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Subject: Seaside Connections – Chapter Two Chapter Two This is a fictional work. It is not real and it didn’t happen. By continuing to read this story you agree it is lawful for you to do so in your location. You also agree not to republish or share this story without the permission of the author. Nifty relies on donations to operate so please help out with a donation if you can. Plot suggestions and feedback are welcome at ail. Thirteen year old WIll had been trying to meet eighteen year old Matt as frequently as possible. In the two weeks since they first fucked they had continued to meet as often as they could, while WIll’s mum Nora was working. Matt had noticed WIll was able to take more of his thick cock in his mouth each time, and he didn’t need to spend as long preparing his tight hole before he fucked him. Matt had given Will some lube that he had been using to ease the handle of his hairbrush into this hole on the days Matt wasn’t able to fuck him. It had been a long day for Matt and he was desperately horny. Knowing Nora had switched to day shifts Matt rushed home ready to have some fun with Will in the limited time available. Normally Matt would shower after work before meeting Will given he was usually dirty and sweaty from working on the building site, but there was no time for that today. He pulled up his van outside the apartment at the side of the house and went around to the back door of the house Will and his mum shared. He kicked of his dirty work boots and opened the door expecting to find WIll waiting for him, but instead Nora was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine. “Oh hi Matt, how was work?” Nora said, apparently not surprised he was entering the house still dirty from work. “Yeah not bad, well…. Hot and dirty” Matt replied. “Sorry to barge in I was just wanting to see if Will was here, I thought he might want to organise a surf tomorrow morning” Matt added. “He went down to the beach with some mates, sorry Matt, but I’m sure he would be keen for a surf tomorrow” Nora replied. “Matt, I really appreciate you spending time with Will. He is at an age where I think it’s good he has a strong male role model, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than you”. “Thanks Nora, Will is a great guy so always happy to spend time with him” Matt replied. “I know, you two get on so well. Between me and you he is having a surge of hormones at the moment. I’m struggling to keep his sheets clean…… if you know what I mean” Nora said. Matt blushed and added “I can imagine, we’ve all been there….. Ah well us boys anyway”. Matt also realsied that most of the cum on WIll’s sheets was his, and wondered just how much cum did Nora think her son was producing. He had been wanting to take Will away with him to spend some time in his hometown. He had planned a trip on the weekend, and this was the perfect time to see if Nora would be ok with WIll tagging alone. “Nora I’m heading back home for the weekend and unless you had other plans for Will, I was wondering giresun escort if you would be ok for him to come too” Matt said. “There are a couple of good surf breaks I’ve been telling him about, and I could use the company on the drive. I was thinking of leaving after work on Friday afternoon and coming back on SUnday night”. “Matt, that sounds wonderful – I know WIll would love that,” Nora said. “It would also give me a chance to catch-up with the girls on Saturday night without leaving Will home alone” she added. “Done – assuming Will wants to come with me, that is,” Matt said. They chatted for a few more minutes about work and the weather until Will walked through the door, still wet from the beach. He seemed shocked to see his mother and older fuck budy hanging out in the kitchen, and initially wondered if his mum had found out, but the look on Matt’s face suggested he had nothing to worry about. “Dude I’m heading home for the weekend, and your mum has a hot date so she wants you out of the house. Wanna hang with me instead?” “Yeah for real? That sounds good… I mean not the bit about the date” Will said. “Stop it you boys…. Matt is joking honey, there is no hot date, unfortunately. Just a night with the girls, but if you like you can go away with Matt as long as you don’t bother him” Nora said. “And stop dripping water all over the floor – go get changed!”. Will ran off with a big grin on his face knowing he was going to get to spend the weekend with Matt, and Matt said goodbye to Nora. Later that evening Will and Matt chatted via text message planning their weekend. Will – What’s the plan for the weekend? Matt – I finish work about 4 so if we leave around 5 we will get there around 7 Will – cool where we gunna stay? Matt – with a friend, you will really like him. He has a cool house on the beach. Will – nice can I bring my surfboard? Matt – Of course bro I’m taking mine Will – Will we be able to do something fun as well wink wink wink Matt – yeah bro I been so horny Will – IKR same Matt had a restless night. He was horny and couldn’t sleep. He had jerked off his cock to a messy conclusion twice and was still horny. He wanted to be inside Will desperately, but couldn’t go over and fuck him in she middle of the night while his mum was there. He lay awake for hours, and after finally going into a light sleep, Matt was disturbed by the sound of Nora closing her front door, and starting her car in the driveway. Matt tapped his phone to check the time – Fuck it’s almost 7am, he thought to himself. Will will need to get ready for school and I have work. Just as he was thinking about having a shower and getting ready for work, he had a realisation this was the only time he had to be alone with Will in days, and even though they had it was only one more day until they would spend the weekend together, he knew he had to have WIll. Matt jumped out of bed and pulled on a pair of bonds undies from the floor, needing to force his hard cock into the tight fabric. He checked gölbaşı escort to make sure Nora was actually gone, grabbed the spare key he had for Nora’s door and ran across