Sharing My Son with My Girlfriend Ch. 02

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A year or so after our fling began; I am still sharing my Simone with my son. I am also sharing my son with Simone. At least once a week, I share both of them with myself. I’d expected all of this to “peter out” – the pun not intended – but it’s gotten wilder and kinkier and I’m even happier. Daniel has become an incredible young stud with a bevy of beauties, so he’s not pressuring Simone for a commitment. Simone has been tutoring me in the Ways of the Slut, she’s like a naughty Jedi Master. I will admit, I like the way she uses her “light saber”, dig?

I don’t have one, nary a one, feeling of guilt about fucking my son. I might have if I were still married to his father, but since I last recounted our tale, my ex has just torpedoed marriage # 2. He cheated on his much-younger mistress-turned-wife with a girl young enough to be her kid sister. How do I know this? Because Daniel confessed that wifey # 2 commiserated with him and got drunk enough to seduce him. “Dad has got to be out of his fucking mind, mom,” Daniel laughed as Simone was getting him ready for both of us. “She’s not in the league you two have, but she’s a hot piece that knows her way around a bedroom.” Simone and I looked at each other, my redheaded slut baby and I. We knew what we had to do to fix this. Want to hazard a guess?

I’m sure that the more evil-minded, pervy of you got the idea. I called Elyse Connelly and we offered to let the adorable young lady come over and talk it all out. Being the ex, I agreed with her as she poured out her heart about what a louse her husband was and how much of a stud his son was. I knew both were true, but I didn’t overplay my hand. My ex-husband is what our Hebrew friends might call “a putz”. My son is a fucking machine who is getting so much better and really getting finesse. Elyse accidentally let it slip that she had “seduced” my son (she thinks). I only offered the opinion that Daniel is an adult. As long as they kept it discrete, I had no problem with them fucking. I offered, just casually, that were I am man, I’d find Elyse’s slim, all-natural figure, amazing eyes (they really are) and leggy body an irresistible lure and I’d sleep with her. My dear Simone said she didn’t even care about the girl-girl thing, if Elyse was ever interested, she’d gladly made herself available. A more-inebriated Elyse offered that were she to get a bit drunker, she might just allow that to happen. I poured another glass of wine and told them not to stop on my account. We were really laying it on thick.

Elyse is the type of girl that looks sweet, innocent and demure. I’m sure that’s why my husband fell for her in the first place. Their affair started when Elyse was just 19, gullible and easily manipulated. Now, in her mid-20’s and facing a divorce, this was a new Elyse. She was still sweet to look at, but now possessed of a newfound confidence and a bit of guile. Simone and I found the combination to be like catnip to a cat. Not only was Daniel going to bed Elyse, so were the two of us.

We fed her some lovely wine, pouring it slowly and calculating how much it would take to make her tipsy, not falling-down drunk. We wanted her inebriated and free of her inhibitions, yet capable of participating when things heated up. And they would be heating up.

Simone quite naturally moved the conversation from cheating spouses and what louses a lot of men were to other topics. I followed her lead, knowing just how masterful she could be and how well she could spin things. “So many men think with the brain down below,” she pretended to fume. “We women are more sensible, well, most of the time. That is why I often pick women to be my bed partners. Tell me Elyse, have you ever been with another girl?”

To our great surprise, Elyse nodded and said “Yes”. She was still sober enough that this was not coming across as some drunken confession. “Yes, yes, a few times before I got married,” she spoke to us candidly.

Simone and I were almost knocked off our feet by that. It just goes to show you, you never really know someone. You most certainly cannot judge a book by its cover and I would not have thought lovely Elyse had any kind of kink in her makeup.

“I’d probably türkçe alt yazı porno do it again, given the proper motivation and the right girl,” Elyse confessed to us both as she poured yet another drink. “I don’t think there is anything wrong in being attracted to a member of your own sex. Women are beautiful, we look good, we smell good and best of all, we can have more than one orgasm,” she giggled as she downed her drink perhaps a bit faster than was good for her.

“What about us?” Simone asked as she sidled up to our younger companion. “Is either one of us the right girl? Or better yet, both of us?” My eyes rolled back in my head. My younger companions sometimes lack the finesse I’ve learned over the years, although that is not altogether a bad thing. I certainly would not have objected should Simone manage to lure the lovely, wavy-haired blonde into bed with the pair of us.

“Sure, maybe, I dunno,” Elyse tittered. “Are you offering or just testing the waters?”

“Offering,” Simone responded quickly, not wanting to give our “friend” any breathing room. “Both Karen and myself are bi-sexual and have extensive experience with women. We find you very young, fresh, sexy and appealing. Getting your hot little bod into bed with us tonight would be quite the coup.”

“It wouldn’t bother you that I’m still married to your ex?” Elyse asked me curiously.

