Slavic Dreams Pt. 01

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Just as a pre-face, all characters in this are fictional and 18 or older, along with this being my first story! Criticism is welcome so long as it’s in a friendly manner.


Its really funny how things tend to start in unexpected ways. Like my relationship for instance; I met my girlfriend on an old game we used to play together. It started out nice enough, we were just two people looking for attention. We were going through our own issues at the time, I was having trouble with my girlfriend at the time and I felt things were starting to slip away from us, and this new girl I met was in the same boat.

Sabrina has always been a nice girl; A whiz at school, a ballet dancer, violinist, short, pale, dazzling green eyes… She was all I had ever wanted in a woman, even without her gorgeous physique. She had a way of understanding me that I hadn’t felt with anyone else. We slowly started growing on each other, it was getting to the point where I was looking forward to come home from work every day just to get to talk to her. After a few months of talking, I opened up to her about how I felt, and to my surprise, she actually felt the same!

She lived fairly far away, out in up-state New York with her father, step-mom, and her cousin Nadia. I myself living down in Miami at the time. We got together and when I learned one of my friends was moving to New York City for a job opportunity, I jumped on the chance to live with him, just to be closer to her.

Sabrina has always been… very open, sexually. ‘Anything goes’ is her motto when it comes to sex. Paddles, whips, chains, rope; Far out of my comfort zone from when we first met, however having been talking to her for two years, she slowly pulled me out of my shell and helped build my confidence in trying new things. Needless to say, when I first arrived out there and I met her for the first time, I was a little terrified of the prospects. but slowly, she broke me in…

She and her cousin Nadia were two sides of the same coin; Both were beautiful pale short goddesses with big, expressive eyes. Sabrina was the shorter of the two younger as well; 19 soft spoken but with a beautiful curvy body, B cup breasts and the curviest ass you have ever seen; bouncy and soft yet slightly toned. Nadia was 21 and taller with fuller C cups and a slightly smaller ass but still round enough to enjoy watching her walk around in boy shorts. While Sabrina was reserved and shy, Nadia was loud and outgoing. She was the life of the party and always the center of attention. The one thing they had in common were their sexual tastes, to which both were very open with each other; even experimenting and playing together from time to time, which I honestly found really hot. I had joked about threesomes with Sabrina to which she seemed apprehensive yet curious.

Fast forward to today, I’d woken up to the heavenly feeling of a warm, wet tongue and lips latched around my quickly swelling cock. I looked down towards the end of the bed, and out from the covers poked plump little pale ass wearing nothing but a thong sticking straight up into the air as it wiggled back and forth, the form of a head bobbing up and down under the covers. However, much to my surprise, I felt a second set of lips licking and kissing and sucking on the inside of my neck, my right hand held in the vice grip that was Sabrina’s thighs as she ground teach that-bitch porno her pussy into my palm. Moans escaping all of our mouths as we enjoyed this exciting start to the day.

“W-What’s going on…? What are you two doing..?” I asked to which Sabrina replied; “Nadia heard us messing around last night and couldn’t help but spy on us while I was riding you…” She moaned out seductively “After we finished I went to go clean up and I caught her outside of the door so I told her the next time she wants to watch, she has to join in!” Nadia responds with a moan as she takes my cock all the way to the base of my shaft, leaving a little kiss around it before pulling off it and poking her head from out under the covers. “I couldn’t help myself… the way you were making her moan really turned me the fuck on!

An exasperated moan left my lips as I laid my head back down on the pillow, grinning to myself for a moment before turning to Sabrina to start making out with her while she used my hand. All of us stunk of morning breath and Sabrina and I were a little extra funky smelling from our round last night. Sometimes she likes to turn the heat on in the room and make us as sweaty as possible, she loves it more the dirtier it is. Nadia went back down to pleasing my cock with her mouth, letting her ass stay upright as Sabrina started slowly rubbing my chest while we kissed, emitting little whimpers as she humped my hand. Pre-cum started flowing out of the tip of my cock and began coating the inside of Nadia’s mouth, the lewdness and the taste only urging her on as my cock began twitching from the pleasure.

