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Subject: Sams Discovery at the pool – part 5 Gay – Adult-youth : M/b This is a work of fiction between boys and a man. If this is not your type, please find a story that is, there are plenty to go by. Do not repost without authorization. Also, please donate to Nifty to keep this archive alive. ————– Sam’s discovery at the pool 5 On our way back from the pool, I asked Will : “So, what did we learn today seeing this many people naked?” Will looked pensive for a moment. “Well, the first two groups when we arrived, the little kids, they had really small wieners”, he said, lifting a finger as he spoke. “The 8-9 and 10-11 years olds, yes, right”, I confirmed. “But when we left, the kids my age, they were all your size or bigger”, he paused, “Mostly bigger”, he finished, laughing. “You little shit”, I said, laughing and ruffling his hair. “Stooop, I just got out of the shower. I don’t want my hair to be all messy!”, he said, upset, as he tried to straighten up his hair. “Oh, my bad. Didn’t want to screw up your perfect bowlcut”, I said, smiling. We made our way home and I immediately started working on dinner, knowing mom would be home soon. Will said he would work on his suntan some more. I thought nothing of it, as he went in the backyard. Half an hour later, mom got home. “Where’s Will?”, she asked. “On the patio I think”, I said, as I continued working on dinner. She then headed over to the patio door and opened it. “William!? What are you doing?”, I heard her say. Curious, I went to see what the twerp had done wrong. “Just getting a tan mom”, I heard Will say. I finally got in the patio door to see that Will had apparently gotten rid of his clothes and was sunbathing in the nude. “No tan lines this year!”, he said laughing as he grabbed his shorts and quickly put them on. Mom then looked at me, almost accusingly. “Don’t look at me, I knew nothing about it. Last I saw of him he was fully clothed”, I said, shrugging. I swear that damn kid! I thought. Now we’re both in trouble! “No one can see us on the patio mom, you know that! That’s why you’ve done it too!”, Will said, unsure of himself and almost mumbling that last part. “WHAT!?”, I said, a bit loud. She shot an icy look at Will. She then turned back to me. “Well, I thought I was alone and you boys were both gone for the day…”, she said, with a nervous smile. “But kiddo here had forgotten his soccer ball and came back home”, she said, sounding exasperated, staring at Will, who just smiled goofily. It kind of made sense now, why would Will want to sunbathe in the nude..? …He had seen mom doing it. “Well, dinner is ready, so let’s just go eat”, I said. Once we were around the table, having almost finished our meal, mom said: “You know, when you boys weren’t born yet, your father and I used to sunbath in the nude often”, she said, smiling, her gaze lost in memories. “We would go to nude beaches, and just enjoy the sun on our bodies”, she said, looking at us smiling. Wow, I would’ve never guessed that she was the hippie type when she was younger. “We also had friends who shared our passion, some of whom I am still friends with to this day”, she said. “One even invited me to her condo in France, on the Mediterranean sea recently”. “What? Why didn’t you go? You know I can take care of things here”, I said. “Actually, she said that she invited me and my family to use her condo for a week and I’ve been thinking about it since, but never thought you guys would agree to it, so I just never really gave her an answer”, she said, a bit sad. “What!? What makes you think we wouldn’t agree to something like that? It sounds absolutely amazing!”, I said, getting excited. “I don’t think you would’ve agreed because… it’s not a standard beach, it’s a nude one”, she said. “Oh..”, I said, my smile fading. “And sweetie, I know you’re very sensitive about your body”, she said, taking my hand and looking at me. “Mom, this year, I’ve started working out and I feel much better about my body, I’m no longer the nerdy kid I was a few years ago”, I said, a bit aggravated. “A nude beach is not such a big deal!”. She was obviously not expecting that answer. “What about you Will?”, she asked. “Swimming naked in the sea!?”, he exclaimed, he then laughed. “That sounds awesome!”