Sean Comes Home Ch. 03

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I looked up at my cousin Sean, his cock engulfed in my mouth. He had his eyes closed, his face taught with pleasure as he neared his climax. I quickly bobbed my mouth up and down his shaft as he grunted, his balls and cock tensing. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, his cum spurting straight down my throat.

“God, Kylie, you suck me so good,” he said to me.

“Well now it’s my turn. Get that tongue of yours down here where I can use it,” I told him, climbing up onto the kitchen table and indicating my pussy. Sean happily moved to bury his tongue between my lips, caressing my clit with it and sliding it up and down my slit. I loved it when he licked me. I also loved it when my sister did. But Rachel had gone into town for the day with Mum and Dad. I missed her, but at least Sean was here to entertain me.

We’d tried to be good and had spent the morning getting our chores done, avoiding ending up doing exactly what we were doing now. But when we’d got together for lunch, we’d sat around at the table with no-one else in the house. Sean had mentioned how horny he’d been all morning and that even now he found himself with an erection. I’d told him that it would be a shame to waste it and suddenly I was on my knees, sucking away.

I levered myself up so that I could see his tongue as it curled around my clit and probed at my pussy. It felt so good.

“Now this is what I call lunch,” Sean said to me between licks.

“Well if you want something special, I might just have a treat for you,” I told him. He looked up at me, eager and curious. I got up off of the table and went to the fridge.

“How would you like me to be your plate?” I asked him.

“Sounds like fun to me,” he replied. I checked out what was in the fridge. There wasn’t a lot, but I did find some fruit in there and also a canister of fake spray-cream.

“This should do nicely,” I said to him. He laughed when he saw me turn around with the armful of fruit and cream. I quickly sliced up the fruit into nice edible sizes. Of course, standing there with just a t-shirt on and no pants enticed Sean to come up and grab me from behind. I felt his cock pressing between my butt cheeks as it regained its hardness and his hands snaked around in front of me to cup my breasts, teasing and pulling at my nipples.

Finished with the cutting of fruit, I climbed back up on the table, pausing to take my t-shirt and bra off so that I was totally naked. “Now, what would you like?” I asked him, laying back down and spreading myself out for him.

“I think I would like to stat with a strawberry,” he said. I squirted some of the whipped cream onto my left nipple, gasping at how cold it was. It sure made my nipple nice and hard. And then I poked a strawberry into the cream. Sean wasted no time, pouncing on the berry, his tongue working to collect the cream into his mouth, grazing over my nipple, flicking it in the process.

As he devoured it, I picked up a piece of apple and nestled it in a bed of cream on the other nipple so that Sean repeated the process on that breast as well. Then I placed a piece of fruit into my belly button and covered it over with cream. I wiggled and giggled as his tongue worked its way around my belly button to retrieve the fruit.

I continued to place fruit over my body for Sean so that he ended up licking almost every part of me from my inner thigh to my neck. I picked up a nice long curved piece of apple and slipped it between my pussy lips so that it was nestled neatly between them. Sean manoeuvred his tongue into my hole and extracted the fruit, letting his thumb graze its way across my clit. I squirmed and shivered as the pleasure coursed through me.

I looked down at the plate. It was empty except for the carrot that I’d put there, uncut. Sean saw me looking at it and asked me what he was supposed to do with it.

“Given any choice, what do you think you’d like to do?” I asked him.

“Um, anything?” I nodded. “Well, I guess I’d like to stick it inside you,” he said quietly. His cock was sticking out way stiff now as the idea of sticking a carrot in my pussy worked its way through his mind.

“Well why don’t you do just that?” I said, laughing at the look of utter disbelief on his face. He hesitantly reached out to pick up the carrot. “If you don’t hurry up, I’ll have to do it for you!” He grabbed the carrot and then stood between my legs alongside the table. He positioned the tip of the carrot at the entrance to my vagina and started to slowly slide it in. I found myself thrusting myself towards it as it slowly penetrated me.

“Faster, deeper,” I whispered to him. Sean pushed the carrot in deeper until he was holding the base in his fingers, his eyes fixed on the sight of the carrot between my lips.

“Now move it in and out, fuck me with it,” I urged him. He cautiously started to slide the carrot in and out of me. As he gained confidence in what he was doing, and with encouragement from me, he started to really work the carrot in me. I reached down and fingered my clit as well, working towards that pinnacle of fake hospital porno pleasure.

