Sensual Seduction: Secrets of a Socialite – Extract Two

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Kim could hear her mother’s car pulling up to the driveway. She closed the fridge door and popped the last grape of the handful she took into her mouth. She wasn’t about to spend too much time talking to Salina for a couple of reasons. Their relationship had become a little more frosty than it had ever been, but mainly because she was heading out for the evening.The door opened she heard the clicking of her mother’s stilettos on the tile floor. What was she all dressed up for? She then noticed what she was wearing herself and decided not to bring up the subject herself.Salina walked into the kitchen, stopped and looked wide-eyed at her daughter who was wearing a black mini skirt, a pair of five-inch high heels that showed a lot of foot, the shoes having only one thin strap around the ankle and another just before the toes, a small red top that was reminiscent of a bra and a beige trench coat with black buttons and trim. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she had even added lipstick, eyeliner and blush to her stunning look.Salina put her keys on the kitchen table. “So, I take it you think you are going out looking like that?” she said.“I thought about it, yes,” replied Kim with her arms folded.“Look at you. Where did you even get shoes like that? Girls your age shouldn’t be dressed like that, young lady!”“Oh please, mother, I’m eighteen now. Half the time you walk around the house wearing next to nothing. In fact, even outside the house your outfits don’t leave too much to the imagination.”Thrown aback, Salina stomped past her daughter to the cabinets and took out a jar of coffee. “So, who is all this for then?” she asked as she slammed the cabinet door over.“Who said it was for anyone? I decided I wanted to go out and look good. There’s no crime in that.”“Don’t lie to me. You’ve never dressed like this before. So, who is it? Some slippery little man that wants to worm his way inside you? Some pervert that goes after school girls? And you’re just going to let him do it to you?”Kim sensed that it wasn’t just her outfit that was upsetting her mother. She had the same disdain for men after her father left and the small number of boyfriends that followed. She soon got over it and started loving them again, but Kim wondered who it was this time. “I’m not going out to meet any man. But I’m thinking you did.”Salina sighed and dropped her spoon into the mug. She leaned on the counter and stared at the tiled wall. “My publishing deal didn’t go through.”“Your publishing deal?”“Yes. They said they wanted to print my erotica, but not any more.”“Why not?” Kim walked slowly over to her mother and stood beside her. “I thought they were excited about it.”“Well, it turns out there wasn’t going to be a deal. My prick of an editor just told me this to … keep my spirits up.”Kim knew that wasn’t the case. He told her there would be a book deal so she would keep fucking him. “I’m sorry he did that to you. He sounds like a complete scumbag. You don’t have to pretend to me that you weren’t having sex with him in order to gain this deal.”Salina turned to her daughter with a look of shock on her face. Not the how dare you suggest that kind of shock, but the oh my god, how did you know kind. She had no idea what to say to Kim at that point other than “He even had the audacity to wait and tell me this until after he fucked me not one hour ago!”Those were not the words any daughter wanted to hear from her mother. They made her cringe, but she knew that her Salina was angry. “Mom, listen. I’m going out. I need you to know that I’m not going to hook up with some random guys or anything like that. I don’t want you to worry about me.”“Well what is it you’re doing then?” asked Salina. “And why do you have to be dressed like that?”“All I want to do is have some fun with my girlfriends. We’re all dressing nice because we’re growing up, we’re adults now. Its just going to be the girls. No boy is going to worm his way into me.”Salina paused for a moment. “You call me if there are any problems. I mean it.”“Don’t worry, I will.” She kissed her mother on the cheek and was surprised when she felt her arm around her shoulders.“I’m almanbahis so sorry about everything, sweetie. I’ll find us a way out of this debt. I should have never have let Mila Brighton sink her teeth into you. That witch can wait for her money.”There is no waiting, mother, thought Kim. “Don’t worry. I’m not mad anymore. I’m sure everything will be okay.” She smiled and then headed towards the door.Salina watched as she left. She wasn’t used to seeing her daughter like that, all legs and breasts. She’s growing up the way I did, she thought.The kettle boiled and gave off a whistle. She lifted it off the stove and made her coffee.