Sister-In-Law: final chapter

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Hi, my name’s Angela. People usually call me Angie, but you may already know me as Bill’s wife, or Carla Jean’s sister. Bill and I have always enjoyed a fun and sexy married life, and last night it was time to invite Carla Jean “into the family”. All of us are in our forties and always looking for ways to spice up our love life, so working out a sneaky opportunity for Carla to seduce Bill was pretty easy. After all, they had been lusting after each other for years. I was always very aware of this but never said anything, and I admire Bill for never pursuing Carla except in his fantasy life. Last night I managed to get away from our two-bedroom hotel suite for a couple of hours and give Carla her shot at my husband. From what little she told me this morning, it seems they had a mind-blowing two-hour romp of oral sex that was about as wet and messy as it gets. I don’t know all the details of exactly what happened. All I know is that after they were done with each other, Bill met me at the door last night stark naked and ready for more. In fact, he tore into me like a madman and fucked me like a deranged savage. It was shocking and thrilling at the same time, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. After playing around with my sister for two hours and literally eating her up, he was absolutely crazed with lust by the time I came in. For my husband and sister, today was “the morning after”. Carla Jean got up early and we let Bill sleep in late. She was positively glowing as she told me about her encounter last night with Bill, and her eyes were wide in amazement as I told her some details of how Bill had ravaged me. (After the way he fucked me last night, I could barely walk this morning.) When Bill came in to breakfast and saw that we had been talking, everything came out in the open. He found out that Carla had seduced him with my permission, that their first time was strictly oral at my request, and that we two girls would have a surprise or two for Bill tonight. We purposely avoided any discussion of what kind of surprises were in store. We simply told him that Carla Jean and I wanted him to make love to both of us together. Shocked and surprised at first, Bill eagerly agreed (we hadn’t expected any protest!) We told Bill to have a huge breakfast, laughingly telling him to build up his strength for tonight. What was not covered in our breakfast talk was Carla Jean’s twenty-year abstinence from anal sex, hoping that it would someday happen with Bill. In fact, I think she was obsessed with the idea. I’m escort not into anal at all myself, so Bill and I have never done it (a fact that I neglected to tell Carla). Tonight they would discover that they were both anal virgins, making their first time even more of a forbidden pleasure. Since we were in town for a big family wedding, and tonight was the rehearsal dinner, we had a whole day to think, to anticipate, to fantasize about each other. It was driving all three of us crazy, not knowing what would happen tonight. We didn’t talk about it, but each of us knew that the others were lost in daydreams of forbidden sexual pleasure. Tonight would be a new high point in our quest for passionate fulfillment, while at the same time it could be a new low point in our willingness to do something secret, taboo, and downright raunchy. Carla Jean and I got dressed for the big party, doing our best to look beautiful for Bill. Carla was so excited about what might happen later, she brought several pairs of extra panties with her and kept changing every time her panties soaked through. Bill looked great as always, but as we attended the dinner we had nothing on our minds but the clock. We enjoyed the time with family, but we made some kind of lame excuse to get away, and ended up back at our hotel by 11 p.m. Some of what happened next was slightly scripted by Carla and me, but mostly we just spent the night going with the flow. Knowing that it might be awkward at first, Carla disappeared for a short while into her room as Bill and I got things started together, alone. We knew there would be plenty of opportunities for things to get very nasty and wild as things went along, so we started out very slowly and tenderly. Bill’s embraces and kisses were passionate and loving, tenderly but swiftly igniting my arousal. We knew that bringing Carla into our lovemaking was fulfilling hidden desires that would please us both. Bill knew that I was basically giving Carla to him as a sexual gift. And I knew that even as he was pleasuring my sister, Bill would be consciously putting on a show for my enjoyment. Falling into each other’s arms on the sofa, my husband and I were soon entwined in passion. We explored each other’s bodies like two high school kids, unbuttoning and unzipping each other. We were both so excited; it felt as though it was our first time together. It wasn’t long before I was lying there wearing only a lacy pair of white panties, Bill eagerly pleasing my tits with his hands and mouth. bayan escort He was dressed only in a t-shirt by now, enjoying the sensation