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SAUCY SAILORS – PART 1I still dream about the time I was totally filled by that big black cock, and it never fails to get me wet.It all started with new neighbours, Brian & Joan, who moved into a house opposite. I went over to introduce myself and see if there was anything they needed while they were moving in. They were a mixed race couple, he was American and coloured and she British and white, and he worked for a US firm in the UK for many years which is where they had met. They were a pleasant couple, probably in their 40s, like us, and had two c***dren, strangely a coloured girl and a white boy, but it seems these were from previous marriages.While the husband, Brian, was at work his wife stayed at home and was seemed bored. She frequently went to the gym at the local leisure centre and introduced me to it so I would sometimes accompany her. I didn’t have enough breath to talk much while we were exercising as she was much fitter than I was, but we would have a coffee afterward and would spend time chatting then.I am not one for ogling other people’s bodies but when we were in the changing room she was quite unconcerned about nakedness and would wander about to and from the showers without any clothes on, not bothering to put a towel round herself or even hold it in front of her, and would stand in the nude while talking to me which I found quite disconcerting. However, I could not fail to notice she had a very fit body with well defined muscles and no spare fat on her at all. She a typical athlete’s small breasts, a very narrow waist, trim hips and a tight bottom and I could see that she shaved as her sex was revealed as just a very tidy crease.I told my husband, Bill, about this after the first time and I think he was a bit turned on by the image until I asked him if he preferred that to me. He assured me that skinny women did nothing for him and he liked to have a little meat on the bones, and he added that he thought that my figure, though more matronly, was fit as well, but pleasingly so rather than too athletic.Brian and Joan had a yacht which they kept on the south coast and in the summer season would often go away sailing for the weekend. One day at the gym Joan said they were planning to sail over to France for the coming Easter weekend as the weather forecast looked very promising with good wind and very warm temperatures. Normally for such a trip one or other of their c***dren, or possibly both, would accompany them but this time they were both busy, so would we like to go along? She said that before deciding we should know that having more than two people was for safely and we may have to do some work – we didn’t need to know anything technical as they would tell us what to do if necessary. Also, yachts are not very big and there isn’t a whole lot of privacy and everyone tends to ‘muck in’. I discussed this with Bill as neither of us had sailed before but we decided that as the weather looked good it would be nice break and a new experience (little did we know!).When the weekend arrived we drove down to the marina on the Thursday afternoon as it seemed we were to sail to France overnight, partly to get the maximum time over there, but also according to Brian, it was easier to see the lights of shipping at night rather than spot ships during the day. So we unpacked our few bits and pieces (we had been told to take as little as possible because of the limited space) and ‘stowed’ it all away in little cubby-holes. As we got changed into our sailing clothes for the trip (they lent us some waterproof and safety gear that their c***dren used which almost fitted) Joan was doing her usual of standing around with not much on, although she did at least have underwear on which didn’t cover a great deal and I could see Bill taking surreptitious glances at her. The two of them got the boat ready with us helping as directed and in the late afternoon sun we motored out of the marina heading for the open sea. The trip across was uneventful though we didn’t really know much about the sailing. We paired up, me with Brian and Bill with Joan and took it in turns to sleep. The next day dawned dry and bright with a reasonable breeze and soon we could see the French coast.We motored into a village harbour to register with the authorities and do some shopping. It was Good Friday so everything was closed except the boulangerie, where we got some bread and essentials and we went back to the boat and settled down for a sleep. Being a holiday weekend there was no room for us in the marina so we tied up to a buoy out in the bay. Bill and I were in the main cabin where the seats turned into beds and Brian and Joan had a cabin at the back which was all bed and no room to change so they were in the main cabin with us stripping off for bed. Bill and I demurely kept ourselves covered but the other two stripped off but kept their backs to us, but that did not stop occasional flashes, that we could not help but see, of Joan’s petite breasts and Brian’s black penis.We slept until lunchtime and when we woke the sun was high and very warm and we went out on deck to have some lunch with the provisions we had bought and a very welcome drink. The mood was very genial, helped by the drink, and we lazed and chatted enjoying the sun. We were in the back of the