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ROOMATESRoommatesbysamslam©”What happens in this apartment, stays in this apartment,” my sister said, not meaning what I wish she had meant.”What I mean is… I’m not going to change my lifestyle for you, okay?” Her tone softened slightly as she adjusted to my reaction. “If I want to bring someone into my bedroom, I will.” She paused as if waiting for my agreement. I nodded so she went on. “If I want to parade around in my nothingness, I will. This was my apartment first.” I didn’t really expect her to parade around with nothing on but I wouldn’t stop her if she wanted to. My sister was gorgeous.”It was different when Meghan was my roommate,” my sister explained. “Her and I would go out on Friday nights, bring guys back here, sometimes the same one.” She smiled when I raised my eyebrows at her last comment. “Anyway, Sport, it all stays here, understand?””Absolutely,” I nodded my head as I pictured Meghan and my sister doing a threesome with some lucky asshole.”Good.” She stood up and gave me a full body hug. “I’m glad you’re here. Her well-developed breasts pressed against my chest and I broke the hug before my hard-on became noticeable.”Don’t worry, s*s. I’m going to be the best roommate you’ve ever had,” I said, holding her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.”I know you will, Luke,” she smiled. “Now, off to bed, you’ve got a big day tomorrow. You don’t want to be tired on your first day of classes.” “Good night, Jessie.” I kissed my sister’s cheek and headed into the bedroom that she had helped me set up earlier in the day.Plopping down on my bed, I couldn’t get the image of my sister and Meghan out of my head. Was she k**ding? Did they really have a threesome?I love my sister. I mean, really love her. She’s three years older than me and I would marry her if it weren’t i*****l. That’s the kind of love I’m talking about… the wrong kind. She’s smart, sexy, funny, and beautiful with near supermodel body. Did I mention sexy? Of course, she didn’t know any of this or she might have thought differently about us sharing an apartment. I was overjoyed at the end of last semester when Meghan moved in with her boyfriend just before I graduated. My parents, who are paying all of our expenses, told her not to bother finding another roommate since I would be attending the same college in the fall. And there I was, living with the love of my life. Not that I expected anything to happen between us. We’re brother and sister. But just being around my sexy sister every day was enough for me. I finally fell asleep while trying to imagine what it would be like if my i****tuous feelings were reciprocated.I was up early the next morning, showered and dressed before Jessie emerged from her bedroom. My jaw dropped. She wasn’t k**ding about parading around. My sister was rubbing sleep from her eyes as she walked towards the bathroom. And she was completely naked! Fuck!My cock responded instantly and I stared dumbfounded as she pulled her hands away from her eyes and smiled at me. Her body ought to be on a men’s magazine cover and my eyes bounced between her luscious breasts and her hairless pussy.”What?” my sister asked when she saw my reaction. She must have thought I saw beautiful naked women everyday. “Oh, this?” She ran her hand over her smooth mound and shrugged. “Guys like it,” she said sheepishly. “Don’t tell mom, okay? She’d think I was some kind of slut or something.” “N-no, I won’t tell,” I stammered, wondering when I would ever be talking to my mother about my sister’s pussy hair, or lack thereof.”You’re up early,” she said. “Anxious about your classes?” she asked, moving closer to me and stirring up such lustful feelings that I could barely talk.”Yeah,” I blurted out. “I… um…” Damn, she was just standing there naked, and completely oblivious to my reaction. “I thought I’d scope out the classrooms and lecture halls ahead of time.” I managed to complete a sentence while my sexy sister was standing less than a foot from me. “You’ll be fine,” she assured me as she leaned up and planted a kiss on my cheek. Her left boob brushed my arm and the electrical charge went straight to my cock. “Good luck,” she said as she turned around and walked into the bathroom. I adjusted my stiff cock as I watched her firm ass cheeks undulate seductively. Fuck! I thought she was k**ding about parading around. This was going to be a hundred times better than I thought. I made it through my first week of class without any problems, greeting my naked sister every morning and jacking off every night. Jessie was great in the kitchen and we ate dinner together each night, discussing our various classes, professors, homework and classmates. I loved it! It was like I had died and gone to heaven until that Friday night brought my idyllic world to an abrupt halt.”I’m going out tonight, Sport,” Jessie yelled from her bedroom. “Don’t wait up.” I could see her through the open bedroom door as she stripped down to her matching bra and thong while she looked for something to wear.”Where are you going?