“Stop!” I told him as I crashed over the edge into my orgasm. Sean started to pull the carrot out. I grabbed his hand, holding it there, wanting the presence of the carrot as my lips convulsed and grasped around its girth.

“That was amazing!” Sean said as I finally allowed him to withdraw the vegetable from between my lips.

“It sure was,” I told him.

“That’s not the first time that you’ve done it, is it?”

“No,” I admitted. “A couple of days ago I started experimenting. I wanted to know what it was like to have something inside me. I wasn’t ready for sex, but I wanted to know. I came up with the idea of a carrot.”

“Has Rachel done this?” he asked me.

“No, not yet, but I am hoping that I’ll get to do it to her before long.”

“You said you weren’t ready for sex. Past tense. Does that mean that you are ready now?” Sean asked me quietly. I could see the eager anticipation in his eyes. I could tell that he was already planning to stick his cock in me, probably right this instant, if I said yes.

“Not quite.” I told him, “but I wanted to share this with you, to let you know that I am thinking about it. I think I want to do it, but I need to be surer first.”

“Oh, ok,” he said, disappointment oozing from every feature.

“Don’t worry,” I laughed, “I won’t neglect you in the meantime. And whilst saying this I sprayed some of the whipped cream on his cock.” Climb up on top of me,” I told him. I had him get up on the table over the top of me so that I could suck some of the cream from his dick. Then I sprayed more cream all over my breasts and encouraged him to rub his cock all through it. I squeezed my tits up around his cock and he instinctively started to fuck my breasts. I could feel his erect shaft as it thrust its way between them. I loved looking up at Sean’s broad muscly shoulders as he held himself above me, his chest rippling with his body’s movements.

He kept thrusting for a bit before announcing that he was going to cum again. I told him I wanted to suck him again and he moved his cream covered cock up to my mouth so that I could suck him off, extracting another load of semen from him. I gulped down the mixture of cream and sperm before Sean slumped off the table to stand beside me. I told Sean that I was going to run to the bathroom and have a shower quickly before we went back to our chores.

“Need someone to wash your back?” he asked me.

“Of course!”

We went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower together, soaping each other and rubbing against each other. I pressed my breasts against his chest and felt his stiff penis rubbing against my belly. I pushed it down so that it was between my legs. Sean looked at me, hope in his eyes. I let him know that I wasn’t going to fuck him, but that I thought it would be good to have his dick thrusting between my thighs.

Sean thrust his cock between my thighs and I could feel the head rub along my wet slit. I really did want him in me, but wasn’t going to let my first time be in the shower. Soon the water had washed away all the soap and natural lubrication and after having just cum twice, Sean told me that he’d have to stop. We got out of the shower and went about our chores again, occasionally passing each other and kissing and groping.

By the end of the day I would have had sex with the first dick I saw, but unfortunately, the opportunity didn’t present itself.

I played gently with my sister’s breast, as she kissed and sucked at my ear lobe. I had just told her about my encounter with Sean. She had hung on every word, laying on top of me, her legs spread either side of my right thigh, her pussy grinding into me as she listened to the story. Now she lay along side me, her fingers playing in my pubes, occasionally stirring at my pussy, her lips seeking to arouse me (and succeeding).

“Now I wish that I had been at home. I would love to eat fruit off you like that,” Rachel whispered in my ear.

“Well, I am sure that we’ll have a chance before too long,” I ensured her.

“And I want Sean to slide his dick between my breasts too, that sounds like a really cool thing to do.”

“It was great, I just kept seeing the head of his creamy cock appearing and disappearing between my titties and then he came in my mouth again.

“I want you to lick me Kylie, I need to get off,” Rachel said to me.

“I want to lick you while you lick me again,” I told her, moving so that I could climb over her and move my face between her legs. My breasts crushed down against her tummy and I felt my sister’s breasts against mine as we both plunged our tongues between each other’s lips, licking and slurping at each other, caressing our bodies towards orgasm.

It didn’t take long with each licking the other’s clit for the two of us to orgasm in quick succession.

“Do you have a carrot here tonight?” Rachel asked me quietly as we lay together recovering.

“No, I don’t, did you want fake taxi porno me to do you with it?” I asked her, surprised that she’d mentioned it. I’d thought that she was some time away from doing that.

