Sisters’ Gift XI

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Part XI End of Part X: “OOOHHH! Ty! I can’t take it. I’m gonna…gonna…OOOAAAHH!” She came all over my cock, drenching my pole, balls, and bed. I continued fucking her, but her contracting pussy and increasing lubrication sent me over the edge. I blasted load after load of cum into her pussy, not realizing until then how much I liked being the aggressor in a relationship. I pulled out of her, and she let out a moan at the loss of my cock being inside her. I was somehow still hard. From behind me I heard a whimper. I turned around to see Jenn standing there, with my two sisters fucking each other behind her. “That’s so unfair!” “What Jenn? I fucked you just as hard.” “Well, yea. But you didn’t cum in my pussy. I want it now.” “Hmmm. I think I can find a way to fix that.” Jenn purred at my response, and started to walk over to me, strutting like she owned the place. She looked at me, her eyes darting down to my cock, where a mixture of mine and Allison’s sex remained. “Ugh. So messy. I’m going to have to clean this up.” Instead of just deepthroating me and sucking everything down like I thought she would, she licked every inch of my dick, getting off all of our combined cum. “Mmmm. What a tasty cocktail.” I couldn’t help but grin at her double entendre. She stood up, straitening her incredible sexy body, brimming with confidence. As I sat up looking at her, I knew she wanted the control. I was just too tired to fight her, I gave in, knowing I would enjoy whatever this minx had on her mind. Once she reached her full height, she lifted her foot to my chest, and pushed me back onto the bed, making me lie flat on my back. She crawled on top of me. I was able to feel the heat coming from her, telling me how much she wanted my cock. She lay down on top of me, my dick trapped between her stomach and mine. She sat up on her knees, straddling my pole, preparing to impale istanbul travesti herself on in. “Now you’re gonna see what it’s like with me in control. I go hard and fast. I want your cum in me. Just lay back, and let me make us both cum fountains.” That sounded fantastic to me. I heeded her advice, and lay back, my mouth agape at her words, my dick hard as hell as I felt her start to descend on my pole. Slowly, inch by inch, she lowered herself onto me, until finally I was buried to the hilt. I couldn’t resist. “Hard and fast huh? That felt kinda slow to me. There is no way you’re as good as you think you are.” Her eyes flashed with fire and rage. Perfect. I wanted her pissed and determined to prove me wrong. Angry sex with a demon who just wants it fast and hard. “Ohh. Ty, you are going to pay for that. Big time.” “Bring it. Bitch!” I couldn’t tell if she knew I was playing with her, but at this point I didn’t care. As soon as I called her a bitch, she started flying up and down my shaft. Her body facing me, allowing me to see her golden tan, her brunette hair being tossed all over her angelic face, her mouth agape with pleasure, her eyes fierce with determination, and her luscious breasts bouncing in time to her rhythm. Her pussy gripped my shaft, as she squeezed her muscles around me, milking me with her velvety sheath. Her juices were pouring out of her fuck hole, adding to the bedsheet that already had so much cum. I was holding on for dear life. This bitch meant it when she said hard and fast. Up, down, right, left, diagonal. She ground into me, lifted off of me, and slammed back down. I now knew how her legs were so amazingly toned. Anyone who was able to keep this pace was just a sex freak. Her tempo was getting to her, and she was taking time on each thrust to make sure she rubbed her clit on me. She was fast approaching istanbul travestileri orgasm, and she wanted me to join her. She tightened and untightened her cunt, leaned forward until our faces were almost touching and used only her hips, rocking them up and down as she mercilessly fucked herself on me. She kissed me passionately. Not the way my twins do, not full of love, but full of need. She needed to be filled, and she wanted it now. She came, and let loose gallons of cum onto my cock. She writhed in pleasure atop me as her cunt squeezed me even more. I lost it. I blasted into her, hosing down her insides. “Finally! Yes. I feel it inside me. Oh my god, oh my god, OOOHHHH!” She came again, just at the feeling of me cumming in her. She got off of me, and instantly slid down to my cock. She craved our mixed juices inside her. She was the true definition of a cumslut. Any way she could get cum inside her, she wanted it. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue as she sucked and licked our combined juices off. She crawled up next to me, and cuddled up close. Together in the classic spoon position, I nestled my dick against her ass, as we were engulfed by the tranquility of sleep. When I woke up, I noticed Jenn and Allison were no longer on the bed with me. Instead, Abby was laying there next to me, her head on my chest, as she trailed a single finger around my body. I woke up and kissed her. “Morning sleepy.” “Mmmm. Morning babe.” I said through a yawn. “You know, I was thinking.” “Always dangerous, but go on.” I earned a slap on the chest for that comment. “Well, you’ve been fucking pretty much non-stop for a while.” “Yea. So?” I smiled widely, letting her know that I was loving the treatment she, her sister and her friends were giving me. “We haven’t gotten together recently.” “Sure travesti we have.” “No, not fucking. We haven’t made love recently. I just want you to know how much you mean to me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.” She was so vulnerable, it was startling how much my sister had changed. Just a few months ago she was a tough as nails hot chick who knew how to flaunt what she had to get what she wanted. Now she was presenting another side to me, showing me that there was more to her than just that. “Probably just fuck your sister more,” I smiled as I replied to her. I earned another slap on the chest. “Yea, probably, but nothing compares to a cock inside me.” She reached up and kissed me. The expression on her face was the same as when Gabby was in the hospital. This was time for slow and gentle. Lovemaking, not fucking. We engaged in a kiss, not too deep, but extremely sensual. Letting me know just how much she cared for me with her lips. I rolled her over, lying her on her back, and kissed down to her pussy. I decided against teasing her, and started licking up and down her slit, wanting to make her wet and ready for a marathon of making love. She curled her fingers through my hair as I gently licked her, enjoying my tongue on her. I felt she was wet enough, and kissed back up to her face. I gave her another passionate kiss, and slid into her slowly, gently. Without breaking away from the kiss, I began to thrust in and out. Gently sawing inside of my sister. Each time I would remove myself to just the tip, then slowly put it back in, relishing the feelings of the coupling the two of us were sharing. I broke our kiss just in time to hear a moan escape for Abby’s angelic face. I began to kiss her neck, and kissed all over her face. Eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks, and lastly ears. I whispered confessions of my love to her, never once breaking my stride inside her. Still going slowly and gently, I made love to my sister, while declaring that love to her. “I love you Abby. Nothing could ever take me away from you or your sister. I love you two and always will.” I kissed her once more, and stared into her eyes, only to see them watering.

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