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant while I watched her pick a coral blue dress from the closet and hold it up for scrutiny. “Going clubbing with a couple of friends,” she answered as she shimmied into the short dress. “I’d invite you, but it’s over 21 only,” she added as she walked into the living room, holding her shoes.”What do you think?” she asked. I was about to tell her she looked gorgeous when she added, “bra or no bra?”While I was still trying to process the question, she slipped the dress off her arms and unfastened her bra. My cock sprang to life as she removed her bra and tossed it on the counter. I had seen her flawless tits every day this week but I didn’t think I could ever tire of the sight. She leaned slightly forward as she tucked her generous breasts inside the top of her cross-front dress.”So?” she asked, standing with her hands on her hips. “Do my nipples show?” “Um…” I caught my breath and accepted her invitation to stare at her breasts. “No… I can’t see your nipples.” This was so fucking unexpected. It was like she didn’t even think of me as a guy. Parading around was one thing, but damn.”Great! I’d rather not wear the bra,” she said, putting it back in her room. I watched as she slipped into her shoes and grabbed her purse. “There’s spaghetti left from the other night,” she said as she kissed my cheek. “Don’t be surprised if there’s a third for breakfast. If I get lucky,” she laughed and headed out the door.There was a third for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning. Different guys each night but a similar scenario played out. Stumbling in at about 2 a.m., giggling and shushing each other as they left a trail of clothes from the front door to her bedroom. A little while later, I was treated to the sound of my sister yelling heat-of-passion obscenities.”Fuck! Fuck! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!” and so on. I covered my head, trying to block out what my sister was doing in the next room but my cock betrayed me, hardening at the sound of her orgasmic outbursts. It seemed to go on nearly half the night.This became the pattern of our lives over the next few weeks. We would engage in normal brother and sister activity, except for the naked parading, during the week with wonderful dinner conversations and study sessions. Then, Friday and Saturday night my sister would transform into the world’s most insatiable sex goddess, bringing home a succession of one-night stands. And it was always just one night, I never saw the same guy twice. After the first couple of weeks, I stopped trying to block it out. I know it’s pathetic but I started jacking off to the soundtrack of my sister’s sexual exploits. I started leaving my door open a bit so I could hear her better. I was inexperienced but it seemed like she took a long time to reach an orgasm. I practiced holding off until I heard her unmistakable cries of release and then I’d shoot a huge load of cum into a tissue. The guys usually left mid-morning and my sister would sleep half the day away before dragging herself into the bathroom to soak in a hot bath. Occasionally, she’d call me to bring her something for her hangover and I would sit on the toilet handing her headache medicine and ice water. I constantly marveled at the contrast between this naked, well-fucked woman in the bathtub and the fresh-faced college student who I had dinner with on weekdays. They were two sides of a single coin but my involvement was relegated relaxbet güvenilirmi to one side only. Jessie still walked around naked all week, oblivious to my perpetual hard-on, and she still asked for my advice on her sexy weekend outfits but one Saturday afternoon she took her asexual approach with me a lot farther. She had been especially vocal the night before and slept even later than usual. Her orgasm had taken forever and I almost came before she did. It was the middle of the afternoon and Jessie was soaking in the bath when she called for me. I figured she wanted headache medicine so I got that and a glass of water before I went into the bathroom. “That fucker bit me!” Jessie greeted me when I walked into the bathroom. “Look at these teeth marks around my nipple!” Jessie was cupping her left tit and holding it up for my inspection. I sat down the pills and the water glass before kneeling next to the tub. Never one to let an opportunity slide by, I ran my finger over the marks on her otherwise perfect breast. It’s the first time I had touched my sister’s breast and my cock was straining against my jeans as I touched her smooth, soft skin. Fuck! “I don’t know, s*s,” I said, leaning closer until my face was only inches from