“Sss-Sabbie… If she continues… I’m g-gonna…” I managed weakly, her head game was throwing a blanket over my mind as I started getting high off the sex. To this, Sabrina giggled, reaching up to plant a kiss on my cheek. “We are -very- needy women, Alex, and your cock is just irresistible…” She cooed out. Nadia’s throat making lewd sloppy noises as her head bobbed up and down on my cock before sliding up again with a pop and a gasp from her mouth while she sucked in her spit from her lips for a moment. “I want it in my mouth, Alex, can you please help out your little cousin in law?” She says in an innocent little seductive voice before sliding her mouth down onto my already glistening shaft to begin deep throating it, taking it all the way to the base as her throat made those trademark ‘Glaah Glaah Glaah~’ sounds.

I was in seventh heaven by now, I was being loved on by two of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Sabrina was rubbing herself now, watching her cousin ‘s head bob up and down under the blanket while making those lewd noises. “F-Fuck… Na-Nadia… I’m so close…” I croaked out, my cock swollen in her mouth as she let out an excited hum, working her mouth faster until I started moaning louder and louder before shooting out huge glob after glob of cum up into her mouth; my toes twisting in pleasure as my legs shake lightly. She sat up to reveal her round and full C cup breasts, her little pink nipples hard and sticking out as she swallowed and grinned at us. She slowly crawled off me and onto Sabrina, them giggling and exchanging something in Russian before Sabrina coo’s out; “Let me taste him on your lips~”

Nadia giggles to her once more before leaning down to slowly start making out with Sabrina, teamskeet porno the two sloppily exchanging spit as they slowly start grinding on each other. I myself recovering from the bliss that was Nadia’s blowjob, my cock slowly softening and slumping over as I roll over to watch the two play. I lean over to start kissing on Sabrina’s neck and leave little nibbles on her sensitive skin, her giggling at her ticklish spot. I move my left hand between the two to catch her nipple between my fingers, tugging on her piercing lightly because I know she loves the pain while I move my right arm under her to hold her while she and Nadia play, playing with her right breast as well in the same fashion.

Nadia slowly sits up, showing off her belly button piercing as she moves back to plant her pussy against Sabrina’s as she starts scissoring her. Moans begins to escape both of their mouths as I pull Sabrina’s face into mine for another passionate make out session while I give her right breast a slap with my left hand, causing her to yelp out in pain and in pleasure. “Who’s daddy’s dirty little slut, huh princess? Who’s daddy’s little cum dumpster?” I bark out to my little toy. “I am d-daddy~ I’m daddy’s dirty little slut cum dumpster~” She moans out in pure bliss, loving being used as a toy by her cousin and her boyfriend.

I give her breast another slap as she yelps out once more, Nadia’s and Sabrina’s moans getting even louder as they begin approaching their climaxes. I wrap my hand around Sabrina’s neck and I press down on the sides of it, her letting out a blissful moan as she’s choked while Nadia says something to her in Russian, and Sabrina sloppily responds. I don’t know Russian, but I’ve learned to pick up a few things; being able to pick out Nadia, Sabrina, Alex, toy, cock, and cum from their moans, only driving them on and getting me hard again.

The over-stimulation throws Sabrina over the edge as she screams out while squirting all over Nadia’s pussy and onto the bed, soaking the sheets. Nadia giggles to herself as she stops and looks down at her, panting lightly. “You lost, Sabrina… You know what that means…” She says with a seductive tone in her voice as she moves up to straddle Sabrina’s face; muffled moans coming from between her thighs as I watch with a grin on my face while Nadia starts humping hers.