. “You are both surprising me here… I… I’ll see if the offer still stands and make plans for my next vacation. “Wait… can we afford it mom?”, I asked, worried. “Son, I save money all year so I can spend some on vacation, so don’t worry about it”, she said, smiling. We finished eating and I did the dishes. Once I was done I went downstairs to see Will playing on his Xbox. I sat next to him and started texting Amy, the only girl friend I have, who lives two houses down. We’ve known each other for ages and have shared many classes in school over the years. She’s been my only consistent friend. (me)-Hey Amy (Amy)-Sup Sam (me)-Not much, just chillin in the basement with Will (Amy)-Ohhh, please tell Willy I said hi (me)-Sure, hey, guess what (Amy)-You’re finally ready to confess me your love XD (me)- what? lol no shut up (me)-We might go to southern France on vacation 🙂 (Amy)-No shit!? (Amy)-Lucky bastard! (me)-I know (Amy)-Tell me more!! (me)-Erm.. wanna come over and chill? (Amy)-Sure, I’m bored watching Netflix anyway A few minutes later, Amy was coming down the stairs. “Well hello you two. Hey Willy”, she said, as she sat between me and him, poking his shoulder playfully. “Hi Amy”, Will said on a monotonous tone, captivated by his game, squirming a bit from her finger’s tickling. We made small talk for a few minutes to catch up on what we had both been doing lately. She apparently had a fight with her boyfriend and hadn’t called him all day. “So, tell me about this trip”, she asked, enthusiastically. I was a bit torn about whether or not I should tell her the details. I didn’t want her to think I was some sort of hippie. But that decision was ultimately not mine, as Will blurted out: “Oh we’re going to a nude beach”. I shot him an angry look that he couldn’t see, his eyes fixed on the screen. “What!?”, she exclaimed. “Will! dang it, there are ways to go about this stuff! You just don’t start with that!”, I said, a bit angry. “Huh? What do you mean”, he said, looking at me frowning. I swear that kid… sometimes… “Arg! Never mind”, I said, not wanting to bother explaining. “You see Amy, my mom knows someone who has a condo on the Mediterranean sea. Since we don’t have a lot of money, staying in that region would just be too expensive on our own. So this offer was godsent, the only catch is, it’s located near a nude beach”. “Oohhh… I see”, she said, now smiling. “But, you would stay there right?”. “Yes”, I answered. “And you would go to the nude beach, right?”. “Humm… yeah…”. “With no clothes on”, she pressed on. “… yeah”, I answered again. “So you’re going to a nude beach!”, she said. “That’s exactly what I said!”, Will exclaimed, throwing both his arms in the air. This made her laugh. “Well that’s gonna be an experience!”, she said, smiling at me widely. “Yeah, I guess!”, I said. “But isn’t Willy a bit scared about his Willy?”, she said, turning toward my brother, smiling. I’ve always loved how funny and candid Amy is. “Huh? My willy?”, he asked, finishing his sentence on his high-pitch boy voice. “Yeah, being naked with all these grown-ups around you”, she said. “Nah, I don’t care if they see me naked, I’m probably bigger than they are anyway; I’m bigger than Sam”, he said, pointing at me. That little twerp, I swear! I felt my stomach twitch at that comment. “What, really?”, she asked, looking at me with a silly smile. “WILL!!”, I almost yelled. Now, Amy and I did fool around a bit when we were early teens. We also did last year when she broke up with her first boyfriend and we were high, we kind of made out. She doesn’t know I’m actually leaning towards guys more now, anyway when I’m high I could probably fuck anything. “Will!, that’s private man”, I said, trying to sound more angry than I really was. “But I was talking about ME, MY wiener, I don’t get it”, Will said, looking puzzled. “You’re using ME as a reference point!”, I almost yelled. There was no use, he doesn’t get it, I thought. “Why all the fuss. You once told me that girls don’t think that kind of stuff is important”, Will said. “Is this true Amy?”. “Well, I don’t select a guy based on the size of batman escort his dick, Willy, if this is what you mean”, she answered, amused. “BUT, I also wouldn’t get off much from a guy with a micropenis”, she laughed. “AMY! He’s thirteen!”, I exclaimed, exasperated by these two. “Huh? What’s a micropenis?”, Will asked. “It’s when a guy has a tiiiiiiny little dick”, she said, holding her fingers two inches apart. “Phew, you’re all right Sam, you’re bigger than that at least”, Will said, smiling and looking at me. Omg, this kid… I swear. I felt myself getting red in the face. “No don’t worry Willy, your brother has enough to qualify”, Amy said now laughing out loud. “Huh? You’ve seen him naked?”, Will asked, suddenly interested. “That’s a private question I won’t answer boy”, she said, smiling, as she got up and went to the bathroom. Once she closed the door I turned to Will and said: “Dude, what the heck?”