her breast. “Turn it towards the light,” I said, palming her tit and moving it slightly to the side. Okay, I admit it was a chicken shit way to cop a feel, but I was touching my sister’s breast!”It does look a bit like teeth marks,” I admitted, moving to the other breast before she realized what I was doing. “Did he bite this one, too?” I asked, hefting her right breast and brushing my thumb across her nipple. “No, but look at this,” she cried, unmindful of my hands on her breasts as she leaned back in the tub and raised her right leg. “I think he bit my thigh,” she said, spreading her legs as she pulled her right thigh up. “See this?” she asked, pointing to a spot on her thigh about two inches from her pussy. Fuck! I leaned closer, breathing in my sister’s aroma as I stared at her crinkled pussy lips. Since it had worked for her breasts, I ran my hand over the spot on her thigh but stopped short of touching her pussy lips. My heart was beating like crazy as I studied my sister’s exquisite pussy. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen.”Yeah, he was rough,” I said, as Jessie settled back into the tub.”That’s the last time that fucker is touching me!” she announced as if any guy ever got a second chance. “He wasn’t even that good.” I just nodded, not knowing what to say. I figured he wasn’t very good based on how long it took her to climax.”Jess,” I said, sitting down on the toilet seat. “You don’t seem to see the same guy more than once anyway.” “I know,” she sighed, leaning back and putting a washcloth over her face. “I keep thinking one day I’ll find the right one.” “I’m sure you will, s*s,” I answered agreeably.I sat there for a few minutes watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, remembering the feel of her skin against my fingers. This was the first chance I had to really check out my sister’s body without her seeing what I was doing. Her rose-colored, half-dollar size areolas contrasted erotically with her pale breasts and her thick nipples stood out impressively even in their unaroused state. Damn, I wanted so badly to lean down and suck on them. How could she not know what she was doing to me?I didn’t want to leave the bathroom but couldn’t think of a good reason to explain why I was still there. I was tempted to take out my phone and snap a few shots but I couldn’t betray her trust like that so I stood up and took one last look before making my exit. Fuck!A couple of weeks after the biter, Jessie brought home an aggressive lover who never even let her get to her bedroom. This was a first for me as I watched them get naked as soon as the door closed. There were no giggles or shushing, just urgent kissing and panting as they tore at each other’s clothes. Jessie pulled him over to the couch and sat down with her legs splayed open. I backed into my dark bedroom enough so that I knew she couldn’t see me and watched her push his head between her legs. “Come on, Lover,” Jessie panted. “Eat my pussy. Eat it good.” He didn’t need any more invitation than that. I was stroking my cock and watching Jessie’s face as wet, slurping sounds filled the room. She ensnarled his dark hair with her fingers and I watched her face, wishing it was me sucking out her delicious pussy juice. He must have been hitting the right spots because Jessie was moaning loudly and humping her pussy against his face. Just when I thought she would start to climax, he pulled his head back and wiped his face.”What the…?” Jessie screamed as he sat down next to her.”Let’s fuck,” he said pulling her on top of him. “I was just about to cum,” Jessie pouted as she straddled his legs and settled her pussy down around his hard cock. “Don’t worry,” he said, lifting her slightly and then pushing her back down. “We’re not done by a long shot.” I watched Jessie as she grabbed his shoulders and started to ride him. My cock was ready to explode but I wanted to wait and cum with Jessie. I had never seen anything like this. Listening was one thing but watching my sister get fucked was a dual-edged sword. I was jealous as hell but my cock was in seventh heaven. It seemed to go on forever and I had to stop stroking myself to keep from finishing before her. I was panting and would have worried about them hearing me if they weren’t making so much noise of their own. Jessie was ranting and shouting encouragement while he was grunting and bucking his hips off the couch. He had his hands on her hips and was yanking her down hard each time he plunged into her. Just when it looked like Jessie was getting close and I had started up my own efforts again, lover boy climaxed.”Oh fuck!” he yelled, yanking Jessie down and holding her there as he jerked his cum into her. “Oh fuck, is right,” Jessie panted, jumping off his cock and kneeling on the floor in front of him. “You’re not getting off that easy,” she said without any thought to the unintended