of my hand lightly sliding up and down the shaft of his enormous hard cock. At this point, Carla Jean came in, wearing a beautiful blue see-through nightgown. We could see her breasts, round and full with already-hard nipples. The lacy panties she wore underneath showed off the roundness of her ass and accentuated the beauty of her long tan legs. She sat down in a chair near us, telling us to keep doing what we were doing. She wanted to watch for a while. Now that we had an audience, Bill and I found our excitement growing and accelerating. I began moaning as Carla watched Bill strip off my panties and slide his fingers into my pussy. We saw Carla teasing her nipples until they were fully erect, as hard and excited as Bill’s cock. It was obvious that she was dying to be touched. She unzipped the front of her nightgown and plunged her fingers into the waistband of her panties, fingering her own wetness. I knew it was time for the three of us to join together and never look back. “Bill, honey”, I whispered as he sucked at my nipples. “Carla needs some help, baby.” We both got up from the sofa and walked over to where Carla Jean was lying back in her chair, finger-fucking herself, staring at Bill’s twitching cock. There was electricity in the air, and we all knew that when we all three touched for the first time, it would be like a lightning bolt of passion. Bill reached down and gently pulled Carla’s fingers out of her panties, as I pulled the gown off her shoulders. Bill kissed her tits and bent down, sliding Carla’s panties off as I tugged away at Bill’s shirt. We were now all three totally naked, dizzy with the anticipation of what was about to happen. Carla made the first move, wrapping her fingers firmly around Bill’s dick, gripping it tightly and stroking it slowly. I put one foot up on the chair, opening my legs, and my husband went back to probing my pussy with his fingers as he bent down and kissed Carla. She groaned and began pumping Bill’s dick harder, spreading her own legs. I reached down and teased her pussy lips and began kissing Carla’s shoulders, then her breasts. As I began to suck Carla’s nipples, her grip on Bill’s cock increased, her pumping getting faster. Bill grunted his approval and began fingering my pussy more deeply and frantically. I responded by ravaging my sister’s pussy with equal urgency. Every move we made spurred escort bayan on the other two, in a perfect circle of lust. Carla’s orgasm came first – her pussy had been on fire all day long. I felt her waves of pleasure against my probing fingers and felt her heart pounding through her nipples that I sucked on feverishly and wetly. Bill was kissing her passionately as he continued to fuck my pussy with his fingers. As Carla came, she needed to hold on to something. Her right hand frantically pumped my husband’s cock and her left hand instinctively reached up to grab something, anything. Her free hand grabbed my ass, and I screamed as I felt her fingernails digging into my ass cheek. I instantly careened over the edge, feeling myself being attacked by both Bill and Carla. My pussy gushed as I came all over Bill’s hand, my ass cheeks quivering in Carla’s biting grip. Bill stiffened and his balls erupted, his cock gushing a thick geyser of cum. My hand joined Carla’s – there was plenty of room on that cock shaft for two hands – and together we pumped out a nice thick load that splashed over both our bodies. Now, the ice had been broken, all three of us had cum together. The rest of the night would be spent in sexual exploration, in the giving and receiving of pleasure. I told Bill and Carla that I would very much like to sit and watch for a while. I found a nice easy chair and lay back, teasing my pussy and watching them take their passion to the next level. Carla loved sucking cock, and she was mesmerized by Bill’s ability to stay fully hard right after cumming. I watched as Bill stood, running his fingers through Carla’s soft brown hair. She was on her knees, her hands sliding up and down the back of his thighs as she swallowed his cock. She sucked all the cum off his cock and balls, eagerly deepthroating the long, thick shaft. After a few minutes of watching such an erotic display, my pussy was once again in need of something more than my own fingers. I walked over and helped Bill pull Carla to her feet. They didn’t know what I had in mind, but they allowed me to take both of them by the hand and lead them to the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. Once there, I told them it was time for all of us to experience something new, and I told Carla to lie back among the pillows. Not saying a word, but gently orchestrating all our motions, I had Carla Jean spread her long beautiful legs wide apart. I gently teased her nipples as she watched, wide-eyed, as Bill got on his knees between her thighs. His cock was shiny and wet from the oral pleasure she had given him, and Carla knew that her pussy was about to be stretched open by that massive fat shaft. She closed her eyes and waited, breasts rising and falling with her breathless anticipation.

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