. “What? What did I do?”, he asked puzzled. “Ah, just forget it… Now go take a shower before bed”, I said. “But I took one this afternoon”, he said, whining. “Yeah, but you also got sweaty lying in the sun before dinner. So go now. You can sleep here again tonight since it’s still really hot”, I said. “Aw, can’t I just take one in your bathroom so I don’t have to go back up two floors? Anyway I think mom went to bed”, he said. “Fine, once Amy is done you can use my bathroom”, I said, caving in, and not wanting him to disturb mom. “Cool”, he said, standing up as we heard Amy come out of the bathroom. Once Will closed the door to the bathroom to take his shower, Amy asked: “Sam, was he serious?” “I don’t think he’s gotten the whole second degree thing figured out yet, so yeah, he was serious. And he has no damn filters!”, I said, making her laugh. “So, let me get this straight. Your thirteen year old brother, has got, a bigger dick that you?”, she asked, smiling and about to laugh. I only nodded, blushing, sending her into laughter. “Amy, that’s not funny!” “My god, but he’s so small!”, she said, wiping a tear, looking at the now closed door he had just entered. “Well apparently one part of his body has started growing before the rest… or it’s always been, you know, bigger than most, I don’t know!”. “Had you not noticed before?”, Amy asked. “No! I only saw it for the first time a few days ago, when I took him and his friend to the pool! It kind of shocked me when I saw it”. “What? Wait, what size are we talking about here?”, she asked, perplexed. “Humm.., like five inches…”, I said, sheepishly. “Oh, so he’s like barely bigger than you”, she said. “No…, five inches… soft”, I said, “and like… cucumber fat”, I said, forming a large O shape with my hand. “Wait what? Fuck!”, she said, a bit surprised. “Not kidding”. “And how big do you think it gets?”, she asked, now intrigued. “He said eight inches”, I said, feeling a bit red in the face. “What!? Haha. That’s actually bigger than my boyfriend”, she said amused. “Wait, Tyler? How big is he?”, I asked. I’ve always found that guy hot. “He’s about six and a half”, she said. “Oh, what about the previous one?”, I asked, trying not to sound too eager. “Jason? About the same as Tyler actually. I didn’t know they could come in such different sizes”, she admitted. That came to me as a bit of a surprise, as I had seen tons of dicks watching porn, of all shapes and sizes. I forgot girls weren’t as much into that stuff. “I mean…”, she said as we were interrupted by Will who came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. “Guys, you’re on my bed”, Will said, motioning he wanted us to move. “Oh, right”, I said. He removed the cushions and I helped him roll the bed out of the sofa. Amy was helping us but kept stealing glances at Will’s bulge. I couldn’t fault her for being curious, really. “Aren’t you getting your pj?”, I asked, seeing he didn’t have any clothes with him. “Nah, I’m sleeping naked now. I know that’s the way you sleep. And it’s hot and I’m not a little kid anymore. I can sleep like grown-ups too”. After we were done preparing his bed, he sat down, looking at us. “Are you staying in my room?”, Will asked, obviously waiting so he could remove his towel and get between his bed sheets. “No, I was just leaving”, Amy said, as she waved at me and went upstairs. “Cya Amy”, I said, looking at my phone to see what time it was. “Oh dang, it’s 11 already, okay I need to take a shower and go to bed, but before that, I need to lock the door behind Amy”, I said, as I darted over to my room, took a joint from my desk and headed upstairs. Amy had already left but I could see her silhouette on the street when I got outside. I lit up the joint and took a few puffs, before putting it out and coming back downstairs. Will was in bed still playing Minecraft when I got back. I went in my bathroom and took a quick shower. When I got out, I went back to my room with a towel around my waist, and found Will on my computer, reading a story, a large bed sheet on his shoulders, covering his body. “Aw man, I was about to do just that”, I said. “Oh, but we can read one together! I don’t really like this one, let’s just pick another”, Will said, getting up and motioning me to sit down on my chair. I sat down, still wearing the towel, and Will sat down on my lap. I then clicked on new stories to see if there had been any new ones that might appeal to me, well, us in this case. “What do you want to read Will?”, I said, looking at the titles of the new stories. “I don’t know. Humm, you’ve read a lot of them right?”. “Yeah”, I answered. “What’s your favorite?”. “Dang, that’s hard to say”, I said. Honestly, so far, the kind of stories I liked the most was a guy hooking up with a tween or a teen, and fuck the boy with his big man-cock. But ever since I saw Will naked the other day, I felt drawn to the opposite type, which is a man discovering a boy with a penis bigger than his. I then thought about one I had read weeks ago that I had found hot but hadn’t appealed to me as much then. A setup very much like the one I was finding myself into, with two brothers, the younger being bigger. “Oh I know which one we can read. It’s about two brothers, fucking a girl. Do you want to read that?”