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Subject: snaring-a-teacher-4 Snaring a teacher Part 4 The following is a true account of having sex with one of my teacher who I met cruising when I was sixteen an a half years old. Search Part 2 if you have read Part 1. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. fty/donate.html From part 3 As for Colby he was getting a kinky thrill out of fucking a 16 year old schoolboy which was something he hadn’t done since he was a schoolboy himself before he met me. My tight sex swollen arsehole was giving the thick veiny shaft of his rapidly thrusting 7.5 inch cock a great wank job. Every time Colby’s hot hard cock bottomed out in my slutty experienced teen boy arse I used the well trained muscles in there a tight squeeze which caused Colby to moan with pleasure. The hot wet walls of my love tunnel gave his swollen helmet shaped circumcised knob a velvet caress. It was then that my posh public school maths teacher decided to return and catch one of his 16 year old pupils being blissfully and brutally buggered by his long term boyfriend/flat mate but that is for the next part as this is getting too long yet there is so much to recount. Part 4 There I was a sweet innocent looking, but down right kinky and slutty 16 year old schoolboy in my posh public school uniform of black blazer, white shirt, school tie and my black trousers bunched around my ankles. My sports toned body, most of which was hidden by my school uniform was bent at the waist with my hands braced on the foot of the bed before me. Stood behind me was a naked gym buff man twice my age vigorously fucking me with his thick veiny 7.5 inch cock. It was that sight that my maths teacher Mr Smith found us in. Colby hadn’t told Mr Smith that he had invited me over so it was a shock to him. Mr Smith was buff and sexy, even more so as he was sweaty from a run and in sports kit. He had buzz cut short dark brown hair with a high but not receding fringe. His lightly tanned face was handsome in a rugged way due to his dark brown facial stubble beard and moustache. He had a classical nose above lush pale pink lips and dreamy dark brown eyes. He was wearing a light grey sleeveless muscle top that was soaked with sweat and clung to his well sculpted pecs and washboard abs with all of his arms on display. His broad shoulders led to deltoids the size of half a melon. His big biceps bulged even at rest and his triceps stood out. His left upper arm and the top half of his forearm had a black ink tattoo sleeve on it. Below he was wearing a skimpy pair of satiny black running shorts which showed off his muscular, lightly tanned dark haired legs end with black ankle socks and trainers. “Hello Sir.” I said innocently as if not aware that I was being buggered by a man. Mr Smith didn’t reply and I could see the conflict on his face just like the last time. On the one hand he wanted to fuck me but he was also worried about the consequences as I was technically four and a half years underage for gay sex but legal for straight sex as well as being one of his pupils. While Mr Smith’s face showed worry his cock certainly didn’t as it quickly tented out the front of his running shorts with no underwear beneath, inside just relying on the mesh lining. As with the last time Mr Smith surrendered to temptation and started stripping off as Colby continued to fuck me fast and hard from behind. First Mr Smith exposed his rock hard abs with their subtle washboard and broad sparse covering of short dark brown hairs. Then his gym sculpted chest came into view studded with two small pinkish brown pointy nipples and a light smattering of short dark brown hairs. As he lifted his arms up to pull off his running top I saw his armpits with their dense mat of sweat soaked dark brown hairs and they looked so lickable. Then he peeled off his ankle socks before pushing his running shorts down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath so his dense bush of trimmed dark brown pubes came into view. Next his really thick 8 inch uncut cock popped out at a slight upward angle from the horizontal. Below he had big balls in a tight sack covered with dark brown pubes. My gaze scanned the full length of my maths teacher’s buff body and big thick cock, the sight of which turned me on even more than I already was. As Colby continued to vigorously fuck me and with me still bent at the waist he twisted me to the right and I placed my hands on my knees rather than on the bed. Mr Smith then stood before me and the highly erotic musky manly stink of his pungent crotch sweat flooded my nostrils. He griped my head between his hands to hold it still as he pressed the tip of his pre-cum slick knob against my lush red cock sucker’s lips and pushed forward. My lips eagerly gave way and allowed his swollen helmet shaped uncut knob access. With just his knob in my mouth I strongly sucked it and swirled my strong talented tongue around the crown. Straight away the salty flavour of his pre-cum fired off my taste buds. Holding my head in place Mr Smith started fucking my mouth with the top couple of inches of his cock