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Subject: Rookie Itiation – Athletic Incest This is a story about adult gay men who might be related engaging in gay sex. If the idea of incestuous jock passion turns you off please don’t read. If you do enjoy the erotic fiction and please donate to fty. Rookie’s Itiation By Jaradon The New York Titans baseball team ran into their locker room after another winng game. The men cheered and playfully slapped their asses they stripped of their sweaty uforms. “I can’t wait for toght amigo!” Juan Corrado the Domican short stop shouted. “Yeah it’s rookie itiation ght!” Manny Ramirez the Cuban American first base man said. ” It was a long runng tradition in the MLB that the rookie players would go through some public humiliation for their hazing. The young players were usually forced to wear tight shorts and parade in front of the fans. It was a silly ritual, which was seen as nothing more than publicity stunt. The public had no idea the real itiation took place behind closed doors were only a selected few could participate. ” Lucky you hermano” Manny said. ” That gringito is going a real taste of my pinga” Corrado said as he massaged his jock strap, ” Oh man I feel sorry for Kyle” Manny said pointing towards the teams ace pitcher. ” Yeah well he turned out that sweet rookie ass” Kyle Gibson tried to keep his mind off the rookie ght. The 30-year-old pitcher was at the height of his career. He had pitched another perfect game. “You okay bro? ” Pete Kowalski the team’s catcher asked his best friend. ” Yeah just thinking about Ben” Kyle said. “Your little brother will do fine toght” Pete said ” I just wish it was you not that jerk Corrado” ” Yeah well but that’s tradition” Kowalski looked up and saw the Domican strutting naked to the showers. Corrado had the biggest cock on the team and he was proud to show off his ten inches of brown Latino dick. ” That poor kid is going to have to take that up his virgin butt” Pete thought Kyle understood the rules of the rookie itiation; if Ben had not been his brother he would have enjoyed breaking him in. Kyle was having second thoughts about decling. Corrado was a nasty fucker. The thought of his innocent brother violated by this man made him sick but tradition could not be broken. “Are you going to be there? ” ” I have no choice Pete, I’m the team captain”. The itiation ceremony was taking place at mansion şişli travesti of the team’s owner. He would be there too along with some special guest. The Titan players packed the place. There was plenty of food and booze for everyone. The men were horny with anticipation. It was not every ght that they witness a young man itiated into the baseball brotherhood. Kyle had texted Ben when he arrived at the mansion. They could not see each other until the ceremony this was part of the ritual. Ben had texted a thumbs up but Kyle was still anxious for the eveng to be over. ” That boy is going to love every minute of it” Corrado boasted near by” I brought a special leather collar for his neck” Kyle tried to ignore the comment. “Here buddy your going to need this” Kowalski offered his friend a stiff drink. ” Thanks but I need to be sober toght” “Don’t start anything now” Kowalski said ” Ben will be fine” but Kyle could not get the image of a video a friend had shown him. Corrado fucking a guy who was hanging from a sling. The face of Ben distorted in agony kept flashing in his mind as Corrado kept viciously screwing him. ” Gentlemen please go the ballroom” a man dressed in a tuxedo made the announcement. The men cheered for they knew the itiation was about to begin. ” Kyle are you sure you want to see this” ” I have to be there for Ben” The Titan players and guest walked into the ballroom. Chairs had been placed in a circle around a raised platform in the center of the room. The men tried to jostle for the front row seats to get a better view. ” Gentlemen” the announcer said” Toght we continue with a great team tradition. We turn a rookie into a Titan” The men cheered as the lights in the room dimmed Kyle and Pete had a front row seat. A spotlight was turned on making the mattress on the center of the platform really stand out. “Gentlemen welcome the rookie of the year- Ben Gibson” Ben walked into the ball room and stepped on the platform The men cheered. Ben was twenty but still looked like a teenager. He was wearing a pair of black jock strap that really accentuated his ass. The men is the room were mostly straight but the site of this beautiful young man was making them horny. They all wanted to change places with Corrado. “Gentlemen and here is the man chosen to break in this boy ” Corrado entered wearing a robe with the Domican Flag beylikdüzü travesti embroidered on his back. The men cheered. Kyle tried to focus on Ben but he kept hearing