. “Oh yeah! That sound cool”, Will said smiling. I went to the bisexual section and finally found it after some research. Basically, it was the story of a 15 year old teen whose girlfriend tells him his little brother is kind of hot too. They had been having sex for a few weeks now and he was now used to plowing her pussy with his five inch pole. The story eventually lead to a scene where the teen is having sex with his girlfriend and the little brother comes back home earlier than he should. Focused on what they are doing, they don’t hear him come in, and he stares at them from the bedroom door, the twelve year old mesmerized by the scene of his brother fucking his girlfriend. At that point, I had to re-arrange myself since my dick was in an uncomfortable position with Will sitting on my lap. I lifted him with my left hand and managed to find a more comfortable position. When Will sat back down, my dick was resting between his ass cheeks. “Hehe, I can feel your boner”, Will said. We then re-focused our attention back to the story. The girlfriend was amused by the whole incident and asked the little brother if he ever had sex, which he answered by the negative. She then asked if he had ever seen a girl naked, and he said no, never in real life. She invited him to come and look, despite the few protests from her teen boyfriend. The girl took his hand and let him touch her breasts. The teen then offered his girlfriend his cock to suck. The little brother, fascinated by her giving head to his brother, was now hard as a rock through his pants. He then started removing his clothes. The girl was now focused on her boyfriend’s tool as the little brother took place behind her, and started fingering her pussy. She had just been fucked by his brother and it was already slippery. He then asked her if he could put his wiener in her pussy, which she simply nodded, while keeping sucking her boyfriend. The little brother then removed his underwear, took place behind her, and aimed his hard cock at her pussy. He then proceeded to slowly shove his cock in her. The girlfriend immediately had her eyes grow big like saucers because this was not the feeling she was expecting. She expected something similar to bayburt escort a finger or two, but that was most definitely not what she was currently feeling . Oww oww, go slow, this feels bigger than I thought it would be, she said. Indeed, her pussy was now being stretched like never before and the young boy’s cock was reaching depths she had never felt. The little brother then awkwardly started going in and out, eventually figuring it out, his instincts taking over. The girl was moaning loud and was vocal like never before. The older brother could feel the vibration of each of her muffled screams and moans as his little brother kept pounding her pussy. She never stopped sucking him and she kept going up and down on his five inch pecker. She never screamed like that when he fucked her, he thought. What was his little brother doing more than he was? At that point Will opened his blanket and started jerking off. We kept reading on. The 15 year old teen was now turned on so much by seeing his girlfriend being fucked and by his twelve year old little brother’s first sex experience. His girlfriend was apparently having an orgasm, by the way she was moaning like crazy. This sent him over the edge and he came hard in her mouth. He then lied down on his pillow, and watched them still fucking furiously. This went on for a few more minutes. His girlfriend, now her mouth free, kept letting out loud moans and screams and telling his little brother to fuck him hard, which he did. He was pounding her pussy as hard as his young body could. After what seemed like ten more minutes of fucking and a few more orgasm by his girlfriend, his little brother finally said he was cumming, as he collapsed on her back, his cock deep in her pussy. After coming back from their orgasm, the girlfriend turned around as he was taking his cock out of her hole. She couldn’t believe what had been plowing her pussy. Her boyfriend’s little brother was actually way bigger than him! He had about seven and a half inches of fat dick! The older brother then looked at his kid brother’s glistening cock and also had a shock. No wonder his girlfriend was moaning so much, it was way more than he could ever give her. At that point, Will was masturbating intensely. I was getting really horny too. I took my left hand and put it on his cock. He moved his hand aside as I started jerking his big cock off. “Thanks Sam, keep doing that”, Will said, horned up. Our eyes then went back to the story, where it was now another scene. The evening, the boys, who shared a room, were talking about the experience they had shared earlier that day. They both got