“Yes. I didn’t think I would, but after what you told me tonight, I want to feel something inside me. I want to know what its like.”

“Maybe sometime tomorrow,” I told her. “Maybe we can find time then.”

“Mmm, I hope so,” she responded. We said goodnight, exchanging a long, lingering kiss before Rachel headed back to her room. I dozed off into sleep, happy and content.

We didn’t manage to get together for a couple of days after that. Sean had to go away for a couple of days to take care of some things for my dad and Mum took Rachel to visit our Aunt. I was left alone to help Dad out with the farm. I had to content myself with vegetable pleasure for a couple of days. Dad must have thought I was on some kind of health kick given the rate at which we were going through them.

It was the next weekend when Rachel, Sean and I were finally presented with an opportunity to get back together again. We were pretty caught up with the work around the farm and so Dad told us to take off for the day. We grabbed some food, threw it in the back of the old truck and went for a drive to a really secluded swimming spot an hour or so away from the farm.

We parked near the lake and threw our stuff on the ground before quickly shedding our clothes. It had been agreed on the way over that we should all swim naked for the day and there’d been an awful lot of groping going on in that truck too!.

We all dashed into the water naked and swam around, touching and teasing each other before emerging wet and naked to relax in the sun.

Rachel reached over to where Sean lay and started playing with his dick before leaning over and taking it in her mouth.

“Mmm, it seems like too long,” she said as she knelt beside him to suck him properly.

“I think you may be right,” sean laughed as he lay back and enjoyed the oral attention that my sister was giving him. I moved over and lowered my nipple into Sean’s mouth so that he could suck on it. I was on all fours and alternately dragged first one and then the other breast through his mouth. After a little of this I walked around behind my sister and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. She pushed back against me and I slid another finger in beside the first. I heard her moan around our cousin’s cock as she sucked on him and I plunged my fingers in and out of her pussy.

Rachel spread her knees apart to give me better access and I slid a third finger into her, stretching her tight hole and then using my other hand to reach under her and stimulate her clit. Sean was starting to get vocal about his appreciation of my sister’s efforts with his cock and Rachel was squirming away as I edged her closer and closer to her peak.

Rachel came first, gasping and grabbing Sean’s cock in her hand so that she could voice her pleasure as her pussy grabbed at my fingers. I withdrew then and licked them clean before doing the same to her pussy as she took Sean back into her mouth. She told me to stop and so I moved back around to where I could see her lips wrapped around Sean’s shaft, moving up and down

I watched as Sean tensed and thrust himself at my sister’s mouth, his cum coating her mouth, spraying down her throat. She swallowed it all, getting her first real taste of cum. She grinned at me when she finished and I moved to kiss her, letting our tongues entangle with each other. Rachel started pushing me down onto my back. I allowed her to do so and she leaned over me, sucking on my nipples, her fingers trailing through my pubes, along my slit, between my lips, over my lips. Then she moved so that she could lie between my legs and lick me, working her tongue over my pussy like she had just done with her fingers.

Sean moved over and dangled his prick in my mouth and I happily devoured his length as he worked it in and out. It rapidly hardened in my mouth and I moaned as I felt him engulf me while my sister’s tongue worked magic circles around my love button. I was so wet and horny, I removed Sean’s cock from my mouth and told him I wanted to feel him rub it against my pussy. Rachel looked up at me wide-eyed when she heard me say it and Sean all but threw her out of the way from between my legs in his rush to get there himself.

Sean took his cock in his hand and pushed the head of it against my wet slit before rubbing it up and down. I couldn’t believe how wet I was as I enjoyed Sean rubbing his cock along my slit. It spread my legs and he was pushing all the time trying to get it in me. I wasn’t too sure and kept wiggling so that he missed.

“Rub my clit with it,” I told him. He moved his cock up and did exactly that. I shuddered at the contact. Rachel sat next to us enraptured as she watched the head of Sean’s swollen cock move up and down the length of my pussy. She was playing with her pussy and I reached out to stroke her breasts, pulling at the nipple as it family stroke porno slipped through my fingers.

I reached a decision. I was ready.

