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Another weekend trip to a cottage was coming up. All of my friends were going as well as others who studied at the university. I somewhat knew everyone and was eager to get to know them better. Especially a special someone. Jeremy was the hottest guy in our uni. Everybody knew it, even him. But somehow he wasn’t too cocky about it, although he did bask in the attention he received from the ladies. Sometimes it made me jealous. Other times it made me feel empowered and I was sure I would be the one that would get to bask in his attention.

We left on Friday afternoon by bus. The people were already in the mood to party the whole weekend and beer cans were opening all around. I was sitting with my group of friends at the middle of the bus and Jeremy and other cool kids were occupying the back seats. I couldn’t help but steal glances his way every time I heard his velvety chuckles. His smile, or rather smirk, was intoxicating. One of my friends was looking at me funny but I just shook my head to him; He knew I was into Jeremy but I wasn’t actually planning to do anything about it. Even though I felt the urge to sometimes.

We arrived at the cottage, people gathered their baggage and hurried to the cottage to reserve rooms and beds for themselves. I didn’t hurry, although my friends ran ahead, because I knew there would be enough spots for everyone and I didn’t really care where I’d sleep because there wouldn’t be much sleeping here.

I was one of the last ones to go inside, apart from Jeremy and Carl. Carl and Jeremy were somewhat friends even though nobody really liked Carl: his humor was highly inappropriate and he only managed to annoy everyone always. The greeting that the three of us received inside was that there was one bed available in one of the rooms and the last two would have to sleep on the couch. Before I had the chance to open my mouth Carl yelled “Dibs!”, and sprang into the room. Leaving us others chuckling in the common room. Only then did it dawn me that I would be sleeping with Jeremy on the couch. Shit.


As the evening approached we went into the gazebo to sit around the fire and eat some snacks. Some were bathing in the saunas and running naked into the lake. People were getting increasingly drunk and I was slightly tipsy when we started playing ‘Never have I ever’. Everyone had five fingers up and we took turns in saying things we had never done, the one who lost, so the person whose fingers were down first (one was lost for each thing they had done), had to choose either truth or dare. What a great way to get to know everyone’s dirty little secrets because, surprisingly, the never have I ever claims tended to be sexual. I usually won these games. Jeremy often lost.

“Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.”

“Never have I ever been walked in on.”

“Never have I ever done anything sexual in public.”

“Never have I ever had a one night stand.”

“Never have I ever fantasized about someone who is in this game.”

“Truth or dare?”


“Kiss the person you have fantasized about.”

I watched Jeremy look around the circle, searching for his target. On purpose he let his gaze circulate around and his eyes lingered on everyone. Then he moved. He was going for the person next to me, Cassey, the queen of the bimbos. What a great match they would be, my jealous self thought. Cassey looked smug.

Until Jeremy turned and kissed me. Passionately. Long. Somehow I managed to kiss back even though I was flabbergasted about this turn of events. I could only hear the humming in my ears, not the other cheering and hooting. The kiss seemed to last forever and when Jeremy pulled back I was staring into his sparkling eyes in daze. Had that just happened? I heard an offended huff next to me and in the corner of my eye saw a blond ponytail scurry away from the game.

Jeremy pulled back and took his place on the other side of the circle, eyes still on mine and smirking contentedly. His friends were being guys and spurring him on grossly. My friend next to me was trying to hold back his laughter because I was still so zoned out of the world around me.

The game kept on going a little but my mind was still on the kiss and reasons behind it. He had kissed me. He had fantasized about me. He had probably stroked off to the thoughts of me. That made my cheeks burn. I didn’t understand why me because canlı bahis as we saw in the game we were from different worlds: he had had his sexual adventures, whereas I had had one steady vanilla relationship that had ended a year ago and, since then, I had been single without any action in my bedroom. But tonight I was sleeping next to him.

Neither of the two of us lost the game again and we all went inside as the fire was dying out in the gazebo. Some started playing beer pong, others some drinking games involving cards and me and my friends just chatted on the couch. The very couch where I would sleep with him.

I went into the kitchen to get some water and I was filling the glass at the sink when I felt someone else enter the kitchen. The person came the stand next to me, leaning their lower back on the counter. I lifted my gaze just to see who was there but then I froze. Jeremy. He was smiling at me and I probably looked dumbfounded.

“How is your evening going?” He asked casually with a knowing smile.

“G-good I guess. All fun and games” Games? You really had to reveal where your mind had been the whole time? I thought to myself.

“That’s nice. Your glass is flooding.” I hurried to close the tap. When I turned away from the sink, he was standing in front of me all tall and gorgeous with his shining blue eyes travelling on my face. “You’re okay with us on the couch? I can sleep on the floor if it makes you feel better.” Jeremy offered. What a gentleman.

“No, no, it’s fine. You don’t have to do that.” I hurried to say. Was I too hurried? Too eager? Now I was overanalyzing everything I did.