*She thought the sun had begun to set early that evening. Or perhaps her mind was projecting the dull, lifeless feeling she had on the drive over to Mila Brighton’s house. Either way, it was getting late, and Kim knew Mila would be in for the night. Mila didn’t do the nightlife, unless she had someone in her bed. If that was the case, then she would gladly have her very own all-night party.Her car was in the driveway and several of her house lights were on. I guess it happens tonight, thought Kim. She shut the engine off and climbed out of the car.Her heels clicked on the stone slabs that formed the pathway up to the front door. As she came closer to the door, she could have sworn that she had seen a version of herself from yesterday afternoon walk straight past her. It was so vivid that she actually turned to face herself as she walked past. She recognised the expression on the face of her past self. She looked mortified, and at the same time a little bit excited from still feeling Mila’s lips on her breasts. They were still wet with saliva when she’d gotten back into the car, and she could feel the moisture sitting on her bosom throughout the journey home.It was now or never. She sucked up all her courage and swallowed her pride. She knocked lightly on the door. She hoped Mila would hear it, but maybe she also tried to knock light enough so that she couldn’t hear it and thus have to head back home.No such luck. The door opened slowly, and in the doorway stood Mila Brighton. She was a bit more conservatively dressed this evening. She wore a black pants suit with five-inch stilettos. Although, a lot of her cleavage still poured out of it. She looked stunned for a moment and then said “Kim, what are you doing here? Does your mother know you’re here?”“No,” replied Kim, “but this is about her. Can I come in?”“Of course, dear.”They both walked down the long hallway and into the living room. Kim took a moment to soak in the pleasant decoration. She even had small fish in a tank in the far corner of the room. Mila certainly had good taste in décor.Now that Mila could see Kim in a properly lit environment, she almost died at seeing what had come to her front door. “My word, Kim. Does your mother know you are out dressed like this, or is this just a little surprise for me?” she asked coyly.Kim rolled her eyes. She never imagined that it would take too long to end up in bed with Mila, but she thought she would have held off for at least a few minutes. “I really need to talk to you about something. Can we sit and talk, please?”Mila smiled and gestured for Kim to take a seat on the sofa and then joined her. They both crossed their legs and Mila made sure they hadn’t sat more that way from one another, even when Kim shifted to the right a little.Kim knew she would have to break the eerie silence that had fallen over them. It was no use sitting there dressed like Mila’s favourite chew toy and not be able to talk things out with her before being devoured. “I know about the debt my mother owes to you, Mila. We talked about it and I was very angry that I had to come over here to be your plaything,” she said, looking down at the sofa cushion.Mila sighed. She had never truly had to talk to a young girl on a very emotional level before, unless it was an attempt to get her naked. She didn’t really know what to say to one trying to vent her emotions to her. Especially to one she had caused those emotions. “Kim, it was just a silly little joke I had with your mother. I had no almanbahis yeni giriş idea she would actually request that you came round here yesterday.”“A joke? Please don’t lie to me. I’ve been lied to enough, and I don’t think I can take much more.”Mila put her hand on Kim’s shoulder. “Listen, sweetie. I’m sorry if what happened yesterday shocked you. Your mother bursting in like that was certainly not what I had hoped for us. There may have been a conversation between us that might have suggested to her that I would reduce the payments on the loan I gave her in return for having you in my bed, but it would have been wrong of me to actually act on such an offer.”“So even if we had had sex yesterday, it wouldn’t have made a difference?”“Kim, I wanted to have sex with you because you are a sexy young lady. Debt or no debt, I would still want to make love to you. And yesterday I thought I could. I explained to your mother that it had nothing to do with the debt, but no matter how much I protested, she just wouldn’t listen.”Kim was lost for words. Mila had wanted her body all along, but her getting it wouldn’t have made a single dent in the debt owed to her. Had her mother lied again? But why? It wouldn’t have been Salina’s fault if Mila had just wanted to have random sex with Kim. However, telling Kim that she had been a part of a loan repayment deal would only have caused a rift between them. And it did.She sat back on the sofa. She hadn’t said anything since Mila dropped the bombshell on her.Mila stood up and walked over to the side table next to the armchair. She opened up a small box and took her earnings off and placed them inside. “I should actually be a little offended by this, Kim. Coming over here and assuming I would treat you like a prostitute. That’s not my style, sweetie,” she said.“Well, I thought it was. Now I feel stupid. Stupid for coming over here and embarrassing myself like this, and stupid for thinking you could be reasonable.”Mila turned to face Kim who was slumped on the sofa with her finger and thumb massaging the base of her nose. “I beg your pardon. How is it unreasonable to deny a young girl sex in exchange for a reduction in loan repayments? This is beneath you, Kim. Or is it the boys at school that have gotten beneath you? Because right now you look like a girl who goes on top.”“What did you just say?”“I think that maybe running around with all those boys from school has increased your confidence enough to make you think that you can just seduce anyone you want into giving you what you want.”“I haven’t run around with anyone! I’ve never dressed like this in my life, and frankly, I’ve never been so mortified in my life! I’m doing this for my mother, your so-called friend!”Mila saw tears puddling beneath Kim’s eyes and watched them run down her cheeks. She grabbed a tissue from the little square box of them on the table and handed it to her.Kim dabbed the tissue on her tears, being careful not to smear her make-up. “She’s not happy. Her book deal was a sham and I just don’t think I can take being so distant from her. If this continues, She and I are going to become complete strangers to one another.”