the voices behind him ” He is going to split that kid in half” “Corrado is going to show no mercy” Kyle could barely contain his growing rage. He stood up. ” Sit down Kyle” Pete said. ” Hold it!” Kyle shouted The men grew silent and stared at their team captain. ” Gentlemen do we have a request” the announce said. ” I’m claiming my rights a captain” Kyle shouted. ” He can’t do that now!!!” Corrado screamed at the announcer. ” I’m sorry but rules are rules and the captain has rights to itiate the rookie first” ” That rookie ass is mine!” Corrado shouted. Ben who had been confused by the scene watched as his brother stepped on the platform ” This is bullshit Kyle” Corrado said spitting out his word but he stepped back when he saw the furious look on the pitchers face. ” Get off Corrado!” Kyle said looking down at the short stop. “Singa a tu hermato!” Corrado said slapping Ben on the ass as he jumped off the platform ” I’ll deal with you later amigo!” Kyle said and watched Corrado as he stomped out of the room. The men cheered Kyle walked over to his brother who was shivering. The two men were clearly related. They both had the All American mid west clean cut look. Kyle was 6’4″, 180 lbs of lean muscle. Ben was shorter and beefier at 5’11”, 200 lbs. ” Are you ready to be itiated rookie?” ” Yes sir” Ben said Kyle stepped behind his brother and put his big hands on Ben’s shoulders. ” You guys are ready for the itiation?” Kyle shouted to the horny crowd The men cheered Kyle began to squeeze his brother’s pples. Ben was getting turned on as he felt his brother’s rough hand’s caress his chest. Kyle big hands had total control of a baseball and now he was using them to give his brother an erection. Ben’s cock strained the fabric of his jockstrap as it became hard. ” Nice cock rookie” Kyle said as he admired his brother’s erection. The men cheered again. Kyle grabbed Ben and held him close. “Fuck him captain! ” a man shouted. ” Yeah show him who is the top!” ” Make him beg for it” a third horny voice. Kyle looked into his brother’s eyes. “It’s going to be ok Ben” Kyle kissed Ben on the l. The men gasped at the sight of such an incestuous exchanged. Ben istanbul travesti kissed Kyle back embracing his brother muscular torso. ” I love you Ben” Kyle said and lifted his brother gently placing him on he bed. The Titan players were salivating with lust. ” You want my cock little brother?” Kyle said as he removed his pants ” Yes sir” Ben said taking his brothers cock in his mouth. Kyle fucked his brother’s mouth enjoying the sensation. The crowd was hypnotized by the site of the Gibson brother’s love making. They were connecting on another level, which went beyond sexual desire ” Turn over rookie” Ben reluctantly stopped sucking his brother’s cock and did what his brother told him “Rookie is going to like this” Kyle started rimming his brother’s butthole Ben moaned as he felt his brother’s tongue penetrating his ass. The men in the audience were now completely turn on and a few them had whipped out their own cock and were jerking off. ” Are you ready to be a Titan?” Ben asked ” Fuck me big brother” Ben said as he felt the tip of his brother’s cock rubbing against his hole. ” Here it come buddy” Kyle started to fuck his brother. The rookie felt an intense pain as his brother’s eight-inch cock penetrated his virgin asshole but the discomfort gave way to pleasure “Fuck him captain” the team roared Kyle kept pounding his brother. He leaned forward and kissed his neck. ” Oh Kyle this is so good” Ben moaned ” Loving it Ben” Kyle said as he kissed his brother again. The men in the audience had gone wild. It was as if the act of love making between the brothers had liberated them. They had reached out to each other trying to match the pleasure they were witnessing on stage. “Are you going to take my load rookie” Kyle asked his brother who was lost in intense pleasure. Ben moaned as he felt his brother’s cock inside his ass. “Yes Kyle” Ben said. Kyle lost control. ” Oh man” Ben said as he felt his brother filling his ass with comm. ” You are a Titan now Ben” ” I’m going to cum Kyle” ” Let me have it little brother” Kyle took his brother’s cock and pumped it ” Here it comes bro!” Kyle’s mouth was filled with Ben’s load. “That was fucking hot Ben” ” What now big brother?” Kyle and Ben looked around the room, which now had become a full-blown orgy. Catchers were fucking pitchers. Outfielders were rimming first basemen. The owner was fucking a network executive. ” Little brother are you ready for a double header,” Ben asked ” Sure thing captain sure thing” The two brothers kissed once more as the sounds of man sex filled the room. � 2022 Joe Aragon fiction Love to hear if you liked the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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