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sissyHe’s wearing his favorite outfit. A nylon/spandex blended thong that encased his fullness, shaved and smooth in a delightful caress. A bustier girdle with four straps (he wanted six but the cost was exponentially increased for those two extra straps), and wolford thigh high stockings, his legs and bottom were completely shaved…he was delighted with how feminine he felt, he put her panties over his head. Acetate, full-bottomed, high-cut vanity fairs that bore her scent. His whole outfit was virgin white. He switched on yahoo messenger and put out the open invite.It takes a while sometimes when he logs on. But not today. “Sissy bottom, open cam, loves to be watched and told to do nasty things,” is what he put in the message bar. Copy and paste, enter. One watcher right away. Then two…then the “oh my gods,” and “you’re so hots,” and “I love yous,” come out. Before he knew it 10 people, 9, 8, 9…10…11, then 14 watchers. All of them gay men worshipping him in his panties and lingerie. He squeazed a dollop of cum from his clit and licked if for the camera…all they saw were his lipsticked lips smeared with his clear precum.He decided to go slow, teasing them, the number of watchers never dipped below 10, but never got more than 15 for a moment or two. He wanted a 100 people watching, sometimes he’d catch a female name, but he could always tell they were men by their comments. “Where’d you get the panties,” and “do you have a dildo?”He was reveling in the attention…they all thought he was beautiful, and worthy of worship, a few would try and dominate him and he slowed their roll easily… “not so fast sweety, I like to take my time,” is how he’d reply and they conform to his wishes. But not his girl, not his idolatry of attention. She knew how to control him and she did. He thought of her. Thought of her sexy control and turned off the camera and went to look at pictures of the two of them together that they’d taken over the years. He was always her servant. So many of the pictures were of him eating her smooth, baby smooth, hair actually permanently removed, ass and pussy. His face creamed and cummed over. And he, always d****d in lingerie.She came in right as he was tasting himself.”Jesus,” she said sternly. “Look at you. How many this time?”He didn’t know what she was referring to. “I’m just looking at pictures angel.””Yeah, and what’s the im opened for?” she asked.He looked and realized the messenger app was still open, he’d closed the camera but not the app. People—gay men had been posting urgently for him to return and finish them off.”Oh…” he started.”Don’t bother,” she smiled and went thru the history and saw all the horny men and what they were saying. “Lick your cum slut!” she said.He tasted himself and she caressed his face with her soft hands. “Mmmm, honey, taste it again, this time get some cum worked up first.He stroked himself and gazed in her eyes, she kissed him and he opened his lipsticked mouth to her invasion. He stroked and stroked his clit up and down, humping his hand for her vigorously hoping to urge some cum up his shaft and he felt it cumming and let go, stopped immediately. Cum slid up from the bottom to the tip and dripped out in a viscous mixture of clear and milkiness, he slid his fingers up to gather it all and licked fervently, returned to get the rest and licked again.We woke up the next day and it was Saturday. Thank god. He woke first and he still hadn’t cum fully. He serviced his goddess all night and she kept him on the verge all night, milking him and then stopping, letting him eat a significant amount of cum, but never letting him blast. He got up and showered, cleaned up and put on a new outfit. Pink this time. Pink bustier, wolford stockings with a pink line down the back, and pink toe and heal reinforcements, and pink panties. Vanity fair string bikini with acetate front and back, revealing his perfectly smooth clit and pussy. He marsbahis güvenilirmi made breakfast and cleaned the house. She got up and went about her day. She hardly acknowledged him dressed in his outfit, it was what she expected and she looked at him and sneered a bit, but they kissed and she only let him hang on her mouth for a minute”I’ve got some things to do,” she said. “I’ll be back tonight around 7. You be ready. Go buy a new outfit. Make it Wolford.”She left and he got dressed in his man clothes. He always wore panties tho, vanity fair full-bottom, high-waste cut nylon, pale blue. He went to Karstadt. They had Wolford. He wasn’t sure what she had in mind. She’d done this before and the thing is….she always approved so he didn’t worry, he would go with his instinct…whatever struck a nerve while he browsed, he’d rely upon his gut feeling.The first thing he did was to get excited. As soon as he walked thru the doors he went straight to the lingerie/hosiery section. He would browse first. He’d long since overcome the fear of lazily perusing the ladies lingerie section. He walked the entire section noting what to come back to. Then he checked those sections for sizes that would fit, then he actually picked the items up and fondled them for textural effect. He found a really randy white outfit…he loved white and pink. Yet he didn’t feel right, he has so much white and