She Helps with Their Fantasies

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Dani listened to the sleep sounds of her husband next to her in the double bed. He slept to the right of her, facing away, towards the open window. She reflected, men always sleep more deeply if they’ve had sex – the reason for his contented slumber tonight. Dani, however, was wide awake. For the past two months, she had been performing on him manual stimulation to satisfy his urges, to satisfy his sex drive. The idea – her son-in-law’s idea – had seemed crazy at the time and impossible.

She thought about her son-in-law, Wes. He was age 29. At 6 foot tall, there was no denying that Wes looked fit with muscles in the right places. Crease lines on the outside edge of his espresso coloured eyes and dark hair down to his shoulders made him look wild. He had this way of enlarging his eyes when talking to Dani, a sure sign that he fancied her. In fact, previously she had let her guard down and sex with Wes had taken place. And recently, two months ago, with Dani’s husband in the next room, Wes had hugged her, a long hug, during which he whispered, “Promise me something?” Dani had nodded while trying to ignore the hidden strength of his arms around her waist. He said, “We want you to change the way you have sex with your hubby.”

On one level, Dani had thought the request was outrageous from a son-in-law. But he had used the word “we” which meant that Dani’s lovely daughter, married to Wes, was involved. Dani had hesitated while thinking about his words – “we want you to change the way you have sex with your hubby.” After a few seconds and to hear more, Dani had nodded into Wes’s shoulder.

He had continued, “From now on, when you have sex with your hubby, he’s not to have any penetration with you. Our request means he mustn’t enter you, in any way. It means you can satisfy him by masturbation only.”

Her heart had missed a beat. “Why?” she whispered.

“Because you’re going to save yourself for us. Amy and I have decided. I want you pure, Danielle. Nobody else is to have you. Do you understand, Danielle?”

She had said, “Does my daughter know of this?”

“Amy wants this as well. She wants me to breed you. But … it’s got to be my baby inside you … which is why your husband mustn’t penetrate you.”

Dani had felt her legs go weak. Wes held her tight to stop her falling.

From that day two months ago, Dani had serviced Amy’s dad by masturbation only. Of course, hubby had asked why this change in their sex habits and he’d been satisfied with her response, “Because I have this fantasy,” Dani explained, “which is … I want to control you and watch you come all over my hand.” Her husband raised the issued a few times since but each time Dani’s expertise with her hand had him near the edge which meant that all serious thought evaporated from his head as he ejaculated.

As she lay on her back next to her sleeping husband, Dani brought her thoughts back to the present. Although she liked Wes very much, Dani was married – happily – apart from the sex with her husband which had always been mundane. In addition, Wes and Amy said their marriage was strong because of the help Dani had given them in the past. On three occasions, Dani had counselled the young couple on how to manage their sex fantasies but she had never dwelled on what happened between the three of them. Those experiences were in the past and never to be repeated.

But Dani realised that to obey Wes and have no sex penetration from Amy’s dad seemed ridiculous. Yet, Dani had carried out the wishes of her daughter and son-in-law while still not believing the reasons Wes had given. His words of keeping herself pure for him could not have been meant, nor the statement that Dani was to be kept for breeding. At age 45 it was still possible for Dani to have a second child, but not from Wes, she decided.

Thoughts came to a halt when she heard a car quietly park in their driveway. Although it was midnight, Amy had arranged with her mother, Dani, that they would stay the night after their friend’s dinner party a few miles away. She pictured Amy in the dress she wore, a simple, tight-fitting, little black dress which Dani had seen before the party. At 5’4″ with long black hair, Amy looked stunning. Her oriental looks had been inherited from Dani whose father was from Thailand. Both mother and daughter looked younger than their ages, Amy was 25 and possessed the same dark features as her mother, dark eyes with long eyelashes and petite build. Dani’s English mother, though, had given her teardrop breasts with nipples that stood out when aroused. And Amy had the same.

Dani closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep but after 10 minutes she heard a creak from the door opening nearest to her side of the bed which let in a shaft of light. Amy crept in. “Hello, Mum,” she whispered as she closed the door and knelt on the floor next to Dani. They talked about the party in low tones so as not to wake Amy’s dad. Then Amy said, “He wants to come up and see you.”


“Wes. anime porno He’s been holding it in for weeks.” Amy must have seen in the dark the look of confusion on her mother’s face. “Wes likes to talk about you, especially when we make love.”