boat where bakırköy escort there was only sitting space so Joan got a towel and spread it on top of the cabin to lie down and sunbathe and in doing so she took her top and bra off and the shorts she was wearing and lay there just in her very skimpy knickers which were hardly more than a thong. We all distributed ourselves around the boat to do the same, sunbathing on towels. Bill and I were in our swimsuits and Brian was in his underpants, which were a close fitting sort and did nothing to hide the shape, and size, of his member.Bill had carefully positioned himself where he could watch Joan without it being too obvious and he could see her pert breasts rising and falling with her breathing with the nipples quite erect in the sun, and the thin material of her knickers pulling tightly into her pussy leaving very little to the imagination. From where I was lying I could see that there was a bulge growing in Bill’s swimming shorts and every time I glanced over to him it seemed to have grown a little bigger. Eventually it got so big it was obvious and embarrassing and Bill got up and went down into the cabin to hide it and, hopefully, get rid of it.Soon after Joan said she was going down to get some more drinks and put out some bits for tea. I offered to help but she said there was very little to do and it wouldn’t take her long. About ten minutes later Bill came back on deck and thankfully his erection had gone down and was no longer an embarrassment, though he did look a little flushed. Not long after Joan came back up, still topless, with drinks and nibbles.It was only later on that Bill told me what had happened. He had taken his hard-on down hoping to douse it with cold water and had got as far as pulling his trunks down and was about to go into the tiny washroom-cum-loo when Joan had appeared in the cabin. She looked at him with his trunks round his knees and his erection sticking out and said ‘Sorry, am I interrupting something?’ to which Bill could only stammer a weak ‘No, I was just going for a pee’ as he tried to pull his trunks up. ‘Well, you do have a problem in that case as your aim is going to be way off with that’ she said pointing to his erection. ‘How did you manage to get like that?’ she asked and Bill said it was the wine and the sun and, he paused, looking at her body with her pert breasts and the very brief bikini bottoms. She looked down at the thin gusset drawn in between her pussy lips and smiled and agreed it could have been better covered. ‘So how are we going to solve your problem’ she said, ‘As I seem to be responsible for causing it I think I have a solution if you come here’, and she sat on the steps she had just come down, and as Bill walked meekly over to her she reached out and took his erection in her hand, That did nothing to solve the problem as it twitched and pulsed in her hand and grew even stiffer. Without further hesitation she wanked his cock up and down, teasing the head and pulling back hard on the down-strokes so the skin was drawn tight on his purple helmet. As little beads of pre-cum appeared she smoothed them over the head, gliding her fingers across the taut skin with the wetness. Bill was quivering with an approaching climax and she bent down and took his cock-head in her mouth and sucked hard on his helmet running her tongue all over and round it. It was too much for him and with a heavy groan he prepared to shoot his load into her, but at the last moment she took his cock out of her mouth and gave it some final vigorous wanks and watched intently as his cock jerked and out flew jet after jet of cum, splashing onto her face and falling onto her breasts, the white mess flying everywhere as she wanked him hard to get the last drop out of him. When it was all over she looked at the stiff but softening cock in her cum-covered hand and said ‘Well I think that has solved your problem, but you seem to have made a bit of a mess of me!’ And with that she pulled his trunks up over his cock and told him to go back on deck and she would bring a drink up when she had cleaned herself up a bit.Not long after, Joan came up on deck with another bottle of wine and some nibbles and re-filled our glasses. It was still very early summer and as the sun went down it got chilly and so we all went down to the cabin and put some warmer clothes on, even Joan covered herself up! During supper Bill glanced at her from time to time but she showed no sign that anything unusual had taken place and she chatted quite happily through the meal as though nothing had happened. The plan was that we would be up early the next morning to catch the tide and sail along the coast to another village. As dawn broke and we got ready there was a slight mist but it looked as though it was going to be another lovely sunny and warm day. Unfortunately there was not a breath of wind so instead of sailing we motored along the coast to our next stop arriving there in the early afternoon and we went ashore in the dinghy to do some shopping. Brian and Bill were wearing their swimming trunks and t-shirts and Joan was wearing a very light long summer dress and it did not look as though she had anything on under it as her perky nipples were clearly visible as they beşiktaş escort brushed against the thin material and there was no sign of a panty line when she bent down. I felt slightly over-dressed