the yard. He quietly opened the back door and made his way to WIll’s room. Will’s alarm went off just as Matt entered his room, and he reached over and hit the snooze option on his phone without even looking. “Get out of bed you lazy cunt,” Matt said, causing Will to sit up in surprise, not expecting Matt to be in his room. His eyes lowered to Matt’s bulging undies and he smiled. “We don’t have long,” Matt said as he pulled down his undies and let his cock spring free. Will instinctively leaned forward so he could take the hard cock in his mouth, but Matt had other ideas. He grabbed WIll by the arm and pulled him towards the middle of the bed, so he was lying on his stomach. Matt grabbed the younger teen’s pillow and put it under him so his ass was raised, then ran his finger along the boy’s hole. Matt was surprised it was already slick with lube, and he inserted his finger to see how ready it was for his cock. “Why’s your hole slick,” Matt asked as he found the tube of lube he had given to Will a few days before. “Hair brush,” was all Will could say, still coming to terms with the unexpected visit. Matt squirted a generous amount of lube onto his cock and knelt on the bed behind Will. He put his fat cock head at the boy’s entrance and applied some force until he overcame the resistance from the tight ring. Once inside WIll, Matt fed all of his cock into the hole until he hit the bottom. He waited for as long as he could before he started to move his cock back and forwards, gently fucking the tight ass. As he started to build up speed Will started to moan and was pushing his ass back into the older teen so he could get as much of the cock he had missed so much. As he was grinding his teen ass back against the hot cock impaling him he was also rubbing his rock hard boy cock against his pillow. The feeling of being anally fucked and friction from his pillow was too much and within minutes Will spurt a small load of cum all over his pillow. As his ass clenched around Matt’s pole it forced the older teen to unload a load of his warm baby makers into the quivering hole. Blast after blast of cum shot into the boy’s hole until Matt collapsed on top of the boy. “I gotta get ready for work sorry dude,” Matt said, pulling his cock from the hole causing some of his cum to trickle out onto the pillow. Matt put his underpants on and left the naked boy in the bed. Matt had a shower and put on his work gear. He began to wonder if he had been too rough on Will, so decided to go back in and check on him before he left for work. He used his key to enter the house again, and found WIll still in the bed they had fucked in. WIll was lying on his back and had just shot another load of cum onto his abs. “Oh hey Matt,” Will said. “Are you here to fuck me again?” he said with a smile. “I’d love to but I gotta get to work” göztepe escort Matt said. “Just checking you were ok, I was pretty rough sorry bro” he added. “That was the hottest sex we had yet” Will said. Matt leant in to kiss the boy, but instead cleaned up the cum from his stomach first, then shared some of it with his younger love. “If you get dressed quickly I’ll get you to school. Don’t want your mum to freak out and not let you come with me on Friday” Matt said. Matt watched as the sexy thirteen year old wiped the remaining cum from his slim body using a t-shirt and dressed in his school uniform. He had a quick look in the mirror and brushed his shaggy blond hair with the brush he had fucked himself with last night. He grabbed his backpack, an apple from the counter and climbed into Matt’s van for the quick trip to school. Will was very content at school that day but could barely wait for the weekend. Two days to go, he thought, as he daydreamed about both the memory of riding Matt’s cock and what they might do together over the weekend. “Will, are you still with us?” his English teacher Mr Jacobs said, bringing the cute teen back into the present. “Huh… ah present” Will said, not really knowing what his teacher had asked. “You can be present after the bell as well,” Mr Jacobs said. Will nodded, hoping he wasn’t in too much trouble. He really liked Mr Jacobs and he had often joined Matt in his jerk-off sessions. He was older than Matt, but young compared to most of his teachers at twenty five. English was by far Will’s worst subject but Mr J made it bearable. Mr P was from an Italian background, and liked to keep fit. He usually wore panda that were tight enough to show off a firm ass, and shirts tight enough to show a sculptured body he gained from his frequent gym sessions. After the bell rang the rest of the class left leaving Will and Mr P. alone. Given it was the last period the school became quiet as the students and teachers left the halls and made their way home. “Am I in trouble?” Will said sheepishly. “No of course not Will” Mr P said pulling a chair to the table next to the cute boy. “I just wanted to have a chat to make sure you are ok. You seemed distant today and it’s not like you” he said. The teacher looked into the boy’s deep blue eyes and smiled, putting the youth at ease. Mr P. had stoked his meaty cock thinking about Will on several occasions, and being so close to the teen caused his cock to harden. After his morning fuck session with Matt and playing footy during his lunch break, Will smelt of hormones, cum and boy sweat. Without thinking his hand fell to his lap and squeezed his cock. Will noticed his teacher’s bulge and felt his own cock harden.”I’m fine Mr P. I just get a bit lost in English” he said. “I don’t really understand the book we have been reading, that’s all”. “Well, I can help you anytime you like,” Mr P. said with a smirk, his eyes lowering to the boy’s bulge. Will blushed and said “Thanks Mr P, I’ll let you know if I need any help”. He stood up giving Mr P. a good look at the bulge in his school shorts, and bent over to pick up his backpack giving his teacher a view of his pert ass. Mr P. winked at him as he left the room. Will had missed his bus so he walked home to jerk his hard boy cock thinking about Mr P. and Matt.

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