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So the longer I work nights at the restaurant I have become a little more outgoing and my circle of friends has expanded a bit. Not really sure if they are true friends or just using me for my toe sucking/foot worship skills. I have accepted my new nickname of T.S. (toe sucker) and kind of wear my name tag with pride. I still lust after my bestie Abbie and have made it quite clear that I would be her slave any time she was willing to have pity on me and give me the honor of serving her. I think I am breaking her down.

Abbie has said that she lives vicariously through me and that deep down she yearns to be the slut that I am. I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to push her over the edge and to take control of me. Then it hit me. She likes to hear stories of my debauchery, why not let her read my journals? No one has EVER read my journals before so by letting her do so she would see just how important she is to me. My inner thoughts and desires and fears. They are all in the journals. I started to write them years ago and they were pretty vanilla until my more recent years when I became sexually active and the metamorphosis into the whorish piece of fuck meat that I am today.

I was also at a crossroad with my daddy. He returned from the weekend at mom’s place and he had a new attitude. It’s like he had experienced a rebirth after serving as her cuckold again. Sad but true his real calling in life is to serve a cuckoldress and I knew that I was not able to be that person. It just wasn’t in me. I’m a true submissive as well and would fail miserably in any attempt to domme over daddy or any other man for that matter. Somehow mom had gotten Robby on board as well and he was willing to be bull to her and daddy. Never thought I’d see that day but damn it’s so hot to think that daddy would be serving his son and wife. I’d pay to watch them scene. My pussy gets wet at the thought of the three of them together. But I digress, sorry my ADHD takes over sometimes. Shiny things make me crazy.

So back to Abbie. We had both requested Saturday off as it was her birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. This would be my chance to show her just what a catch I would be. I knew how to serve a woman and I was about to show Abbie a wonderful day. My goal was to be an owned girl by the end of the night. Like with most things I have obsessed over this and have schemed and planned just how I could achieve my goal.

Daddy and I said our sad goodbye before I left for my Friday night shift. I knew that upon my return he’d already be at mom’s house beginning his new role as cuckold to her and Robby. I was happy for him but sad that I was losing my lover. If Abbie rejected me I would end up alone. I tried to think positively but being of such low self esteem it was hard to foresee a positive outcome.

I spent extra time trying to make myself up to look as appealing as I could. What a troll I thought as I stared at the mirror. Why would such a Goddess even give me a second thought? Boy I’m a hot mess. It’s off to work I go.

The night seemed like a blur as I just went through the motions hoping that the end of the shift would come sooner than later. Finally the end was near as we did our clean ups. Abbie was looking hot as hell even after a long night of back breaking service.

“Let’s blow this pop stand” said Abbie when we were done with our clean up duties.

“She said BLOW” I winked trying to show her my humorous side. We were like guys, only with pussies. LOL.

We sat in my car burning a fat one and then I gave her a foot rub making her squirm when I suckled her perfect little toes one by one.

“Let’s get the hell home!” she stammered, “I want you between my thighs Bitch!” she said in a commanding voice.

I don’t know how I didn’t get a ticket as I drove like a mad man to get her home and take care of her. As I locked the door she pinned me up against it and laid the most sensual kiss on me that I could ever remember receiving. We just about ripped each others’ clothes off and she broke loose and let me watch her sweet ass jiggle as she made me follow her into the bedroom.

We fell into the bed and spent the next hour eating each other to several orgasms. I was in heaven. When we finally came up for air she got on top of me and teased me moving in for a kiss but holding back just enough to make me beg for her tongue. Her eyes pierced mine as she stared deep into my soul. I would have done anything for her. She knew this and she rolled over on her back.

“Lick me Ciara” she commanded. “I want you to lick my entire body little girl.”

Oh my God, those words sent me over the edge and I began to shudder experiencing an orgasm without her even touching me. I followed her directions and started at her forehead and kissed, licked and sucked my way slowly down her gorgeous body. Kissing her eyelids softly, sucking on her nose, licking her neck and ears. I moved on to her shoulders, nibbling on them. I spent a long time licking her armpits Niğde Escort savoring her sweet, salty sweat, yearning for more. On to her chest, biting her clavicle and then feeling her supple breasts while i tried to nurse on her nipples. She was bucking like a bronco as she fingered herself accentuating my efforts as I continued to move slowly down her torso all but eating her ribs one by one.

