Should never have said it 4

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Should never have said it 4Jenny was still leading me by the hand when we entered the kitchen Tim, Jerry and Amanda were standing by the sink facing into the room Tim and Jerry’s cocks though now flaccid hung thick and long between their legs Tim’s knob end looked the size or a egg and a felt a pang of shame as my own cock had deflated substantially from its erect state and hung limply between my legs “finished already” said Amanda and the guys laughed “I don’t know why you bothered” she continued, I said nothing but poured a drink it was then that I noticed the blonde was sitting in the dining room with Susan and one of the guys she had been with earlier, I wandered through to join them “Hi” said Susan “this is Debbie and Jack”, I sat at the table more if truth be told to hide my limp dick than to make conversation “where are the rest of the guys” I asked “resting” said Debbie I think I’ve worn Paul out, she was a pretty girl with nice firm tits and long firm nipples, Susan saw me looking and added “you will get in trouble again” and laughed “I think I’ve done for Alan as well, at least for a hour or so, but I’m thinking of taking advantage of Jack here in the mean time” Jack looked up and smiled “fuck why not” he stood up from the table and his erection sprang into view, Susan grabbed his hand and led him into the lounge, Debbie then said “I think I will go watch, I wish I had brought a few toys, you guys are drinking too much” , “I can help out there said Amanda, Dave go and make yourself useful and get big blue from my room” Big Blue was the large dildo that she had bought at the start of her affair with Jerry, “ goody” said Debbie as I made my way back upstairs, I found Alan and Paul sitting on the bed drinking cans of beer but said nothing, located big blue and her tube of KY gel ,then after swallowing another cialis from my secret stash returned to the lounge, however it was obvious big blue was not going to be required as Debbie was concentrating her efforts into restoring Tim’s cock to full potential, Susan was lying on her back on the floor her legs wrapped around Jack’s back and his ass was rising and falling as her fed her pussy.Carl had now come around and seemed confused at the goings on 2 young women were at the side of him, one getting shafted on the floor and the other manipulating a big cock between her breasts, however it didn’t take him too long to get his bearings and was frantically stripping off when as if on cue Jenny re-entered the room just in time to remove his last items of clothing it was a relief to me to see that his equipment more or less matched mine, not that I got to see it for long before he entered Jenny doggie style.I was about to settle down to enjoy the show when Jerry came in and said that Amanda needed me upstairs, “needed me” I thought that’s a first, so I tossed big blue and the tube of KY gel onto the chair and went up to see what Amanda wanted, as I entered the room there Amanda was on the bed between Paul and Alan who had now more or less recovered from their earlier exertions she had a cock in each hand and was working them back to firmness, in return their hands were on her tits and ass pulling and prodding working her pussy with their thick fingers, “come here babe and lie on the bed, On your back babe, with your head at the foot of the bed” so I lay on the bed on my back with my head at the foot of the bed 1xbet yeni giriş from experience I knew it was pointless to ask why, when I had got comfortable she swung herself around and hooked her legs under my arms and lowered her hot pussy onto my face, I knew what was required so began to lick the length of her slit and gently sucked on her clit, Paul and Alan were on either side of my body with Amanda still working on their dicks, then to my surprise she leant forward and took my half hard cock in her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down my dick, with the help of the cialis I became erect almost at once, she continued to work slowly an my cock with her lips until she let go of Alan’s cock and he got up from the bed and I realised what she was intending to do.As I lay there with her pussy just above my face her hole open and hot and my cock in the back of her throat his cock swung into view she arched her back and lifted her pussy off my mouth just in time to meet the end of his cock, which nuzzled gently into the folds of her pussy where it paused, “lick my clit” she demanded and slipped the end of my now hard cock back into her mouth , I raised my head and lapped at her clit unable to avoid licking the end of Alan’s cock as well, at that point Alan began to feed his cock home and as he did so Amanda slipped her mouth down my cock as Alan’s cock went further in so did my cock into her mouth, then his balls rubbed over my forehead and nose and his dick bottomed out in her pussy, the scent of her sex was overpowering and so it continued, me lapping her clit, her sucking my cock and Alan riding her hole his balls brushing my face with every thrust, how long this went on for I cannot be sure but after some time Alan removed his cock and was replaced by Paul who continued as Alan had done, then they changed again and again for what seemed like a age I could see nothing to either side but I knew others had entered the room but mercifully no other cocks came into Amanda’s pussy and as her juices were now flowing freely I was struggling to keep her clean, it was then that I realised I was coming, my cock was jerking and I was spunking deep into her throat , I heard her gag and she released my cock for a moment, long enough to spur Alan and Paul on to a greater effort, my cock re-entered her mouth and she licked and sucked it clean, The cocks in her pussy were now changing continually and she was getting ridden really hard and fast then with a final deep plunge the first cock came deep in her hole, her pussy contacting and his balls pulsating as he emptied his load inside her, then after a few seconds he pulled out and was replaced by the second cock that started pounding her pussy for all it was worth, the first load of cum was now coating his dick and frothing up on her pussy lips, “Lick me, Lick me” she ordered and I did the best I could but the balls slapping my face were getting faster and faster and was distracting me ,then he too sunk it all the way in, his balls covering my eyes as he shot his load into her pussy he seemed to ejaculate forever his balls twitching as he groaned and Amanda grunted, after what seemed like a eternity he withdrew his cock and for a split second I looked deep into Amanda’s stretched hole and saw the hot cum deep inside her, with that she raised her body and planted her hole onto my mouth “Lick me, Lick 1xbet giriş me, eat me out” and then the first dollop of hot salty cum hit