because that was all I could manage as it was so thick. This was pure wet dream material. There I was a cute 16 year old posh public schoolboy bent at the waist getting my mouth fucked by my buff sexy 32 year old maths teacher as his equally aged boyfriend fucked my arse from behind. As Colby had already been fucking me for nigh on twenty minutes he was now on the brink of orgasm. “Going to cum.” Colby moaned through gritted teeth. “Yeah breed the little faggot.” Mr Smith encouraged. The long deep hard thrusts of Colby’s thick 7.5 inch cock turned into short and deep before his orgasm hit. Colby then began loudly moaning and groaning with sexual ecstasy and release as he started powerfully spunking up in my arse which I continued to flex and squeeze on his orgasming cock. Colby pumped ten large ropes of thick warm cum into my blissfully buggered bum and I felt each and every one. When Colby’s intense and copious orgasm ended he sank his 7.5 cock ball deep into my blissfully battered boy cunt one more time and held it there to savour his orgasmic high. To fuel and prolong it I continued to flex and squeeze my well trained arse muscles on Colby’s cock which continued to powerfully throb even though his balls had run dry. However Mr Smith soon took control of the situation. escort kocaeli He pulled his thick cock from my mouth and took a couple of steps backwards and with my head still clamped between his hands he pulled me with him with my arse sliding off Colby’s still hard cock. Mr Smith then spun me around so I was facing Colby’s groin with Mr Smith stood behind me. Despite the long thick meaty girth of Mr Smith’s 8 inch cock it jutted slightly upwards from the horizontal therefore he didn’t need to use a hand to aim it. Instead Mr Smith grabbed my hips and roughly yanked them backwards as he powerfully thrust his groin forward. “Fuck.” I cried out in pain at my arse being breached so harshly by such an eye wateringly thick cock. The searing sting in my arsehole was intensely painful and felt like a baseball bat had been roughly rammed up it. That burn was intensified as the long thick shaft sawed against my widely stretched sphincter. Mr Smith’s knob punched open the walls of my arse and made Colby’s cum bubble before it slammed in the even tighter entrance to my colon. Mr Smith didn’t give me any time to recover and instead started roughly raping my will if overstuffed and overstretched mid-teen boy arse with his thick 8 inch uncut cock. Although it was painful to start with I knew it would be short lived and then be replaced with intense pleasure the kind you only get from being fucked by a big cock. To start with I was moaning in pain but Colby gagged me by pushing his sex slimmed cock into my mouth. Straight away the salty flavour of Colby’s spunk and my earth arse juices fired off my taste buds as Colby fucked my mouth almost as vigorously as he had just done my slutty schoolboy arse. There I was bent at the waist being pushed and pulled back and forth on two hot hard cocks at both ends. When Mr Smith yanked my hips backwards and skewered my cum splattered teen boy cunt on to his thick forward thrusting 8 inch cock it meant my tightly clamped lipped mouth dragged up the throbbing veiny shaft of Colby’s 7.5 inch circumcised cock. Mr Smith would then push me almost all the way of his cock, only stopping when the ridge of his helmet shaped knob butted up against the inside of my sore, sex swollen, widely stretched sphincter. This pushed my hot wet, strongly sucking mouth down onto the pubed base of Colby’s 7.5 inch cock with his pubes stinking erotically of his musky manly crotch sweat and my teen boy arse. This went on for a couple of minutes before Mr Smith fully impaled my arse on his big thick cock and held it there. Then he twisted the three of us so that we were sideways on to the full length mirror on the wardrobe door. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw the reflected image of Mr Smith, my buff maths teacher from my posh public boys school, stood fully naked behind me with his groin pressed up against my nudist tanned, sports toned buttocks. As for me I was in my school uniform of black blazer, white shirt, school tie, black socks and my black school trousers were bunched around my ankles with all of my sports toned, deeply tanned legs covered with blond hairs on displays. Buff, slightly furry Colby was stood before me with his veiny 7.5 inch cock half in and half out of my mouth with my lush red lips tightly clamped around the shaft. Colby was naked except for ankles socks. Mr Smith and Colby then resumed using the hot wet orifices at both ends of my sports toned teen boy body as wank sleeves. Mr Smith was pushing my body back and forth as if it was a saw. He would pull my arse onto the full length of his forward thrusting thick 8 inch cock. Then he would push me away until just his knob was inside my arse and this forced me mouth down to the pubed base of Colby’s 7.5 inch cock. Even though they were controlling the fuck I wasn’t taking it passively. My well trained arse muscles were working overtime flexing and squeezing Mr Smith’s long thick