“On the contrary, that would make it all the more fun,” I countered. “I know what a cheating, lying, manipulative creep he is. A little payback for both of us would be great.” I wasn’t being completely honest with Elyse at this point. I tried not to show it, but I hungered for the slender, petite blonde and the prospect of a new lesbian conquest filled m me with delight. I kept flashing on images of a blonde, a brunette and a redhead tangled up in bed and it made me wet. I knew that I had only one option and that was to test the waters. I leaned over, kissed Elyse and waited for her reaction. She did not pull away. Encouraged by that, Simone acted next. She poured us all some more wine and joined us, offering her own lips for Elyse to sample – which she did, quite ardently.

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we?” Elyse breathed, now flanked by two horny women. “We’re going to make love, right this very minute.”

“No baby, not at all,” Simone licked her lips in anticipation. “We’re going to be really nasty girls – we’re going to fuck!”

Once again, I thrilled to Simone’s inventiveness and how lewd a girl she could be. I saw a look pass over Elyse’s face and I knew that she was innocent in appearance only. There was truly a naughty little slut under that façade and Simone and I were going to bring her out. My hands flew swiftly over my clothing and I bared my body to our new young friend. To her credit, she did not shy away from looking at me. Instead, she gave my body several appreciative gazes. “My husband is out of his mind,” Elyse breathed. “You’re gorgeous, why would he ever leave someone with as much sex appeal as you possess?”

“Because he’s a turd,” I answered with humor and candor. “He couldn’t keep up with me in the bedroom. I can be a very demanding bitch, can’t I Simone?”

“Oh yeah,” Simone purred as she posed for our guest, putting her own body on full display. “We’re both hot in the bedroom, this is no kiddie ride you’re going on.”

“I may be young,” Elyse said with a gentle laugh “But I do think I’m capable of holding my own, ladies.”

“So far, it’s all been talk and very little action,” Simone prodded our guest, encouraging her to be bold and daring. “I think we should make you prove it, don’t you, Karen?”

“You bet, sexy baby,” I kissed my saucy young lover. “Once we know that you’re fully committed, we can all have a wonderful time.”

“That’s cool, that’s so cool,” Elyse said as she now displayed her own body. She sure looked great in high heels and I wanted to have her legs wrapped around my back as I ate her out. Still, all good things come to those who wait. I sensed that she was on the tipping point and all the two of us would have to do was nudge her in the right direction. Even if she didn’t fully türkçe ifşa porno succumb this night, it would not be long in the offing.

“What do you hot bitches want me to do for you?” Elyse offered, trying to act all bold and daring. It really was so adorable. “I’m willing to do anything!”

Simone’s eyebrow raised and she cocked her head to one side and looked at me. “Don’t say that if you don’t mean it,” she responded. “We’re both very wild ladies. There are a lot of things we’ve done in the last little while that might be a bit – extreme – for you.”

The wine had obviously emboldened our younger charge. “Try me,” she countered. “I think that it’s high time little Elyse took a walk on the wild side.”

I took her small, dainty hand and brought it to my face. “Okay then sugar, let’s see what you’re capable of.” I didn’t play it PC as I stretched out on my back. “Get over here and eat my cunt, really give it to me good while I show Simone just how much I’ve missed her needy twat.” I figured if the dirty talk didn’t put her off, she might just prove to have erotic potential.

It didn’t and she did. She went down on my cunt like a beggar starving for a meal. Even gorgeous Simone hadn’t given me such great oral our first time out. I wondered if Elyse might have been fibbing just a tiny bit about how much experience she had because she didn’t skip a beat. Of course, she could also have been hiding lesbian leanings for quite some time. Either way, I was cumming in gushers and I was reciprocating all of that attention to Simone. There were 3 very needy, very horny women in that bedroom who were doing just fine without a man present.

However, that is not to say that one would not have been welcome. All three of us were sexy, horny sluts and in those moments, we all would have been comfortable with the concept of an orgy. I had forgotten that Daniel was coming to dinner. I wasn’t so out of things that I didn’t hear the front door open and it all came back to me. With a smile, my mind quickly processed the new options. I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I maneuvered my way so it left Sophie without a partner for brief seconds. When I saw Daniel out of the corner of my eye, I winked and motioned for him to enter. I was madly involved with Elyse when a naked Daniel entered the room and slid his big, wonderful cock into our shared girlfriend.

Simone’s delighted squeal at feeling Daniel’s cock inside her pussy alerted Elyse to her stepson’s presence. Her eyes widened at the sight of her lover fucking Simone’s beautiful fiery patch. Then she glanced at me and I’m sure she wondered why I wasn’t freaking out at my son joining our torrid threesome and turning it into a frenzied foursome. I simply smiled sweetly and let her pick up on my unspoken implication. I wanted her to understand that I was totally comfortable with my son being a sexual partner. If Elyse was going to fuck with my lovers, she was going to fuck with all of them and play by my rules. As she didn’t slow down or run away screaming, I supposed that the kinkiness of all of this appealed to her lewd, trampy side.

