Sana’s Christmas Surprise

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It was Christmas Eve when I was sitting in my apartment in London. I usually celebrated Christmas with friends and family back home but it was not happening this year. My parents had planned a trip to Pakistan this December and I was not up for it. They were attending a couple of weddings and by experience I know how that starts into questions for all single girls. Questions like when are you getting married? What are your plans? I have already made it clear to my parents that I will marry when I am ready and with the guy I choose and not some traditional arranged marriage. They were supportive of this idea as they had spent most of their lives in US.

Anyways for the evening, I was planning to cook a warm meal, relax and maybe watch a movie or catch up on my favorite series on Netflix at home. It didn’t feel like all was lost as somehow I was really looking forward to an evening by myself. In the afternoon I went grocery shopping close to my apartment knowing that shops maybe closed for a couple of days. I was at the cash counter when I heard an excited voice saying:

“Hey Sana, Hiiii, what are you doing here during Christmas break.”

Surprised, I looked back and there she stood, Jean was one of my good friends in college. She and I had different majors so our interaction was limited to outside the classrooms.

“Jean, Oh my God, How are you?” I replied.

Jean and I were good friends in college, she was a tall and strong girl, very athletic and crazy about sports. She had a very loving personality and we had great time together.

“It’s been a long time” She said.

“Yes” I replied.

We started talking about what was happening with our lives, I told her that I had recently come back from an internship in Madagascar and was starting a job next month. She smiled and told me that she was on her way to her dad’s house where she was joining her family for Christmas. She, her sister and her brother who were both married, her dad was single as Jean’s mom had passed away a few years back from cancer.

I wished her Merry Christmas and told her that we should catch up after holidays and was on my way. I had only walked a few steps when I heard Jean call my name again. I stopped and turned back, she had caught up to me by then and with a bright smile said:

“I would love it if you could join us for the Christmas dinner tonight.”

I looked at her and the first words that came out were

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” With excitement, she replied.

Somehow I couldn’t say no and agreed. She gave me the address to her dad’s place, the house was in a small town a couple of hours drive from London. She told me to be there by 6 pm and left. I looked at the time and it was almost 2 pm. I still had a few hours to get ready for the dinner.

Jean was a curious girl and in college everyone had stories about her. She was hot as hell with very ample breasts, round hips and amazingly long and athletic legs. But she never dated anyone which led to rumors like she was a prude virgin or even a lesbian. A lot of guys tried their luck but all got burned. I always felt that if I would ever become interested in a woman it will be a woman like Jean, this thought had crossed my mind multiple times, I have to admit.

On my way home I started dreading what I had gotten into. I was looking forward to this wonderful evening alone but now had to be part of this dinner where I hardly knew anyone. I knew Jean but her family was strangers.

As I entered my apartment and looked at the time, it was a little over two which gave me a couple of hours to get ready and leave. I booked a cab for the evening and opened my wardrobe to see what I could wear.

“No, Not this one, Nope” I uttered as I scrolled through my clothes.

I finally found something which was festive, a red and black dress a little short but it matched the festive colors. Primarily red it had deep v-neck with black stripes which gave a glimpse of my cleavage. I undressed and placed the dress in front of me while staring in the mirror.

“A little sexy but there will be young people at the party so it should be fine” I told myself.

I placed the dress on the bed and went to take a bath. The warm water was amazing and lying nude in the bath was sending butterflies in my stomach. It had been a longtime since I was with a man but I had little time to pleasure myself as I had to be ready for the party.

I came out from the bath and dried my body. I than picked up a lavender and honey scented body lotion and started applying it to my body. As I was rubbing myself, my nipples had become erect and I started getting moist. It was then that I remembered my encounter with one my friend Luis, and it brought a smile on my face. I remembered how I seduced him and made him uncomfortable and of course the sex that followed. All these intimate thoughts were going through my mind but there was no time.

Dressing quickly I wore a red thong and net stockings the bra i wore was also red. One look in the mirror and i was good to go and escort ataşehir proceeded in putting on the dress. The cab driver had reached and had already given a missed call on my phone. I was about to leave when I see that the bra being padded was bulging out of the dress ruining my whole look. I quickly looked for another one in my drawers when I again got a call from cab driver that he was here.