“Good. I’ll see you there then.” He said and pecked me on cheek before starting to fill up his water bottle. I walked to my friends and sat there quietly for the rest of the night.

People were retreating into their rooms and some had passed out couple hours ago. The house was quiet after I had tucked last of my drunk friends into bed. I tiptoed into the common room and I could already see Jeremy sleeping on the spread out couch. He was sleeping on the edge so I had to practically climb over him to get between him and the back of the couch because the couch was pushed against the wall.

I managed to get there and turned my back to the sleeping figure but then I noticed that we had only one blanket on the couch. Really? I wasn’t going to get up again so I would just have to survive. I took some of the blanket for myself but it was barely enough to cover me. It wasn’t too cold in the room but I still shivered because I was used to sleeping cocooned in a blanket.

I flinched when suddenly an arm and a blanket came to rest over my side. Jeremy’s warm breath tickled the back of my neck and I shivered again.

“We can’t have you freeze can we?” He whispered with his low soft voice.

He shifted closer so that I could feel his whole front against my back. He was spooning me. I relaxed myself with the thought that the blanket was actually too small for us to sleep apart. This was nothing else. Don’t expect anything. But he did kiss you during the game. My mind was running in circles. I felt lips on the back of my neck. The kisses started behind my ear and continued down to my shoulder. His mouth was on my collarbone when he turned me onto my back. He was still next to me but leaning slightly over me. His lips came to hover over mine.

There was a moment when we breathed the same air before he claimed my lips for the second time of the day. He was clearly in charge but he kept the kiss slow and gentle. This time I was able to enjoy it even. I was trying to deepen the kiss and lifted my hands to his hair but he didn’t take the hint. I turned myself more towards him and threw my leg over his. He drew back and chuckled.

“I didn’t think you would be that eager to go there here.” He was petting my hair fondly. My mind blanched. Oh my god, we were at the cottage. With twenty other people and anyone could walk in. I started to pull away but his hand stopped my leg from moving.

“I didn’t say stop. I quite like this new side of you.” He went to nibble on my ear lobe and I sighed. This wasn’t what I would usually do. But it was him. I had the chance. But to go against my better judgment just for the sake of the opportunity?

“I… ” I wasn’t sure what to tell him. “I think I actually want this.” I whispered quietly. I was quite embarrassed. bahis siteleri Who was this and what have you done to me?

“You think or you do? I’m not going to force you into anything, especially if it’s the alcohol talking.” He was staring into my eyes with a serious look on his face. He really did have some manners.

“I’ve only drunk three, hours ago. I…” How do people usually express their wants? “I want you.” All I could come up with.

Jeremy kept still for a moment before he shifted to cover me with his body. My hands settled on his firm back. He leaned down and kissed me deep, taking full control. I kept caressing his sculpted back and his hands weaved into my hair.

Damn he was a good kisser. I had never been this turned on by kissing before. Never had I ever. I could see the irony there. Jeremy’s hands started to wander to my shoulders and his mouth soon followed. I was out of breath as he licked and kissed down my neck and sucked on my collarbones. I could hardly care about any possible marks he would make.

Jeremy moved his lips lower until he was stopped by my top. Which I hastily pulled off. Now my whole upper body was revealed to him. I didn’t have time to get self-conscious about my body when he made an appreciative sound and attacked my nipples with nibbles and small bites. I was biting my lip not to make too much noise.

My breasts were getting a lot of attention. Licks. Bites. Grabs. I knew I was wet beyond measure already and we had only started. I wanted to feel his hard body on mine. I struggled with the blanket a little but managed to get my legs around his lower back. I pulled his hips onto mine and, oh boy, that felt nice.

As I was marveling the feeling of his cock on me and he let out a hiss at the contact. Glad I wasn’t the only one already feeling it.

“Bad girl. You want me to come before we get to the actual fun?” he drawled into my ear. I shivered at his tone and could only mmh as he simultaneously grinded on me.

“Mmh, no. Can’t wait to really feel you,” I whispered.

“Oh darling, me too,” he chuckled and returned to suckle on my nipples. Now that our hips were connected, both of us kept seeking friction and the grinding was getting heavy.

Jeremy’s fingers traced down my stomach gently and onto my hip bones. I twitched. It tickled slightly but at the same time I was getting wetter at his touch. His fingers dipped below the band of my shorts and he caressed my mound. I sighed out. Too loud in the silence. He claimed my lips and kept on caressing. My hips were moving to meet his hand. Trying to urge him on.

“You don’t want this slow, do you?” he mused. I shook my head. “Next time then.” Before I could process what he meant by next time, he dipped his hand between my legs to where I wanted it. My back arched as he found my clit. I could feel him grinning as he kissed my hip bones and slowly edged my shorts off.