pink. He went to the hosiery section.He liked simplicity. Not the patterned nylons, but the sheer white and nude….no black, and he liked the thin lined pairs. But he liked fishnet as well. There was a full body fishnet suit and he picked them up and turned the package around to see the size. It fit, queen sized. He thought about that phrase, “queen sized,” and he sprouted an erection. He’d always wanted a body suit. He held the package intent that this would be one of his purchases and then he spotted them. A full-body nylon in white, sheer, so strikingly sheer that he didn’t believe it. He fondled the demonstration pair and pulled the toes and noticed the line up the calves. A full body, white, sheer nylon with lines and toe and heel reinforcements in silver. He searched for his size…small, petite, large…no queen sized. He perused the entire selection and the surrounding sections….nothing. and then he saw them, in the wrong colored section, in the back, queen sized. He grabbed them.Now something to go along with these sultry feathered nylons. He found a white gown with a slit up the leg. He touched it, if felt and looked like a milk flower. He found his size and checked out. He’d long since stopped worrying if they knew. He didn’t care.At home he cleaned his stray hairs with a razor. He’d been using depilatory cream for a while now so all he had to do was clean up. He felt like a woman. He smoothed his silky legs with baby powder and pulled up the body suit. Slowly and carefully he shimmied the gossamer material slowly up his smooth body, over his hips, up to his chest, he squeezed his arms into the arm holes, to his surprise the hands had fingers and a thumb, not the traditional cut-off at the wrist. He went to throw the packaging away and noticed another gossamer piece still inside. He pulled it out, now his body encased in sheer Wolford nylon, and noticed the dainty material was a hood. He pulled it out and over his head. He was mummified in nylon. He put on the milky-white gown. It fell over his shoulders and over his nylon covered body like a waterfall and dropped heavily…the mixture of nylon and silk was extravagant. He wanted to cum.She came home and he was dressed this way. She walked over to him and caressed her hands all over his body and face. He tilted his head back and moaned and she fed his slutty desire and smoothed her hands all over him. Whispering, “mmmmm, you have picked out the perfect outfit sissy,” and “I can’t wait to see you tonight…all those boys marsbahis yeni giriş are going to love you.”We drank wine and she went and took a shower. She came down and he poured her a fresh glass of wine. That’s when people… started showing up. She made out with them all in front of him. He served wine and appetizers while she made out with them and got them ready. They were all straight and they all wanted her. They all got naked and then she got in the middle of the room. She wore a burgundy silk, floor length gown and she let it slip off her shoulders and drop into a slippery pool at her feet.He stood and stared, holding his tray of drinks. They’d been together with men before—two was the most, unless you count the time they went to the adult book store—while in one of the private booths, four guys had piled into the booth with them. Now there were a dozen men, boys really compared to these two—he’s 41, she’s 36—the boys were all in their early twenties, maybe even a teen or two as well. They’re cocks were all standing straight out or up slightly, and they were all shaved. Not their whole bodies, like his body was, but their cocks and asses were clean and smooth—she wouldn’t have it any other way, she despised all that hair.And she was a vision, she knelt and took a skinny cock into her mouth and grabbed another thicker one to stroke. She looked over at him, he was rubbing his clit thru the silky material of the gown and sheer nylons. She grabbed another cock with her free hand and brought it close to her face, rubbed it all around her eyes and cheeks and slipped it into her mouth alternating three cocks between her hands and mouth. Soon he could no longer see her eyes and face because the men had begun to swarm her. They were crowding in amongst one another in a mass of masturbatory bliss. It looked like something out of Sodom and Gomorra. No one was saying anything—the only thing you could hear was her urging moans and cries of lust, “Cum on me, ohhh god yes boys, cum all over me!”He put his tray down and went to get the camera and tripod. He set it up and pressed the record button. The view in the camera was only a crowd of men in a tight circle. One would start to moan, “I’m going to cum,” and then a loud groan. He would move out of the circle and another would take his place. The only indication that a woman was within all of those men was the cry of her urgent lust, “Yes boys, Yes, cum for me, cum all over me!” This went on for 10 minutes until eventually the crowd of boys dispersed, finished and only three remained. In the camera he could see her now as the last 3 boys moaned and came on her face and then stepped aside and thru the camera’s viewer she was looking at him. She got up on her knees and leaned toward the camera and licked her lips with her tongue.Her face was dripping with hot warm cum. Her lipsticked