my mouth and I did as she said demanded and ate her out, someone said “god do I need to try some of that” I think it was Jenny but I was not sure. After a few more minutes she got up and went to shower accompanied by the other girls who had been watching and who now also wanted now to freshen up, I in followed them into the bathroom with my cock still rock hard but when I looked into the mirror I was shocked at the face that stared back at me, my whole lower face was coated in cum, my hair was a mess and I looked completely shattered, I filled the wash hand basin and washed my face and hair, “ do you want me to take care of that” Debbie asked as she gripped my hard cock, “maybe later” I said “its too sensitive just now” and with that I returned to the lounge where I found all the guys, the place was a mess, my leather arm chair had a thick ribbon of sperm over its full length, I took a tissue and began to mop it up “sorry about that “ said Tim “Debbie’s boob wank went astray” , “That’s ok” I replied and slumped down in my seat, I looked around and saw that all their cocks were flaccid and wondered if that was the end of the evenings work, looking at the clock it showed 3am I must of dosed off for a few minutes because next time I looked it was 3:20am and the girls had come back into the room they were still naked but were wrapped in bath towels the smell of fresh coffee permeated the room I closed my eyes but kept listening, the discussion going on was about oral sex and how useless guys were at giving it, Jenny ventured that “Dave is a obvious exception to the rule” having witnessed the latest goings on, to which Amanda claimed the credit for teaching me which was a lie as on our second date I had brought her off orally and that was now nearly 9 years ago, Jenny continued and added that her “Frank couldn’t find her clit with the help of a sat nav” everyone laughed but stopped when she added that she “wished he would Just fade away so she could get on with her life”.Amanda the asked the guys why they were so reluctant to give oral to women, as she knew for a fact that Jerry had never done it “Its dirty” said Jerry “yeah that’s right” said Tim, “I don’t mind it” added Jack, “fuck off” said Debbie “your idea of pussy eating is a couple of quick licks before you try to get me to swallow your cock” and she added “and that goes for you too Paul before you chirp in” Carl and Alan said nothing at all then Jerry added that it disgusted him the thought of eating his own never mind another man’s cum out of a pussy, then as one the 4 girls rounded on him, Amanda said “ you may have been blessed with a big dick but you have no fuckin’ idea how to pleasure a woman” and Jenny added that “she would pay to have her pussy worked over like Amanda had” and Debbie added that she” had never experienced a decent tongue job” and had even considered going Bi-sexual to give it a try, to which Susan said “ well if you do I will too” and everyone laughed again.Jerry changed the subject to anal sex and why Amanda was “not willing to give that a try” it was a obvious come back to the oral sex put down “ we have discussed that and I made it clear that” I have tried it with a dildo and it hurts too much”, “you could get used to it just lube 1xbet güvenilirmi up well” added Susan “I really love it, it’s just so naughty, always have, always will”, “that explains a lot” said Amanda sarcastically, Jenny added that she had done it when younger and it had been “so so” but since she married Frank she hadn’t seen much cock until tonight and anyway she didn’t fancy him playing with her ass, but added that she might be open to offers, “I wouldn’t mind trying it either” said Debbie “ all my boyfriends are too frightened of getting p*o on their beloved dicks” with that the conversation ended and the girls went to get everyone coffee.I stirred and sat up in the chair and took a coffee when offered it tasted great so went into the kitchen for a second cup, Carl was in there “ I don’t mean to be dim” he said “but I have never been at a party like this before, is it a case of anything goes ”? so I said “this is my first party too what were you thinking about”?, well it’s that Debbie, I fancy the pants off her but I’m worried about getting the brush off and making a fool of myself, I had it off with the old bird earlier on but can’t stop looking at Debbie’s ass and what she said about anal has got me thinking” before I could reply Jenny and Debbie entered the room “looking for a refill” I asked suggestively “us girls are always looking for a refill” said Jenny “it’s you guys who’s kettle’s have run dry that’s spoiling the party”Well in that case how about me and handsome Carl here taking you two ladies up stairs so as we can see who’s kettle is dry, my erection was back as was Carl’s who now looked as if all his birthdays had come at once, “to tell you the truth Debbie, Carl here has a inclination to dirty his beloved dick” “really” said Debbie “ come show me what you can do”, “so it’s me and you” Jenny added to me “ my ass is ready when you are” instead of climbing the stairs we made our way along the passageway to the sitting room which had been empty since the earlier guests had been encouraged to leave, I stopped briefly to get the tube of KY gel that Amanda sometimes used with Big Blue when she planned to be very energetic, then joined the others .“I haven’t a clue how to do this” said Carl as I got the girls into a kneeling position on the sofa side by side with their arms on the sofa back and their asses thrust back, I squeezed a big dollop of KY gel onto each of their assholes and began to slowly finger fuck the kY gel into Jenny, Carl was now following suit with Debbie, the girls were obviously enjoying it , offering encouragement, both of whom were occasionally pinching their nipples or rubbing their clits as we worked our fingers deeper into their butts, I added more KY to each of the girls and rubbed a big drop onto my cock end, as did Carl, then together we pressed our cocks against the respective butt holes and after a little resistance in they went and then we fucked the shit out of them, both of us coming deep in their asses, the girls were working their pussies with their fingers and they too came noisily.After we cooled down we went back to the lounge to see that everyone was back playing again,and so it continued until about 7am when the rest of the guys dressed and left with Debbie, Frank came and collected a well showered, radiant looking if tired Jenny, he asked her if she had had a nice time to which she replied “yes, we are doing it again soon” and he said “that’s good, perhaps I may stay longer next time”, “perhaps” she added but said no more, Amanda, Susan and I all got together in the main bed and whilst trying to avoid damp patches we finally grabbed some sleep.

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