as my boobs would not let me go without a bra and I always wore pants so I was wearing more than the others. We bought some wine, bread, cheese and other local bits and pieces and booked a table at a café for supper and then went back to the boat for a late lunch. It had turned out to be another hot day so we decided to go for a swim but Brian warned that the water would be very cold and while it wasn’t so bad once you were in we shouldn’t stay in too long.Brian and Joan took all their clothes off to go in naked whereas Bill and I kept our costumes on. We all went in and it was truly very cold as he had said. We swam around for a little while until the cold began to get through us and we climbed out to dry in the sun on deck. Bill and Joan were still naked and suggested we got out of our wet swimsuits and sunbathed naked as they did. He was as un-self-conscious as she was about not having any clothes on so we shouldn’t be bothered about joining them, and with that the two of them lay down on the deck in the warm sun. Bill and I looked at each other and he shrugged and slipped his trunks off leaving me the only one still with a swimsuit on. I was hesitant as, although I wasn’t nearly as shapely as Joan, I was not at all overweight and the time spent in the gym with Joan had certainly helped, but I had a ‘mature’ figure and my boobs were big enough that they would swing about if not contained and I did not shave my pubes so I had a very natural bush though lightly tidied. However, I didn’t want to be the odd one out, seeming to be a killjoy, so I, somewhat reluctantly, peeled off my one-piece before lying down on my towel.As I was about to lie down I cold not help but look over at Brian and Joan sunbathing near us. I had seen Joan naked many times but never Brian like that and I could see he was as fit as she was with well-defined muscles, and no surplus fat. Looking below his flay belly I could see his member lying across his thigh, a good size so maybe it is true what they say about coloured men. He had no pubic hair and the whole area was smooth skin and below his cock was just visible his scrotum nestling between his legs and partly hidden by his penis. I admired the length and girth of it and being black made it seem more erotic so I found I was staring at it more obviously than I should. Just then he opened his eyes and in that moment caught me staring at his cock and also took in my figure with my fairly ample breasts and my hairy bush. I blushed and sat down quickly and tried to compose myself. As I lay back in the sun I thought about his black cock and the more I thought about it the more I liked it, and still thinking about it drifted off to sleep.I knew I had slept or dozed only when I woke up. As I came to and before I opened my eyes I could feel the sun was still warm on my naked body and I could hear Bill’s soft rumbling as he snored. Something made me open my eyes and as I did I saw Brian standing next to me, and I was not sure how but I got the impression he had not just moved there but had been standing there looking down at me for a while. Because he was close to me when I looked up at him I was looking past his cock that was arching out of his body before hanging thickly down in a semi-erect state, its one eye looking at me. ‘I’m sorry’ he said, ‘I didn’t know you were asleep. I just came over to see if you wanted another drink or something to eat, or anything else’. My eyes were still staring at that black member hanging down and in my only just awakened state my mind was confusing reality with my dreaming about his cock and what it would be like to have it, so I just lay there and stared. It throbbed slightly as it filled with blood and grew.Brian saw me staring at his cock and smiled. ‘If you like what you see why not get closer’ he suggested, ‘especially as I think you are responsible for it being like that, and after all, it is only fair to return the favour as we all know what Joan did for your husband yesterday’. I sat up and found my eyes were on the same level as his groin and his member was just inches from me. I stared at the throbbing piece of meat and was torn by a natural reticence to handle a stranger’s cock and my secret desire to get more intimate with it. ‘Go on’ said Bill’s voice beside me as he must have been woken by our talking, ‘what he says is true, it is only fair to return the compliment’. I would like to say I was reluctant but in reality, helped by the wine we had drunk, there was nothing more that I wanted and reached my hand out.It was thick, it was firm, it was hot in my hand and it was heavy to hold. I grasped it round the shaft and lifted it up. I slowly pushed down with my hand and the skin slid smoothly back and his foreskin rolled back off his cock-head revealing it in all its black glory. The fact that I was holding an almost complete stranger’s big black erection in my hand was so intensely erotic that I felt my own insides squirm and knew the changes had started down there. As I moved my hand up and down that thick shaft I could feel it throb and with each beylikdüzü escort stroke it grew in my hand until after only a very short time it was straight and stiff, though not rigid. I finally took my eyes away from that fabulous hunk of meat and looked up at him as he smiled down at me. ‘That is really good’ he said ‘it has been