pun. I watched her gently massage his spent cock while she licked it all over. Fuck, my sister was slurping her own juices off of lover boy’s flaccid cock. I’ve seen lots of erotic videos but nothing prepared me for watching my sister give this guy a blowjob. She was out of control with lust as she licked, stroked and sucked him back to life. It was incredible how quickly he recovered under Jessie’s machinations. Damn! Damn! Damn! I wanted a blowjob like that. Fuck!As soon as he was hard, Jessie was on him again.”My turn,” she breathed as she rode him with a wild fervency that I would never be able to reconcile with my docile weekday sister. She was bouncing so high that I thought she’d bounce right off his fully recovered cock. I was pumping my shaft right along with her, stretching it out until I heard her screaming her intentions.”Oh fuck! Yes! I’m cumming!” Jessie cried and I watched her slam her pussy down on his cock just as I exploded onto the tissue I was holding. Lover boy must have cum too because I saw him jerking under Jessie just before she collapsed against his chest. Fuck! I came so hard watching them that I staggered back into my bedroom and dropped onto my bed, exhausted.I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I was getting quite concerned about my sister’s promiscuousness. I even tried to talk to her once about the health risks but she dismissed me with a wave of her hand.”I’m on the pill,” she sighed. “And it’s not like I’m picking up total strangers. These guys are all either in my classes or friends of friends.””But Jess, you know what they say about multiple sex partners,” I argued feebly. “Yeah, well. What’s the alternative?” she asked. I knew it was rhetorical or I would have suggested a very safe alternative. We were having dinner and I used my chewing as an excuse not to speak. “You know how it is if you go too long without sex,” she said matter-of-factly. It must have been something in my expression that gave me away.”No! Really!” she asked. “You’ve never been laid?” I dropped my eyes to my dinner plate and she softened her tone. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” she asked, making me jerk my head up with real anticipation.”I know lots of girls,” she said dismissively. “What about Meghan? I bet I can get her to do it or maybe one of the girls relaxbet yeni giriş I hang out with on Friday night.” I was vigorously shaking my head.”No thanks,” I answered, flustered by her offer. It was intriguing but not at all what I was hoping for. “I’ll be fine. I’d feel funny if you set me up with someone just for sex.””Well, you don’t know what you’re missing,” she said. “You’re a good looking guy and I bet Meghan would love to be your first. Hell, if you weren’t my brother, I’d take you on myself,” she teased while I blushed a bright shade of crimson. My reaction must have spurred her on because she continued her attack with a gleam in her eye.”What? You’d be surprised what a great cocksucker I am,” she goaded me, while I stared with wide-eyed incredulity, wondering if she could read my mind. “I’d suck that virgin cum right out of you and then lick you hard again so you could pound away at your first pussy without shooting off too soon.” My cock was getting hard and unfortunately when I reached to straighten my shorts, Jessie pounced.”Hey, speaking of cocks, how come I’ve never seen yours?” She was out of her chair and around the table before I even realized what she had in mind. “Come on, buster. I can’t tell my girlfriends about you if you’re going to embarrass me with a puny tool.” “Jessie!” I stood up and tried to back away but Jessie’s eyes went right to the bulge in my shorts. “It doesn’t look like you have anything to be ashamed of so show your big sister the goods!” Jessie said, resorting to c***dhood antics of tickling to get me on the writhing on the floor. “Stop! Stop!” I cried, laughing and squirming on the floor while Jessie straddled my torso and kept tickling me. “Alright! Alright! I’ll show you,” I panted. She let me go and sat next to me on the floor, laughing all most as hard as I was. I was catching my breath when she reached over, unbuttoned my shorts and started pulling my zipper down. “I’ll get it,” I said, swatting her hand away. We were both very quiet as I unzipped my shorts and slipped them down to my knees. My hard cock was making a large tent in my briefs and almost poking it’s head out of the waistband. “Hmmmm,” Jessie said, licking her lips as I pulled the elastic out over the head of my cock and let it spring free. This was different from parading around the house naked. This was intentionally displaying my hard cock for my sister’s inspection. It was rock hard and sticking up at an angle toward the ceiling. “Very nice, Luke,” Jessie said, as she looked over my swollen rod. “Pull your underwear the rest of the way down, let’s see the whole