cock. At the other end my hot wet mouth was strongly sucking Colby’s cock as my talented tongue tickled it. My big thick cock had been untouched so far but it was achingly hard and drooling vast amounts of clear pre-cum like a broken tap. This went on for about ten minutes before Colby had to break for a post orgasm piss to flush out the tubes even though his cock hadn’t lost its erection due to the expert blow job I had been giving him. That left my maths teacher and I alone together and he wanted to make the most. He pulled his cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt and practically threw me backwards onto the bed. In a flash he was in the push up position with his uncut knob pressing against my slimy, sore, sex swollen sphincter. With a rough hard thrust Mr Smith rammed his thick 8 inch cock ball deep into my arse. Whilst it was mildly uncomfortable it wasn’t as bad as at the start of the fuck he was giving me. Mr Smith used gravity and his gym buff might to fuck me good and hard. His buff arms and chiselled chest flexed and tensed as they supported and lifted the weight of his upper body. His muscular meaty arse was pumping away like mad as it powered his rapidly thrusting groin whose thick cock was tearing up my tight teen boy arse. My hands reached up and groped Mr Smith’s toned chest with its sparse mat of dark wiry hairs. We lustfully looked at each other and talked dirty to each other living our teacher/pupil fantasies for real. When Colby finished his piss he came back to the bedroom to watch his long term, but open relationship boyfriend buggering one of his 16 year old pupils. It took Mr Smith about another ten minutes of fucking me fast and hard before he was ready to cum. Even though I was vaguely aware of Colby’s presence nearly all of my attention was directed to my buff maths teacher. Ever since I first saw Mr Smith when he became our new maths teacher I instantly fancied him and he had often appeared in my wank fantasises. He had it all. His buzz cut short dark brown hair and dark facial stubble gave his lightly tanned face a ruggedly handsome sex appeal to it. It was the kind of face that grabbed and held your attention even in a crowded room. On top of that he had a gym buff body that was well toned rather than being body builder big. His broad shoulders had dimples above the collar bones. His deltoids, biceps and triceps bulged and stood out as they supported the weight of his upper body. My hands were busy groping the tensed, toned chiselled mounds of Mr Smith’s wiry haired chest. Mr Smith’s firm washboard abs rippled against my achingly hard cock izmit yabancı escort that throbbed between us. My own stomach was soaked with my free flowing per-cum. My nose drank in the highly erotic stink of man on teen boy gay sex. Although Mr Smith was controlling the vigour of the fuck I certainly wasn’t taking it passively as I was already an accomplished power bottom despite my tender age. On top of groping his muscular man tits my well trained arse muscles were flexing and squeezing his thick rapidly thrusting cock like a milking machine on overdrive. The physical pleasure of fucking my young but experienced hot wet, tight teen boy arse splattered with cum coupled with the kinky thrill of fucking one of his pupils eventually got to Mr Smith. “Fuck McQuillium you are going to make me cum.” “Yes bred my bum Sir.” I lustfully begged. Mr Smith roughly rammed his thick 8 inch cock into my pleasantly sore, aching arse one more time and held it there ball deep with his knob lodged in the entrance to my colon. My widely stretched, sex swollen arsehole felt the base of Mr Smith’s thick cock swell as the first bolt of cum raced down it to explode into my batter bowels. “Fuck yes boy take Sir’s spunk.” Mr Smith loudly cried out as he began powerfully blasting out jet after jet of thick warm cum deep into my blissfully battered boy cunt. Mr Smith loudly cried out with each of the ten large jets of thick warm cum he powerfully blasted into my arse and I purred with well bred contentment as I felt each and every one rush into me. Mr Smith’s buff body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm and his ruggedly handsome face looked even sexier in the throes of orgasm. To fuel and prolong it and milk his balls dry I continued flexing and squeezing my well trained arse muscles on Mr Smith’s thick, throbbing ejaculating cock. When Mr Smith’s intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. Even though his balls had run dry his hot hard, thick cock continued to throb and I continued to milk it with my arse muscles. When Mr Smith came down from intense orgasmic high he pulled his still hard cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt which ached and was sore but in a delightful hard fucked way. My arse loves being fucked so much I am sure it is really a female’s fanny stuck on the back. Mr Smith’s thick 8 inch uncut cock was glistening with the sex slime of his spunk, Colby’s spunk and my clear arse juices. Greedily I set about licking and sucking Mr Smith’s cock clean of the delicious sex slime which tasted of drinking cum and