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It all started when my husband came home in a blue dress. My name is Kim. I’m a forty-something housewife living in suburban America; Sunday church, bible study. I have a daughter named Stacy… I think you’ve met her, everyone has. I’m easy to spot at PTA meetings as I’m the short red head with long skirts, peter pan collars and low heeled shoes. My husband Ron is a cowboy wanna be – he looks the part but he’s never riden a horse and I seriously doubt has ever eaten a bowl of chili. I was on the phone in the kitchen on some idle Tuesday night talking with Donna about the food drive we’re trying to organize when Ron walks through the living room wearing a blue dress. My reaction, as yours would have been was, ‘What the fuck did I just see?”So I did what you probably would have done… pretended I didn’t see anything at all. After I got off the phone, he came into the kitchen and poured us each a glass of wine – because that always makes things go smoother – while we talked at the dining table. He asked me to not talk for a while and just listen to what he had to say with an open mind. He’s my husband and provider for over twenty years so I agreed. In a calm voice he took the next hour to explain that he was done fucking women, ‘no more pussy’ as he put it. He asked that I put him in forever chastity and have sex with other men while flaunting it in front of him. Please understand that he’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with, and almanbahis şikayet it’s always been in the dark with me on my back. I mean, we haven’t even seen each other naked, nor had sex in years. Both are quite common for women my age. When I asked where was this all coming from, he replied simply that something had been unlocked tonight and he wasn’t going back, no matter the consequences. Not sure what to make of it all, I went back to life as usual for the next couple weeks. I didn’t mention it or bring it up, intriguing as it may have been, but I had to test his sincerity. Towards that end, I told him if he was serious, to sit down and write out what he wanted – all of it – and order a top of the line chastity device. I made it clear that, once we crossed this line there was no going back. To be honest I thought the subject would never come up again, but to my surprise Ron had a stainless steel chastity device over nighted and all but wrote me a dissertation on long term chastity as it relates to men’s health, and cuckolding within a week. He prepared me a romantic evening with a candlelit dinner and laid out his expectations. I had an idea of where I wanted this to go – the power he was giving me, if not begging me to possess – and his committment to it. He made it abundantly clear that I could do anything I wanted so long as he remained locked up. I didn’t expect it, but a wave of power washed over me as I put the device almanbahis canlı casino on him and locked it tight. I made him watch as I put the keys into the toilet and flushed them. His sex was mine now. Is this how men feel? This level of power?He opened this door and I was going to lead us through it. It was my mission to focus solely on my sexual pleasure and humiliate him – and I think that’s what he wanted. I smiled and said, “I locked up your cock as a favor to the world. It’s small and pathetic. It’s never given me any pleasure – I barely noticed you were there to be honest – and now it’s no longer a problem. For anyone.”I smiled as I continued, “You’re moving into the spare bedroom tonight – my bedroom is for men only, and you’re a bitch now. You have five minutes to go put on a dress from the clothes I bought you. Take any longer and you don’t get to watch me fuck a real man tonight.”He opened his mouth to speak but I snapped my fingers. “No. Don’t speak until I speak to you, bitch. You’re lucky I even let you look at me.”It took only a couple minutes and he returned wearing a French maid’s outfit. “Now, I want you to call Travis and tell him to come over right now but don’t tell him why. When he gets here, we’re going to sit at the kitchen table and you’re going to beg him to fuck me in the living room,” I said sliding my right hand down to my pussy and rubbing it. Smiling I taunted, “You could have had this almanbahis casino pussy anytime you wanted it… any place you wanted it… but it’s no longer yours so now I’m going to fuck all the men I can, beginning with all your friends, married or not. This pussy belongs to all men.”Travis was a real cowboy, not a wanna-be. The dirt under his nails was a real as the mud on his boots and his denim jeans. He was cowboy strong. He knew how to rope horses and drive cattle. His wife Sharon was a bit of a prude and hated sex. I knew this because she told me many times in church. For the most part, I let Ron do the talking as it was part of his humiliation. I wanted him to come out to another man that he was in chastity, how he would never have me again, and wanted other men to fuck his wife. Whether he wanted it or not, Ron was going to be ‘out’ about our new lifestyle. I wasn’t going to hide it… quite the contrary, I was going to flaunt it.Travis was five-foot-ten and two-hundred-and-fifty pounds with a slight spare tire but a lot of muscle. He was clean-shaven with a crew cut and had brown hair and brown eyes. He wasn’t sure how to take this, and I didn’t blame him, so I started to rub my pussy while we were sitting at the table. I glared at Ron and he finally said it. “Travis, would you please fuck my wife for me? She needs a real man with a hard cock. She needs to be fucked like a woman, the way only a real man can. Taken.”I smiled at my husband and shook my head. “No bitch, I told you to beg him.”For a moment he got a shocked look on his face but he complied. “Travis, would you please… please fuck my wife for me? I’m not worthy of her pussy. She needs a real man. Please!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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