horny and took their dicks out. The older brother was mesmerized by his younger sibling’s size. He then said he wondered how she felt being fucked by something big like his cock. Little brother said he could experience it and offered to fuck him, which given how horny he was and curious about it he accepted. He first sucked his cock to make it slippery, then little bro fucked his brother with his big cock. Big bro found it painful at first, but after a few minutes, started getting that magical feeling. He was eventually begging to be fucked hard, to which little bro happily obliged. The story was now over as I kept masturbating Will. I was now also aching for release. “Dude, let’s go on my bed to wank off”, I said. Will simply got up, put his blanket on my bed and lied on it naked, jerking off his eight incher. I put on a porn video I had bookmarked and often wanked off to, of a black guy with a huge cock fucking a white twink. I then oriented the screen toward my bed and lied down next to Will. We then both looked at the screen and jerked off together. “That story was hot, wasn’t it Sam?”, he asked, whispering. “Yeah”. It was even hotter, reading it with my little brother, than it had been the first time I read it. “Do you think we could do that too?”, he asked. “Do what? A threesome with a girl?”, I asked, jokingly. “No, hehe, unless you want to call Amy back”, he said, giving me a silly smile. I was not expecting that answer, he wanted to mess around with Amy? “Well, she has a boyfriend, so, though luck. And… I don’t think she’s into boys your age”, I said, poking him. “Hehe, well maybe, but maybe she’s into boys my size”, he said, holding his huge cock up, finding himself clever and laughing. “Hehe, I don’t know. There are some girls who seem to want to experience that, so maybe”, I said, not wanting to shatter his hope. “Yeah”, he said, grinning. “But I wasn’t thinking about that just now, more like what they did at the end of the story, together”. He then looked at me, with hope. “Wait what? What exactly?”, I asked, a bit taken aback by his boldness. “Well, the sucking and… the other thing”, he said, now a bit shy. “I’ve never done any of those things. Can you teach me?”. He was looking at me pleadingly with his large hazel eyes. I just couldn’t refuse him anything. “Okay, but, this is new for me too you know, I’ve only ever done things with girls, well… one girl”. “Who? Amy?”, Will said, grinning. “Why you!… yes… if you must know… with Amy. I’ve never done anything with a guy tho. But I’ve read so much about it that I could be an expert”, I said, laughing. “Cool, can you suck me off then?”, he asked, smiling. “Humm… okay but, you know, you can never tell anyone about what we’re doing together… ever”, I said, as I sat up and took his cock in my hand. “Yeah, I know this is naughty and it’s a secret”, he said, with seriousness. I was looking at his long fat cock and wondered if it would be hard to suck. I then felt his hand push my head down on his erect member. I opened my lips and readied myself for my first taste of cock. I pulled down on his foreskin to reveal his dark pink glans. It was glistening and looked so tasty. The size of his mushroom cock head was proportional to his cock but since it was huge, so was it. I could now smell it. It smelled like sex, and I knew instantly that I would love it’s taste. I started by licking his massive glans but he was in a hurry to be sucked and was pressing on my head down harder so I would take it into my mouth. I opened it wide and started going down on his shaft, engulfing about four or five inches of his cock. It was not easy to take in, given its girth, which I guessed at about six inches, maybe a bit less. Now, it would take some work to take all its eight inches down my throat. Although I knew about deep throating, and I had… tried on a banana a few times out of sheer curiosity and to see if I could do it, this was my first real blow job, and it was thicker than a banana, would I be able to do it? “Oooohhhh shiiiit!”, Will exclaimed, as he felt his cock going into a warm mouth for the first time. I then started to slowly go up and down his shaft, well, the first five inches of it. Will was letting out little high-pitch moans every once in a while. After a minute, he started pressing on my head hard so I would take more of his cock in. I then took a large breath through my nose and started swallowing his cock. I gagged a bit at first and pulled my head back, leaving his glans in my mouth. I took a second or two and went down on his cock again, trying to swallow it one more time. I felt the gag reflex again but managed to resist it, taking about one inch of cock down my throat. I held it there a second and pulled my head back, and took a few breaths through my nose. I repeated the process a few times, making