Sherri’s Tijuana Trip

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Sherri’s Tijuana TripI had known my wife Sherri was a bit of a sex fiend since before l married her. Her confession to me about her past and the things she had done did not push me away, rather it attracted me to her even more. She had a need to degrade and humiliate herself in various ways that usually involved groups of men in different scenarios. But really, she was down for pretty much anything, and it became my job to help her find outlets for her needs. Let me also preface this story by saying that Sherri was not into b********y at all, but rather she was a very sexual and uninhibited woman. Her need to be degraded and humiliated sexually from time to time was usually, of course, taken care of by groups of men. And this whole situation I’m about to describe was entirely my idea, because, let’s face it, I’m kinda twisted also. So, remembering her time with earl the horse, I found a challenge for her that l thought might be too much even for her…After flying into San Diego and renting a car and driving to the Mexican border, she finally asked me what the plan was. “Well,” l said, “ l think it will be one of your biggest challenges to date, and l can sum it up in 2 words… Donkey Show!” The look on her face was one of pure shock… and possibly terror? She became very quiet and stared straight out the windshield as we drove to our hotel on the far south side of Tijuana. I had staked out this club l heard about and apparently their specialty was white ladies who would occasionally come down and get fucked by the donkey for the amusement of the crowd. L had talked to the owner of the bar and after seeing pictures of my gorgeous wife, he did all he could to convince me to bring her down. He was even gonna let Sherri dictate her terms as to what she would and wouldn’t do, he was so excited to have such a beautiful women to grace his stage. His jaw almost hit the floor when l gave him MY terms (which would be a lot nastier than most others). Oh yeah, Sherri was gonna put kocaeli escort on a show to remember! She had done several pretty raunchy challenges, but she was clearly nervous as she got dressed for the big night.She was dressed in my favorite clothes for her to strip out of: tight, faded Levi’s, nice button cowgirl shirt, cowboy boots and my favorite emerald green thong and bra that matched her eyes and really popped with her long red hair. She looked very much like an average girl out for a night on the town, which was by design… I think it is more exciting to see a regularly dressed girl strip than one dressed as a hooker. We got to the place and found it packed with local Mexican men, most drunk and rowdy in anticipation of the nights events. The owner, at my direction, had put the word out that a pretty redheaded slut was going to perform tonight. The place was like a medium sized theater with lot’s of tables and an elevated stage front and center, ensuring everyone had great views of the action. The owner ushered us to a back room and brought us some beers and a bottle of tequila which Sherri started taking large pulls from. She had drank her beer and over one-third of the bottle and was in a much better mood when a girl came to tell us it was time. I went out to my table as the lights were dimmed and a spotlight lit up the middle of the curtain on the stage.Some good dance music started to play and Sherri stepped from behind the curtain and began to dance to the roar of the crowd. She danced around the stage, slowly removing her jeans, shirt and boots. She was now in her bra and thong and it was then that 2 girls appeared, walking and leading a donkey to the center of the stage. They held his reins as Sherry danced around him seductively, petting him and rubbing his back as she made her way around the large gray a****l. When she got back to of him, she took her bra off and rubbed her tits up and down his long face. She then walked to the front of the stage, kocaeli escort bayan turned around, and bent over pulling her thong down to her feet giving the crowd a nice shot of her glistening pussy and tight butt hole. She turned around and kicked the thong to the crowd as they fought to catch it. She then danced back and forth across the front of the stage giving everyone nice views of her hot body with cute little butt, firm tits and pretty red bush (which she had shaved into a small “v”). She then walked back to the donkey as one of the girls was bent down and fondling him to get him hard. A hush came over the crowd as she was told to stop and get up…Sherri then got down on her knees beside him and began jacking his limp, but slowly stiffening cock as more and more began to emerge from it’s sheath. When about 6 or 8 inches of his still fairly flaccid dick was out, she bent down even further and began sucking it. A loud gasp cam from the crowd as this was not normally what the women who came here would do. Then they began to cheer as she sucked him to his full length of 13-14 inches l would say. When it was obvious he was fully erect, she stopped and stood up. The girl from before bent down and put a condom on his large penis and Sherri got down on her hands and knees and crawled under him, as the girl helped her get into position, backing her ass up to his huge dick. She then held his cock steady as Sherri backed up against it and his cock began to fill her sweet little pussy. He was almost ¾ of the way in her as she began to rock back and forth, impaling herself on his massive pole. Soon he got into the action and began thrusting with his hips as she stayed still and let him fuck her at his pace. She moaned and groaned as his mating instinct took over and he began pounding her hard and fast, doing a fair bit of grunting himself! Sherri clenched her fists and tightly closed her eyes as she threw her head back and made loud screaming/squealing sounds. This izmit escort went on for maybe 10 minutes or so and the crowd was on it’s feet standing silently as they witnessed the spectacle taking place on stage. And what a sight it was: a beautiful woman getting jack-hammered by a large b**st on a stage! Yep, it was quite a show she was putting on! The donkey then all of a sudden shuddered and shook as he shot load after load of his seed into her.They stayed locked together for a few moments and then Sherri crawled forward, uncoupling herself for him and laid down on her side, exhausted as the crowd went BONKERS! But, l still had one more surprise for them AND Sherri… One of the girls took the condom off and poured it into a large wine glass. Sherri had made it back to her feet by then and was standing at the front of the stage looking only slightly traumatized as the girl approached her, glass full of donkey semen in hand. She said something in her ear as she gave Sherri the glass and her eyes went wide! She looked at the girl who nodded an emphatic YES, as she motioned to the glass. Sherri spent a few moments, clearly steeling herself for what she was told was expected of her. She then brought the glass up to her lips as the crowd again went silent. She tipped the glass up and let the warm donkey cum wash into her mouth and down her throat as she gulped down every drop… and the crowd went WILD!!The curtain closed and l made my way quickly to the backstage as the manager was congratulating Sherri on her awesome performance. He also insisted on taking a few pics of her next to the donkey and of course, holding up the wine glass and Sherri grudgingly agreed. He was going on and on about how her performance was the best they had ever had and invited her to come back any time. Sherri said nothing and went back to the dressing room to get dressed as l talked to the manager. “I’ve never gotten a white lady to even suck on him, let alone drink his sperm” he said. “How did you talk her into it?” “l just told her everyone else does it” I said, “She can’t stand to be out done, especially when it comes to sex.” The manager again told us we were welcome back any time and I was sure hoping we would…

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