As for myself, you would think that after all of this time, having seen Daniel fuck Simone on several occasions, I would have grown jaded and be immune to the sight of my – our – girlfriend – fucking my son. You would think that, but you would be 100% wrong. Every time I witness my son’s cock going in and out of her fiery young body, I get hotter and hotter. In fact, it’s because he is my son and that I had her first that I get aroused. Daniel has gotten even better, smoother in his movements. I love the way Simone looks while being fucked, the sleek line of her back, her gorgeous round ass, the way her long red hair flails about. I didn’t ignore Elyse and her needs, but I kept a watchful, voyeuristic eye on the other couple sharing the bed with us and I would give my own pussy a needy rub every so often. I felt a naughty sense of pride that it had been I who had imparted so much of the sexual wisdom my son now possessed. Simone and I had tutored him well and I knew that there were few women who would not benefit should we deign to allow vivid porno him to fuck them. We both had our claws deep into my son’s sexual psyche and he wouldn’t have dared fuck anyone we both didn’t approve of. In fact, in the months that had passed since we first shared him between us, Elyse had been his only slip. As that had indirectly brought her to our shared bed, I wasn’t about to give him any grief over that. Mommy would reward him later, perhaps in a way he had long hinted at but never achieved.

“Oh God babies, he gets better every time, fuck me, fuck the pussy,” Simone groaned aloud. It never got old, watching my lover enjoy my other lover, watching her demeanor change as she gave in to the cock we both adored. Any traces of the aloof Simone vanished once Daniel fucked her. I wondered how long this incestuous threesome would continue. Would she tire of Daniel – of me? I sincerely doubted it, our threesomes had only grown in frequency. Both of us would have openly admitted to being sluts for Daniel’s cock, although we made sure to hold the upper hand. Daniel had to continue doing well in his studies and at his part-time job, plus we made sure he was the “man” of the house. When running a household, Simone and I take care of most of the chores. We revel in our femininity. Daniel is in charge of maintenance, fixing things, killing spiders (yes, really – they give us both the willies) and yard work. He doesn’t mind that, because in the nice weather, his sexy slut gals our out catching some rays in the skimpiest swimwear we own. I was pretty sure that Elyse would be willing to join us for some sun worship were we to invite her.

“Eat me, eat my fucking cunt!” A large wail sounded aloud. You would have thought it was Simone, but you’d have been wrong. She was already being well fucked and the plaintive sounds emerged from Elyse. Her hair was now all the way down and she was thoroughly engaged in our love play. I was smart enough to oblige my new playmate and discovered she was as sexy to be with as my redhead. I no longer felt any animosity over her actions with my ex-husband or my son. In fact, I don’t think I ever did. Things had worked out the way that they were meant to. My ex being such a schmuck had led to Elyse seducing Daniel and later, to our bed. He was now a two-time loser and his offspring was a more-than competent replacement stud. Daniel now had a mini-harem of beauties willing to service his needs, a harem he kept well fed with cock. In fact, I thought it high time he showed us just how hot he and Elyse looked in flagrante delecto. I ceded my place with her to my son while I gathered Simone in my arms to enjoy a new grouping.

“Fuck her baby, fuck her for mommy!” I instructed my handsome lover before Simone pushed me on my back and buried her face between my thighs.

“Yes, do it Danny, fuck me, fuck your slut of a stepmom, do me again!” Elyse breathed, giving up any and all pretentions that the two of them were strangers. My smile was one of tacit approval and in fact, I wanted to kick it up a notch. While her legs were locked around my son’s back, I lowered my cunt to her waiting face. My naughty little blonde went after it greedily and I saw Simone position herself so that she could be in on this. We were now a full-fledged threesome and I loved seeing Elyse’s tiny, snug pussy engulf Daniel’s manhood. She somehow managed to throw herself against him while keeping my pussy greatly satisfied. I was thrilled that I had been sensible enough not to underestimate her because of her sweet appearance. That belied another little wanton who was proving to be a great addition to our kinky little family.

Again, I wondered if I should somehow try to make our “family” more official. Simone and Daniel were “dating”, it helped explain why she was over here all of the time. It wouldn’t appear too odd if my son invited “his” girlfriend to move in with us. It would save all of us some money, funds that Simone and I could both use to buy lingerie, heels and toys to heighten our sexual experiences. I doubted Daniel would object to having two kinky sluts under his roof, but why stop there? Why not extend a “sympathetic” olive branch to poor, betrayed Elyse? I would prove to be the “bigger” person by comforting a poor, betrayed young bride. No one under this roof would have to go without smoking-hot sex any time he or she needed it.

As my latest girlfriend continued scarfing my pussy, I decided I would give it serious consideration – later.

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