package, balls and all. In fact, get completely naked. I may as well make a full assessment of your worthiness as a lover,” she smiled.”What?” I didn’t know why I was arguing this was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled that it was happening with my sister.Hey, it’s not like you haven’t seen me completely naked,” she countered. I stood up, letting my shorts and underwear drop to my feet and I stepped out of them as I was pulling my shirt over my head. Jessie was still sitting on the floor giving her an eyelevel view of my throbbing cock. “Spread your legs a little and let me see what you’ve got,” she said, smiling up at me as I complied and she tipped her head to the side, looking under my very horizontal pole at my nut sack.”Give me a 360,” she said, twirling her finger so I’d know she meant for me to turn completely around. While I was facing away from her, she ran her hand lightly over my ass cheek, sending pleasure signals to my already pulsating cock. “Damn!” she said, smacking my ass with her hand. “You’d better get dressed before I forget you’re my brother.” I knew this was my perfect opportunity but I didn’t know what to say. As I turned around to get my clothes, Jessie was standing up and my cock tapped her hip.”Be careful with that thing,” she smiled, gripping it with two fingers and moving it out of her way. The flush went all the way up my body to my very red face.”I could forget you’re my sister, too,” I stammered.”Now, that’s sick and you’re just horny!” she laughed. “Don’t worry, I won’t have any trouble getting one of my girlfriends interested in that,” she added, pointing to my hard cock. She walked over and started clearing the table while I put my clothes back on. Fuck! My sister had touched my cock! After that I stopped wearing my boxers around the apartment and started parading around naked almost as often as Jessie. I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to be naked around my sister, especially when she was naked, too. I caught her more than once checking out my erection on her way to the bathroom.One Friday night, Jessie brought home a guy who would completely change our relationship, although neither of us knew it at the time. I heard them come in at the regular time and they sounded even more wasted than normal, stumbling around and laughing loudly while they turned on all the lights. I watched them from my just inside my darkened bedroom as they supported each other and laughed their way to Jessie’s room.I lay on my bed, lightly stroking my cock as I waited for the normal sounds of Jessie getting off. Instead I heard her door slam and an angry male voice as he stomped through the living room.”Yeah, well fuck you!” he yelled, as he fumbled for the front door. “If you could!” my sister yelled from behind her closed door. “I’ve just had too much to drink! Don’t worry, you’ll be shedding your panties for another loser tomorrow night, you pathetic slut!” he yelled just before he slammed the door behind him. I jumped from my bed and was going to run after the bastard but, of course, I was naked so I just locked the door and secured the chain.I was heading back into my bedroom when I heard muffled crying from Jessie’s room. Opening the door, I saw her lying on her stomach with her head buried in her pillow.”Jess?” I whispered, walking into her room. Her clothes were strewn across the floor and she was completely naked, her cute young ass jiggling as she sobbed. “Just leave me alone, Luke,” she said, waving her arm at me to leave. “He’s right, I am pathetic.””No you’re not,” I answered, sitting on the bed next to her and rubbing her back.”I am. He’s right. I’m a pathetic slut looking for instant gratification with whoever is available,” she cried. When I didn’t leave, she turned towards me and reached out.”Oh Luke!” she cried, as she pulled me into an embrace, sobbing against my shoulder. “Just hold me!” Gladly. Her cries subsided as I gently massaged her back. We laid there with our arms wrapped around each other and I held her until she fell asleep. Eventually she turned over and I spooned against her back, falling asleep with her. I woke up with my normal morning hard-on only this time it was pressed against my sister’s naked ass. