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Hi this is rs. I am 21 years old. I’m from pune.

When I was in school I used to go to a lady for math tuition, and god she was an angel. Her name was Anjali Patel(name changed). I just called her ma’am.

She had a beautiful face, great body and was very sweet. The best description would be that she was an angel! She was fair skinned. She was slightly on the fat side but the fat was in the right places. Her breasts but nice and big. Her ass to was big and her stomach had a little paunch. I had a crush on her the first time I saw her! I went to her for math tuition for 2 years. In those 2 years I always tried to touch her hands and try a sneak a peep at her breasts. Sometimes when she would be explaining some sum to me I would rub my leg against hers. She never minded all this. I think she even caught me staring at her sometimes. She never said anything. Just smiled at me. She stopped classes as she was ill so I stopped going to her.

One day I met her in a supermarket

Ma’am: My god Rs you have grown up so much!

Me: Hello ma’am! Yes its been a long time. How are you?

Ma’am: I’m fine. I have started tuitions again. What do you do now?

Me: I’m in my 3rd year. Let me help you with your stuff.

I picked up her bags. She tried to stop me but I was adamant.

We went to her place.

Ma’am: Thank you so much rs for helping me.

Me: It wasn’t any trouble. How can I let such beautiful woman do work.

Ma’am:Haha. You have become a polite gentleman.

All those feelings from 2 years of classes were coming up again. I was excited to meet my beautiful teacher on a home I had a crush for so long. I always had a thing for older woman. An older woman is any day hotter than woman of my age.

Ma’am: Sit here for sometime. I’ll get you something to eat and drink.

I tried to stop her but now she was adamant. She didn’t even let me help her with it. Made me sit in the living room.

After few minutes she brought cold water and snacks. I thanked her and we started talking.

Ma’am: So tell me about yourself?

Me: Well, I’m doing great in college. I’m among the top 5. I just don’t get time for sports. XYZ(will tell my prof only on personal chats) is very hard. We have to study 24×7

Ma’am: Yes that’s true. My daughter is doing engineering from Bangalore. Uncle just got a new car. He has to make many trips out of station now. He’s on a big post now. I just take tuitions now to pass my time.

I was just staring at her face all the time. She was just so beautiful and mature!

Ma’am continued:… And sports you can do later too after you finish education.


I was just staring at her face. Half Ordu Escort of our conversation wasn’t registering in my head.

Ma’am: I have few students now. Not like the years when I taught you.

Me: Yes those years were great. You were such a good teacher.

And then I thought let’s tell ma’am about my crush. I would tell it as a teenage thing. Won’t tell her that I still had the hots for her. All teenagers have crushed on their teachers. Its no big deal.

Me: ma’am I have a confession to make.

Ma’am was surprised: Confession! OK go ahead.

Me: Ma’am during those 2 years I had a huge crush on you.

Ma’am smiled like I had said something silly: Rs I knew that since then. Haha

I was a bit taken aback. Didn’t expect her to reply like this.

Ma’am: In fact almost each boy who came to me for coaching had a crush on me. Some boys joined class just for that.

Me feeling uneasy: Ohk. But you were a great teacher. My math improved cause of you.

Ma’am smiling in a mischievous manner: It would have been much better if you would have concentrated a lil less on me

That made even me smile.

Ma’am: You were my boldest student. No student ever tried to touch me. You would intentionally touch my arms or legs.

Me going with the flow: Yes. I did that. I even stared at you and tried to steal glances at you.

Ma’am: Me or my breasts! She said smiling mischievously.

I just laughed it off.

She then gave me a tour of their home. They had renovated it.

In her bedroom a lingerie was lying on her bed. She didn’t notice it. She had just got a call from her husband. So she went out.

I couldn’t stop myself so I took the lingerie in my hand and smelled it. I couldn’t believe that the teacher who I had such a huge crush on, who was a MLIF, I was in her bedroom holding her lingerie in my hand. I wished it was her.

She was arguing with her husband. I could hear some. Loud voices. They were speaking in their mother tongue so I didn’t understand.

I quickly left the lingerie on her bed and went to the living room. Ma’am went in her bedroom and I could hear crying.

I can’t let a woman cry.

So I went in. I asked her what happened. She was surprised and quickly started wiping her tears.

Ma’am: Oh rs. I forgot you were still here. Nothing happened.

Me: ma’am pls tell me. I want to help you.

After a great deal of great deal. Persuasion she told me that her husband had cheated on her and they had taken months of therapy and that was the real reason why she stopped tuition. Just now on the phone he had given her some bad news that they were gonna be separated. That Ordu Escort Bayan he wasn’t happy with and all of shit.

