Romantic Aggression

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Romantic AggressionMy husband has always been a phenomenal lover! When I think about our hottest and most pleasurable moments together, I know that his incredible sexual imagination is the key to my mind-blowing orgasms! Our love-making is never boring; never just a routine. He has an amazing ability to create varying experiences and fantasies that make my mind and body respond powerfully. This is the story of one of those wonderful nights we shared not long ago.He greets me with a soft kiss, a sexy smile and a bulge in his shorts when I walk in from a long day at work. He tells me that he wants to help me relax, takes my hand in his and leads me to our bathroom. Once there, I see that he has a hot bath ready for me in our garden tub, along with at least a dozen lit candles placed around the edges. Also ready for me is a very full glass of my favorite wine. As I think about how perfect this will be, I turn to see that he has set up our music player and speakers on the bathroom counter, and he is setting a playlist of sensual music that he knows I like. Once the music starts, he walks over and stands behind me. His hands go first to my hips as he leans down to kiss my neck. I close my eyes and focus on feeling the tingle from each kiss and his warm breath on my skin between them. His hands start to move across my body, removing my clothes one piece at a time. Once I am fully naked, I look up at him and see how much he wants me, and my desire for him takes my breath away. He takes my hand again; this time to help me step into the steaming water.I lie back in the water and take a few deep breaths and a sip of wine as I start to enjoy the music. He asks if there is anything else I need, but I tell him it’s perfect. He turns to leave, but promises to check on me in a few minutes. When he returns, he kneels beside the tub and picks up the body wash and squeezes some out on a wash cloth. He starts to bathe me. I tell him he doesn’t have to, and I see his sincerity as he insists and tells me he loves my body. He washes me thoroughly but tenderly, spending extra time on a few of his “favorite places”. He rinses the lather from my body, instructs me to relax for a few more minutes, and then instructs me to stay in the water until he returns. I do as I’m told. He walks back into the bathroom carrying a bath towel and my white terry cloth robe. He reaches into the water to open the bath drain, and then helps me stand by holding both of my hands and lifting me. He picks up the towel, but pauses for a moment to look at me-my naked body shining from the wetness and my nipples now hardening because of the cooler air. He snaps out of his trance and wraps the towel around me. The warmness is fantastic and unexpected; he tells me that he had the towel and robe warming in the dryer for me. He helps me from the tub, dries my entire body, then holds the heated robe open as I put my arms into it. Just then, he kisses me deeply and passionately for the first time since I’ve been home, and I instantly feel tingling and wetness in my pussy. He pulls his mouth from mine and leads me to our bed. He loosens the tie on my robe so it just hangs open and asks me to lie down on my back. As I’m getting comfortable, pendik escort he is moving a few candles and the music into the bedroom for us to enjoy. He slides his shorts off of his body to reveal his bulging cock; all I can think about at that moment is that I want to feel it slide inside me. He climbs onto the bed, and starts to softly stroke my body with his fingertips. He moves his hands from my neck and shoulders down to my breasts. He stops the soft tickle long enough to gently twist and tug each of my erect nipples with his thumb and index finger, which makes me breathe harder and faster. Then he continues the stroking over my stomach and hips and then up and down each leg. He uses his hands to spread my legs apart and continues the same soft strokes on my inner thighs and my pussy lips, making my hips rise up and shift. I can tell he enjoys teasing my body, and while I am thinking about how I will tease him when I have my next chance, he makes me gasp by slamming two of his fingers hard and deep inside me.He is amazing with his hands, working my pussy so good and hard that I can feel and hear my juices running out. Feeling and watching him service me so roughly makes me even wetter. He loves to taste my pussy when it’s dripping wet, so it’s no surprise to me when he moves in front of me. He presses his hot mouth onto my throbbing clit and then pulls his shining fingers out so he could get his tongue up into my delicious pussy. He sucks my clit harder and harder, not letting up when I start to squirm; instead of stopping, he bangs my pussy again with those wonderful fingers while he sucks. FUCK! I feel myself getting closer and closer to spreading cum on his face, but I shift in resistance because I want him to fuck me with that perfect cock of his. He ignores my begging, grips me with his free hand to hold me still, and is actually able to slam his fingers into my pussy even harder than before. I quickly realize that he is now taking what he wants from me, and I know that I will fucking give it to him! His sucking and fingering reaches an intensity that I cannot resist, and my pussy twitches and spreads its thick juices all over his mouth and face while I moan loudly and grab feverishly at the back of his head. As my breathing slows and I reach a point where I can open my eyes, I recognize his look of satisfaction mixed with his expectation for more.I lean up on my hands and smile at him. He doesn’t smile back, but simply says “It’s my turn.” I agree and ask him what he wants, to which he directs, “Get on your knees so I can fuck your mouth.” I do as I’m told again, because I am so turned on by his control, and I’m ready to please his cock. I get in position on my knees with my mouth open for him. He steps closer and fills my mouth slowly, and I reach up to stroke his balls with my hand. He takes a quick step back, looks at me with a serious expression, and says “Don’t touch me. Don’t use your hands at all.” All I could manage was a nod, while I reach my hands around behind my back and hold them together, showing him that I wouldn’t use them again. This time, he pushes his stiff cock against my half-open mouth before I’m ready, forcing his kartal escort way in and causing me to gag as he thrusts deep into my throat. He continues thrusting even