“But he can’t come up and see me, Amy. And I’m not going to go downstairs. I was asleep,” Dani lied.

“Why can’t Wes come up here? He’s not going to wake dad.”

Dani curled on her side to get her face nearer to her daughter. “What does Wes want to talk about?”

Amy smiled. “Anything and everything. He wants to kiss you.”

Images came into Dani’s mind of Wes and his wide mouth and the eyes which would widen when he looked at her. “Don’t you mind if Wes kisses me?”

“You’ve done so much for us, Mum. For our marriage. We’re much stronger now as a couple.” As Amy whispered this, Amy’s dad stirred on the other side and Dani turned slightly to look and listen to his regular breathing. She turned back to Amy and felt her daughter’s hand on her cheek and, before Dani could react, Amy kissed her. At first, it was a touch of the lips, a movement of lips across hers. stroking, casual, loving, gentle. Amy moved her hand slowly across Dani’s ear and round the back of her head. Dani couldn’t think why but she opened her mouth to Amy. Only the tips of their tongues touched and they felt each other. The hand behind Dani’s head seemed to apply some pressure and Amy opened her mouth wider.

Dani had pushed back thoughts of the last time she had kissed her daughter – it was something she shouldn’t have done so passionately and her brain was telling her not to do it now. Amy had confessed that she was bisexual but wanted only one woman in that way – Dani. They continued to kiss and Dani felt her nipples become hard under the duvet. She wondered if this was a sign that she also liked the same sex, female to female, as well as sex with a man.

Dani paused their kiss and spoke, “I don’t mind kissing you, Amy, but not Wes … he’s your husband.”

“When Wes and I make love I often think of you. I think of kissing you. I think of you and me exploring each other. Is that wrong?”

“If it’s helping your marriage, I guess it’s ok. Does it make you a more loving person with Wes?”

“Yes, because we confess our fantasies and try and act them out. Wes knows I dream of being brought to orgasm by you, Mum. That’s why I want to touch you now.” Amy closed the 6-inch gap between their mouths and kissed her mother again. Dani automatically opened her mouth and let Amy fence and caress with her tongue. Amy’s hand moved down Dani’s neck to under the duvet, along her shoulder and over Dani’s breasts. Amy murmured into Dani’s mouth, “Your nipples stick out like mine.”

There was no denying that Dani liked Amy caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. When Amy slowly pulled the duvet down, Dani saw that her daughter had pushed up Dani’s T-shirt to above her boobs. Dani murmured, “Why don’t you do this with other girls? Why me?”

“So many reasons, Mum. I trust you, love you. Nobody else will know. Wes approves.” As Amy said this, she was running her fingers around Dani’s nipple without actually touching it. It was sending Dani crazy. She stretched her body and watched Amy bend over to kiss her breast. “Is that nice, Mum?”

Dani gave a slight moan and said, “You must stop. We need to talk.” Dani breathed in as Amy licked her nipple. “We mustn’t do this, Amy.” In the dark, Dani used her hand to pull aside Amy’s long black hair so that she could watch her daughter lightly grip the nipple with her teeth and pull. Dani’s body juddered and she let Amy roll her on her back to make available Dani’s other breast. All thoughts of stopping Amy evaporated from Dani’s head as Dani threw her head back against the pillow.

A shaft of light came from the door and closed again to leave the room in darkness. Dani opened her eyes and knew it was Wes. He looked down at Dani, took her hand, squeezed it affectionately and knelt beside Amy. His other hand stroked Dani’s brow, his face came close to Dani. “Is my wife giving you pleasure?”

Dani angled her head towards her son-in-law. “Yes.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds in response to Amy’s attention to her body and waves of feelings travelled around her body. Wes kissed Dani, at first on her cheek before his lips touched hers. She felt trapped. To try and not respond was impossible so Dani let him into her mouth and allowed his tongue to stroke hers. After 10 seconds, she managed to push his face away and gasped, “Wes … you mustn’t … it’s not right to kiss me like that.” Amy hadn’t stopped sucking Dani’s nipples and it was difficult for Dani to focus on her own words. “I want to help you, Wes, with your fantasies and talk about them if that helps with your marriage, but …” She became aware that Amy’s hand had travelled to her groin and was circling around the outside of her hips.

“Amy also has fantasies,” asyalı porno whispered Wes. “She and I have talked about them. And my wife is acting out her fantasy now. With you.” His voice became husky. “Isn’t that lovely?”

