ROOM TO LET (part 2)

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ROOM TO LET (part 2)[This is the continuation of my earlier story which readers might find it helpful to read first; all names are fictitious]For the next few days after being tied up and ****d in the marital bed by her lodger, Julia was in a state of bewilderment and mixed emotions. The event in question was a ‘first’ for her in several ways: it was the first time during her marriage that someone other than her husband Jim had had sex with her; it was the first time she had been subjected to any v******e during sex – including being slapped and having a leather belt pulled around her neck – but somehow, and more significant than both of these, it was the first time she had ever in her life experienced an orgasm (and not just one at that) during sex.On the one hand, not having previously kept any secrets from Jim, she wanted to tell him what had happened but she quickly talked herself out of this – especially when she remembered the shame of how she had responded during the ordeal. Also she had no idea how Jim would react; would there be a fight and someone hurt or injured? Jim would certainly want to evict Paul but would he call the police and would all the sordid details then come out? No: it was better to keep quiet.Little did Julia know the secret thoughts which Jim had been harbouring for the past few years – thoughts of watching someone else’s throbbing hard cock thrusting into Julia’s tight pussy.And so for the next week things carried on much as normal in the Roberts household – at least on the face of it. Jim anxiously awaited news of his job interview while Julia pushed the memory of what had happened further and further into the darkest recesses of her mind with each day that passed. It had happened and it was over: istanbul escort put it down to experience and move on.Meanwhile however, Paul, the lodger, was in no mood to treat the event as a one-off. He knew that he had struck a chord in Julia and would wait for his next opportunity to do it again, in the meantime masturbating himself silly at the prospects.To Jim, Paul was the ideal lodger – respectable; paying his rent on time; working at night and sleeping during the day. What more could he ask?When news of the job application finally came it would prove to be a curse as well as a blessing. Jim had progressed through the first stage of the process and was asked to attend a 3-day assessment event being held at a hotel 200 miles away.“How wonderful” said Julia at the news but at the same time she knew just how vulnerable she was going to be if Paul discovered that she was going to be on her own for that time.The following day she dropped Jim off at the railway station and her heart sank when he said “Oh by the way, I asked Paul yesterday to keep an eye on you while I’m away: I hope you don’t mind”Julia drove back home in a state of controlled panic. Today was Wednesday and Jim would be back on Saturday. Hopefully Paul would be at work in the evenings and she would therefore arrange to be out during the daytime when Paul would normally be in the house. There was no time to lose and as soon as she arrived back home she crept upstairs to get changed in order to go out for the rest of the day.As she stepped into her bedroom somebody grabbed her arm and pulled her forward while the door was kicked shut. “Hi Julia” said Paul. “This is Danny who I work with – say hello” avcılar escort “Nooo” shrieked Julia but it was too late. She was pulled face down onto the bed and her wrists fastened spread-eagle into two loops of cord which had been attached to the bedposts during her absence. Despite all her struggles, her jeans were then unfastened and pulled right off and then two pillows were pushed underneath her stomach making her bottom stick high in the air. Then her ankles were stretched out and secured in the same way.“She loves this Danny” said Paul as the two men slid off their belts and, standing either side of the bed, then proceeded to whip Julia’s bottom and the backs of her legs. Her panties were still on but these were pulled high into the crack of her arse to make sure her cheeks were fully on display as they grew redder and redder with every stroke.The punishment continued and both Paul and Danny must have delivered about 30 strokes each but there came a point where Julia’s initial howls of protest took a different course, starting firstly with her mumbling semi-coherently and then, as her breathing grew more shallow, moaning in a way suggestive more of pleasure than pain.“I think she’s ready” said Danny “Shall I take her panties off? I can’t wait to see that delicious juicy cunt” and with that Julia felt something cold against her burning skin as a knife cut away the sides of her black panties which were then unceremoniously ripped away from her leaving her wide open for what was to follow.Paul was first. More than a week of rubbing himself while waiting for this moment and the effects and watching Julia’s sexy bottom taking its punishment and her guttural moaning combined to make him very şirinevler escort hard indeed and his prick lost no time in finding its target- thrusting into her dripping wet pussy as far as he could and then gripping the sides of her waist, riding her hard for the next three or four minutes until he emptied into her with a loud groan of satisfaction.“Lets turn her over” said Danny “I want to see those gorgeous tits bounce” and so Julia was then briefly untied, turned over by her two captors and then her wrists tied once again. Her jumper was pulled up to her neck and her bra sliced away by the same knife as before. A pillow was then placed underneath her bum and Danny, by now naked from the waist down, waved an obscenely large prick in Julia’s face. “Beg for it” said Danny, but Julia shook her head causing Paul to bite her sensitive nipples which until then he had been sucking furiously. “I know what she likes” said Paul reaching for his belt which was then once more looped around Julia’ neck and pulled tight. Danny might have had difficulty getting his cock fully inside Julia had it not been for the fact that she was soaking wet from the bareback fucking she had just received from Paul. He slid in and stretched her further than ever, then pulling out and back in again, over and over again as Paul continued to work on her breasts. “Oh God help me I’m coming!” shrieked Julia as her prone body convulsed over and over as it gave way to a shattering orgasm. But Danny was nowhere near ready to follow suit and he just carried on with his slow and systematic degrading of his prey, calling her a ‘dirty little slut’ a ‘fucking whore’ and a ‘sex-starved married bitch’ By the time he was ready to come Julia was ready again too and the noise of the two of them in unison was truly astonishing.Soon the two men had to leave but it was only when Julia promised that she would see them again the following day that they agreed to untie her wrists and let her go. The hold they now had upon her was stronger than any ropes or cords and they all knew it.

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