her, you’ll see! :)Praise highly and criticize constructively. The way you praise and criticize your slave can make all the difference in being able to lead her effectively…or bust!”If you command göztepe escort wisely, you’ll be obeyed cheerfully.”~Thomas FullerYes, praise your slave. When she has done an exceptional job for you or has been extremely pleasing, tell her. You’ll give her a sense of accomplishment and the drive to do EVEN better next time. Yes!When your slave does something wrong, offer constructive criticism and do it privately (unless… 😉 the whole humiliation thing is what you’re consensually into). Correct her by telling her how she can improve, and take the time to answer her questions. She’ll gladly accept, and even quickly respond to, your correction if she knows it’s done to help and not to harm.Know your slave. How can you truly be the Master of another human being unless you truly understand their hopes, dreams, struggles, pains, and goals…I mean, seriously? All the good intentions in the world mean nothing unless you have ümraniye escort a true sense of who the person is. So, talk to your slave. I mean, really talk and get to know her. Getting to know each other on a intimate level will strengthen the bond between you. Believe me, she’ll want to do better, and be more pleasing because you take the time to talk with her.Be the Master. You are her Master, her leader right? This means that you have to make difficult decisions from time to time. These decisions cannot be affected by your personal feelings. So, make the hard call. There are times when you have to bite the bullet and make some unpleasant decisions. Holding people accountable for their actions, including yourself, can be very difficult at times. But, as the Master, that’s right, it’s your responsibility!Always, always, always remember that in order to be the Master of another, you must be the Master of yourself first. After all, your actions will speak louder than anything you can say. In order to gain the respect and trust of your slave, strive to lead by example in every area of your life, and this, I feel, will make you a responsible Master!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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