“Yes.” Dani felt Amy’s mouth move off her swollen nipples and her daughter’s lips were kissing down across her stomach to her bellybutton. At the same time, Wes took Dani’s hand and kissed it. “Yes,” Dani repeated. “I let her kiss me … if that helps with your relationship.” She gripped Wes’s hand tightly. “She’s my daughter. I want to help.”

“I understand,” he said softly. “We must be quiet … don’t want to wake your hubby.” He cradled her head by slipping his arm under her neck. “What’s Amy doing to you?”

Her daughter’s head was under the duvet and Dani had made it easier for her by hitching one leg up and spreading the other. “She’s circling my clit with her finger. And she has another finger pushing my pussy lips apart. I feel guilty, I mustn’t talk sex with my son-in-law.”

Wes said, “You must say how you feel and what your body wants.”

Dani’s breathing became more laboured. “Amy is fucking me with her fingers. I want it bad.” She paused. “I’m close to coming, Wes.”

His voice was seductive. “You have to be quiet now, Danielle.” Wes used her full name, Danielle, and he was the only person in the family who did that. It seemed to express a dominance from Wes as if he were speaking to a small girl – it sent a shiver down Dani’s spine. She liked being dominated by Wes so long as it didn’t go any further. But he said, “Take my cock, it will prevent you making too much noise.”

She desperately looked to her other side at her hubby, his slumber continued, the rhythm of his breathing steady. The repercussions of waking him scared her. She glanced at Wes who now stood. Wes pushed down his trousers and underpants together while keeping on his shirt. Even in the dark she saw his cock, stiff and protruding from the bottom of his shirt. She shook her head and murmured, “No. That’s for your wife.” Further words were difficult as her daughter glued her mouth to Dani’s clit and inserted fingers into her pussy.

Dani gripped the duvet. Wes brought his hand behind her head to angle her face towards him. Dani didn’t have the strength to resist because her groin, her hips and her stomach were doing cartwheels, convulsions, as her daughter brought her to the edge of orgasm. As she opened her mouth in ecstasy, Wes slipped his cock into her mouth and Dani let it slide to the back of her tongue.

Luckily, Amy held down her mother’s hips and legs to prevent Dani thrashing around and waking dad. The orgasm shot up her body and Dani moaned into Wes’s cock. His hand held her head steady and kept his cock locked in position to block out all noise. But her torso shook as Dani’s climax took hold and made the bed shake.

Dani’s husband made a noise, a snort and mumbled, “You alright?” He turned halfway on his back with his eyes closed. Wes withdrew his cock and knelt out of sight with Amy. After half a minute, Dani’s husband resumed his slow breathing.

Dani lay on her side with her head almost touching her daughter and son-in-law, close enough for all of them to have a whispered conversation. Amy said, “You taste delicious, Mum. I feel so sexy for going down on you.”

Dani felt embarrassed. “I don’t think your dad would understand but I suppose it’s ok if you’re certain it makes your relationship with Wes stronger.”

“Of course, Mum. Wes and I have learned so much about sharing, yes, sharing our thoughts and desires. I’m so grateful. And judging by Wes’s bare bottom it seems he might have given you something?”

“No way!” said Dani. “It’s not right for me to have any sex with Wes.”

Wes intervened and looked at Amy. “Dani took my cock to stop her screaming during her climax.”

Amy laughed silently and spoke to Dani. “See. You can do it. Wes loves you.”

“But surely, Amy, he loves you first,” said Dani, turning her head to him for reassurance. She could see his lovely smile with his teeth showing in the darkness. Her eyes had become used to the dark and she saw him widen his eyes at her. Wes suddenly kissed her. She tried to pull back but her head was held in position by his hand. To struggle may have woken hubby. Initially, Dani wouldn’t let him into her mouth but the way Wes kissed was soft and then strong before becoming soft again. As she opened and fenced with tongues she thought it might be ok, just this once.

After kissing for a minute, she felt breathless and they parted. Amy whispered, “Show me, Wes, what you did to my mum when I was under the duvet.”

It took Dani by surprise, the way Wes stood up in one easy movement and started to unbutton his shirt. His cock, though, was in front of her face, hanging down, soft with a large round gland at the tip, and behind it, his heavy balls. Amy, who was still kneeling, held her mother’s wrist backroom casting porno and brought Dani’s hand up to touch him, to feel the growing cock. Dani became hypnotised at the way his cock moved out from his groin and slowly up, expanding in girth and length. Together, daughter and mother ran their fingers through his balls and the pubic hair and along the cock, while Wes stripped off his shirt, silently and slowly. He stood, waiting.

