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she made me wife Sue and i have been going through a rough patch and it looked like we could be splitting up, she was going out a lot with her friends and i was always working so we were like passing ships. it came to a point where i put my foot down and said we have to sort something out here or it looks like we could end this, Sue said its not what she wanted but she only went out because i worked a lot but if i didn’t work we wouldn’t have the good things we have. i said i would try and swap shifts now and again and she said she would stay in if i was off. Sue continued going out with her friends and i was now getting pissed off cos every time i asked her to stay in with me she said it was her friends birthday or a leaving do or an engagement, so i decided to follow her one night to see exactly where she went because this was not right.Sue left all dressed up and i told her i was going to my mates round the corner to watch the game, she said OK and she wouldn’t be to late about midnight, OK Sue. Sue got a taxi to her friends Sharron’s so i went back and jumped in my car and followed the taxi she wasn’t on route to Sharron’s where was she going? i followed it out of the town on to an industrial estate and waited just out of site but so i could just see, she entered a large warehouse, i was thinking what the fxxk. i waited till the taxi had gone and i pulled up near it and walked over to see if i could inside it, i walked round it and seen a window i could look through, i climbed on an empty box what was near by and i could see a lot of women and a lot of men standing about waiting, i continued to watch to see if i could spot Sue then i seen her holding another mans hand and he was leading her away into another room. my heart sank i didn’t know what to do, do i storm the warehouse shouting my mouth off wait till she comes out and smash him all over? confront her and tell her its over? i decided to go home and wait.finally Sue strolled in and i was sat waiting for her with my face looking like thunder, she said what’s up with you did your team get beat, tunceli escort no they didn’t but how did your night go. she said it was great and Sharron was in good form and all the girls had a good laugh. i replied that’s great where did you go she said the Crown, i said i was in the crown watching the football and i never seen you? Sue looked shocked and she tried to right herself, she then said no sorry it was the Green tree i got mixed up. i laughed then i flipped. you liar i followed you to a warehouse and i was watching through a window and seen a man walk you into another room, Sue stood in shock she didn’t say a word i was going mental, i told her to leave but she burst into tears and said it was my fault because i worked all the time and she needed attention. attention i said it looks like you have been getting plenty.i calmed down and asked what that place was she said it was a swingers club and ladies got in free, a friend told her about it and we both went one night, i just went at 1st to see what went on because you don’t have to do anything you can just watch. she said to me that i would enjoy it if i ever went to it. i told her to sleep in the spare room and we would talk later about this i needed time to think. a few days had gone by and i was working hard as usual but i put some holidays in so we could sort this out. the weekend came round and i got Sue to sit down and talk i asked why and again and how many times and was she using protection, she said a lot and always safe and the reason only was i was lonely. i asked did she enjoy it?. at 1st no cos of the guilt but i must admit i do now cos i get fucked by the black men in there and they are hung. my jaw dropped it must have hit the floor, Sue said please come with me we can go together and you can watch and join in with other women and i can watch honestly you will love it its so friendly. i sat in deep thought and i said yes. OK lets do it. Sue smiled and said when. when is the next night its on, tomorrow she said. lets do it. the day flew and all i could think of uşak escort was seeing her with a black man. Sue went out shopping so i googled black cock porn and when i seen it on the videos i was in shock, no wonder she loves it cos they are huge. i really couldn’t wait to see her take it. on to the night.Sue got dressed up as usual and she didn’t wear any knickers i said do you always do that she said yes always even if i go out with the girls, if you give men a flash they love it but its just a tease because i have never cheated on you with a one night stand its always in a controlled situation. OK. we got the taxi over and i was nervous she held my hand and said it will be fine. we entered the building and they all said Hi Sue..who’s this. its my husband Karl. they looked me up and down and one lady came over said can she play with us, Sue said wait till later he’s come to see me. Sue walked over to a group of black men and said this is Karl my husband and he has come to watch. Hi mate its good of you to come cos she always goes on about you saying she wished you were here. Sue grabbed a blokes hand and said come on lets go, then another bloke said what about me, you can come if you want is that OK Karl Sue asked, Yes its Ok. we entered a dim lit room and Sue started to strip down and the lads took their clothes off, Sue walked over to the large bed and sat on the end she looked at me and said sit here with me and watch. the 2 lads walked over with 2 swinging dicks hitting the thighs and i could not stop looking at them, Sue held one in her hand and started to wank it, the other lad stood on the bed and placed his bell end in her mouth, i sat back and watched their huge cocks grow, no wonder she likes coming here. i have a 6 inch cock but when full the 2 lads must have been 10 inches easy and fat. Sue laid down and opened her legs waiting for one of them to enter, they looked at me i just nodded. the 1st one held his cock and flicked it up and down her crack wetting his end and slapping her clit with it, Sue was dripping. he slowly entered van escort her pink lips i was looking down on her and watching it slide in with ease. the 2nd one was sat over her chest and he was tit fucking her huge 44dd’s his cock was that big it was hitting her chin. my cock was the hardest it had ever been and it was dripping so much pre come it felt like i had pissed myself. Sue said pull it out Karl and cum over me. i pulled it out and the lad sat on her chest said cum over her tits and i can use it as lube. i had 5/6 strokes of it and it was gone, the most i had ever cum, the lad said Jesus mate that’s been stored up. he used his cock to gather it up and he tit fucked her like mad. the lad between her thighs was pumping away like mad and he was about to cum he asked his mate to move so he could put it in her mouth, i looked at Sue and she said she loved to swallow now, WOW. that’s new. the 2nd lad entered Sue whilst the 1st one came round and Sue sucked him off till he was totally soft and he said thanks and shook my hand. whilst deep inside her he flipped her into the scissor position and he was ball deep in her, Sue was panting away and he was nearly there he said and where did she want it, Sue looked at me and said where do you want to see it go, i said pull the condom off and cum inside her i want to see it drip from her pussy, i seen it this afternoon on Xhamster and it looked good, are you sure Sue said, do it. he pulled it off and went ball deep in her and i could see his ball twitching and his face change he had filled her. he pulled off and his cock was dripping cum his and hers, Sue opened her legs wide and pushed it out it was running down her pussy and into the crack of her arse, i was hard again watching all this i jumped on her and i pushed the cum back up and i fucked her full of black mans cum, it felt so good, i looked at Sue and said why didn’t you invite me before this we could have done this together for years and not gone through the shite we have gone through, you should never keep secrets from me. we agreed to never keep anything from each other and now we go once a week as a couple the the warehouse and i let her go once a week alone to have her own fun, she has promised me a girl on girl soon and i can join in on both, i might get her to get a few bbc to join in as well.. its good to watch..

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