progress every time. Finally, after a few tries, I felt his hairless pubic mound on my nose. I stayed there a few seconds, enjoying the thought that I now had all his cock in my mouth. Will was loving the feeling, as he was now caressing my head. I then pulled back and went back at it, taking all his cock in every time. After a minute or two tho, my mouth was getting tired, it had to be wide open to accommodate his girth and it was tiring. I then took his cock all the way out of my mouth, and took my breath back, while giving my jaw some rest. “That felt amazing Sam! Please keep doing it”. “I wish, but your cock is big and it gets tiring fast”, I said, pulling on his large cock and letting it go, making a “spat” sound as it hit his belly. “Oh, okay. Can I put it in your butt then?”, he asked, casually. “What? You wanna fuck me?” I asked, surprised and apprehensive. Fucking is a big step… plus, I only ever had two of my fingers up there. Would I be able to take bebek escort it? It looked so damn big, I had doubts it could fit! But I looked back on the porn on the screen, and that white twink was now taking the big black cock up his ass and seemed to love it. “Will I’m… I’m a virgin on that end”. “Oh, I’ll be careful, just tell me what to do”, he said, enthusiastically. At that point I was really horny and had been wanting to have a dick up there for years, so I agreed, even tho I was scared it would hurt. “Okay, fine”, I said. I then got the lube in the drawer next to my bed and handed it to Will. “Grease up your cock, I’ll be right back. I need to prepare before we can do this, making sure I’m all clean”, I said, as I went in the bathroom. I had read enough about butt fucking to know I had to be clean up there. I gave myself an enema and was happy to see it came out clean. I got back into the room, and Will was jerking his cock with lube watching the video of the two guys fucking intensely. “How do we do this”, Will asked. “I’ll lie on my back”, I said, as I put the towel under my ass and lied down. I then took my legs and held them up by gripping them under the knee. As inexperienced as I was, I didn’t know this position would provide the deepest penetration. All I wanted was to see my kid brother’s face while he fucked someone for the first time. “First you need to loosen up my hole. Use a finger or two to do that”, I instructed. He put some lube on his fingers and carefully spread some on my hole. He then inserted one finger and started massaging my hole with it. After a few strokes, he added another finger. I knew I had to relax so it wouldn’t hurt. I eventually got used to his two fingers and told him : “All right, you can try to put your cock now, but take it very slow so I can get used to it”. He then repositioned himself on his knees. I took a good look at his cock while he moved, and was starting to have second thoughts. That thing looked massive, but I needed to relax, and just let it in! I felt his cock head at my entrance, I closed my eyes and relaxed. I then felt him push. I could feel the pressure, and a second after, my ass ring gave way and his cock head entered my anus. I felt a sharp pain and opened my eyes wide. “Ohhhh shit, that stings”, I said, trying to relax. My little brother immediately stopped and stayed still, his cock connected to my insides. He was looking at me in the eyes tenderly. After a few seconds, I nodded at him so he could shove some more. He immediately executed and pushed some more of his cock inside slowly. I could feel inch after inch of his long, big cock making its way in me, spreading my hole, until we felt some resistance. He kept trying to push and eventually the last inches finally made their way in as I felt his pelvis make contact with my butt. “Oof!” I said, now feeling full. I looked at his face and he had a goofy smile on. Looking at him, knowing he was now feeling all eight inches of his huge kid cock deep up my ass made me so hot. “Okay, fuck me now, but go slow at first”, I said. I then felt his cock slowly being pulled out, like a train leaving a station. After what felt like what must’ve been almost all his cock being pulled out of my hole, he buried it back in slowly. These feeling were all new to me. It felt so strange and exiting. But I was not yet feeling pleasure, I was still getting accustomed to its size. He did slip out once but rapidly adjusted his movements and stayed inside after every thrust. I remembered slipping out of Amy several times. Maybe he didn’t have such a hard time, having a cock this long. He could go back and forth with less worry that it would eventually slip out. After a few minutes of slow fucking with his long cock, he started increasing the pace, and THAT’s when it really started feeling good. His large pole was hitting my pleasure spots repeatedly, sending waves of pleasure through me. “Oh fuck Will, that feels so good”, I said, licking my lips. “You’re really good at this”. He smiled at me devilishly and started pounding my ass harder and faster. Oh shit that felt amazing! I started moaning and giving out yelps after each hard thrust up my butt. I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling. Never could I have imagined it to be this good. I loved it! “Ah yes! Fuck me Will!