though I am trying to regain composure, and I feel my pussy starting to respond again – it was so hot! I stay on my knees, but I lower my ass to the floor, dropping me down to a position slightly under his cock. I let my head fall back slightly which helps me swallow more of his dick, even feeling his balls brushing my chin the few times that I am really able to take all of him. By this time, he is leaning forward with his hands on the bed and his body above me, really pounding the back of my throat and I am still holding my hands so tightly behind me to keep from rubbing my already sore pussy. I think to myself that THIS is actually what it means to have your mouth fucked, and I love every forceful moment. He takes his cock all the way out of my mouth so that he can feel the entire sensation of shoving it all the way back in. He and I both notice the thickening saliva as it trails from my open mouth to the tip of his cock. This excites him even more, as he continues pumping his dick down my throat, but escalating to an even more vigorous rhythm. I close my eyes to enjoy every sensation-I hear his fast breathing and sexy grunts, my aching pussy is starting to ooze and tingle, my legs are working hard to hold me upright as each pump threatens to push me over, my mouth and throat are getting more sore by the second, and his slick cock is gliding perfectly across my lips. I am also aware of how my slobber has escaped my mouth and covered my chin, and I decide that his cock has swelled to a size bigger than I’ve ever felt before. I am convinced that if this goes on much longer, I will cum again because it’s so fucking hot! I moan and he suddenly grabs the back of my head with his hands and I feel him pushing his dick so deep in my mouth- but before I can fight the gagging, I have to start swallowing his delicious, thick, hot cum as it shoots into my throat. YES! As his orgasm subsides, he releases my head and pulls his dick out to give me relief, and I am hyperventilating and trying to catch my breath. I think to myself how wonderful he tasted, and I’ve never wanted to swallow his cum more than I just did. He drops to his knees in front of me on the floor and reaches a hand to my pussy to see how much more I can take. He has sensed from the sounds I made while he fucked my mouth, and now by the sloppy wetness of my pussy that I want or need more of this rough treatment. He is so right! He helps me stand and presses his lips to mine softly and briefly, then gently pushes me to bend me over the side of our bed; I am lying on my stomach with my feet on the floor. I am quickly getting excited because I know I’m about to be rewarded again for my obedience.He steps up against me, and I can feel his rock hard cock pressing against my ass cheek. He reaches up with his hands and massages my shoulders, then trails down my back to my ass. He rubs my ass cheeks, spreading them wide with each massage of his hands. It feels so wonderful, and I start to feel more and more desperate to have his cock maltepe escort buried deep inside my wetness. With his right hand holding a firm grip on my ass, he reaches his left hand below to find my pussy and my swelled clit. He strokes them both gently, which makes my whole body relax so I can just feel it and enjoy the pleasure. At about the same time, I finally feel the head of my favorite cock pressing against the opening of my pussy, I also notice that he has a hand firmly pressed on each side of my ass. Just then, his hands grip a little tighter and he thrusts his cock hard into me. I am not quite prepared for the force of his thrust and the ecstasy instantly intoxicates me. He grinds his body against mine and his cock is filling me nicely making me moan and beg him for more. His next few thrusts are fierce, although not quite as violent as the first, and then he settles into a perfect rhythm of pumping his cock into me and grinding while I start to match his rhythm with my swirling hips and a slight push backward against him each time. We are so amazing together, and I begin to feel the familiar rising in sensations deep within my dripping wet pussy. I try to tell him how good he’s fucking me, but the only word I can form is “YES!”He is starting to pound me harder again now, and his pace has gotten faster. I am no longer able to push against him, because I’m now only able to concentrate on enjoying his cock and reaching my second orgasm. I think to myself that I’m glad I’m lying on my stomach because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to hold myself up for this hard fucking. He starts to tell me how good my pussy feels, and how he wants to make me cum harder than I ever have before. Before I can attempt a response, he shocks me by sliding one of his fingers as far as he can into my asshole. I feel simultaneous surges of mild pain and intense pleasure. I scream out and I expect he will take his finger out, but he starts fucking my ass with it instead, while continuing to furiously fuck my pussy. My sexual senses are so overwhelmed because I am somewhat of an anal virgin. I’m stunned that he would finger my ass without a warning, but also so gloriously stimulated by the fullness of double penetration. As I’m trying to adjust and enjoy the way he’s using me, he stops fucking me and I feel his whole body tense against me as my pussy is filled with his second load of hot cum. The combined feeling of his cock deep inside me, his cum coating me, and his finger deep in my ass is enough to make me explode! My pussy tightens around his cock over and over and I moan louder and louder as my orgasm peaks. It feels just as he wanted, so strong and possibly harder than ever before. I am breathless as I come down from heaven, and I realize he has slid his finger from my ass and his soaked dick from my pussy and is now lying beside me panting. My body relaxes as I slowly catch my breath and think about how wonderful that felt. I can feel the mixture of our juices running out of my pussy, tickling me a little as it slides out. I crawl up onto the bed to be close to him and tell him how amazing he is to me. He slides his arm around me pulling me closer and whispers, “I love you so much.” My head is spinning from the pleasure of being used like a slut by the man I know loves me more than anything in the world. Watching him transform into a man with such sexual aggression focused intently on taking what he wants is an amazingly hot experience that I will never forget.

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