“Please don’t stop little girl” she begged me.

Once again I came at the sound of her voice calling me her little girl. I continued my way down her perfect stomach and made a meal out of her pelvic bones as they protruded out of her skin. She did not possess an ounce of body fat. Soon her thighs had me in a head lock as I dove deep into her pussy lips. Her hands had my head and steered me deeper into her sex. She screamed out as her vagina secreted her special juices and I lapped them up like a starving kitten given a bowl of milk. Sad as it was the time had come to move on as I unwillingly broke away and continued my journey.

Her innermost thighs had hickeys from me sucking hard on the taut bones where they met her pussy. This is my favorite part of the female anatomy although the name of the bone escapes me. There is nothing sexier than to see a hot girl kneeling with her legs spread apart and these bones poking out as her thighs disappear into her bikini bottoms or panties.

On my knees I had her legs up in the air as I sucked on the back of her knees, that’s another erogenous zone that get’s me wet. Finally before flipping her over her toes and feet got more oral attention. Her soles were a bit stinky which enhanced my olfactory senses. Once they were freshly cleaned it was time to worship her backside.

“I need a break” she pleaded. “I have to go pee” she continued.

“Oh hells no!” I screached, jumping off the bed I grabbed my glass of water from the night stand and dumped it out on the carpet. I knelt next to the bed and pulled her legs down off the side of the bed and pulled her to the beds’ edge. I directed her to pee into the glass and proceeded to drink her golden nectar like a stranded, starving man crawling through the desert. She provide me a glass and a half of her delicious urine and I savored it as I guzzled it down. I craved to taste her. All of her. She seemed hesitant at first but I’m pretty sure she was turned on at the eagerness of her servant wannabe’s willingness to drink her pee. She would not be needing tissue to wipe as I did the honors with my tongue.

I slowly licked my way up to her tight ass. I sucked on her butt cheeks and teased her once it was her cracks’ turn. Running up and down the length of her crack my tongue teased her hole before without warning I spread her cheeks wide and penetrated her hole and began to tongue fuck her dark cavern. She screamed into the pillow as her hands grabbed my head and tried to stuff my whole head into her hole. Grinding as she increased her grip she rode my face until she was oozing girl cum out of her other hole. I reached down to scoop up what I could and slurped it down, the icing on the cake I thought.

When I finally moved up to the small of her back I could feel her body hair standing at attention as I licked and rubbed her back and shoulders all the way up to her neck. My hands broke free to massage her boobs and tweak her nipples as I completed my journey up her back. She finally broke away and rolled over, breathing like she had just run a marathon she panted and had the look in her glazed over eyes of a most satisfied lover.

As I moved in for a well deserved kiss there were tears rolling down her precious cheeks. I kissed them away and asked her what was wrong.

“Ciara, I’ve never felt anything like that before love” was all she could muster.

“Please don’t cry Abs” I begged.

“I’m crying because I don’t think I could ever feel this way again and it makes me sad” was her plea.

“Make me your slave and you’ll feel like that as often as I can make it happen” I asked in a begging kind of way.

“You’re breaking me down little girl” she teased.

“I so want to be YOUR little girl” I said, me now in tears.

She just pulled me in close and kissed me deeply.

“Happy Birthday Abs” I purred.

Her eyes made my heart melt. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. This is the most content I’ve ever felt as I floated off into sweet dreams.

When Abbie opened her eyes it was to me bringing her breakfast in bed. Still naked as a proper slave should be I hoped that she didn’t mind this hot mess of a girl being the first thing she saw on her birthday.

She sat up on the bed her back propped up by her pillows and sat and let me feed her. I seductively dipped the strawberries in the fresh cream and teased her as I rubbed her lips with the cream as she nibbled on the fruit. Every time she looked into my eyes I felt it deep in my heart and deep in my loins. I fed her a blueberry muffin and took the liberty of licking the crumbs off of her chest. Niğde Escort Bayan Afterward she drank the glass of fresh squeezed orange juice before taking the long stemmed rose that was lying across the tray. She smelled the rose bringing a smile to her face.