“Look at me,” he said sternly. I obeyed without a second thought. He looked so hot, hair tousled, smirking between my open legs. Then he, slowly, extended his tongue and licked my slit from bottom to top. My head hit the pillow. That felt delicious. Jeremy kept on licking me and french kissing my clit. Sometimes trapping it between his lips. I had no idea how much noise I was making but I did not care anymore. I was on cloud nine.

I put my fingers into his hair and pushed his head down, wanting him to give me more. He chuckled and I loved it. I was close to losing it already but he pulled his mouth back. Before I could protest he pushed two of his fingers into me. I sighed at the intrusion. I had already forgot how good it felt when somebody else did that.

“God, you’re wet,” he said admirably. He was moving his fingers in and out, looking for my spot.

“Mm… More,” I told him and thrusted my hips to urge him on.

“Yes, princess,” he answered as he pushed a third finger in. I moaned as a response. He moved his fingers back and forth and returned his lips to my clit. I was grinding on his face and fingers. I was looking for the release I had been missing some months now.

“Are you close? I know you are. Do you want to come now or…” He nibbled on my clit. “Or do you want to come with me inside of you?”

“You. I want you.” I answered hurriedly. Again I received a chuckle as an answer. He pulled away from my mound and stripped off his pants. I realised bahis şirketleri I hadn’t gives any attention to him, whereas he had been pleasuring me the whole time. I guess he saw me think of this (because I was sadly staring at his cock) and he crawled up to kiss me.

“Don’t worry about it. As I said, we can do things different next time.” Again, I wasn’t sure what next time meant but I was currently too busy to think.

Jeremy placed the tip of his cock on my entrance and I settled my legs on his lower back. I was moving my hips, trying to get him to push in, but he was only watching my face with a slight smirk. I stopped and stared into his eyes.

“I’m not going to beg if that’s what you’re waiting for,” I was not willing to descend to that level. “And don’t you dare say next time.”

“Sure thing, princess,” he said and kissed my nose. Then he started to add pressure and finally pushed into me. The thickness of him was heaven. He was pushing in in an agonizingly slow pace. I kept on sighing loudly as he was breathing heavily against my neck.

Instead of lying still I started moving my hips slightly to show him that it was okay to speed things up. I wanted him to. I needed him to fuck me. But I was too far gone to say it.

Our bodies kept moving. Hips moving closer and closer until he was in me to the hilt. He breathed out deeply and lifted his head to look me in the eye. His forehead was shining with slight sweat and his pupils were blown. There was no hotter sight on earth.

I knew he wanted to ask if I was alright and I nodded an affirmative to his unasked question. I pulled him into a kiss by his neck and he started moving his hips. That friction was perfect. He was pumping in and out. My other hand was still on his back, feeling the muscles move.

Our kiss broke as both were running out of air and we just breathed the same air as our foreheads rested against each other. The pace was getting frantic and had anyone been awake they would’ve heard the delicious slapping of skin on skin.

I could feel myself getting closer. He had edged me already a couple of times during the foreplay and I felt my finish approaching fast. My nails digged into his back as I started to feel the tingling pressure in my groin. Jeremy must’ve felt some change also because his fingers traced down my stomach and found my clit.

He stroked around it, avoiding my sweet spot. My hips were constantly moving to meet his thrusts and I was so close. I was ready to tell him to go fuck himself if he didn’t give my finish when his fingers finally circled my clit.

I only needed three strokes before my world exploded. My back arched and my breasts pushed against his chest. I could feel my pussy pulsing around Jeremy’s thick cock as he kept moving. My heels were digging into his back, drawing him closer.

I felt like my orgasm went on forever. I felt myself get even wetter, if that was physically possible. As I was experiencing the orgasm of my life Jeremy was getting closer to his. His thrusts got shorter and more erratic. His breathing was fast until it stopped for a second and he came with a growl. His whole body tensed and he bottomed out in me.

I was still riding the aftershocks of my orgasm as Jeremy’s body twitched above me and his hips pumped out the last drops of his release. I opened my eyes and stared into his blissful face. I detached my hands (nails) from his back and caressed the side of his face. He slowly opened his eyes to look into mine. I smiled slowly at him.

Jeremy blinked a couple times, dazed, and then he kissed me languidly. The kiss was so lazy but one of the best ones of my life. He pulled out of me and I got chills from the empty feeling. I could feel both of our fluids on my thighs.

Jeremy rolled onto his side and pulled me into his spoon. He kissed the back of my neck gently and sighed contently. I placed my hand against his arm that was resting on my stomach. This was the best sex I had had.


I was warm and cradled in a strong embrace. But somebody was shaking my shoulder. I frowned and opened one of my eyes to see Tim, my friend, smirking at me.

“I see you had some fun last night but you two should put some clothes on if you don’t want to give this same show to everyone.” With that he threw our clothes on us and walked out of the room.

I turned to look at us and noticed that I was halfway on my stomach with my leg bent to the side, giving a nice view to anyone of my ass where they could see Jeremy’s cock standing at full attention. Somehow we had cast aside the whole blanket. The one who had started all this.

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