mouth was a milky mess and smeared with cum. The cum dripped from her face. Her tits were coated. He walked over to her and kneeled down next to her, his cock a steel rod pressed up and between his stomach and his nylons, he took off his nylon hood and kissed her mouth.”Yes, my lovely sissy, clean my face,” she urged him. “Yes, your angel is cum covered honey,” and she drew him into her body and they lay down on her silky gown and they kissed. She scooped cum from her body into her hand and rubbed it on his nylon covered cock. “Yes, sissy, you need cum on your clit too,” she said. “Kiss your angel honey, get all of that lovely cum in your mouth.”He kissed her mouth lovingly, savoring the wet warm cum. He nibbled softly on her mouth, kissing softly all over her face drawing strands of cum as he moved. He kissed her eyelids and forehead all covered with cum. She smoothed cum all over him, using her hands and fingers to rub his clit and face she took off his white full length slip and lay him down on his back. She slid her naked cum covered marsbahis giriş body all over him and he writhed in passionate lust, licking her, pressing her, begging her for more cum.He slowly and lovingly cleaned his angel. She moved into a lotus position, legs crossed, seated on her bottom and moved him into her lap, his back to her, his head nestled in her lap and her arms cradling his head and her hands smoothing cum into his mouth. By now the boys were horny and hard again. She beckoned them over one at a time and they squatted down in front of his face, cocks just inches from his mouth and then….squirted themselves in his face. He felt the first warm streams and he flinched and then another and another until the cock in front of him forced its way into his open mouth. He sucked the tip and swallowed as his angel smeared the cum that had just splashed on his face along his lips.”Mmmm, yes sissy, suck him….swallow his last lovely drops of cum,” she was so loving and warm that he worked even harder to please her.Then the boys lined up and one at a time in a barrage of cum shots, coated his face and nyloned clad body in milk and cream. As the cum started to gather and build up she would smear it all over him spreading the cum into the silky material, he felt like a complete slut. The cum being shot into his face she made sure was smoothed into his mouth between cocks. She fingered his mouth, “That’s it sissy, suck your angels cock.” And she fingered his mouth over and over. He was turned on beyond comprehension and tore a hole in his nylons and finally freed his clit.”That’s ok sissy, you can play but don’t cum yet, I’ve got a surprise for you,” as if this hasn’t all been the best surprise he’d ever had, he relented and slowed his stroking. He wanted one of these cocks to shoot in his mouth and his angel sensed his desire. She told the last boy, “Cum in my sissy’s mouth boy.”The boy walked up, shoved his cock in sissy’s mouth and fucked sissy’s face with lust and ferocity. The sissy opened his mouth and let him fuck his face. His throat opened up and the length of the boys cock slid in and out like he was fucking a pussy.”Yes, sissy, he’s fucking your pussy mouth, I love how open you’re making your throat. Now moan, moan like a doped up slut, moan on his cock,” she said lovingly and commandingly.He moaned and felt like a whore and the boy groaned like a man and came in his throat. Sissy closed his mouth not wanting any cum to get out and he swallowed like a professional…every little bit of cum shot down his throat and he never dropped a bit.”Oh my god sissy, you did so well, you didn’t miss any,” she said. The boys moved away and watched as she smeared his body and face with cum. She moved out from under his body and she grabbed his ankles. Beckoned the boys over to grab one ankle each and then instructed them.His legs moved up and over his head. He was now up on his own neck, his cock raised up above his head. They slowly brought his ankles forward and down so his cock was just above his cum covered face. A boy who’d recovered and was hard again stood behind him. He tore the existing hole in his nylons and smeared warm cum on his pussy…his smooth hairless pussy. He fingered sissy and slowly replaced fingers with cock. The while sissy’s angel is kissing and soothing him by saying nice soft mantras.”That’s it honey,” and “Let him inside you sissy,” and “Feel how he fills you up,” “Yes, that’s a good girl, hmmm, let him fuck your used pussy.”The boy fucked sissy slowly, and sissy pulled on his clit and angel kissed him. The boy’s rage and passion became urgent and he fucked harder and made loud noises. He buried himself in sissy’s pussy and stopped. He was plunged and pressing against sissy’s bottom and thereby decreasing the distance between sissy’s cock and mouth and soon sissy was sucking his own clit. Angel smoothly caressed his wet face and the boy erupted in sissy’s pussy. He backed off and left sissy empty and mistress replaced the hard cock that’d just vacated his pussy with her own fingers. She fingered him and sissy could hear the sloppiness of his pussy. The sound of his angel fucking her sent him over the edge and he came in his own mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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