“Shit, none of them matches the color of the dress” I murmured.

After quickly thinking, I just removed the bra and wore my winter coat and a Santa helper’s hat. I grabbed a bottle of the most expensive wine I had and rushed down to the cab.

It was a long journey and I wasn’t sure if I could make it in time. Around half past six I entered this small town everything was closed as expected and the cab driver drove for another fifteen minutes or so and stopped just outside a huge house on the other side of town.

“Here you go miss” the taxi driver said.

I paid the cab driver and gave him another 50 pounds for tip.

“Thank you miss and Merry Christmas” he replied.

“Merry Christmas to you as well” I wished him and got off the car.

The house was very nicely decorated with Christmas lights; a reindeer with colorful lights was standing just outside the main door. It was snowing and the whole ambiance felt very festive. It really got me in a good mood.

I rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door. Soon I heard heavy footsteps coming towards the door and as the door opened with some force, I heard a loud heavy voice:

“Merry Christmas”

I was startled as a man dressed in Santa’s clothes was standing in front of me. He was well over six foot tall maybe close to 7 feet. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard:

“Come on in you…You must be Sana, Jean’s friend. Don’t catch a cold in this weather” He said.

“Merry Christmas to you too and yes I would love to get in” I replied.

As I entered the house the Santa Clause helped me take off my coat and we walked in the corridor towards the living area.

“We have been expecting you, you are late” he said

“I wasn’t sure of the house so it took me some time to get here” I replied.

“Merry Christmas Sana, I hope my dad didn’t startle you. He is insisting on wearing this Santa clause suit.” Jean said rushing towards me as I entered the living room.

Suddenly in unison I heard:

“Merry Christmas” from the lot around me.

“Merry Christmas” I replied smiling to all.

It was such a happy bunch of people that it brought a smile to my face. I was already glad that I came here.

Jean started introducing me to everyone.

“Sana, this is Dave my brother and his wife Anna. This is my sister Jessica and her husband Shawn and you have already met my dad Jack.”

I shook hands with everyone and said hello.

I went to Jack and handed him the bottle of wine and told him:

“It was a pleasure to be here and thank you for having me here.”

Jack put an arm around me and said:

“It was a pleasure to have you here darling. Now let us all prepare for dinner and festivities.”

The room like the exterior of the house was well decorated with a gorgeous tree decorated in red and gold ornaments. It had gifts under it, the fireplace was keeping the area warm. One thing I had noticed was that Jean’s family was inherently tall and athletic, at 5ft 7in I was by far the shortest, Jessica was miles ahead with a height of 6ft 2in and she was the shortest of the lot.

The dinner table was set with so much food, a variety of salads, roast beef, roast turkey, mashed potatoes, freshly baked bread, it was an amazing spread.

Dave was the eldest among the siblings and had been married for two years. He worked in Manchester as a civil lawyer. Anna his wife was a school teacher, a lovely looking girl and with a pleasant personality. Jessica, Jean’s sister got married last year and worked in an Ad Agency while her husband Shawn was a Sales Manager in IT Company.

Jack, Jean’s dad was a businessman who sold all his business about three years ago when his wife passed away. He used to enjoy the country side and was very close to his family. He moved to the family home from London after his wife’s death.

I was in my thoughts when I heard:

“So Sana, what do you do?” asked Shawn.

“I have recently taken job in one of the departments in my university as a research assistant. Previously I was studying and just came back from my internship in Madagascar a month ago.”

“Madagascar? What were you doing there darling” Jack asked.

“We went there on a research assignment where we were responsible for assessing plants for their medicinal potential” I replied.

“Wonderful” Jack said.

The evening progressed with more small talk. We all pitched in and helped in cleaning dinner plates.

Jack meanwhile excused himself and came back with a couple of bottles of wine and equal number of glass. He opened up the bottle and we all started drinking. We had kadıköy escort bayan stories from childhood, proms, embracing stories of children and partners, the evening was very entertaining and I was glad to be a part of it. Occasionally Jack will pass flirtatious remarks and everyone would start laughing.

