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 Emma Morgan walked, naked, out of the bathroom, fresh from a long session in the shower. On the bed lay the gown, meticulously spread. Emma felt so proud, that she had designed and applied every last stitch to the burgundy silk material.Mainston College, having a course in fashion design, had been her first choice when leaving high school. Emma had shown such flair that she was encouraged to stay on for a doctorate in dress design. Now, at twenty-four, it was the end of her college life. Soon she would be settling into her dream of being a fully-fledged dress designer.Now, looking in the full-length mirror, she viewed the body the gown had been made for. Extra heels would be essential to keep the hem from trailing. She ran a hand from breast to thigh and trembled at the thought of the hand of one very special man, doing that. She gave a little shudder of expectation, glanced again at the gown, lying on the bed.Emma giggled, as she thought, after all her work on that gown, how long would it take for him to have her out of it?Nine days before the prom, she had debated whether to go, or not. The gown could be used for some other occasion. Then, the college secretary had come to tell her that there was, “A Professor Christian Parsons, asking for you on the office phone.” The secretary was new and hadn’t recognized the name.An excited Emma knew exactly who it was. Why would he be ringing her now? It was almost two years since, that time.Nervously, she picked up the phone, “Hello, this is Emma Morgan.”His voice, deep and resonant as ever, as he replied, “Ah, yes, the brilliant dress designer. Your principal has been singing your praises.”Controlling her breathing Emma said, “She exaggerates, Professor Parsons.”“Whoa, no more of the professor. I’m not at your college, and you are almost away into the big world. Call me Chris.”“All right, Chris. Why are you phoning me?” She was so curious about this approach.“I was wondering whether you’d be at the prom next week.”“I was considering it.”“Have you made yourself a gown?”“Yes. Why?”“What material have you used?”“Silk.” Emma wondered what difference that made.There seemed to be a sharp intake of breath before he sighed, “ Must see that. You wore a silk top on that broken night.”“You’ll be at the prom?” A warmth started around her throat.“The principal has kindly invited me.”“But why phone me?”Only a slight pause, before, “We have unfinished business, don’t we?”Her heart was beating faster, “I don’t know what—”“You know exactly what I mean, Emma. Will you be there?”Nothing would keep her away now, but all she said was, “It’s possible.”“Good,” he said, and the line closed.Now, standing almanbahis naked in front of the mirror, one hand still lingering over her bush. There could be no other interpretation of ‘unfinished business’. could there?When Emma had started the college-aged eighteen, she heard of an obscure Mr Parsons, who had a big future in linguistics. She, being in design, their paths never crossed until, some two years into her course, someone pointed him out to her. Emma instantly thought him incredibly handsome.Then, just when they had finally reached a stage of casual greeting whenever they met, Parsons, at the young age of 28, was awarded a professorship in linguistics.Shortly after he gained the vice principal role at a major linguistics college, a hundred miles distant. Emma was devastated.The prom night that year doubled as a farewell tribute to Professor Parsons. After asking her for a first dance, he had told her how pretty she looked in the yellow silk top with matching long skirt. Emma had felt stupidly shy.Boldly handsome in his tux, he’d led her into a second dance. Emma’s heart had begun to pound. Breathing became difficult when, this time, he had held her close as they danced.But it was during that third dance, with his hand caressing over her back through the silken top, Emma had felt his hardness pressing against her, his lips stroked lightly over her heated cheek, and the moistness started between her thighs.When he whispered, “I think we should find somewhere a little more private, don’t you?” All Emma could do was numbly nod her head before being guided towards his office. One hand enclosed her left breast through the silken top.The office door closed, they had kissed wildly, and Emma loved the way he clutched at her breasts. Longed for him to open her top if he really wanted them.That was as far as they got, as a female voice sounded down the corridor, “Professor Parsons.”Cursing, Chris had directed Emma towards a door on the left. Standing in that small washroom. Deflated, she recognized, the secretary’s voice, declaring that the Principal was waiting to make his presentation.Emma heard Chris’s delaying attempt, followed by the secretary’s firm, “Now.”Glumly, she’d heard the sound of two pairs of feet walking away. Glancing at her watch Emma saw that her father would be collecting her soon. Opportunity gone.What other interpretation could she put on ‘unfinished business’? Emma turned away from the mirror and pulled on silk panties. Not her favourites but silk gown, silk panties. Why not?With gently applied make-up, and her dark hair turned out seductively at her shoulder, she slid into the gown. The deep V at the almanbahis yeni giriş back would enable her to reach the zip easily, without any mad contortions.Excited, she