“My favorite” she smiled again. “You thought of everything little girl” she said turning me to mush once again.

“Thank you Princess” was my offering. “I brought a long stemmed for you to use on me as you see fit” as I turned and offered her my bare back.

As if she was reading my mind she gave me a few swats across the back, the thorns penetrating my skin and drawing blood. The sting was a sweet pain and the fact that she knew it was what i wanted made it so rewarding.

“Thank you Princess may I have some more” I begged. She did not disappoint.

“Is this what you want little girl?” she demanded.

“Yes Princess please don’t stop!” I pleaded. She didn’t stop. I was in heaven. My back was pierced and blood was flowing. Abbie wiped it up with her hand and shoved her fingers into my mouth forcing me to clean up the mess which I did gladly. Finally she stopped and announced it was time for showers. I lead the way and grabbed a bottle of alcohol from the counter and offered it to her as I assumed the position leaning over the sink counter. Again she did not disappoint as she poured the entire bottle over my wounds burning like a house fire.

I laid across the counter with my eyes closed enjoying my pain. Just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, Abbie grabbed my hairbrush and impaled my unsuspecting ass hole with the brush handle. Sensory overload engulfed my body and I collapsed onto the counter as my legs gave out. Abbie continued to violate my butt hole as I laid like a rag doll taking all that she would give me. Finally, to my despair she pulled me up by the hair and directed me to the shower where she became a loving and affectionate Domme providing me with tender aftercare. If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.

After a nice hot shower my back was still stinging but it was a pain that I had been in search of for a long time. Abbie took me back to the bed and cuddled with me. I reached down to the side of the bed and retrieved a gift bag which contained her birthday gift. Her eyes lit up as everyone loves getting gifts. Within the bag were four gifts. The first was obvious, it was a gold box of Godiva chocolates with a red ribbon. Her favorite candy. The second box was from Kay Jeweler’s and she opened it to find a tiara.

“For a Princess” I gushed.

She put it on and squealed like a girl who just got her first Barbie AND the Malibu beach house.

The third package was heavy and she opened it up and got a puzzled look on her face.

“What is this little girl?” she asked inquisitively.

“Princess these are my journals. No one has ever laid eyes on these as they are my most deep and personal thoughts and feelings. I know you don’t understand what makes me tick and I think that by reading these you will better understand why I am the way I am.”

“That is the nicest most beautiful thing anyone has ever offered me” she started to well up. “And this letter?” she asked.

“That is a contract that if you choose to sign will give you full ownership of me for a month, kind of a trial run if you will.” I said sheepishly, feeling completely unworthy.

“Oh little girl, this is not necessary” she began to weep.

“Yes it is Princess” I interrupted. “I want to be owned and there is no one on this earth who I want to serve more than you.” I said trying not to sound too desperate.

I could tell she was blown away. She appeared flabbergasted. I had hoped that I had proved to her that I was worthy to serve her. She kissed me tenderly and thanked me.

I told her I would do some chores and get lunch ready while she perused my journals.

Abbie sat back and started to read as I left her alone.

I gave her my journals starting from freshman year of college. I figured that my early journals were too immature and nonsensical for her. The ones she had would hopefully give her a glimpse into what makes me tick I guess.

She got to see me from the start of my relationship with Robby. It was not a pretty picture as it painted Robby as a mean vindictive older sibling who did his best to demean his little sister. I grew up as an odd kid and never really felt like I belonged. It didn’t help that my brother continued to put me in my place. Any attention I got was good in my eyes. Robby had decided at my graduation party that he would do me a huge favor and teach me about sex so that when I went to college I wouldn’t be a complete outcast. Nice guy he was.

By the time I left for college Robby had given me sufficient practice to ensure that I could take any cock down my throat. He taught me that swallowing was not an option and that pretty much anyone who requested a blowjob deserved me to drop to my knees. That women’s only real reason Escort Niğde on earth was to offer their holes to men for their pleasure. Call it brainwashing or mind fucking but either way he had me under his spell and I fell deeply in love with him as fucked up as that sounds. I guess I equated the attention he gave me to love and til this day I would do anything for him. I’m a hot mess.