… AH!… YES! OW.. AH!”, I exclaimed. Then, to my surprise, I started getting this familiar feeling down my groin. I felt I was about to cum! But I hadn’t even touched my dick! And cum I did! “Oh fuck, I’m cumming”. Will’s eye suddenly got big. “I can feel it in your ass, you’re squeezing my dick”, he said, smiling widely. Once I finished cumming, I let out a sight. I then felt my brother resuming his movements in and out of my ass. He hadn’t cum yet. To my surprise, I didn’t feel ashamed as I sometimes felt when I came. I also wasn’t softening, my hole still being stimulated. I started feeling horny again. I then had an idea. “You should try to do some dirty talk, like the little brother in the story”, I said, feeling shy at the suggestion. “Oh? Like what?”, he asked, not stopping plowing my ass as we talked. “Like… telling me I’m yours. Like asking me if I like your big cock, if I like being fucked by my younger brother”, I said, sheepishly. “Oh, oh! I get it”, he smiled. “You could also just tell me your age and how big you are and ask me about how I like it”, I said, getting even more red in the face. “All right…” He said as he looked at me while pounding my ass good. “You know what you have in your butt now right?”, he asked. I nodded. “How are you liking my thirteen year old dick up your butt?”, he asked, all serious, thrusting his big cock in and out of me hard. “Humm, I love it!”, I said, overwhelmed by the sensations his dick was triggering every time he rammed it into me. “Yeah? You love your little brother’s big cock?”. I was surprised at how different he now sounded. Were his instincts taking over as well? Was his alpha instinct awakening or something? “Do you want it hard?”, he asked, as he slowed down considerably, making me wanting more. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard baby brother!”, I almost yelled. He then snickered and shoved his cock all the way to the root hard, ending in a loud ‘thump’. “Oooohh shiit!”, I exclaimed, a jolt of pleasure going through me from that hard thrust. I think he understood at this point that when in bed with me, the role would be reversed. He was in power, I was his bitch. It was instinctive. He was now breeding me hard, pleasuring me intensely. I kept giving out yelps after ever thrust. “Oh fuck!”, I said. “Yeah, that feels amazing”, Will said. He was fucking me with all he had. For an instant, I was lost in thoughts of pleasure, the weed was fueling my imagination. I felt like I was his wife and he was my big husband showing me how to be pleased by a huge cock. He kept going at it for minutes, keeping me in the pleasure zone. I was almost limp from pleasure when I felt myself cumming again. Only a few droplets this time, but it lasted almost as long as the first. This apparently did not escape Will, as he smiled and kept fucking hard. A minute or two later, Will was hammering my ass, as I saw his face contract, he started shooting his seed up my butt. “Aahhh…. yeah…..”, he said, as he shoved his cock in one last thrust as deep as it would go up my butt. He then collapsed on me, as I hugged him. At that moment I loved him so much. He had just experienced his first fuck, and I was the one who had the honor of taking it. No words were necessary, but by judging the way he was hugging me back, he was grateful I had let him use me for his sexual discovery. I kissed him on top of his blond mop of hair and smiled at him, as he turned his head toward me to smile. He then dislodged himself from my ass, and used the towel to wipe his cock and then my ass. I now had the feeling of emptiness that comes with his cock no longer being in my bum. I felt my hole was open still as I put my legs back down, staring at the ceiling. He threw the towel on the ground and lied down next to me, on his side, facing me. Getting tired, I turned to my side, my back to him. I then felt him crawl over, and hug my back. He was holding me tenderly in his arms. I could feel his now soft boycock making contact with my ass cheeks. Feeling spent, I drifted off to sleep, with the feeling of being in my little brother’s arms, strangely comforting me. To be continued… ——— Liked this story? Please let me know your ota I really enjoy people writing to me about my story. Don’t hesitate to write and say a few words 🙂 Don’t underestimate the power your words of encouragement have.

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