“Kim, I won’t lie to you anymore. I can tell you that you sleeping with me might have been more than just a joke. It began as a joke and then I started noticing you. So sweet and beautiful, sprouting two beauteous breasts, legs to die for and such a hypnotising smile. That’s when I told Salina that I would reduce her debt to me if I could just spend one night worshipping that beautiful body of yours.” Mila ran her fingers over the pearls of her necklace. She stared into space as she explained herself to Kim.“If you feel that way about me, then can’t we make a deal?”“Oh, Kim. What would your mother say?”“She doesn’t have to know. She doesn’t know I’m over here tonight.”“Nothing would make me happier than to help your mother out, Kim. She and I used to be best friends. I guess we fell away from one another, and then even more when I brought up the subject of sleeping with you. But how would you feel about it?”“To be honest, this isn’t just about the debt. almanbahis giriş You sparked something off in me yesterday. I was sure as hell that I would have had sex with you yesterday. You seduced me, successfully, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, nor can I stop thinking about other women.”Mila walked slowly over to the sofa. “Oh, I had a big effect on you, did I?”Kim nodded. She knew her puppy dog eyes could melt any heart. She made sure to keep her hand on her leg and stroked it slowly.Mila enjoyed Kim’s pins, and more so that night. She smiled and said, “You really want to do this, don’t you?”“I do. And I don’t want you to hold back on me,” replied Kim.With a mixture of lust and reluctance, Mila frantically sorted through the pros and cons of giving this naughty girl what she wanted. If Salina found out, she would have hell to pay. She’d never hear the end of it. On the other hand, Kim wasn’t going to tell her, and look at her! “I hope I don’t regret doing this,” she said.“You won’t,” whispered Kim.*Kim lay there, beautiful and vulnerable, waiting for Mila to make her move on her. Her eyes were closed and the image of Mila sucking her breasts on the kitchen worktop flashed before her. There was going to be so much more tonight. This wasn’t just to help reduce her mother’s debt, though. She had been tempted by female flesh so much in such a short time, and Mila was going to be her second female sexual partner.Mila sat down, leaned in and kissed Kim softly on the lips. She grew fond of Kim’s lips since she first touched them yesterday. What she never told Kim was that she hadn’t been able to think of anything but her since then. “So beautiful, so sweet,” she whispered.Kim opened her eyes and looked at Mila. She traced her fingers up her shoulder and to her neck, pulled her closer and kissed her back. Only this kiss was meant to dampen the panties. Her lips folded over Mila’s, and she had hoped she would be able to impress her with her newfound confidence. Yesterday, she had been a timid little girl, and now she was a determined little slut that wanted her pussy played with.Her tongue shot into Mila’s mouth and hooked around hers. She could feel Mila breathing harder as her hands crept around to her back and slid down them, stopping just short of her firm buttocks. She reached her leg around Mila’s waist and took a firm grip of her. You’re such a slut, Kim, she thought to herself, and began to claw at Mila’s blouse, un-tucking it from her pants franticly.Mila, her heart now pounding, quickly undid her buttons. Her mouth was wide open as if in shock. Looking into her lover’s eyes she said “I’ve wanted you for so long, Kim.”“Fuck me, Mila,” replied Kim.Mila threw her blouse to the floor and pressed herself down on top of Kim. Their breasts pushed firmly against each others’. Mila moved up and down so that her large breasts engulfed Kims. “Show me those perky titties,” she demanded.Kim smiled and slid the straps of her bra down her arms and lowered it to her stomach. She played with her breasts, enticing Mila into pressing against her whilst removing her own bra.With their bras now off, there was no going back. Mila looked lustfully at Kim’s buoyant breasts and wanted to finish what she’d started. She flipped her hair from her shoulder and took Kim’s breasts in her hand. She played with them the way an older, more experienced woman would, cupping them firmly and flicking her nipples with her thumbs.She leaned in and sucked Kim’s erect nipple. Her tongue traced around the areola and poked at the soft flesh. She looked up to see Kim with her eyes closed and her jaw dropping slowly from the pleasure she was giving her. She squeezed the other breast in her hand, gently digging her fingernails into it.Kim lay her head back with her neck resting on the arm of the sofa. She bit her lip and panted in short bursts as she felt Mila enveloping more of her breast each time she sucked. She pushed her chest out and held the crook of Mila’s neck.The room had begun to warm up even more as the two beautiful women held each other on the sofa. Kim felt Mila’s hand travel up her inner thigh. She opened her legs, placing one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the sofa. Her short skirt rode up to her waist and revealed to Mila just how dirty this young girl could be if she wanted to. She had no panties on.

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