I was angry!

Me: What an asshole. Your smart and beautiful and obviously a great wife. How can he do this?

Ma’am smiled at this.

She kept her head on my shoulders.

This turned me on. My dick formed a huge bulge in my jeans. She noticed that.

Ma’am: Oh my!

I realised she saw that. I don’t know what got into me I went to kiss her.

She went back and was surprised.

Maam: RS! I’m not your gf. I’m probably 15 years older to you and I’m married!

Me: Your dumb husband is cheating on you with god knows how many women. I on the other hand really like you.

She thought for a moment and then I don’t know how in a second some animal inside of her woke up!

She pushed me on her bed and got on top of me and started kissing me!

I tried to take control but she was a wild cat and didn’t let me. So I let her take control.

She was kissing me everywhere. She tore my T-shirt while trying to take it off!

She started kissing me on my chest and abs.

Ma’am: you haven’t played sports but you still have a great body!

Its so hot! After so many months I’m gonna get sex!

Me: Don’t worry I’ll make it worth it

She kissed and bit my nipples. It was awesome. I was just moaning with pleasure.

She then took of my jeans and took my dick in her hand.

Ma’am: God! Your dick is longer and thicker than my husbands!

This is like a freaking pole!

I laughed and said yes now take it in your mouth.

But she wanted to tease me!

She just kept kissing my penis and only took the head inside. She even played with my balls. I was her to give me a blowjob so I got up and held her head.

Me: Your teasing me a lot! Now take this in your mouth! Saying this I pushed my entire shaft into her mouth. I started face fucking her hard. I was like a machine! Her eyes were bulging out and slurping sounds from her mouth were fucking erotic. I pumping my hard shaft in and out of her mouth. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and from my penis. After sometime she pleaded me to stop. So I took it out.

Ma’am: WOW!! That I’d the 1st time someone did that! My husband has never done this.

Me: Forget your husband. Now I’ll teach you a few things. She laughed at that.

I removed all her clothes and started sucking and biting her big boobs!

They were like the breasts of a porn star but these were natural. They were huge. Didn’t even fit in my hands. Her nipples were also big and I was attacking them. I would bite 1 boob and squeeze the other with my fingers. Escort Ordu She was moaning with ecstasy! “AAHH! RS THATS SO GOOD”

Hearing this gave me more energy. I tried to take the maximum amount of her breast in my mouth and bite her hard. She yelled!! AHHH THAT HURTS PLS STOP!

But I wasn’t gonna! I kept on biting her hard and kept on shifting from 1 breast to the other.

She was telling with pain but I knew it was turning her on cz she was pushing my head down on her boobs.

Then I slowly went towards her pussy giving her gentle kisses while go down.

She asked what was I doing!

I was surprised that her husband had never went down on her.

Me: Be ready for something special.

Her pussy was hairy which I hate but I was too aroused for hair to stop me. The typical pussy smell came from her pubic region. I moved her pubic hair aside and started licking her clit. GOD! It was as though she got a jolt of electricity!!


I never had a woman who cum med so fast. I had just started licking her pussy that she SQUIRTED!! HER LEGS CLOSE MY HEAD AND SHE TURNED TO ONE SIDE AND HER JUICES CAME OUT.

I was really happy. I had her juices all over my face. I kept on licking. After sometime she pulled me up and gave me a long kiss.

Maam: Your gonna fuck me hard now. Give me all you got!

I then took her in missionary position and started teasing her. I would rub my shaft on her clit and just insert my head in her pussy. This was turning her on even more!


I realised that it was ages since she had got fucked. So in 1 thrust I pushed me entire shaft inside her pussy! I kept on fucking her hard. She was shouting for more and I was drilling her like it was the end of the world and this was the last sex.

I was about to cum so I switched positions. I took her in doggy style and told this would be the best sex she has ever had. She told me its already the best and she can’t ever have it this good again!

I started pumping her like anything.

She was moaning like hell and I was pumping her like a machine. The whole room was filled with the smell of sex. I was about to cum so I warned her.


I was happy with this and started pumping harder. Soon I felt it. I gave a load shout and felt my cum come out. I kept on pumping her. When I removed my penis my semen fell out on her bed. Her pussy was dripping like a leaky tap!!

We were both exhausted! But she still had sexual desire left. We had a shower together and we fucked during having a shower again!

We exchanged phone numbers and kept chatting.

She told me after 1 month that she had got divorced and that I could come to her place whenever I wanted:)

She’s a very nice lady.


Pls send your reviews on the contact on my profile.

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