After about half an hour Abbie called out to me.

“Ciara, please come here!” she begged.

I came into the bedroom and she was sobbing. She couldn’t believe that I had gone through what I had written in my journal.

“I’m so ashamed” she admitted. “These horrible things that happened to you” she continued, “Yet my pussy is dripping wet” she confessed. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” she pleaded.

“It just means that you are ready” I offered. “You are ready to make me your slave and to serve you. This is my place in life” I tried to relieve her concerns. “Some of us are just made to serve and others are made to be served, it’s just the way it is.”

“I don’t know if I can do it little girl” she said.

“Of course you can Princess, you are perfect for the job” i assured her.

She smiled at me and those eyes hypnotized me once again. We spent the next few hours me nestled in her lap while she read the journals out loud to her little girl. I was ecstatic but yet had to re-live the pain of my words as they were ingratiated into my mind to reinforce my self worthlessness. I truly am worthless was my thought but yet I was so lucky to have such a wonderful girl who could find it in her heart to love me.

She assured me that there would never be a repeat of the abuse that Robby and Kayla put on me during our time together. She understood that along with the great power that comes with being served also comes great responsibility to ensure that her submissive is provided protection and proper aftercare. Abbie gets that. As she read the journal she would pause and ask me questions, wanting to understand my mindset and my wants and needs. I was falling for her big time. For a beginner she had much greater understanding of what it meant to be a dominant than most others I had ever met.

My bucket list items really turned her on and she mentioned that she could only hope to someday be the center of attention to such a gang of men. Still not totally understanding my penchant for pain she said that she would do her best to meet my needs if we decided to proceed with the contract. I was confident that once she saw how I reacted to pain and how it brought me pleasure that she would be more comfortable providing it to me.

We decided to cancel our reservations for dinner and opted to order in Chinese takeout instead. We had a lot to discuss and I had further plans for her sexy body. She heard me summon her from the bedroom and when she came out to the dining room I was laid flat on the dining table covered in a cornucopia of food laid out across my naked skin. Ravaged she dug in licking and eating the offerings directly off of my quivering body. I had one time before acted as a human buffet but for a group of fetishists and never just one special person. This was much more intense and sensual. The feeling of her tongue, lips and teeth was almost too much to handle as she ate her fill of rice, sushi, sweet and sour chicken. I had to cheat a little as the egg drop soup wouldn’t have stayed in place so I had the offering in a bowl placed on my abdomen, the red mark would be a reminder for the next several days as the heat burned my skin. It was a good burn. Speaking of burn, the single long skinny red candle I had in my mouth was angles just slightly and the hot wax was dripping slowly onto my chin and neck making it hard to stay still as the drops stung as they hit my skin. Again, it was a good burn.

When Princess had her fill she said that it was my turn. I quickly wiped the excess food from my front side and directed her to lay flat on her stomach on the table and proceeded to layout my meal in the crack of her beautiful ass. I made sure she was comfortable providing her with one of the throw pillows from the couch. She seemed content as I slowly ate my fill out of her crevice. Licking her clean she didn’t even need to wipe. Time for cake.

Ashamed that I had to buy her birthday cake at the local grocer she didn’t seem to mind as it was after all chocolate complete with a Hershey’d kiss on top. She blew out the candles and snatched the kiss off of the cake and unwrapped the foil but instead of eating it she reached around back, leg up on the chair and inserted it up her dark cavern. My eyes about popped out of my head and she just smiled and gave me a wink.

“Every dirty little girl deserves a dirty little kiss” she stated matter of factly. She pushed me back so that I was lying flat once again and took a serving spoon, scooping up a glob of cake and then a scoop of ice cream and slathered them all over my titties and cleavage. She slowly licked up the treat coming up to share with me feeding me the messy concoction with her mouth. I used every once of strength not to grab her head as I just laid there and let her have her way with my mouth. She finished me off with another toe curling kiss and then whispered into my ear.

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