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Group Sex

‘He’s so pretty..’ I thought to myself as I walked through the store with him. I was so lucky he was mine. He stood around 5’10, with longish black hair and honey brown eyes. I loved looking into those pretty eyes of his whenever he was on his knees for me. I loved listening to my pretty boy whine and beg for me, his voice was gorgeous. A deep voice, one you’d never expect would beg so pathetically. He was lean, muscular. Did not at all look like the type to submit so easily.

I thought he always looked especially pretty in a skirt. So today, I’d taken him shopping for skirts. The store was especially quiet today, I hadn’t really seen anyone inside. I walked a couple feet behind as he slowly went along the aisles, occasionally touching the fabric of some of the skirts, but continuing on. Finally we got to an area of the clothing section that seemed to intrigue him. I watched as his eyes moved back and forth from two adjacent skirts. His face tensed as he focused, obviously split between which one he should get. “Why don’t you try them on first?” I said as I slowly walked closer to him. “Then that would probably help you make an informed decision on which is the best one to get.” He didn’t look up at me, he just nodded his head in acknowledgment and proceeded to grab one of each and walk towards the nearest changing room, I tailed close behind.

I followed him into the dressing room. It was a fairly small room, but could comfortably fit both of us. I sat relaxed on the only bench in the room as I watched him take off his pants to expose his gray boxers underneath. He laid his pants down on one side of me before taking off his shirt as well and laying it on top. Then he grabbed one of the skirts from the opposite side of me, slipping the pink skirt over his toned thighs. After zipping up the side of the skirt, he stared himself back in the mirror. I couldn’t blame him, I couldn’t stop staring at him either. He looked so pretty in that skirt. It was a simple lightish-pink skirt, no flowers or frills anywhere. Just a plain, pink skirt. Yet, it made him looking fucking delicious. “Do you like it?” He turned to me and asked, as he grabbed the edge of the bottom of the skirt and lifted it up slightly with both hands. I smiled at him. ‘I fucking love it, you look so appetizing baby..’ “I do like that skirt. It looks beautiful on you. Here, come sit so I can see it from a different angle.” I motioned to my left thigh, and he came and sat on it so innocently.

I looked at him through the mirror on the wall opposite us. I put my right hand on his right thigh, and slowly started to move it around on his leg. He noticeably became more quiet. Escort Küçükköy “I think it looks so pretty on you, baby… I’ve never met another man who looks so cute in a skirt.” As I slowly moved my hand up his thigh, I could watch him start to try and contain his noises. Ever so slightly, I lifted the bottom of the skirt till it was just above the waist of his boxers. “I think we should buy this one, sweetheart..” I said in a low, calm voice. He whimpered softly as I slowly reached my hand into the waist of his boxers. He whispered, “W-wait, y-you can’t do that here. P-please-” I shut him up quickly by clamping my left hand over his mouth. I pulled out his rock hard cock with my right hand. “Awwww.. you’re already so hard and I’ve barely touched you.. you’re so fucking pathetic. Look at you..” We locked eyes with each other in the mirror. I slowly started to stroke his cock, whimpers getting increasingly louder, and quite obviously increasingly harder to hold in. “Don’t you feel embarrassed? You have this pretty little skirt on, and you’re sitting in Mommy’s lap as she jerks you off and you fail to contain your pretty moans for me. You’re not embarrassed when you look back at yourself in that mirror?” This obviously didn’t help his case. I smiled as I spoke, and felt him get harder in my hand with each word.

I quickened my pace, biting my lip as I watched his facial expressions and listened to his moans. I roughly grabbed the hair on the back of his head, pulling his hair down so he had to look straight upwards at the ceiling while I jerked him off in his pretty skirt. “I own you, do you understand me? I own every fucking part of you. You don’t even get to orgasm without my permission. Isn’t that fucking cute? But you love it, don’t you. You love being my little fucking toy, even if I hurt you. I know you love the pain. That’s why when I punish you, I can’t hit you. Your dick will just get harder and you’ll fucking beg for more, won’t you?” I laughed at him after I said this. His moans started increasing in volume as I quickened my pace. “P-please.. Please… M-May I-” He struggled to speak. “What? What do you want bitch? Use your fucking words and speak.” This made him whimper and continue to stutter as he tried to speak. “M-may I p-please cum, m-may I please cum Master, p-“

I cut him off here by touching his sweet spot on the underside of his head. I laughed at him again for this, which only made him beg more. “You wanna have an orgasm for me, hm? Say you want to cum for me, bitch.” I stated firmly, still having a grip on his hair and pulling his head all the way back. “Y-yes please! P-please Mecidiyeköy escort may I orgasm for you M-master, please!” He cried out this time. Obviously desperate for release, I could tell just by his words that he was right fucking there. “Okay baby, cum for me.” I increased the speed of my hand for a split second, and right as his breathing quickened I let go off his cock. He cried out, starting to beg me for release. Begging for me to put my hand back on his cock. I laughed at him and pushed him onto the floor. He landed on his knees, and I shoved his head down to the ground with my foot, and proceeded to use him as a footrest.