“Go on,” said Amy.

Dani wondered what Amy meant and froze, knowing she mustn’t touch Wes any more and knowing this was taboo. Amy told her, “Go on. Open.”

Feeling trapped and weak with the vision in front of her and not wanting to disappoint Amy, Dani opened her mouth. For the second time, Wes eased his cock into Dani’s mouth and she expected him to withdraw straight away. Instead, Wes started to fuck her, a slow rhythm to begin with and then faster. His cock filled her mouth and his gland touched the back of her throat to make her gag. Amy whispered to her, “Let your throat relax … straighten your neck … breath through your nose … that’s the way, Mum.”

Dani continued to lie on her side as Wes’s thick cock pushed in and out. Each time he thrust into the back of Dani’s throat, the bed also moved. She couldn’t help the saliva and noise coming from her mouth. Suddenly, she was aware that her hubby had woken and was turning over to face her. Dani froze, Wes quickly knelt next to Amy below the height of the mattress. “What was that?” queried hubby.

Dani rolled over on her front next to hubby, propped herself on one elbow and smoothed hubby’s brow with her spare hand. She said, “Nothing. Just a dream I was having. Go back to sleep.” Hubby hardly opened his eyes but continued a sleepy conversation. He wasn’t ready to go back to sleep yet. While they talked in low tones, Dani felt her hips being raised, a pillow shoved under her groin and her legs were spread wide. There was nothing she could do about it as she tried to act and speak normally with her husband.

Dani’s pussy was already moist from the attention her daughter had given it. It was difficult to talk to her husband as Wes eased his cock into Dani from behind, the first pussy penetration she’d received for 2 months. The walls of her pussy were stretched to accommodate Wes. Strong hands from Wes gripped Dani’s thighs to hold her steady as he began to fuck with long and deep thrusts into the depths of her pussy. Dani couldn’t believe that Wes had the audacity to have sex with his mother-in-law in the same bed as his father-in-law. Although, Dani did admit to herself that the feelings cascading around her body were partly from the erotic position she was in.

While still groggy from sleep, hubby must have assumed that something was going on and wanted to know if Dani was dreaming about having sex. “Yes,” gasped Dani as she threw caution away. “A dream … it’s Wes and he’s making love to me.” As if Wes had heard, he pushed his cock deeper and held it in there, devoid of movement from him and only Dani moved, her body in spasm, shaking from the size of him. She said to hubby, “Shut your eyes tight and think about sex. Put your eyeshades on.” Hubby stretched his hand to the side table and Dani watched in the dark as he put on his large pads with the elastic around the back of his head. He asked if this was a dream fantasy of hers. “Yes,” Dani replied with difficulty. The large cock inside Dani made it difficult to talk normally. “Wes wants to … fuck me … breed me.”

At that moment, Amy’s shadow appeared on her dad’s side of the bed. Dani couldn’t believe what she saw in the dim light – her daughter, naked, climbed up on the bed and straddled Dani’s husband – Amy’s dad. In seconds, Amy had stretched her bent knees either side of his shoulders, adjusted her position, made sure the eyeshades were on properly and placed her pussy an inch above his mouth. Hubby never uttered a word as his hands slowly came up the sides of Amy’s thighs and stroked them. He must be fully awake now, thought Dani, and he must be assuming it was Dani, his wife, who was about to sink her groin down to his lips. Dani watched Amy as she pushed her fingers through hubby’s hair and started to rock her pussy back and forth, lightly touching his chin, his mouth, his nose. He gasped before Amy fully lowered herself.

Meanwhile, Wes had stopped fucking Dani from behind and held his erect wood inside her for a minute as he too looked on at his wife, Amy, who was plainly masturbating herself on her father’s mouth. Soon, hubby started to lick and suck Amy as best he could. Wes pulled his cock back and caused a squelching sound from the love fluids binding Dani and Wes together. Wes resumed with a sudden penetration which made Dani pant, a gasp of need from her, a desire built up from not being fucked for so long. Dani could feel herself coming rapidly, her body shook and Wes gripped her bottom hard to try and stop her moving. After holding her silence as long as she could, Dani’s moans were becoming louder. She wanted to say “No” to Wes, his fucking was wrong, it wasn’t right to be taken by her son-in-law. The energy to say that and somehow extract herself from his grip was too much, needed too much strength which she didn’t have.

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