“Put it in me,” I said to Sean.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I want to feel it inside me,” I told him. I held still and Sean moved his cock down my slit so that it was nestled between my lips before pushing. He slid in for about an inch and then stopped. I think we were both amazed at the sensation. He pulled out and pushed in again, this time getting two inches of his cock inside me before again stopping and withdrawing. He pushed again and this time he slid the entire length of his dick inside my pussy, splitting me open and sending pleasure coursing throughout my body.

I thrust my hips up at him and he held there, buried deep within me before starting to pump his cock back and forth. He hadn’t been thrusting long though when he grunted and pulled out of my pussy, his cock spraying cum all over my belly and breasts. I was a bit disappointed about how long it had lasted, but wow, what a feeling!

“God, I can’t believe how good that felt, I just couldn’t hold it in,” Sean said, obviously a little disappointed in him self as well.

“As long as you’re happy to do it again, I don’t think it matters too much. It was our first time after all,” I said to him, trying to lift his spirits.

“It sure as hell looked sexy to me,” Rachel said to us, her fingers still working on her clit. “I think I might even want to try it myself! But first I’m going to taste you both.” And having said that, she moved in to suck our combined juices from Sean’s cock. She alternated between doing that and licking at my pussy. Sean was hard again now that Rachel had sucked on his cock some. He asked Rachel if she wanted to try it now.

“Not just yet, I want to make Kylie orgasm, she’s been missing out on that so far,” she said and positioned herself to lick me, her tongue caressing my inner thighs before feasting on the delights nestled further between my legs. God I loved having my sister eat my pussy! Sean moved around behind Rachel and slid a finger into her pussy, pushing it nice and deep. Rachel moaned as she sucked me and thrust herself back at Sean, sucking at my clit as her pussy was penetrated.

I ran my fingers through my sister’s hair, encouraging her attentions on my pussy as her tongue wound its way about my clit, stirring me deep within my being. I told Rachel to keep licking me, to attack my clit to suck it hard. She responded to me and drove me over the edge of pleasure into ecstasy, an orgasm rocking my being. I pulled her up my body to kiss her, to taste myself on her tongue, to feel our breasts mashed together, the hard nipples pushing into the surround of soft flesh.

“Put your dick in me again, Sean,” I said to him. Rachel went to climb off of me but I told her to stay there. She pulled her legs up and straddled my hips and Sean moved in behind us, positioning his cock at the entrance to my hole before thrusting deep within me, his stomach pushing up against my sister’s butt on top of me.

God it felt good, my sister’s breasts against mine, my cousins cock buried inside me as he started to thrust back and forth, his stiff cock slipping between my wet pussy lips as my sister’s tongue duelled with mine. I revelled in the feeling of the cock as it moved in and out of my hole.

“Now put it in Rachel,” I said, breaking my contact with her tongue. I watched Rachel’s eyes as they widened in response to what I was saying. I felt Sean’s cock withdraw from my pussy and continued to watch Rachel’s face as he rubbed the head of it up and down her wet slit. He started to push it inside her and Rachel moaned in response.

“Oh wow,” she whispered to me. Sean’s cock pressed up against her hymen and he said that he couldn’t get it in any more. I quickly explained to him what was going on and asked Rachel if she wanted it broken.

“Yes,” she said. Sean withdrew his cock a bit and after a couple of short strokes thrust hard and deep inside her, tearing through the barrier. Rachel squealed as she was penetrated and Sean held himself there asking if she was ok. She indicated that she was and Sean slowly started to slide his cock in and out of her. Rachel slowly got into it as it started to feel better and better. I kissed her, so happy to be sharing this moment with her.

After a bit, Rachel asked Sean to stop, saying she was a bit sore. He pulled out and Rachel rolled off of me to relax on the ground, looking up at the sky, a happy dreamy look on her face. I told Sean to do me again and he climbed on top of me and slid his prick, still wet with my sister’s juices inside my pussy.

We lay there fucking for awhile before Sean announced that he was going to cum. I told him that I wanted to taste it and he pulled out and knelt there with is erection pointing to the sky. I swung myself around and lowered my mouth over his dick, sucking up and down its length, tasting all the mingled flavours. I felt Sean’s dick tense, getting incredibly hard and then he spurted his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all up and then licked and sucked him clean before collapsing back on the ground next to my sister. We turned our heads together and kissed. Sean lay down next to me, his head on my breast and I ran my fingers through his hair as Rachel and I lovingly twirled our tongues together.

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