“You’re so fucking pathetic.” I continued to laugh at him. I could see the tip of his cock poking out from under the skirt as he was bent over, precum slowly dripping from the head. “Come. It’s my turn now.” I took my feet off of him one-by-one and stood up, slipping off my pants and G-string before sitting back down onto the bench with my pussy right at the edge. As I did this he sat up, staying on all fours and crawling over to where I sat. He stayed on his knees but lifted his head to the height of the bench so he could please me. “Arms behind your back.” I exhaled as he obeyed and then started licking right away. I bit my lip, suppressing a moan. I grabbed his hair with one hand and pushed his face deeper into my pussy. I felt as he sucked on my clit, and then flicked his tongue from side-to-side over the very tip of it, where I was especially sensitive. “Fuck.. you’re such a good boy. Such a good boy for me.” I looked down at him at the same time as he looked back up at me. His eyes shone with happiness as I praised him. As always, his caramel eyes looked so beautiful. I pushed his head even more against my pussy, and he simultaneously slid his tongue in my hole. This made me work even harder to suppress my moans. Involuntarily my hips started grinding on his face. Although he wasn’t being stimulated, I could hear him softly whimper occasionally while he did this, especially if I’d just moaned as well.

“You love making me moan, don’t you?” I said, breathlessly as I looked down at my bitch boy. “It turns you on a lot, doesn’t it? You love pleasing me just so you can hear me moan in response.” With barely a pause in fucking me with his tongue, I heard him say a cute, “Yes Master,” Into my pussy. I started laughing slightly at this before not helping the moan that escaped my lips. I started to get closer. “Use your fingers.” I commanded, “Maybe if you make me feel good enough I’ll let you jerk yourself off while you do this.” I could tell he was excited by this statement. Merter escort bayan I felt him take his tongue out of me and replace it with two of his fingers. I then felt his tongue start going back and forth over my clit at a quick pace. I used my left hand to cover my mouth as he did this, feeling myself getting closer and closer. He started to move his fingers faster. “I’m gonna fucking cum, hell. You make me feel so fucking good.” I felt him stop moving his tongue slightly as he started to beg for me to release. “Please cum Mommy, please… I want you to cum all over my face, I’ll do anything for it, please..” I bit my lip as I listened to him beg. “Start stroking your cock for me.” I moaned before I grinded on his face one last time and finished. As soon as I was done riding out my orgasm, I felt him take his fingers out of me, replacing them with his tongue and licking up the mess as he continued to jerk himself off. I sat up after a couple seconds, him kneeling between my spread legs. I grabbed hold of his hair again and made him look up at me as he jerked off.

At first I just watched him do it. He looked so cute, soft whimpers escaping his mouth as he looked up at me with desperate eyes. I grabbed hold of his cock and he let go, and I slowly started jerking him off with my hand. It took seconds before he started to beg for release, as he’d been on the edge for a while now. I bit my lip as I watched him look up at me on his knees and continue to beg me desperately.

“You’re such a pathetic fucking bitch.” I spit on his face. “Cum for me, cum for me like a good fucking whore.” I aimed his cock at his own chest and started stroking faster. “Y-yes mistress, fuckk…” He cut his sentence off with his own pretty moans, cumming from my hand and getting it all over his chest. Watching and listening to him just made me want to cum again, I could feel myself getting wet. As I squeezed out the last couple of drops of cum, he started to pant and I grabbed his jaw and kissed him passionately. He breathed into the kiss, and I slowly let go of his cock before pulling back from the kiss with his face in my hand. I looked down at his chest. “Oh no baby… it seems you made a mess of yourself, what are you gonna do about that, hm?” He looked down at his semen-covered chest and then looked back up into my eyes with the cutest look. I wiped up his cum with my finger and brought it to his mouth. I watched him suck on my finger and lick it clean. I repeated this process until his chest was clean. “Good boy.. you’re so good for me.” I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me with the prettiest fucking smile. I was so lucky this man was mine, for a number of reasons. “Now, how about we go pay for this skirt and go home, hm?” I asked him. He nodded his head excitedly. I stood up and grabbed his hands and supported him while he stood up. “You’re the fucking best..” I grabbed his face and told him. “I wouldn’t trade you for the fucking world, baby.”

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