wanting to grow like that since I first saw you without your clothes. You have a beautiful mature body with really great breasts and the way they bounce around as you move is so sexy’. I was still struck dumb by the situation and could say nothing, but held his erection a little more firmly and wanked him a bit more positively. He closed his eyes and moaned gently and his hips began a gentle thrusting movement in time with my stroking. I continued to stare at the black pole inches from my eyes, watching as the skin alternately revealed and then covered his cock-head. Without any hair his chocolate skin was smooth and now I could see his ball sack hanging down with two lovely bulges in it, and with every stroke they moved around as though they were alive. I could have done that all day and the intensity of the situation had really turned me on and I knew if I put my hand down there would be wetness between my legs. I continued my stroking of his hard cock, relishing every moment of handling that beautiful black erection. As I watched a bead of clear juice appeared in the eye of his cock and as I stoked him it grew until it started to drip down. Without even thinking I leant forward and pulled his foreskin back and with a stroke of my tongue I licked that pearl away, feeling it smooth on my tongue and tasting slightly salty. Joan’s voice behind me said ‘go on, take it all in’ and I looked round to see she had been watching me wanking her husband and obviously appreciated the situation as she had her hand between her legs and was gently stroking herself and playing with her clit. Bill was there too alternately watching me wanking Brian’s cock and Joan rubbing herself. I was so caught up in the moment that the fact I was being watched, especially by Brian’s wife, didn’t bother me at all and I just kept pumping. More pre-cum appeared out of the cock in front of me and I went to lick it off but without actually thinking about it I just took his cock-head in my mouth and held it there. I ran my tongue over the smoothness and tasted the saltiness of his juice again. I smoothed my tongue over and round the rim of his cock-head and tickled the underneath. His gentle thrusting became more urgent and I felt him pushing his stiffness into my mouth and filling me but I was more than happy with that and let him push further in, indeed I lowered my head to take as much of his cock as I could until I had swallowed about half his length and couldn’t take any more as he was pushing at my throat which was too much for me. I pulled back but kept his helmet in my mouth and let him take over the action of thrusting in and out of me. I held his thick shaft in one hand and his balls in my other. His balls were no longer hanging down but had clenched up under his cock, but were still keeping up their gentle movements as they were preparing to do their job. The thrusting of the black erection in and out of my mouth became more urgent and I had to be careful that he didn’t force himself down my throat. He was groaning now as he thrust in and out of my mouth with my hand wanking on his shaft and my tongue lashing all over his helmet so I knew he would cum at any moment. I didn’t want him to dump his load in my mouth as I didn’t know how much cum he would produce so I took my head away but kept up the vigorous pumping with my hand. I was only just in time as when I took my mouth away a dribble of white appeared and then whoosh! a stream of cum shot from him and hit me on the chin. His cock pulsed in my hand as another jet squirted from him and hit me on the cheek; a third shot out just missing my mouth and I could feel his seed running down my face and dripping off me as yet more juice squirted out of him with lessening power so it landed on my breasts and ran down them. Finally the squirting stopped but I kept up the action gently milking every last drop from him and was rewarded with dribbles that dripped down onto my breasts. Joan applauded and then so did Bill and Brian opened his eyes and smiled down at me kneeling before him still holding his member and all three of them complimented me on a great blowjob as I knelt there with his spunk running down my face and breasts.I finally came to with the enormity of what I had done, sucking a stranger’s cock in front of his wife while my husband watched, and then I realised I was still holding the black cock in my hand so I let it go quickly as though that was going to change anything. I looked down at the cum on my hands and on my breasts and another blob dripped off my chin onto my boob. The others were all smiling and laughing and still congratulating me on an excellent show which helped dissipate the embarrassment that I was feeling, but I had to go down the washroom to clean all the sticky mess off me. The others then came down as we were all getting changed because the evening chill was setting in and we had to get ready to go ashore for our supper.The café/restaurant in the small town was typically French with limited choice but the meal was, though simple, absolutely excellent, helped down again with more of the local wine. I could have been embarrassed by the afternoon’s activity but the others were in good spirits and it was a lively meal and so I did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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