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the closeness that I knew would be lost as soon as she woke up. I must have dozed off again because the next time I woke up, Jessie’s hand was wrapped around my cock, gently stroking up and down.”Now that’s more like it,” she murmured without turning around. Lifting her left leg, she guided my rock solid cock towards her awaiting pussy lips. I held my breath. Could this really be happening? Maybe I was still dreaming. In a single fluid motion, one that she had undoubtedly practiced many times, Jessie fed my hard cock into her moist pussy while raising up onto her knees. I followed along, pushing my cock forward as I knelt behind her on the bed. Ohmygod! Her pussy was hot, wet and unlike anything I had ever felt before. Fuck! Instinctively, I grabbed her hips as I pushed my cock all the way into her fiery pussy and was rewarded with her hot, velvety softness molding itself around me.”Fuck me, baby,” Jessie cooed. “Fuck me real good.” At this point I couldn’t think. I didn’t want to think. My sister was offering to take my virginity and I wasn’t about to consider the consequences. I slid my cock in and out a few times, watching it disappear between her soft lips while savoring the feel of my first fuck. I ran my hand over the sexy curves of her ass cheeks as I slow fucked her with my morning hard-on.”Harder! Fuck me harder!” Jessie cried, her face buried in her pillow as she rocked her ass back against my cock. Eager to comply, I tightened my grip on her hips and started slamming my cock into her slippery pussy like a battering relaxbet giriş ram. All those nights of holding back worked in my favor as I kept pounding and pounding my long, hard cock deep into her steamy pussy. This was my dream come true. I was actually fucking my big sister!”Ohhhh… yeah… just… like… that… Fuck… me… Ohhh… God!” Jessie’s cries were muffled in the pillow as she panted out each word on the forward thrust of my cock. Her pussy kept getting hotter and wetter as I continued my relentless hammering until she was moaning and screaming that she was going to cum. Okay, I lied before. This was really my dream come true; making my sister cum. I wanted her to have the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. I keep up the furious pace, driving my cock into her sopping pussy until she pushed back extra hard and started shaking.”I’m fucking cumming!” Jessie cried as I felt her pussy quivering around my cock. I stopped moving and just held her hips tightly against me. My cock was ready to burst but I wasn’t going to give into my pleasure just yet. I continued holding her against me until she had ridden out several waves of pulsating pleasure, and when her orgasm seemed like it was subsiding, I slowly started rocking my cock in and out of her pussy again.”You’re k**ding!” Jessie cried, as I picked up the pace and slammed my cock into her with a renewed intensity. This was my ultimate fantasy. I wanted to drive us both to a feverish orgasm, coming together like I had imagined so many times. “Ohhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jessie was out of control. Her sweltering pussy having already had one orgasm was now so slick with her juices that my cock churned up frothy lubricant with every stroke. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was surprised I could even hear Jessie as I jackhammered my throbbing cock into her insatiable cunt. This was fucking heaven!”This is it! Oh fuck! Goddamn!!” Jessie screamed.I did it! Jessie climaxed around my cock just as my first spurt of cum burst forth. I was hanging onto her sweaty hips as I jerkily deposited my built-up load into her anxious pussy. I stayed with her as she collapsed onto the bed, laying gently against her back with my cock still half buried in her drenched hole. “Oh God, s*s,” I whispered and was about to kiss her neck when she abruptly jerked up, throwing me off. “What the fuck!” Jessie yelled, turning towards me. “Luke? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?””What am I doing?” I asked bewildered. Fuck! She didn’t know it was me?”Where’s…. where’s what’s his name? Ohmygod! You’re my fucking brother for Christ’s sake!” “But I thought you knew…” Oh fuck. What have I done? How could she not have known?”Oh God! Get out! Just get the fuck out of here! Oh God!” Jessie was screaming and pulling the covers around her. I scurried out of her bedroom, confused and deflated.I sat on the couch, drained of energy and wondering what the fuck just happened. My dream fantasy just exploded into a fucking nightmare. I don’t know how long I sat like that, still naked with my elbows on my knees and my face buried in my hands. I looked up when I heard Jessie come out of her bedroom. “I’m going to take a bath and wash your sperm out of me,” she said tersely. It was the first time I ever saw her with a bathrobe on. “Jess,” I pleaded. “I…””Don’t fucking talk to me,” she yelled, pointing her finger at me for emphasis. “I’m locking the door in case you get the urge to **** me again,” she added brusquely. “I didn’t **** you!” I snapped, tired of her damned accusations.”What do you call it when you come into my bedroom and shove your cock into me while I’m still half asleep?” she asked sarcastically.”That’s not what happened,” I retorted but she had already slammed the bathroom door. I didn’t know what to do. How could this have gotten so distorted?”Jess…” I called from outside the bathroom door. “Go away, Luke!” she yelled.”Just listen a