The night progressed and alcohol kept coming. I was getting intoxicated and was also sharing my stories with everyone.

Suddenly the topic turned to sex and everyone got interested in each other’s stories.

Suddenly, Jack roared

“You kids, your generation is so lazy and without passion, when we were young we used mate like bunnies.”

“Daddddddddd” in a collective voice the siblings cried.

This was followed by laughter in the room. I was laughing so hard that my eyes started tearing up.

He continued your mother and I used to do it wherever we had the opportunity every day of the week.

“Dad you need to sleep now you have had a little too much” Jean said.

It was almost ten in the evening and all of us were pretty drunk and dazed. Jack still wanted to carry on but was hammered and could hardly talk. He had started drinking well before anyone came for the party and after much insistence he was helped to his room by Jean and Jessica, who were also walking gingerly with all the booze.

When they came back we poured a few more drinks and started chatting. After Jack had left everyone was comfortable in discussing sex and started telling stories. The conversation then led to what was each of ours sexual fantasies.

Jessica was so excited that she literally shouted:

“I would love to have threesome.”

The room echoed with laughter.

Jean said that she would like to try bondage someday, to which Dave started booing.

“Sex on the beach is my wish and we nearly did it” said Dave as he winked at Anna who started blushing.

“What about you Sana?” Dave asked.

I was startled by the question but then everyone was telling so I said

“Having sex in public has been a turn on for me and I have to confess a threesome as well.”

I heard a collective OOOOOoooo in the room followed by laughing.

“Stop it you guys”, I said a bit embarrassed.

Jean than said:

“Sana I feel you had too many drinks to go home since it’s a long journey so you are staying for the night and sharing the room with me.”

It made sense and I agreed.

We all than started chatting, we even put some music and started singing and dancing to the Christmas songs. It was a great night and I was having a lot of fun with this fun loving family.

This went on for another hour or so, I saw Jessica and Shawn going upstairs towards the rooms. I wanted to use the restroom and asked Jessica where to go; she pointed towards the corridor but stopped.

“Oh dear, that one is out service, use the one upstairs on the left” she said.

I went up and found the restroom. When I came out I saw the door of the opposite room open and could see in the reflection of the mirror that Shawn was laying there with his eyes closed while Jessica had his cock in her mouth going up and down his shaft.

I stood there in trance for a moment admiring and fantasizing when I snapped into my senses. As I came down the stairs, my mind was still wandering into lust and I could feel a tingle between my legs. As I turned from the stair case I bumped into Anna who had a cocktail which spilled all over my dress.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you coming” she said while wiping the drink.

I used a wet cloth to clean as much as I could but the drink has made its way and my clothes were quite wet.

Jean took me upstairs and got me her old t-shirt and asked me to change and she would put the dress in the washer. I took of the dress and the stockings and then it hit me that I wasn’t wearing any bra. Nothing could be done now I unzipped the dress. Standing bare breasted in someone restroom, I was contemplating what to do next but finally decided to go ahead with this. I wore the t-shirt Jean had given me, the good thing was that due to Jean’s height the length of the t-shirt was similar to the dress I was wearing, the bad news was that the material was a little bit lighter fabric and my ample breasts and nipples were very visible when I moved.

I came out of the restroom and handed the clothes to Jean. She immediately looked at me and smiled:

“Oooo lala, No bra?”

“Unfortunately No.” I replied.

Jean told me to wait for her and after a couple of minutes came back in a similar length t-shirt and surprise surprise she wasn’t wearing any bra as well. Her breasts being larger were much more prominent and it gave me a comfort that I wasn’t alone in this.

“Let me make you comfortable” she said as she winked at me.

We came downstairs and sat again for a couple of more drinks and were joined again by Jessica and Shawn. Shawn had a smile on his face and looked quite satisfied:

“You girls made yourself comfortable?” Shawn said.

Looking at them escort bostancı I started feeling that tingle in my legs again.

“Why not? You were also quite comfortable upstairs” Jean said smiling.

Jessica started blushing and I wondered if Jean also knew what they were doing in the bedroom.

