Rush (Mm)

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Rush (Mm)RushI’m just inside my door, a cool late summer early morning touching my body. I feel an anticipatory tingling down below that teases my mind. I love doing this but it’s hard to explain. Around midnight I rose out of bed and went downstairs into what I call “the man cave” and stripped off my sparse bedclothes, getting naked – a state of being I wished I could be in all the time. If only society would allow it, I would do it 24/7. I love being naked and don’t mind being seen.As soon as I stripped, I opened my computer to check my email. I had an ad on Craigslist for a couple of days, “ Early Bird Seeks Juicy Worm” and had some responses. A couple of them seemed promising and I was eager to see what I might have waiting for me. I immediately found a promising email. He was older, which I liked and willing to come to see me. I responded to the email giving my phone number with the promise of an address once he called. It was a way to make sure he was serious. I’d been flaked on before and there is nothing worse then to expect a visitor and get a no show.It didn’t take long before my cell rang. “Hello.”“Hi, is this John?”“Yes, James right?”“Yeah, I saw your ad.”“Thanks for responding. I’m looking forward to sucking you.”“Sounds good!”“Oh I hope it will be.”We talked a little more. I gave him the address, some instructions on how to find me and told him I’d be naked when he showed up, if he was okay with that. He was. I then asked what he would be driving and requested he let me know güvenilir bahis when he got here. These are precautions since I didn’t want to be surprised by someone who wasn’t coming to see me.Once things were in motion, I showered and cleaned myself up then went back to the cave and waited but not before ensuring my cell was charged and the iPad alarm was set in case he needed to get back in touch.So now here I was front door open with me just inside and alert for the evidence of an approaching vehicle. It wasn’t long before I saw headlights on the pavement and heard a car driving down the street. I closed the door slightly and peeked out from behind it. Sure enough, it was James’ car. He drove past the house then went to the intersection and made a u-turn before parking in front. Usually my visitors notice the lights and figure that is where to stop. Still a couple of times I’ve had them stop short or overshoot in which case I’d take a chance and walk out to wave them in.As soon as James stops, I step outside head-to-toe naked and walk unashamed toward his car. Like I said, I enjoy being naked and being seen and I’m feeling excited as I approach.I get to the grassy park strip and James rolls down the window, “you look hot”he says as the door unlocks and I pull it open and move into the passenger seat. “So you want a blow job,” I say, already knowing the answer.“Oh yeah.”I smile “Let me see what you have for me.”He smiles back and pulls down the gym shorts he’s wearing and a semi-hard türkçe bahis cock pops out. “Yum” I say as I take it in my hand and make a show of licking my lips. A hard cock is always nice and I see it as a compliment – he is excited to see me naked while fully clothed. Still I like the feel of a soft cock as it grows in my mouth. The state James’ cock is the best of both, excited with room to grow!I feel excited too, fully naked outside with a clothed partner and sucking his dick makes me feel both naughty and submissive. It gives me a kind of thrill that I don’t fully understand but I like it.But I had to get to business! Opening my mouth, I brought out my tongue and made teasing circles around the head of his cock before opening wider and taking his shaft completely into my mouth, getting as much as possible into my mouth and down my throat. “That feels good” he gasped as my chin touched his balls.But I still had more to offer. I moved slowly back up the shaft, now as hard as a marble column. As I did I sucked hard on it, causing my cheeks to collapse. At the same time I used my tongue to skillfully lick the underside until I was back to where I had the head of his cock between my lips sucking it softly.I continued this down the cock and sucking my way back up a few more times, trying to draw his sperm from his balls like a thirsty man sucking the last of his drink from from the bottom of a cup,through a straw. As I did this, I imagined his sperm stirring around inside his scrotum güvenilir bahis siteleri preparing to make its journey upwards,I pulled off James briefly to lick his balls as he said, “That’s it lick my balls,” to encourage me. I soon had them covered with my saliva before I sucked gently on them. James sighed and ran his fingers through my hair as I feasted on a meal of cock and balls.Of course my goal was to extract a large serving of man cream and I began to sense from James’ sighs and squirming I was getting close. I lifted my eyes up noticed his were closed and his mouth was open, his breathing getting more rapid. “Soon now,” I thought.Wanting to have James’ load in my mouth soon, I concentrated on his cock head! Sucking hard and fast, moving rapidly up and down while using my tongue quickly. This often worked in the past and it worked now. James let out a loud, empathetic “Ah good,” as his large load of sperm shot into my hungry, eager mouth.He filled my quickly with his warm, thick, and delicious liquid and I proudly took every drop – nothing lost. As he finished, I pulled off and opening my mouth, looked up and showed James all that he had fed me. Looking back at me he smiled as I i swallowed every drop. “You taste good,” I said, “thanks.”“That was great,” he replied, “thank you.”“It was my pleasure,” I answered sincerely as I sat upAs I reached for the passenger door I said, “I hope we can do this again.”“Me too,” James replied. “I want to fuck you next time.” “Bring condoms and l’ll let you!” I said enthusiastically as I stepped on the grassy park strip. James smiled and said, “I will,” before he drove off. I walked across the lawn satisfied with a blow job well done, looking forward to having James filling my ass.

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