minute, will you?” I said, sinking down on the floor outside the door. “Don’t you remember that dickhead who was saying all that nasty shit about you as he stomped out last night? You were crying and I came in to make sure you were okay, remember?” I took a breath and waited but when there was no response I continued.”You asked me to hold you, remember? You were crying and you fell asleep in my arms.” There was still no answer. “We both fell asleep, Jess. Then, when I woke up you were holding my dick… and well, you know the rest.””Yeah, you fucking ****d me!” Jess yelled through the door. “NO!” I responded angrily. “That is not what happened!” I took a deep breath, lowered my voice, and continued more contritely. “I stupidly thought that you knew it was me, Jess. I would never, ever do anything to hurt you or take advantage of you. I love you…” Fuck. I had just blurted it out. “I’ve always loved you and… and… it was like a dream come true when you started putting me inside you…” I swallowed hard and continued more quietly than before. “But I honestly thought you knew.” I was crying now, I couldn’t help it. “Please believe me, Jess. I thought you knew.” I slump against the door sobbing into my hands. “Just go away,” my sister said quietly. I got dressed and sat on the couch wondering what was going to happen with our living arrangements. Goddamnit! I really fucked that up. But how was I supposed to know? Fuck!Jessie was in the bathroom a long time and when she finally came out she went straight to her room without a word. She spent another couple of hours behind her closed bedroom door as I flipped channels on the TV, unable to concentrate on anything. It was late afternoon when she finally came out and sat on the couch next to me. “Fine,” she said, not looking at me. “I accept your explanation.” I held my breath waiting for her to continue. “You didn’t **** me… but you did fuck your own sister,” she said, turning her head to look at me. I just looked at her, unable to offer anything beyond what I’d already said. Jessie blew out her breath and flopped back on the couch. “We have to talk about this, Luke,” she said. “Okay,” I answered noncommittally. “Okay? Is that all you have to say? We’re talking i****t here,” she exclaimed.”I know,” I answered more testily than I meant to.”You could have stopped it,” she said quietly.”I would have if I had thought for a minute that you didn’t know it was me,” I answered honestly. “You should have stopped anyway because you knew it was i****t and that it was wrong,” she countered. “I didn’t want to,” I said so quietly that I wasn’t sure she had heard me.”So you said…” Jessie let out a long sigh before continuing. “So how long has this been a fantasy of yours? All this time I’ve been parading around naked you’ve been… what? Jacking off over me?” she asked disgustedly.”Pretty much,” I admitted reluctantly. “Whew!” Jessie blew her bangs out of her face and just stared at me. It was all on the table now. I still didn’t know what was going to happen. “You know what the pisser about all of this is?” she asked. I just shook my head. “That was probably the best fuck I ever had… Shit, I came twice to your once. At that rate, I figured we’d be at it most of the day. Do you understand why I was so mad to find out it was my fucking brother?” I nodded but I wasn’t not sure where she was going with this. “Fuck!” she slapped her hand against her forehead. “That was your first time, wasn’t it?” I cautiously nodded my head. “Oh fuck me! You were that good on your first fuck? Goddamn you!” She hit my arm so hard I cried out. “What was that for?” I asked, rubbing my arm.”For making me want to fuck my own brother!” What? Did I hear her right?”Really?” I asked, not trusting what I heard.”You heard me,” she said, hitting my arm again. “I’ve been fucking every goddamn asshole who looked halfway decent for the past year and my own brother is a better fuck his first time out than any of them. My pussy’s wet just thinking about how good you’ll be when you really know what you’re doing?” I knew when to shut up. My sister was talking herself into something and I wasn’t going to do anything to fuck it up. She just sat there, taking deep breaths and staring at me. Finally, she just shook her head.”No one can ever know about this,” she said. “Ever!” I just nodded my head, unable to speak. “Fuck! I know this is wrong but I really need more of your cock,” she said, standing up and reaching her hand out to me. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around her. Yes! This was going to be all right after all.”Come on then,” Jessie said, leading me towards her bedroom. “Can you eat pussy as good as you fuck?””I don’t know, I’ve never tried that either,” I answered giddily. “Well, if it’s anything like your first fuck, I’m in for a treat,” she said, smiling.

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