rimming arse at the same time. Once I had cleaned my maths teacher’s cock it was time to turn him and his boyfriend into my bitches. After stripping out of my school uniform I ordered Mr Smith and Colby to bend over at the waist and brace themselves on the foot of the bed. Then I admired their sexy muscular arses. Both were pale with downy haired buttocks with slightly hairier cracks. First I admired Mr Smith’s arse which was pale, round, rock hard and muscular. The cheeks were dusted with dark brown bum fluff but the crack had sweat matted dark brown hairs with a pinkish brown pucker at the centre. Then I looked at Colby’s arse which wasn’t quite as muscular but was still well toned and sexily shaped. It was pale, had brown bum fluff with a slightly hairier crack than Mr Smith’s arse. His pucker was pink and begged to be tongue fucked which is what I did. After admiring my maths teacher’s and his boyfriend’s arses I dropped to my knees behind Colby. My tanned hands contrasted with Colby’s pale buttocks as I parted them. Then I started giving Colby’s sweaty arse crack a long lick tongue fuck. The tip of my strong talented tongue would drag from where his balls joined, over his taint, tickled his pucker which quivered and finished by lapping the base of his spine. This I kept repeating over and over again but each lick became shorter and shorter as I homed in on his arsehole which quivered every time my tongue flicked over it. Soon my strong talented tongue was swirling around, flicking over and then stabbing the tight ring of quivering muscle. As my tongue wormed its way as deep into Colby’s arse as it could reach he purred with pleasure, not believing his luck at having a 16 year old schoolboy tongue fucking his arse. Once I had spit polished Colby’s arse clean of delicious salty sweat I turned my attention to my maths teacher’s muscular meaty arse. My tanned hands parted his pale buttocks to expose his sweaty hairy crack with its pinkish brown pucker in the centre. Burying my face in the sweaty hairy crack I started long licking it from the base of his balls to the base of his spine. As Mr Smith was to the left of Colby we were sideways on to the full length mirror in the wardrobe door. Out of the corner of my left eye I saw the reflected image of me being a nudist tanned, naked 16 year old, blond haired, blue eyed posh public schoolboy knelt behind my buff naked maths teacher who was twice my age and I was greedily eating out his sweaty hairy arse. Soon my strong talented tongue was swirling around flicking over and stabbing the tight ring of muscle. So far my achingly hard mid-teen boy cock had gone untouched but now I was liberally lubing up the long thick uncut shaft with lots of lube. Once my cock was prepped I stood up behind Mr Smith who was bent at the waist. Using the all too familiar grip of my left hand I lifted my thick 9 inch uncut, nudist tanned cock to the horizontal. Then I shuffled forwards until my tanned, slightly pink hued, helmet shaped uncut knob connected with Mr Smith’s pinkish brown arsehole. He was lustfully looking over his right shoulder not believing he was about to bitch boy bottom for one of his 16 year old pupils who had a cock even bigger than his own above average manhood. Then I pushed forward and Mr Smith’s tight arsehole briefly resisted before with wet plop and a gasp of mild discomfort it gave way and my knob popped inside. The increasing tapper of my knob forced Mr Smith’s arse lips further and further until the ridge popped past them. Straight away the hot wet tightness of Mr Smith’s arse soaked into my swollen sensitive knob. Then I carried on forcing the rest of my long thick 9 inch cock ball deep into Mr Smith’s arse until my lightly pubed, nudist tanned groin was pressed up against his pale buttocks. Mr Smith let out a grunt at having such a long thick cock forced up his arse. When my cock bottomed out izmit eve gelen escort in my maths teacher’s arse I briefly held still to savour the hot wet tightness of it soak into the full length of my 9 inch cock. Then I set about fucking him as rough, hard and vigorously as he had done me. I would pull my long thick cock back until the ridge of my uncut cock butted up against the inside of Mr Smith’s widely stretched arsehole whose pink brown colour contrasted with the nudist tan of my cock. Then I would roughly ram my 9 inch cock ball deep into my maths teachers arse with my knob getting an even tighter squeeze when it slammed in the entrance to his colon. As I fucked Mr Smith he flexed and squeezed his well trained arse muscles on my rapidly thrusting cock. His tight arsehole was giving the long thick shaft of a cock a great wank job as it sawed back and forth. The hot wet walls of his shit chute gave my swollen sensitive knob a velvet caress as my foreskin repeatedly frapped over it. The room echoed our moans and groans of sexual pleasure, the rhythmic slap of bare flesh on bare flesh and the wet squelch of my cock pounding his hot wet arse. The bedroom was ripe with the pungent, highly erotic stink of man and teen boy gay sex. For several minutes I vigorously fucked Mr Smith. It