I just started smiling and a couple of drinks later I started feeling out of sorts and asked Jean if I could call it a night.

“But the night is only starting now” Jean said.

I got up and said:

“Not for me I am done, Merry Christmas you guys I need to rest” have a great night.

“Sana, third door on the left” Jean said.

I thanked her and started walking towards the stairs; I was quite dizzy and got in the room and immediately got in the bed and removed the thong I was wearing and it had also gotten a little wet from the drink spill. I than closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

A few minutes later, I heard the door open and close again. I thought probably the rest of them were going to sleep. I kept my eyes closed but a few seconds later I felt a warm feeling between my legs. Two strong hands were rubbing the inside of my legs.

The room was quite dark, I shook my head and tried to figure who it was when I felt a strong muscular tongue lick the full length of my pussy lips. A muffled moan escaped my mouth.

I extended my hands and took head of the person in my hands, with a little more focus, I knew who it was. Jack, my friend’s father was between my legs. I also figured out that this was not the room I was supposed to be in and I had made a mistake.

“Jack, what are you doing?” I whispered.

After a moment of silence I didn’t hear anything. My eyes had now adjusted to the little lit room and could see that Jack was not fully in his senses.

Jack must have been in the restroom when I came in. He was very drunk and not in his senses so finding a half-naked girl in his bed may have made him horny. I could tell that he was almost passed out but somehow pleasuring me.

He then proceeded and licked my pussy again. My mind was numb and my pussy was already aching for some fun, I had seen Jack’s daughter satisfying her husband and such thoughts were in my head. I started playing with his hair and pushing my pussy towards his mouth.

Jack now had more confidence took no more time and started licking my pussy expertly, His big strong hands had moved underneath my t-shirt and were now massaging my breasts. I than felt him move on top of me, he moved his lips close to mine and then planted them on mine. Gradually, his tongue started probing my mouth meeting my tongue in the process.

With his one hand he was rubbing my pussy while we were kissing in an embrace. His hand was now soaking wet with my juices, he used his wet hand to rub his now swollen manhood. This was so wrong but in the moment felt so right.

I moved my hand down. He had one of the most amazing cocks I had seen; it was uncut and thick as my fist. With all the excitement it was hard as an iron pipe and was warm, wet and throbbing. He needed no help from me to get ready. Jack was going to get a young body tonight but too bad he wasn’t in his senses, a Christmas gift you can say.

I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his midriff. He placed the tip of his cock on the entrance of my pussy and locked his lips to mine. With one strong thrust he buried the tip and a couple of inches in me. My eyes opened wide to the shock and pain while a murmured scream left my mouth into his. Jack retracted and with another thrust he went a couple of more inches in. Jack started fucking me with strong powerful thrusts. He had a lot of sexual energy which he wanted to release and in his current state was only focused on releasing that energy.

With a few powerful thrusts, he had now gone fully inside me. He was so thick that he was turning me inside out. My insides were locked around his amazing girth. He continued to build up his pace when a loud shriek escaped my mouth as my orgasm hit me. I passed out completely, impaled on the girth of my friend’s father who was mating with me. Jack was relentless, when I gained my consciousness he was pounding away. Soon both of us were fast approaching our orgasms. I could feel his cock getting hot, it was pulsating inside me it was like the lava was ready but was waiting that final explosion. Suddenly he groaned, his hips twitched and with a powerful thrust he exploded inside me. His cock was twitching furiously and his eyes rolled back, his balls pumped stream after stream of hot liquid inside me. My eyes rolled to the sensation as my second orgasm hit me as I passed out again.

When I got back to my senses, Jack was lying next to me fast asleep. I got up to see hot streams of white fluid leaking from me. I went to Jack’s restroom and washed my vagina and legs, dried myself and came out. Jack was still asleep, he was fully naked. I grabbed my thong and came out of the room, I could still hear Jean talking although it seemed like they were about to call it quits. I came to the room and the right one this time.

I got in the bed, I had thoroughly washed myself with the water shower. I didn’t want any semen leaking in my friend’s bed. It was almost 2 am when the door opened and Jean came in. She looked at me and said:

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