savoured the sense of pleasure the sensuous silkiness of the material on her bare skin. No bra on this night. The way the deep narrow V neckline showed only a hint of her gentle twin curves pleased her.As she left, her father had laughed, “Just as well I’m picking you up at eleven-thirty. You’ll need to escape the wolves.”That did bother Emma a little. She had tried to talk him out of it, but his determination had been firm.At eight-fifteen, Emma moved into the spacious college hall, where flocks of young ladies flounced in all manner of styled and coloured gowns, and young men looked uncomfortable in dinner jackets and black ties.Emma had picked up the standard glass of punch, when her tutor, Maeve Richie, came dashing towards her, “I’ve been dying to see this gown.” She stood back to admire it “Oh, Emma, it is simply gorgeous.”Other friends came to bubble their enthusiasm and admiration. But Emma’s eyes scanned the hall, for the first sight of Prof – no, Chris. Couples danced, and small groups chatted all around the hall. Had he changed his mind?Just before nine o’clock, there was a tap on her shoulder. Turning, she found herself looking into that darkly handsome face that she hadn’t seen for almost two years, eyes so blue, dark hair cut short, and smile to lighten her heart.“God, I knew you’d be special, but in that gown Wow.” His hand reached out and stroked over the silk on her hip.Emma’s breath quickened at his touch, and she was shaken by how shy her voice sounded as she asked, “You really like it?”His head shook in wonder, “The colour, the flair of the skirt. And oh, hell, it’s silk. Astounding. You are surely going places. Emma in silk. Wonderful.”It was the immediate future Emma was interested in. Already there was dampness just as she had expected. Silk panties maybe not the best choice. “So, you like it?”Chris reached for her hand, as he told her, “We need to be on the dance floor for you to know how much I like it.”In his arms and drawn close against him, she gasped as she discovered his reaction to her gown. The hardness against her belly was unmistakable, and she just couldn’t resist saying, “Unfinished business?”One hand smoothed along her hip, while the other stroked a line of silk just above her buttocks. His blue eyes were bright, as he said, “It is now urgent business since you are gorgeously covered.”Vaguely aware of how her silkiness affected him, Emma had to tell him when her father was collecting her. He agreed that urgency almanbahis giriş was essential. Very quickly Emma had agreed to his hotel, which was only ten minutes away, and without delay, they were in his car.Chris told her that this was not his usual style, “But unfinished business is unfinished. A promise remains.” When asked about other men, she told him of the student almost putting her off sex for life. He laughed, as he drove with one hand while the other stroked along the silk covering her thigh.Emma’s eyes held on his handsome face, but his hand provoked further moistening, she glanced down at the swelling in his pants. Eagerly her hand moved to it, but before she could explore further, he pushed her hand away. “God, not yet,” he gasped, “You’ll have me driving into a ditch.”Smiling, triumphantly, Emma sat back and relished his hand returning to her silken thigh. Reaching the hotel, and in the elevator up to the third floor, Emma knew she was so ready for whatever lay ahead.Arriving on the third floor, they were out onto a quiet corridor. Releasing her, Chris produced a card, wafted it over a pad and they were inside a large smartly decorated room.After only a quick glance around, Emma found herself pressed back against the wall, with their mouths active. Chris’s hands roamed over her curves under the silk burgundy material.Now, with some determination, Emma found his pants zip and within seconds she had his hardness clutched in her hand, with her fingers stroking along it. Chris broke their kiss to growl, “Unfasten my belt.” Somehow, he had dropped his jacket away, and as she succeeded in undoing his belt she said, in return, “Unzip my gown.”His response surprised her. “I want you to keep your gown on.”“You like it that much?” she asked, only half-joking, as she pushed his pants and boxers down and he stepped out of them.He looked directly into her face as Emma stroked along his hard cock and fingered his scrotum, and he asked, “May I ask you to do something special for me?”Emma had a pretty fair idea of what he might ask and was just a little queasy since, she had only read about oral sex, had never experienced it. Now she felt a little more advanced in her thinking, and this was one way to gain some expertise. His request coming this early seemed somehow out of sequence. “How special?She thought he looked a little uncertain as he said, “Will the skirt of your gown spread enough to allow you to bend or kneel?”Here it comes, Emma thought, and tried to give him a gracious smile as she nodded her head, “I’m sure it will.” She flared out the skirt and slowly dropped to her knees, which was no great discomfort on the plush carpet.Her movement brought her face close to his jutting erection and, fascinated, she gazed at the purple shining head and the little slit there. Her first real close-up and she awaited his instruction before proceeding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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