I move down to Sabrina’s slit while Nadia uses my girlfriend’s face and start licking at her slit, tasting her juices mixed with Nadia’s as Sabrina starts moaning and cooing from the pleasure, his pussy red and her legs already trembling again from my tongue. Nadia grabs onto the headboard of the bed for support as she starts to moan louder and louder, obviously getting closer to her own climax as I bury my face into Sabrina’s pussy, sticking my tongue into her hole and swirling it around as she moans out in excitement, instinctively wrapping her legs around my head. I can feel her pussy starting to spasm again as it tries to grip onto my tongue but to no avail. I move my face away to kiss and nibble on her thighs, arguably one of my favorite parts of her body, before looking up and hearing Nadia scream as she squirts all over Sabrina’s face; her back arching as her pussy spasms and her legs shake, holding onto the headboard for dear life while she comes down from her first climax.

I move my face up to lick at some of the Nadia’s tecavuz porno juices that dribbled down her body and onto her stomach before I moved myself up and slowly pushed my now again fully hard cock into Sabrina’s tight little snatch, her walls greedily clamping onto my cum hose like a vice grip. “P-Please Daddy… Fill up slutty princess…~” She cooed out. Normally she had a better time at covering up her Eastern European accent than Nadia did but she lost all composure during sex, as much as she tried to hold onto it. Her accent was coming in thick, just as thick as Nadia’s now and it only turned me on even more.

I quickly started pumping my cock into her little body, the head of my cum hose sliding in and out of her slit to tease her before plunging it straight down to the hilt, causing her to scream out in pleasure. Nadia began composing herself once more as she started grinding into Sabrina’s face once more, Sabbie’s hair now lightly drenched in Nadia’s juices as I began to rail out the little Russian woman. Sabbie -loves- cum. Sometimes, she likes giving me a pair of her panties to jerk off into so that she can wear them throughout the day. She wrapped her legs around my waist to lock me in, pulling in harder with my thrusts to make me rail her out even harder, yelping out and groaning as my cock pushed all the way to the base into her.

After a little while, I pulled her legs straight up and pressed them against my body as I began licking and nibbling on her feet, her moans becoming even louder and sharper as her pussy became tighter and her hips instinctively began bucking in rhythm of my thrusts. I could hear her greedily lapping up her cousin’s juices, her muffled moans driving me on as I hugged onto her legs, my cock already beginning to twitch again. Sabrina has always been a lightweight when it comes to sex. Even the slightest stimulation sets her on fire, and it wasn’t long before I had her squirting on my cock as she screams out from her second orgasm, her legs beginning to shake violently.

“You got her eyes rolling into the back of her head… That must be some really good dick.” She calls out as she continues to grind into her face, my own brain becoming muddled again as her pussy milks my cock for my cum that she’s so desperately craving. “She’s trying to stay awake for it too, isn’t she?” I ask, to which she slowly nods as she leans forward to grab onto the headboard once more as she closes in on her second climax.

Admittedly, I was fairly worn out, and my balls were aching as I forced myself to continue pumping into her; the chance to fill her up in such a circumstance driving my mind to wild, wild places. I grabbed onto her hips and lifted her ass off the bed to begin forcibly railing her out as my moans got longer and longer and louder, her pussy as tight as ever as I hear Nadia finishing for the second time with a shuttering moan, before collapsing to the side of Sabrina, who’s face was thoroughly showcasing her bliss. I kept going until I couldn’t hold back anymore, a torrent of my seed spewing out and filling up my little girlfriend’s walls as I fall ontop of her, beginning to sloppily kiss her while I continue pumping to get every last drop of come out of my balls. Sabrina soon fell asleep, nothing if not satisfied with herself as I pull her on one arm and I pull in Nadia on the other, letting both of them rest their tired little heads on my chest as cum slowly dribbled out of Sabrina’s pussy and my cock slowly began going limp again. Both were snoring by the time I shut my eyes, thinking to myself before drifting back off to sleep once more.

Things were only gonna get more interesting from here.

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