was a serious turn on that I was topping a man twice my age with a cock bigger than his and it was made even kinkier by the fact he was my maths teacher. Then I turned my attention to Colby. After pulling my long thick cock from Mr Smith’s arse I took a step to my right so that I was stood behind Colby who was bent at the waist with his hands braced on the bed. His arse was even paler than Mr Smith’s arse. It was firm, round and covered with short brown bum fluff. With my thick meaty cock gripped in my left hand I slapped my swollen uncut tanned knob on Colby’s wrinkly pink pucker. “Fuck me.” Colby lustfully begged which sounded strange coming from a man twice my age. Not wanting to disappoint I pushed forward and after the briefest resistance Colby’s arsehole gave way and my knob popped inside. Straight away the hot wet tightness of Colby’s arse soaked into my swollen sensitive knob with the tight ring of muscle having a vice like grip on the thick shaft of my cock. Then I watched my thick 9 inch nudist tanned cock sink ball deep into Colby’s pale arse until my knob lodged in the entrance to his colon. After briefly holding still to savour the hot wet tightness of Colby’s arse wrapped around my cock I started vigorously fucking him with almost the full length of my thick 9 inch cock. I would pulled back until the ridge of my uncut knob butted up against the inside of Colby’s widely stretched pink arsehole which got dragged outwards. Then I would roughly ram forward and spear Colby’s arse on all 9 inches of my throbbing teen boy cock until my nudist tanned groin was pressed up against his pale buttocks. As I fucked Colby his tight arsehole gave the long thick shaft of my cock a great wank job and my knob got an even tighter squeeze every time it slammed in the entrance to Colby’s colon. For a few minutes I fucked Colby and then I started playing anal sex Russian roulette with these two buff but prone men twice my age. For a few minutes I would fuck Colby before switching to fuck my maths teacher. This I kept repeating and it was anyone’s guess which arse was going to get my cum bullet. Because of the brief pauses between fucks it also meant I was kept on the boil without orgasming. This was like edge wanking but using two hot wet, tight arses rather than my own fist. Whether it was down to luck or subconscious design it was Mr Smith’s arse I was going to cum in. This was so much fun I wanted it to last and last but eventually the pressure in my highly productive mid-teen boy balls reached critical mass. My long thick cock was really pounding Mr Smith’s hot wet tight arse when my orgasm hit. “Going to pump you full of my schoolboy spunk Sir.” I groaned through gritted teeth as I tried to hold back my impending orgasm just that little bit longer. “Yeah breed me boy.” Mr Smith encouraged as he lustfully looked at me over his right shoulder. With his blessing I slammed all 9 inches of my cock into Mr Smith’s arse with my knob lodging in the even tighter entrance to his colon. The shaft of my long cock swelled as the first bolt of cum raced down it before powerfully exploding out of the end and deep into Mr Smith’s bowels. “Oh fuck yes!” I cried out in intense sexual pleasure and release. From being tag fucked by two buff men twice my age, one of whom was my maths teacher, coupled with playing anal sex Russian roulette with their arses on top of my teen boy natural hyper-horniness meant my balls had a huge load of thick cum in them which I was now unleashing in Mr Smith’s arse. It was such a relief to cum, it was like when you are busting for a piss and only make it to the toilet just in timed to release a huge torrent and the relief that gives you. In total I blasted twelve large ropes of really thick cum deep into Mr Smith’s arse which he was flexing and squeezing to milk my highly productive teen boy balls dry. Even when my intense and copious orgasm was over I kept my 9 inch cock buried ball deep in Mr Smith’s arse and he continued working his arse muscles on it. When I came down from my orgasmic high I pulled my nudist tanned cock from Mr Smith’s arse. Mr Smith and Colby then spun around and dropped to their knees in front of me and then began licking and sucking my cock clean of the sex slime of my schoolboy spunk and their arse juices. Then it was time for me to leave as Saracens were playing at home that afternoon. After getting dressed in my school uniform I gave Mr Smith and Colby a quick kiss before heading home. As I walked back I felt their dual load of cum leaking out of my arse which was still buzzing with hard fucked pleasure and soaking the crotch of my school trousers as I was going commando as usual. Once back at home I stripped off and pulled out my Saracens Rugby top, shorts socks and hoody before heading to the match. As I watched the game I still felt the cum leaking out of my arse. The following Monday I went to school still with the dry crusty cum stain in crotch. More encounters will follow as I also brought in a 6th former for some foursome fun. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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