Sexy Sisters Ch. 05

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When she came back, she was holding a red glass bowl filled with juicy strawberries and cherries in one hand a bottle of whipped cream in the other.

“What’s all this for?” Jessica said, grinning widely

“I think you can guess, babe!” Caitlyn beamed

Caitlyn sat down next to Jessica, closely, and put the food the table in front of them. She leaned in to kiss the tops of Jessica’s boobs. They were so soft. She licked it and sucked on the skin of it and munched it slowly. Jessica let out a quiet, slow, soft erotic moan. Caitlyn pulled down the strap of Jessica’s bra, unhooked it and threw it on the table. Jessica lied down and Caitlyn sat on top of her. She picked up the bottle of whipped cream and sprayed it on Jessica’s perky nipples. Jessica giggled as the cold sensation ran through her immensely hot body. Caitlyn licked it slowly and passed it Jessica through a long passionate French kiss; it was like snowballing. Caitlyn sucked on Jessica’s nipples like a baby sucking their mothers’ and it was so sexy! She bit and nibbled and licked and sucked and whatever you can think of to do with a nipple. Jessica moaned louder now and rubbed her pussy through her wet panties. Caitlyn licked the other nipple clean and smiled. She pulled down Jessica’s panties and through on the table, next to the bra. She sprayed a line of whipped cream down Jessica’s flat stomach and a whole bush onto her wet pussy. Caitlyn took a strawberry out of the bowl she dabbed reality kings porno it on Jessica’s whipped cream filled pussy and bit it. She could taste Jessica on it and it made it taste even better. I mean, strawberries and cream were delicious but the added taste of Jessica’s juices made it extremely tantalizing. She dipped it in again and this time gave it to Jessica to taste for herself.

“Mmm…I taste delicious!” Jessica laughed

“Yes, you do!” Caitlyn agreed

She licked the trail of whipped cream off Jessica’s stomach and sprayed some more cream on her pussy. She moved back up and sprayed some more on Jessica’s perky nipples, picked up two cherries and 2 strawberries, put the cherries on Jessica’s nipples, and put one of the strawberries in her pussy and one if her ass. Caitlyn picked up one of the cherries circled it around in the cream on Jessica’s nipple, licked it and ate it, pulling off the stem and throwing it carelessly. She licked the rest of the remaining whipped cream off Jessica’s nipple and repeated the same routine to Jessica’s other nipple. Caitlyn moved down again and put her head between Jessica’s widened legs. Caitlyn sucked the strawberry out of Jessica’s leaking pussy and sucked all the cream out of it. She pulled the other strawberry out of her butt, ate it and licked all the cream off.

After strawberries and cream, Jessica and Caitlyn went upstairs into Caitlyn’s bedroom. Jessica sexmex porno sat on the bed and Caitlyn went into her walk-in closet, into her secret lesbian drawer and took strap-on, a double sided dildo and a Hitachi Magic Wand. She put on the strap-on and rubbed her wet pussy, licking her fingers, to taste her cum. She rubbed her artificial cock as if she was jerking herself off.

“Caitlyn, are you alright?” Jessica called from outside the walk-in closet

“Yeah, I’m coming!” Caitlyn called back

Caitlyn walked back into the bedroom and Jessica shot up.

“Oh my fucking god!” Jessica shouted

“You like?” Caitlyn grinned

“Yes! I’ve always wanted to use one of those; especially with you!”

“Well, now you can. I’m going to pleasure you with my cock.”

Jessica knelt on her knees and put the strap-on cock in her mouth. Caitlyn swept her sister’s golden curls out of her face while she gave her a blow job. Jessica felt sensational! She just loved the idea of sucking a cock – it was so naughty, but she just thought it would be so disgusting if it were with a real male. Caitlyn thrust her waist deep into Jessica’s face as Jessica took the cock deep in her throat. After sucking on Caitlyn’s strap-on cock, Jessica got on all fours on the bed and Caitlyn stood behind her, ready to give Jessica the most pleasurable sex she’d ever had. Caitlyn spat on her hand and rubbed the cock dangling before her. She rubbed sindrive porno it over Jessica’s pussy and ass before penetrating it into her pussy. She held it and squeezed it into Jessica’s moistened pussy. It fit through easy but Jessica still let out a tiny yelp.

“Ooh!” She moaned, as the rubbery cock went inside her

Caitlyn held Jessica’s waist and fucked her faster. She thrust her waist forward and backwards, forward and backwards, forward and backwards. Jessica’s moans got louder and stronger as the cock was thrust even deeper into her. Cum started to show on the cock, which proved that Jessica was enjoying being fucked by her sister.

“Oh, oh, oh…ooh…ohh…fuck me harder Caitlyn! Fuck…me…ooh…mmm.” Jessica moaned and whimpered

Caitlyn felt her own pussy moisten and widen as she became violently sexually aroused as she continued to fuck Jessica. She just couldn’t hold her excitement and horniness – she had to get rough. Caitlyn went so fast and deep that her own pussy hit Jessica’s butt cheeks.

“ARGH!! Fuck, fuck, fuck! God, I love fucking you little slut – you whore, you hag, you bitch! Let me fuck you! FUCK YOU BITCH!” Caitlyn screamed, as her own wet pussy dripped onto the bed

“Uhh! Ohh! Ooh! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! HARDER, you slut! Fuck me harder!” Jessica shouted

The strap-on began to vibrate.

“Quick, turn over Jessica! I’m about to cum!” Caitlyn shouted

Jessica immediately flipped over with her legs wide open. Caitlyn shook the strap-on as it squirted cum all over Jessica. Caitlyn aimed it at Jessica’s pussy as the cum splat all over it. The cum went in all directions: on Jessica’s face, on her hair, on her boobs, her stomach, her thighs. It was heaven!

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